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K-Beauty | How to Whiten Skin + SKINCARE GIVEAWAY [CLOSED[

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Skin whitening in K-beauty is a controversial topic I know, but something that I thought I should cover. * Please remember that beauty is NOT defined by the colour of your skin * Subscribe for more happy times 🙈💕 ----- P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water http://bit.ly/2TIxX8s Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence http://bit.ly/2RkP3wB Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop http://bit.ly/2KR2YCA Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask http://bit.ly/2SRAM75 I’m From Rice Mask http://bit.ly/2M5ixbS ——- O T H E R S K I N C A R E V I D E O S Skincare Recommendations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLObotveAsk Skincare Routine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLObotveAsk ——- G I V E A W A Y D E T A I L S Winners: 2 people * Duration: 2 weeks Prizes: - By Wishtrend Green Tea and Enzyme Powder Wash http://bit.ly/2QQWQ0F - Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop http://bit.ly/2KR2YCA - Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream http://bit.ly/2w3P6PI - Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence http://bit.ly/2RkP3wB Rules: 1. Must be subscribed to dearnessie 2. Follow Instagrams: @dearnessie https://www.instagram.com/dearnessie/ @WishtrendStory https://www.instagram.com/wishtrendstory/ 3. Register (create an account) on Wishtrend.com 4. Comment on this video: Your IG username, your email address and why you want/need these giveaway items 5. Nessie will choose the best answers ** * The giveaway is open internationally except Peru, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Chile. ** Winner will be contacted by Nessie personally and the initials of the winner will be updated in the description box. - winners Y.M. and M.M. have been contacted by email - ----- L E T ‘ S B E F R I E N D S 📸 Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/dearnessie/ ----- #wishtrend #koreanskincare #kbeauty
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armyig7 (8 days ago)
I once watched the video on Wishtrend, saying we shouldn't use vitamin c and vitamin e in the same skincare routine. But seeing you recommended us to use the 2 products, I'm a little bit concerned.
Cream (15 days ago)
Saranghae ❤️
Aisha Akter (1 month ago)
I missed it😭😭
hy i need u im join this class and pls give me a contect plssss
i became a treaning for became kpop idol please give me a email and any other contect your
Yolanda Zulva (1 month ago)
You look like yireon x yeri x chungha
Anne Cullen (1 month ago)
Hello! I'm also new to ur channel 🙈 gonna confess that i found u out thru ur NCT 127 Vlog concert just yesterday!!! I super loved it and here i am browsing ur other stuffs bc i love ur contents & how u convey ur thoughts! Can i ask if you are 100% korean who grew up in Australia?? You could also pass as an idol! Hahaha a lot of ppl have been comparing u to Yeri & i kinda agree w this <33
Azizi Parvi (1 month ago)
Why giveaway was not for Pakistanis? Really dissapointed
jerlyn aclan (1 month ago)
Having pimples/ acne in the face is really not an easy problem. Its not really about your concerns of you look with it, but having the problem how making your skin healthy and well nourish. Ive been having acne since last year. And i took me courage to face it, but be confident enough to think it will come to an end soon. So ive been trying products to help me in getting a better skin. I dont care if my acne marks wont fade or like i wont be like before, as long as im confident with what i am, and how i look, i just love being my self. Trying your skincare, is really something im looking forward. One because you are a trusted person when it comes to this things, and the name of the brands are really so worth trying and had so much reviews about it. I really want to win it and try for myself. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Ig:@jerlynaclan Email: [email protected]
a shade of blue (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this giveaway! I've been following you for some months and I love seeing your videos (also, the topic is a bit controversial but the way you approached it and talked about it was well done!) My IG username is: valeria.martsul and my email is [email protected] I'd want these products because I enjoy taking care of my skin and I find them wonderful :)
Safa exol (1 month ago)
I like your video you look so pretty and cute Well i wanna win this giveaway cause i like korean prodect and korea (i'm korea fan from my 9 years old i was watching k-drama 😂❤) and i always watch video about korean skin care but sadly i dont find them in my country and i wanna taste them Insta:safa_saidani_1 Email:[email protected]
Cecilia Nguyen (1 month ago)
Thank you for this giveaway! ❤️❤️ I’m hoping to win these products to try out because I just can’t find many products that actually work for my skin! I try not to buy many things for my skin (since I don’t got much money 😭) but I might actually buy some of these products anyways even if I don’t win. Good luck to everyone! Email: [email protected] Ig: ceci.star02
Nancy H (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing this video and hosting this lovely giveaway! ❤️ I would love to try these products to help with my dark spots, lines and dehydrated skin. Since hitting late 30’s my skin cell turnover has definitely slowed down with lines and spots/pigmentations becoming more prominent than ever. My skin feels dull and uneven so these could definitely brighten or reduce those signs of aging. Thank you! IG: pancakenmaple [email protected]
Terri Makatu (1 month ago)
ig: @terrimaka2, e-mail: [email protected] I would love these giveaway items especially the green tea wash, the vitamin e drop & the uv moisturiser to be apart of my skincare routine as it can help give my face a healthy, radiant glow. i could really use some uv protection since it's very hot at the moment in south africa (where i live.......) since i cannot afford sunscreen and it is one of the most important items, especially during the summer.
