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Motif 16 - Glass - ESO Weapon & Armor Style

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Welcome back Ladies and Gentleman! In this video I showcase the Glass Weapon & Armor Style in the Elder Scrolls Online. It is Motif 16. Which is acquired by completing crafting writs! 00:24 - Light Armor Robes 00:58 - Light Armor Tunic 01:29 - Medium Armor 01:59 - Heavy Armor 02:34 - One-Handed Axes 03:12 - One-Handed Swords 04:00 - One-Handed Maces 04:48 - Two-Handed Axes 05:21 - Two Handed Swords 05:59 - Two-Handed Maces 06:39 - Daggers 07:19 - Bows 07:54 - Staves 08:46 - Shields 09:21 - Final Thoughts Other Weapon and Armor Styles: 01. Altmer - http://goo.gl/yPuqh9 02. Bosmer - http://goo.gl/x5mBQ6 03. Dunmer - http://goo.gl/y5thCP 04. Nord - http://goo.gl/8gwBqY 05. Breton - http://goo.gl/iuzzfu 06. Redguard - http://goo.gl/1bLWGu 07. Khajiit - http://goo.gl/I933lv 08. Orcs - http://goo.gl/i7TjXX 09. Argonian - http://goo.gl/9XZXd4 10. Imperial - http://goo.gl/F9zzUn 11. Ancient Elves - http://goo.gl/vhX7jj 12. Barbaric - http://goo.gl/iA7at6 13. Primal - http://goo.gl/OBTQYY 14. Daedric - http://goo.gl/cdP0nP 15. Dwemer - https://goo.gl/43hbRE 16. Glass - https://goo.gl/5dhMmC Like - Comment - Share - Subscribe! TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Camelworks PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/Camelworks?ty=h SUBSCRIBE - http://goo.gl/a7GZdP DONATIONS - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...
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Text Comments (214)
How do u not know that the high elves are very sea based and coral etc even raising entire land masses out of the ground in the form of islands with new monsters. I can see ur moamer point but idk cuz they seem like an eso thing idk if they were a bid deal in the other games. As this is three 1st games I've seen moamer. But ancient high elves are just as much of the sea.
NSA (3 months ago)
Glass is actually elven btw
Jayden Harrold (5 months ago)
0:57 finally! Pants!
Christopher Secker (1 year ago)
The glass swords are almost exact replicas of the Glass Greatsword from TES V. Just scaled up and down.
Shadow Wolf (1 year ago)
How do people tint their armors?
Timothy Azbill (1 year ago)
Lore wise eso is hundreds of years before Skyrim.
Daniel Cercel (1 year ago)
Great video! GJ
Jason H (1 year ago)
Doing so well, then came the attempted wine glass joke... 😉
Shade NS (1 year ago)
How'd you get your glass to look like that?
Bad Dragonite (1 year ago)
You should make a guide on how to get the whole set and the grind it entails xD
Bad Dragonite (1 year ago)
The sword blades here are a bit less paddle-like than skyrim
Bad Dragonite (1 year ago)
"Whine about glass" "wine glass" ha
Seppe Van den broeck (1 year ago)
did you paint the armor? i made the armor in glass style and it didn't have those colors... :(
destro lock999 (1 year ago)
Love glass armor, looks so epic.
William _Hincks (1 year ago)
One handed maces that resemble a hammer are commonly referred to as a maul
Light Bringer (2 years ago)
Why my glass weapons are not green??? :c
Nick Soares (2 years ago)
Glass taste like mint?
Ingno (2 years ago)
FUCKKKKKK I so wana play the game now. T,T The heavy armor stole my heart, and that (Void-ish Elemental?) Camel behind you stole it too xP
Valyrison (2 years ago)
is this game good? I'm thinking of buying it, but all I hear is bad things about it.
Çağrı Şengül (1 year ago)
it is good
psychotrip (2 years ago)
Glass/malachite isn't typically associated with maormer, though I'm sure they can use it. I can definitely see where you're getting that vibe from. That being said, glass has always been more associated with altmer (and possibly dunmer), and even the in-game books and lore describe it as an altmer design. The nautical designs are very in line with what's been described in ESO's own lore when it comes to altmer aesthetics. If anything, the glass style fits the altmer better than the altmer style does. Also worth noting that "light" armor in this game corresponds with regular clothing in the singleplayer games, whereas "medium" armor is closer to light armor in Oblivion and Skyrim. If you want to compare the aesthetics of glass in previous games to what's shown in ESO, it would perhaps be more useful to compare ESO's medium glass to Skyrim's light glass, as counterintuitive as that sounds. Still very different from the singleplayer games regardless.
malevolenceXXXensues (2 years ago)
I think I recall on one of wikis saying glass armor was invented by the Dark Elves or something, or is that only ebony?
