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Milan Fashion Week | Spring/Summer 2019

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A breif summary of Milan Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2019. Shows in this video: Alberta Ferretti Vivetta Fendi Moschino Marni Roberto Cavalli Elisabetta Franchi Tod's Salvatore Ferragamo Versace Dolce & Gabbana Max Mara No 21 Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Prada Blumarine Music: "So Funky" by NIVIRO
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sofia nuvoloni (19 days ago)
this channel deserves more subscribers!!
Farifa Mon (24 days ago)
2:15 is that poppy
MightBeHeavenleigh (24 days ago)
Does anyone know what shows these clips are from ?
Pía Chavarría (24 days ago)
The content is great, the editing is amazing, but could you consider choose another soundtrack?
Tatiana M (1 month ago)
tired of same faces, Gigi, Bella
luz G vie légère AY (1 month ago)
The world of fashion is wonderful and incredible..............i love......
Добрый день (1 month ago)
Последняя бабушка шла будто терминатор !
Tatiana M (1 month ago)
Izz Pag (1 month ago)
the first top... wow... where is it from???
BEB (1 month ago)
The music taste is everything
Alexandre Silva (1 month ago)
Que saudade das modelos de verdade...gisele , Naomi, Anna, Carolina, Raquel, Natasha.....entre outras
Sage Preaumx (1 month ago)
Runway shows aren't really about fashion as they are about art. If you sew one can thoroughly appreciate the amazing art behind the design, fabric selection, fit, couture detailing, accessories hair styles and even makeup. This show was amazing! Someone had to create those fabrics...wow. Interesting that the double breasted outfit the space between the buttons actually widened as they reached the hemline. Usually you slightly narrow the space towards between them as they go down, to give a slimmer look to the wearer. And button placed right on the apex? I like the behind the scene shots. I would love to see more of the work done by the makeup artists. Don't they have a fabulous job.
zytza1 (1 month ago)
Alexandre K (1 month ago)
LOVE asiatic models !!
Jazz Rockz (1 month ago)
the up close detail is unreal
Hsiang-Yu Ho (1 month ago)
Rebecca Wong (1 month ago)
Anne So (1 month ago)
damn that edit

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