Minsyrup (1 month ago)
Hi Nessie, I want to win this giveaway because, my skin is really sensitive and acne prone. I don’t have time and money to go out to get skincare products, which is why this giveaway would help me a lot! Thank you for stealing self love 💕 I have very low self confidence about myself. Thank you, I hope to hear a reply! Ig: @an.dwae.lina Gmail: [email protected]
I'm happy to see your video, but why did u exclude Indonesia I'm cryingggg😭
ChristineReacts (1 month ago)
I really want the products because I seriously need to start taking care of my skin. For 19 years, I've disregarded my skin. I don't use make up but I want to at least start taking good care of my skin now. 😭😭😭 I'm looking forward to the Midnight Blue calming cream from Klairs. I bought some innisfree and Klairs product but now I broke and I can't afford anything anymore. 😂 Been wanting to get that for *SO* long. I hope I can win this. I never win giveaways. LMAO. 😭😭😭 Anyway, thank you so much for doing this. Love you so much. 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️ Have a good day/night!!! Instagram : @avibu.khamo Email : [email protected]
bejoyful21 (2 months ago)
JOY C. [email protected] I want to win this giveaway to kickstart my kskincare routine. I've lived with uv damaged skin and have tried everything to fix it. I would love to do a before and after using these products!
P Wan (2 months ago)
Yay a giveaway with Wishtrend! Thank you sharing such useful information on how we can brighten our skin 😁 Ever since visiting Seoul a few years ago for a holiday, I've being intrigued with looking after my skin with kbeauty products. Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone have being my main concerns and I'd love to try your recommendations, paticularly the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence and the By Wishtrend Green Tea and Enzyme Powder Wash; this would be so handy to use when travelling abroad compared to foam and oil cleansers. P.s. I'm a new subscriber and I love your vlogs where you explore different parts of Seoul, lookbooks and anything skincare related. Love from London 💕 IG: pwan_13, [email protected]
Nashrie Oh (2 months ago)
IG: @nas_947 Email: [email protected] Hello Nessie unnie~ First of all, your video is very helpful for us who suffer from acne and damage skin😊 I just want you to know that I'm one of those people who still hoping to have a bright and smooth skin like you...ever since I turned my puberty stage, my acne were started to popped out and until now I couldn't get rid of it. I tried to purchase cheap beauty products but nothing happened and because of this I became shy, no confidence in front of people, and having low self-esteem and being insecure to others is the hardest thing I couldn't stop...but now that you're having giveaway, I hope you notice this poor girl who couldn't afford to buy such products😔 Thank you sooo much for your kindness, God bless you❤ Ps. You really look like Yeri and you're beautiful inside and out😍
glitteryjam (2 months ago)
Hi Nessie, I loved the video! It was super simple to follow and I'm really glad you talked about the difference between skin whitening and skin brightening. There's always a lot of talk about skin whitening, and I'm really glad you took the time to explain that in Korea the terminology is different compared to the West. Instagram: Jijoongi Email Address: [email protected] As for why I would like to win - the idea of winning is something I think makes everyone super happy, it's like Christmas all over again. The idea of being gifted a prize is always really exciting! Usually, I don't enter giveaways, mostly cause I don't have the greatest of luck, but I've been following the Wishtrend team for over a year now and when this popped up I thought I'd take a chance. My skin has been quite complicated in the past two years, mostly because I haven't been very well. I find it really hard to keep up a skincare routine at times because of my illness. because of this, I find it really hard to find products that work with my skin that don't have harsh chemicals or bad materials in them. It's really easy for my skin to get upset, and it can make me feel insecure. If i was to win, I would hope the skincare products would help me get my skin back on track and also help me learn more about my skin type so that I can treat it better and more efficiently love you lots Nessie xx
Whaiora Searancke (2 months ago)
Insta: whaiora_searancke Email: [email protected] To be honest, i really want this because not only will it benefit me but i want to try to also help with my sisters skin as well. I've always been inspired by korean culture, and mainly korean beauty itself. Im gonna mention this because my family wont listen, but since i was a kid, ive always had the dream to study in south korea to be a profesional makeup and hairstylist, but ive also have been thinking of being a dermatologist as well to help others with their acne problems. ❤❤❤
nuit boréale (2 months ago)
insta: @halloweun email: [email protected] i have turned 15 recently, and i have always been interested in beauty and cosmetics, especially kbeauty since i am half korean, but because i live in morocco there arent available kbeauty products and id love to get some that would help take better care of my skin amd whiten it, specifically. my face doesnt have a unified tone; my forehead and chin are darker than the rest of my face and i got some blemishes here and there, so yeah, hope i can win i guess!! thanks for hosting this giveaway by the way!