Sensei Kinzo (2 years ago)
got glass heavy armor (clever alchemist) but its full metall not green like this one... its soo ugly
Brian Sanders (2 years ago)
It definitely gives off a kind of 'Sea Elf' vibe. Do the Celestial motif, or the Alliance motifs next.
Rigel_6 (2 years ago)
How come that Altmer made glass armor present in Skyrim looks so bad,but heavy glass in Eso is so badass?
Heretic (2 years ago)
I love the heavy armor
Validifyed (2 years ago)
I dont know why they felt like each motif needed to be for every set Glass robes just dont work...
Dawson (2 years ago)
cuirass = queeris the way he says it is gnarly
Nick Marshman (2 years ago)
It's a shame I use medium armor on my main, that heavy armor looks great. I love the swords/greatswords as well.
Real_ entless16 (2 years ago)
did you ever play tes3 morrowind? they had light, medium and heavy of almost every armor type in tes3. the weapons they combined the weapoms from tes 3 (axes), 4 (handles) and 5 (every thing else) to make it look familiar but I'm just salty because tes3 is my favorite elder scrolls game it's the only game you could do enything you wanted to do.
Camelworks (2 years ago)
They didn't have light, medium and heavy variants of every armor type in Morrowind. Each armor type was only 1 of the categories, light, medium or heavy. In Morrowind Glass armor was light armor.
Mauricio José Osuna (2 years ago)
That's some snazzy armor :D it gets me wondering though, how can the market for Glass motifs be so crappy? It takes forever to get a single chapter, and it's random! You're pretty much right in every single point when pointing out weapons' characteristics, seems like you watch Skallagrim or another medieval weapons channel :) ... Except you didn't point out the pointlessness of the two-pointed arrows.
Fin Tuber (2 years ago)
Is there a way to unlock all the Dyes for example, with crowns?
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
One big thing about glass weapons is, they overwrite the material color. So it's one of the few ways you can get a CR160 sword that isn't bright red. I'm actually kinda curious what quality you upgraded the weapons to. Gold glass weapons have a silvery color, and almost all of the green is bled out of them.
Minister Miserable (2 years ago)
Hey CamelWorks, I just wanted to know, since you are who I turn to for Elder Scrolls stuff, is it easier to do the group dungeons at a higher level or at a lower level?
Minister Miserable (2 years ago)
kay, thanks mate
Camelworks (2 years ago)
I'm actually not entirely sure. I found it seemed easier on a low level character, but at high level you have way more abilities, so that should also make it easier.
Is this one of those "multiple book motifs"? If so, I need to get me one of those helmet motifs for the heavy helm.
+StarkeRealm To the kiosks!
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
Yeah. It's the most fragmented motif. You get page bits from doing high level equipment writs (Tier 9 and Tier 10, I think), then you buy a 10k resin thingy from any Mystic vendor, and use that on 10 page fragments to get a single page... or just buy it from a kiosk. The style mat's also kinda annoying to obtain.
Damberg (2 years ago)
so in eso the one handed weapons have the looks of skyrims twohanded and other way around? Thats creative
Inigo (2 years ago)
Camel you are cool! :)
KaasKroket (2 years ago)
realy like your video's
trumping trump (2 years ago)
I need someones opinion. if I get eso will it be worth it. I just need someone opinion before I waste money.
Lyna Ckhilou (2 years ago)
why you didn't kill the fox like usual ?
Borh (2 years ago)
Jesus, you have 300k already. I remember when you had 50k making dank Skyrim videos! :D (Your videos are still dank)
Thunderlux (2 years ago)
So guys, should I pick up ESO for 10$ or should I just skip it and wait till ES 7?
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
Grab it. Even if it ends up not being your thing, it's probably worth $10 to stick your head in and take a look.