leezie B (2 months ago)
thank you so much for your advices..it is always helpful but the problem is we won't get the products that is required here.. actually I have a burn scar left on my face so i just want to try some products which can help it heal and brighten up my skin..I don't know if I can win but just to answer your question.. . P.S which hair color did you applied??it looks beautiful. lastly..사랑해요 언니.😘 ... https://www.instagram.com/leezie_ee/ email ID [email protected]
hanbae indaeyo (2 months ago)
IG: rhaain email: [email protected] I want/need these giveaway items because I've been subscribed to your channel for a long time and I've watched all your videos especially skin care routines but I wasn't able to give my skin it deserves because first, I don't have money to buy skincare items; second, I don't know what product would suit my skin; and lastly, I'm scared to try new things because it might worsen my skin. I always wear masks to hide my pimples and acne. I have low self-esteem due to my pimples and acne. Thank you for inspiring us nessie! <3
Suhena (2 months ago)
Thank you for doing this giveaway! These products are exactly what I need to start a good skincare routine as I'm transitioning into my late 20s ( aka getting old haha) Especially with combination oily and dry skin which is prone to acne, I feel like I haven't ever been able to follow a good makeup routine as well because my skincare has always been lacking and my skin feels angry and irritated all the time. I've recently quit my job and become a full time student so having a good skincare routine taken care of would be great to take off my list of worries! My instagram is su.peach and email is [email protected] ^^
John Ceja (2 months ago)
Instagram: JohnnCeja Email: [email protected] I would really like to win this giveaway because i have always been a fan of skin care products. The items you mentioned sound really cool and unique and I wouldn’t be able to find it anywhere in the United States. I won’t lie about this but I haven’t been subscribed to you for a long I recently found your channel a few months ago and have been a fan since. I will be studying abroad in Korea as well during the spring and you have inspired me to do so along with going to visit many of the places you showed. Thank you so much for being a great inspiration to not only me but so many others as well :)
Katrina Ruiz (2 months ago)
Hi Nessie!!! As a student, I do not really have that much money to buy good skincare products and it's really hard to save up nowadays because of so many things especially school. It would really be amazing to receive such products from you, if ever. I've been trying to take care of my skin but nothing really works for me. 😭😭😭 That's why I want to try products from Wishtrend and Klairs. Also, I have watched so many good reviews of their products from different YouTube vloggers and I have been eyeing on their products for a long time now. Thank you for the opportunity, Nessie! ❤️ P.S. I really love your videos especially everytime you go to cafes in Korea! 😍 E-mail: [email protected] IG: katrinamarieee7
yvette love (2 months ago)
IG name: yvettebaldatirice I believe these skincare products will help me with my skin problems. I constantly struggle with acne, old scars and discoloration. Additionally, my skin gets really dry especially in the winter. I has been difficult find products that will work for me since I also have sensitive skin. Thank you for sharing your video, I was able to learn a lot.
@vasilinaa__ [email protected] I want to get this gift because my skin is not in the best condition right now and thanks to your video I wanted to use these products💖🌸✨
K.lover Forever (2 months ago)
Nessiiiiiiie you're gorgeous and you never fail in spreading positivity i love you so much (HEEEEy people who disliked the video, come here i just wanna talk i prom-....uumm yeah i just wanna talk that's it)
dearnessie (2 months ago)
AhhhHHhhhhhHh the love goes both ways ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭
Dnze L (2 months ago)
hi nessie!! Thanks for this opportunity aaAAAaaa I really don't know what to say ;(( I really want to win on ur give away because here in our country it's really hard to take care of our facial skin because of the pollution and korean skin care products is one of my best wishlist. it's just they have best formulations or ingredients that you may achieve ur desire skin. I really wanted to try those skin cares but i can't afford it. I also love ur skinnnnn it almost near to the glass skin that's why I try harder to take care of my skin but it's really expensive and u are my inspiration to achieve it. If ever I achieve my desire skin. I want to inspire more people here in our country to take care of their skin and also be a good model for others!~ ig: _9zen [email protected] 💖💖
Kayra Salcedo (2 months ago)
Hi nessie sorry for my late entry on your giveaway because i have trouble in registering on wishtrend 😅✌️ but now i done it😍 IG: kyrslcd0812 Email: [email protected] Why i want this giveaway because first it from you unnie and it is your first ever giveaway😍. Actually I'm not fund of joining giveaways but because this time it is about skin and also health care and i need some of those. I know that korea has a different skin care routine to my country, that makes alot of korean people to have beautiful and glowing skin, as what I've seen through you too Nessie (from your vlogs) and I want to give a try too because I'm also inspired by your skin care routine (even if I'm not as white as you) but proper hygiene care to my self can help me be more presentable to other people aside having a good attitude (i believe that i can be confidentially beautiful with a HEART❤️). hope you read this 사랑해요 NESSIE 💞 TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS😍
mariella dela Rama (2 months ago)
Anyoung haseyo from Philippines :) Love your feed :) #eaunessieeats, Love your travels and love your videos <3 I want to win coz it's from you :) wishing :) <3 from mariella_dlr :) [email protected]
Akanksha Garg (2 months ago)
Hello 👋
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Hello hello~! 💕
유솜 YUSOM (2 months ago)
I'm korean I'm 16years old I want to go to Seoul University I love your video And you are very pretty I subscribed your channel ♡♡
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Ahhh thankyou so much Yusom!! Welcome to the family~! 🙈💕
Loved that positive message in the beginning!💕 Giveaway entry: Ig: gummiiyoongii Email: [email protected] Item: soft airy UV essence! Why I hope to win: I'm a student who cant afford good skincare items and it has taken a toll on my skins appearance and health. It would mean a lot if I could win! (P.s. I love you Nessie!!!) (Following Wishtrend and you, of course!)
Jissel Suazo (2 months ago)
Insta: @4racha email: [email protected] Recently I’ve been way more attentive about my skin and beginning to care for it. I didn’t know how important sunscreen was until now. I don’t know what sunscreen would fit me. I wouldn’t like a thick sunscreen that would leave a white cast. So I would like to try that sunscreen. Another product I would like to try is the midnight blue cream. My skin gets really red and hot easily without me even trying😂I would like to see how it works on me. Honestly I’ve tried the powder wash and vitamin c drops. I currently use them and I know how good the drops are. D powder wash does do it’s job but I think it doesn’t work too well for my skin. But they r good products! And I would like to win! Thanks for d opportunity Nessie!💖
Chri sty (2 months ago)
My IG @chriyumi email [email protected] I really love Korean skincare (and makeup) I think Korea produce the most perfect skincare. I have a little sensitive skin but I never had a problem with Korean product. , I used to have acne around all my face and because I was only one in my school with that large problem I wanted them to disappear so I squeezed it a lot now I have a problem with little scars after it. Also I love when the skin is whiter because it is giving younger and more sunshine look. I enjoyed your video a lot. Thank you
BABY G (2 months ago)
I have exams tomorrow but who cares...lol and it's pretty much late T.T
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Eeep hope you did well in your exams lovely!! 💕💕💕
Viki CruzB (2 months ago)
Loved the video, you explain so well all the products and how do they workk😱😱😍❤ Loved it!!!❤ By the way you are so pretty🙂❤❤
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Ahhhh thankyou so much for the support Viki ❤️❤️😭 Hope you have a lovely week ahead! 💕
joyie (2 months ago)
i suffered from uneven skin and sun spots for many years(thats what four years of highschool marching band does to you haha!) i would love to even out my skin tone! ig: joyie445. email: [email protected]
Seagull BenSalah (2 months ago)
I love u'r videos and i watch them all the time which made me realise how important taking care of u'r skin is and I rly wanna do that but skincare products are wayyy too expensive for since i'm not that well-off so winning this giveaway would be amazing ❤️ @la_moon05 [email protected]
4D Alien (2 months ago)
oMg yERi "jUsT" pOsTeD kajslsjsjs
Margot D (2 months ago)
IG: moghihgom email: [email protected] I would like to win these products because I’m interested in korean beauty and since Nessie recommends these products, I thought it would be nice to give them a try m. Klairs is a really popular brand but since I live in a country where it doesn’t exist, I always have to buy its products on the internet (which is really annoying since products from Korea always arrives here after a months at least) and they are expensive so: maybe if I win this giveaway, I could have the possibility to try these products without care about all the things said before... and most of all, thank u for this opportunity!
princessita18 (2 months ago)
Hi Nessie! I've been following you since day 1 of your korean vlogs and I love all of them!!! Because of that I also followed u in ig and found out that your feeds are also amazing! I personally want to get picked for the giveaways because: 1. I really want to try if these would work well on my skin specially I still cant find the right product for my acne scars - i really wanna achieve that glow. 2. My skincare is my sense of pride for self care and self love 💕 3. These not easily available in our place - always get sold out on our local online sellers 😭 4. I want to take these as a personal gift from you - the person inspired me to go out of the box and start my own travel goals. 😍 Really hoping you could see this. 😊 Sincerely, @kiteh18 - IG [email protected]
Rin H (2 months ago)
Hi Nessie! I love all your videos and you honestly inspire me so much. Im still in grade 10 highschool but have been contemplating whether i shoud study abroad. Seeing you study abroad doing what you love where you love makes me want to challenge studying out of my comfort zone. Thank youuu. and also the giveaway, Ive been bothered by my skin problems for a few years now. I have very bad redness all over my face and often have acne (not all the time but it keeps appearing atleast twice a month) I have tried quite a few things but not alot what you mentioned in this video, like ricewater and vitamin drops. Also im gonna start applying sunscreen every single day! But most sunscreens do not really match my skin. They would either irritate my acne, making it worse or just irritate my skin making my face redder than it was before which is why i started to not use sunscreen. But watching your video made me think i should start applying sunscreen and look for a good match. so i hope i get to try the sunscreen you are giving away! {my instagram username is rinsat0 (thats a zero at the end) my email adress is [email protected]} Thank you again. SARANGHAE
Min Enaira (2 months ago)
Hello, Nessie! Thanks for your giveaway! Love the vid as always. I’ve been needing some good skin care products. It’s currently summer here in Australia and my skin is reacting badly to it! My skin is getting darker (not saying it’s bad because of the colour but bad because of the UV rays just like what you’ve said) because I’m always under the sun. And as you know, there is not much skincare here in Australia that specifically aims to brighten the skin. And if there is one, it’s either really expensive or only available in the city! Thanks again nessie!! 🥰 IG: mssavn Email: [email protected]
Rin H (2 months ago)