Thunderlux (2 years ago)
*ES 6
*Boop the camel's nose*
Speeding Zamboni (2 years ago)
Dang I love the look of ESO. The aesthetic isn't as realistic but it's very enticing. Camel would you recommend this game?
Callathen (2 years ago)
The glass war axe in Skyrim had the same axe head as the glass battle axe in ESO, just swapped the one handed and two handed axe heads, which makes a lil bit more sense imo
Thomas Yorkeshire (2 years ago)
is eso gold worth it
Thomas Yorkeshire (2 years ago)
Camel when r u gonna make a new monthly
Ryan Marx (2 years ago)
No killing Mr. Fox, 0/10 JK fun vid
Viirgle (2 years ago)
hey camel are you going to finish curating curious curiosities for skyrim?
wanderingbufoon (2 years ago)
why did they turn it into dragon/daedric look? i had always been under the impression that it is bird, more precisely owl, inspired old elvish armor. mostly used by falmer, before the dwemer messed them up.
Fallout Night (2 years ago)
Is it just me or those this armor make females look a little...curvy? Not that I'm complaining of course.
Limelife (2 years ago)
bruh "Staves"
Spiderman 2099 (2 years ago)
Good Job on that subtle Wine Glass pun.
The Pariah (2 years ago)
As much as I hate boob plate, I do like that the armour covers the whole body, like you know, real _FUNCTIONAL_ armour.
Fweeeh Fweeeh (2 years ago)
Sir Camel Humps-a-Lot? An exquisite name indeed...
Ted Melchior (2 years ago)
the reason the swords look like that is because they are scaled down glass greatswords from skyrim
Jakedesnake97 (2 years ago)
First time watching one of your ESO videos. My first thought is: "Sir Camel Humps-a-Lot" -- SERIOUSLY?
kalzinator98 (2 years ago)
Hey Camel, Is ESO worth playing?
kalzinator98 (2 years ago)
Dovahkiin (2 years ago)
kalzinator98 No. Save your money
Dr. Dank (2 years ago)
This video was at least as gorgeous as the weapons you showcased. Keep up the good vids, and do more of these. I don't have the time or pc/console to play eso but it's still nice to see how pretty the game is even if its just in your video :)
Folkmar (2 years ago)
And again, Bethesda is not even trying.
Dovahkiin (2 years ago)
Folkmar Zenimax
Venser's Prodigy (2 years ago)
That two handed sword looks more like a polearm than a sword. In WoW, I tend to use bladed pole-arms for two-handed transmogs since they look awesome. I even have one that has a grip and blade of roughly the same size, which is my current blood DK transmog.
Maple Treez (2 years ago)
Vitor Vena (2 years ago)
more ESO plz
Wizard Cat (2 years ago)
I asked you to do an eso video in your previous video. Coinsidence? I don't think so...
TheMushrooMan (2 years ago)
Be Laine Gibs, Son. (2 years ago)
Wow, I just noticed that the first video in this series was posted in 2014. Didn't realize this was still an active series. Keep up the great work, Camel!
Fallout Night (2 years ago)
And should I get ESO? It looks fun and watching your armor and weapons videos have only increased my curiosity about the game. Thoughts anyone?
Fallout Night (2 years ago)
I completely forgot about sales! I'll look into it!
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
Keep an eye out for Christmas sales. Maybe Amazon? I'm not sure. I know on PC it was down to $10 during the last Steam sale.
Fallout Night (2 years ago)
Xbox, and thanks! I'll think about it.
Maple Treez (2 years ago)
are you on PC,PS4 or Xbox? also either way; yes you should get it people diss it but a lot has changed so thats a plus its a ton better. i can help you if you play ps4 but if not youll need to get friends on your system haha
Fallout Night (2 years ago)
Awesome, but have ever thought of redoing your older Motif videos? You've improved a lot over the years.
Jack Dodworth (2 years ago)
Even though it's called glass, it's not actually made from glass. It's malachite. So the chance of it smashing like glass would is pretty slim.
Xaos Bob (2 years ago)
Sir Humps-a-Lot's mustache texture issues are amusing. I do hope they sort that out, though. ;)
Asjen Mensink (2 years ago)
A little point: the glass war axe (one handed) had a double bitted axe head in skyrim and skyrim's glass battle axe had a single bladed axe head. I like that ESO turned things around because it does make a bit more sense. Also there are (vulcanic) glasses like obsidian that aren't transparent as is normal glass when viewed from the side of a glass pane so i guess the glass inlays are simply thicker than a cm or so. Also skyrim's glass mace was a flanged mace while these are more like one handed warhammers. quite like the style of this set though.