yay! a new video!! Your voice is so calming, its making me sleepy. haha Im gonna try your advices since my skin isnt in a very good state right now;( i love youuu. you look alot like yeri from red velvet
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Ahhh thankyou Rin~! Love you tooo ❤️
la wood (2 months ago)
hey I love your channel!! <3
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Thankyou so much love!! ❤️❤️😭
Ella Sheridan (2 months ago)
IG~ els.ruu, ( follow me :) ) email~ [email protected], I want to win the giveaway because I have struggled with my skin for the longest time, I have tried everything and I am really self conscious about it, I worry it won't get better so if I was to have these products it would mean a lot to me ( seriously, I want nice skin aha) I know its sounds shallow but I would feel so much better with myself and my self confidence if I was able to sort my skin out as it is a massive upset for me, I really am self conscious about it and to be able to have these products for my skin would be amazing as sorting out my skin is my biggest goal right now ( it is even my New Years resolution aha) ~ anyway thank you Nessie for allowing 2 lucky people to practice self love and also self care, like I've said before, I have watched you from the start and you have really inspired me into believing that I can go to a korean uni when I thought it was too out of reach :)
Rose Black (2 months ago)
IG: @rosa_1898 Email: [email protected] The reason why I want these products is because I have dermatitis. I've been struggling with my skin condition many years, which lead me to not take self photos for many years, I didn't like mirrors because I thought I was awful. I don't like people to stare at me and I'm still trying yo gain confidence on myself. Kbeauty has been helping me a lot on 2018. My face looks way lot better and now I'm trying to erase the scars. My skin is acne prone as well, so even though it looks better, sometimes acne comes back😪 So I want those products to try them on my skin, see if it helps and keep learning about what my skin needs to not look dull but to look healthy. P.S: I want to thank you for this giveaway and I want to wish luck to the rest of the participants. Good luck everyone! Keep smiling all♥
Cheyenne .L (2 months ago)
Hi Nessie! Thanks for doing this giveaway!! Doubt I will win this but I’m still gg to try :) I hope to win this giveaway as I used to hv bad cystic acne which had left me quite bad scarring n made me quite insecure about my skin. Klairs is one of my fav Brand’s but their products aren’t rlly affordable for a student. Love watching ur vids, keep up the good work!! ❤️❤️ Insta: @dootatoes Email: [email protected]
nik aliaa (2 months ago)
Dear Nessie, I thought I'll just give it a try, but I have always watched your videos, especially inspired by your survival and studying abroad in SNU. I have always loved Wishtrend product, and the one that I have always been using for 2 years whenever I have breakouts is Wishtrend Teca 1% Barrier Cream. Love it! Would really love to try on other Wishtrend products! This collab is a bomb!😊 Email - [email protected] Ig - nikaliaa92
yerirene (2 months ago)
IG; thaonyvu [email protected] honestly, ik beauty isnt defined by the color but my parents always bring me down by calling me racist slurs, used for dark skinned people. (even tho i am not that melanin) i feel very insecure about that and in germany you dont really have alot of options since most of them want to be tan. good luck for everyone!!
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Oh that’s not very nice of them! 😣 I sure hope that you don’t listen to those racist slurs and learn to embrace the colour of your skin lovely!! Never let anyone bring you down 💕💕 (also have you tried talking to your parents and telling them that they way they talk to you is demeaning and lowers your confidence? I know parents can be stubborn at times but you should definitely let them know how you feel! ❤️)
PB Rose (2 months ago)
Ur sooo Prettyyyyy, ily🤗💞💞💞
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Love you tooo! 💕
Yenna Alia (2 months ago)
Hi Nessie! I dont know if you remember but I followed you ever since I got the inspiration from you to aim and be an SNU student and then you were very approachable and open even to stuffs like Kpop fangirl duties (cue: The vlog of you going to SM building) and like literally, I never expected that I would still be inspired from your vlog as you talk about KBeauty. Honestly, when I became a teenager,I never really had serious problems with my skin but just 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. Since then, I never knew how to manage my skin. I just kept on hydrating but never really cared of what happens to my face. Never have I ever invested on beauty products for I dont know which ones best suit me but seeing how there are those that work on me and those that do not give much effect, I wanted to try on these recommended products by you. I would surely sound like a careless young adult but I've had my acne develop over the time too. Right now, the scars remain visible and it seems to have caused my skin to become darker and dry. I don't seem to understand but with you giving these tips, I wanted to know and explore about which ones would really be an effective manner for me to use. Surely, I will take on what you've said especially about exfoliating, hydrating and I should probably observe a good habit. This video was too different from all the other videos I've watched because its informative and this is why I want to join in hopes of getting a fresh start as I turn 20 years old in a few days. All the information aka tips you gave here, I hope I can work on it and try to invest on taking care of my skin. I'll just leave my IG (@haiyinna) and email ([email protected]) so I could enter your giveaway hehe thank you so much!!
Kristine Pamela Andal (2 months ago)
Ig: pamelarsss Email: [email protected] Product: Klairs Freshly Juice Vitamin Drop or Klairs Freshly Juice Vitamin E Drop or Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence Dear Nessie, Like what you said on your first skincare routine, I am also keeping an eye on wishtrend for a very long time. I'm a graduating student here in the Philippines and soon gonna have a job. But I'm worried on my acne problems, it might affect my job interviews on the future. I'ved watched your first videos and notice that you really have nice skin and you're really pretty. (I wish I am too you can tell by my profile picture. I don't like posting pictures these days because of my skin problems.) I'm hoping that the products you're using will help me as well on what I'm going through now. I really like your videos. Please keep making videos so many more will be inspired by you. 😊 - Pam
Pamela Lyanna (2 months ago)
Diminishing acne scars can be quite difficult and can take some time. Especially difficult for me as i have sensitive combination skin. I have heard lots of good reviews about the brand Klairs but I haven't been able to try it as it is not readily available in my country and international shipping costs can be quite expensive. I would love to try out the products in this giveaway and see if these are the much-awaited solutions to my acne scars! 💘 Ig: yannacaunan Email: [email protected]
Alexandra De Lima (2 months ago)
Hi! I first watched your videos because of course I love South Korea but then I grew fond of you. I don't usually enter giveaways but then it's wishtrend (omg!). The reason why i wanted to win is because it's really hard to find these products here in my country. I'm also suffering from acne and I have a lot of blemishes or hyperpigmentation. Skincare is important but for someone who is a student it's really pricey. I'm struggling with my low self-esteem and I just want my skin condition to improve. I actually love wishtrend. It's my favorite youtube channel about korean skincare and I just have to enter this giveaway. I hope you'll read this comment/entry. 언니 사랑해요~ ♡♡♡ IG: @alexdelimaaaa Email: [email protected]
lovey dovey (2 months ago)
Hi nessie, these are my accounts: Instagram: _rainne.lo Email: [email protected] I've been following you since i saw your vlog about your life as an exchange student in a korean university and i love the way you interact to people. I think you are so very friendly because i see different people in every video and you seem so close to them. You are one of the best vloggers i've followed so far. I also learned about korean culture because of you. The real reason why i wanted/needed this giveaway is i wanted to try these recommended skincare products and i would love to use it if it is from you. That's all. Please continue influencing people and take care always. I HOPE WE CAN BE FRIENDS. More foods to come hahhahhahahahha. lovelots from Philippines
Dara Mahdalena (2 months ago)
Hello nessie , nice to know your youtube channel because super information about korean didn't like anyone. And also thank you for making a giveaway even though without that I really appriciate your video. My luck in therms of giveaway is not good but I will still try hahaha. I think skincare is the most important part of the others because skin looks better even without makeup. And I hopr the gift from you can help my dry skin like oily in the T zone and sensitive can be better like your skin .. Sorry if my english so terrible , i hope you can understand what I want to said .. Stay healthy in the winter season, thankyou for all your video because I feel like beside you heheh .. ILY instagram : @daramahdalenaa Email : [email protected]
anabonika (2 months ago)
IG annika_calleja Email [email protected] I agree, the video is not about favoring white skin over tan or olive skin. It's about being comfortable in your OWN skin. I noticed that having a good base and a happy disposition in life makes the skin glowing! Hoping to try these products 😊
min (2 months ago)
Hey nessie! Thank you for hosting such a thoughtful giveaway!! Personally, skincare is very important. It's like the thirteenth commandment that everybody should take seriously. In fact, it's not only meant for women but for men as well. Hehe winning this giveaway would be such an honor. I haven't tried Klairs & Wishtrend yet (since im always on a budget lol) but it'll be such a dream come true to be able to try out recommended products/holy grails from one of my fave youtubers 💕 All the best, Iona ig ionalouisee email [email protected]
Mahek Mishra (2 months ago)
Yayy another video!! 😁 I discovered your channel around mid-2018 and I've been obsessed ever since! Whether it be café hopping, your college vlogs, room tour, waiting all through the night just to show us Music Bank idols and of course your skincare routine 💕. You put in a tremendous amount of effort for each video which is why I eagerly wait for your video notifications :) Thanks a lot for this giveaway opportunity! Im a pretty unlucky person as such, but no harm in trying.... So I'm a 17 yr old girl from India and have been facing the problem of blackheads, acne and pigmentation in the hot and humid climate here. And of course high school is much harder when your skin doesn't look good, with people, even friends commenting on my skin as a joke. It's been going on for a few years and its I've always felt self conscious in public. I started some skincare but I guess I always ended up using the wrong one. I'm Studying for college entrances so my parents don't want me spending time worrying about how I look :( Obviously products recommended by you would be a big help and also boost my self confidence. Regardless of whether I win, thanks for this video, it really helped and please keep making more videos, especially beauty videos, they're truly fabulous! Sarangheyo unni 💕 Email: [email protected] IG Username: mahek_mishra