Crysta1Pisto1 (2 years ago)
You should do the trinimac set or order of the hour. Two badass sets
TSDT97 (2 years ago)
That staff is going to be my new favourite.
Cash Walrus (2 years ago)
Dissing fast travel... Disgraceful
Shaun Mitchell (2 years ago)
Be gone with your opinions, if you dont like the game, dont watch the video
StarkeRealm (2 years ago)
It just was up, during the last sale for 10 bucks. Though it'll probably be available again in the Christmas sale.
Shaun Mitchell (2 years ago)
+TheDeaditeUnderground​ yeah Definently give it a try sometime, there are no faction barriers now you can explore all provinces of tamriel
Benjamin Harrington (2 years ago)
I played it for a while up until recently, and did not have a very good experience with it.
Maple Treez (2 years ago)
i highly recomend that.. as i thaught it was trash too but i gave it a go cause it was 5 bucks down at the op shop haha but it is a great game (most of the time)
Maple Treez (2 years ago)
but its better now. unless youve played it recently dont diss it.
meme machine (2 years ago)
i dont like elders scrolls online its pay to play game
meme machine (2 years ago)
+Dovahkiin so its a pay to play game you scumbag traitor YOU HAVENT AWNSER ME GUARDS KILL THE TRAITOR
meme machine (2 years ago)
+Dovahkiin What are you tryin to tell me hero of the SKYRIM
Dovahkiin (2 years ago)
Happy Soul not anymore
LeoHwzr (2 years ago)
Camel's mounts are Camels.
I think the weapons and items are thinner and slimmer than skyrim because so are the player models in eso, and personally I think eso has better player faces, especially the elves they look way better in eso.
Kalim DeVilliers (2 years ago)
Look like emerald armour
Kalim DeVilliers (2 years ago)
I hop you do more of this your away of saying this make it cooler whant by it play this game
Geez_ Mahn (2 years ago)
You have three level fifty characters?
OMG It's DP (2 years ago)
If anyone plays or had played ESO, Is the game worth buying rn?
Bob Stickman (2 years ago)
Game doesn't restrict you unless It's by DLC / DLC areas and It's 8 bucks on a key reseller right now so kind of
Dylan Register (2 years ago)
Jack Boorman (2 years ago)
love this video
dan w (2 years ago)
if only someone could mod all this stuff into skyrim
Crysta1Pisto1 (2 years ago)
dan w yeah right? The heavy glass set in ESO looks incredible
Silenced Games (2 years ago)
why does the females in this elder scrolls have big tits?
Hamza A (2 years ago)
Silenced Games You can actually customize their busts and butt in this game
DonoftheShade (2 years ago)
I love you even more for starting to do ESO... Please continue it!
marcus queen (2 years ago)
quick question how many houres do you have in eso
Fliaem (2 years ago)
looks like a snake or a turtle and pls more eso vids
Aidan Rose (2 years ago)
Personally "glass" never looked very glassy to me. Ntm you make it with Malachite which is way more metallic then what I picture actual glass armour to look like. Although this looks absolutely amazing tbh, definitely needs that colour scheme though
Nigdy nie ufaj ludziom (2 years ago)
I love how you make a quiet 'r' sound at the end of 'saw'.
AstralGaming99 (2 years ago)
Good guide Camel, you should continue with ESO guides.
very good work, please continue on!!
Nintony (2 years ago)
Fridge Mountain (2 years ago)
I love your videos!! Keep on !
TheMagnificentPony (2 years ago)
Jesus its painfull to see nerds spewint random weapon terminology.
SwordBreaker925 (2 years ago)
Please do more of these! I'm in love with ESO again, but the game lacks a good way to preview the different motifs
Lucansy Tuffour (2 years ago)
SwordBreaker925 seriously
Nax (2 years ago)
You should do more ESO stuff like this.
Salty Codger (2 years ago)
Camel those are Warhammers, not Maces.. sorry
Farid B Indraputra (2 years ago)
Camel is finally back with ESO!
Nax (2 years ago)
Sir Camel Humps - a - lot, you won life.

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