Ziana Jade (2 months ago)
Insta: @yugipooh Email: [email protected] I’ve just recently discovered your channel and I must say I’m very impressed with the quality and dedication you put in your videos, I love everything from your editing to your soothing and relaxing voice. I’ve basically binged all your yt vids already and still confused as to why you haven’t got more subscribers! You definitely deserve more. Your vlogs makes me want to travel to Korea so much. Also in this video I can’t agree more with you! This topic is definitely controversial and I’m happy you brought it up, beauty should not be defined by its color. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway, I’ve heard many great things about Klairs skincare brand and would love the chance to try it out, my skin condition isn’t in its prime, my skin is very prone to Sun spots and so I look very dull everyday, the Klairs brightening products seems very promising in helping with hyperpigmentation and much more which makes me very excited if I had the chance to try it out. Hope This year 2019 your channel will grow even more! Good luck to each and everyone entering💜
Helen Ngyn (2 months ago)
Email: [email protected] Ig: @hhelen_03 Vanessa you’re so thoughtful for bringing up this controversial topic! I truly admire you, skincare is something I’m very much into and I’m always down to try new things. Klairs line from wishtrend has always been in my bucket list to try as it seems from the reviews to be great for Calming, hyperpigmentation and brightening. What more could I ask for from skincare line like Klairs. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Also you are looking beautiful as always in this video :) Good luck to everyone entering.
Duyen Nguyen (2 months ago)
Ig: jiminssi_paboo Email: [email protected] Every person of color is beautiful, I hope that no one would change their skin colour to fit in with the standards of a particular country. Also thank you for making this giveaway, I personally wish I had perfect skin but my genetics really affects how my skin condition is. I’m 19 now and have suffered acne since middle school. Although I don’t have many acne left. I still have pits, acne scars and hyperpigmentation left on my skin which I hope that if I get the chance to win this giveaway the Klairs brightening line would help, I’ve heard many raves and reviews about it but could never afford it. Once again thank you for being so generous to your subscribers.
Haitam Zaghary (2 months ago)
You are so kind and beautiful 😊🥰🥰
Haitam Zaghary (2 months ago)
U welcome my angel 🥰❤️
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Thankyou so much Haitam! 💕😭
AOGIRI (2 months ago)
Could you make a video on cooking Korean noodles?...It really looks delicious
dearnessie (2 months ago)
ramen noodles?? ㅋㅋㅋ they sure are delicious 😍 I’m not sure you need a tutorial on how to make them but I’ll keep it in mind!! Heheh 💕
Aspyn Lee (2 months ago)
Ig: @taeehyu_ggi Email: [email protected] Skincare isn’t just about trying out things, but also learn what works for your skin, unfortunately I haven’t found a great brightening product that helps heals my acne scars yet and would definitely want tot try Klairs line. Thank you for hosting such an generous giveaway, hope 2019 will be a great year for you!
Holly vu (2 months ago)
Your voice is so Soothing! And love this video so much 💜 I normally don’t join giveaways but thought I’d give this a try, my skin is really sensitive prone and I’ve been eyeing the Klairs blue calming cream for a while now since it’s seems great for sensitive skin from the reviews, I never actually got around to buying it as it was quite expensive as I live in Australia where everything is expensive. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. And good luck to everyone. Insta: @Parksungye Email: [email protected]
Paula Papa (2 months ago)
Hi! 😊💕 I've had clear skin since 10th grade but my skin started breaking out and being a student I don't have the funds to have skincare products that can actually fix my skin problems and considering I have skin asthma I can't use products that can harm my skin. I have the love for make up and skincare and seeing your skin made me want to try the products you use to achieve such beautiful skin and also to try and restore the skin I had before entering senior high. Much love from the Philippines! ❤️ instagram: @pau.xxe email: [email protected]
Bella Film (2 months ago)
hii!! ur so beautiful and i love you!!!😍❤
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Love you too Bella!! ❤️❤️❤️
Paola Vega (2 months ago)
Hi, I'm Paola. My ig user is paolavegaj and my email is [email protected] I want to want this because I want to take care of my skin more,because my skin tends to have acne. I know that Korean beauty products are the best but, in my country is very difficult to buy them. At least, If you have a lot of money to buy them. I hope to win this and get my first korean beauty products.
Mekachi Cakeu (2 months ago)
I really want to win the prizes, especially the Vitamin Drop because I've heard that it has been quite effective for a lot of people with acne scars. I've had severe acne for 6 years and ongoing but I still haven't found any solutions. I've literally tried almost every other option but they are ineffective. Over the counter - ineffective. Pills - ineffective. Cetaphil - ineffective. Tea tree oil - ineffective. I could list 50+ more products but they all don't work. I haven't gotten the chance to try the specific products you have from Wishtrend yet, so It would be super helpful if I could! My ig: kimjucotton, email [email protected]
Dear Jamie (2 months ago)
omgg need this!!!
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Then make sure to enter the giveaway Jamie!! ❤️
Hyung-Won My Heart (2 months ago)
Hi-ya Nessie I’ve been a fan of your channel for a bit and I was pretty excited when I got the notification for your video, not only because of the giveaway but because my skin has been pretty dull lately. So the reason I really want to win this giveaway because I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and dark spots on my face that lower my self-esteem and I like to post pictures of myself on Instagram but I always have to edit my dark spots and it always makes me feel sad that I have so many that I need to edit and conceal my skin to feel confident but I can’t seem to make them go away. I also watch skincare videos by Wishtrend very often but I’m always too broke to be able to purchase anything from there. I have also heard SO many great things about the midnight cooling gel and the vitamin c drop and I am open to trying out new products for my skin because I’m looking to put together a routine. Sorry my reasoning wasn’t that creative, But there wasn’t any other reason for me wanting to win this giveaway(i imagine myself flying on a unicorn through the sky with glowing skin lol). From, Delaney💕 My Instagram:_.uhh._____ My Email(that I actually answer):[email protected]
Ann (2 months ago)
Ig: @iamjosieaddison Email: [email protected] I wanted to try some of the products not just because I want them, I wanna try them. I'm actually a swimmer and my skin is sooooooooooooooo dark right now, and I want my skin to go back the way it were. So that I don't get shy going out. My skin is suppose to be white not black.
Ezbeidy Soria (2 months ago)
I love your videos!! (I hope I win lol but my email is [email protected] and Instagram: Ezbeidysoria I want these products to try out new products and find out which ones are good for my skin and help me get a better and clear skin)
Noor Zaidah (2 months ago)
- @nrzaidah - [email protected] Why I want those products are bcs my face have a couple of pimple every week and pimple scar that won’t fade away. Mostly on the forehead area.It started when I entered my medical school. I think it because of stress and hormonal imbalance and also my habits of touching my face when I am studying( i should not do this😭) . I hope that if I get the products, it will lessen the scar because I need the confidence to go to class every day 😄 & i don’t wear makeup to class as I am afraid that it will worsen the pimple . If you are reading this, thank you 🥰
Joshua Dickson (2 months ago)
I have pretty bad pimples and if i could would buy every item off of 'yesstyle' if had the money. I am British and can't access skin products on the level of k-beauty care easily. Ovb i cant show u my skin but just k it needs tlc - although is mixture of oily and dry is also dehydrated 😅😢😢😢 and am very willing to get into a routine. I'm my own worst enemy (maybe as a boy...) I don't really have a routine - i exfoliate and cleanse sometimes but most days I use soap. My mum and sister are always complaining that I'm not harnessing my full handsome potential by notbusing skincare but truthfully don't know where to start. Also I found you thru China vlog - as a chinese learner really helpful to see uni life there. Email: [email protected] Insta: joshua.joseph_d Sarangae! Anyeong!
Nur Haidah (2 months ago)
My ig : haidahznd and my email : [email protected] Hi Nessie ! I need and want these products because I have a sensitive skin a lil bit dry . But I think it's getting better than before. I have a sensitive skin since I was 14 years old and now already 18 years old . I always heard that Klairs is a good product to use for every skin type and the result is totally amazing ! But the price is too pricey for me as a student heheh.. And the green tea powder and also the midnight blue cream I think it's totally good for skin like me to calm it and to reduce the pimples . At the same time I also wish to get my skin more bright than before . I don't really wish to get a white skin because as what you said the " the beauty is not defined by the colour of your skin " and I believe it is true .To have a clear skin is one of my every year goals . Same as 2019 goals I wish I would have a clear skin one day . Either it's going to be white or not , I don't really care but most importantly it is clear without the acne or scars . This is normal thing happened to every teenager but I think at the age of 18 it's the time to have a better skin . I believe that products can help my skin problem very well . As what I know k-beauty is the best solution for every skin type . ❣️ I'm really grateful when I saw my notification about this video xD thank you very much Nessie !!! xD And yeah I completed the rules already ✌🏻
2tteok : (2 months ago)
Really loved how this video is differentiating between what most people believe by the use of the word 'whitening' by Korean Brands versus what it actually means! I'm really interested in your giveaway as i've only recently begun getting very into korean skincare and makeup, and though I can find makeup with only a little trouble where I live, finding skincare is proving to be quite a challenge! Since I live in Australia, all korean skincare products (and makeup) are quite expensive compared to in Korea! Instagram: mia_slaterr Email: [email protected]
Paham Abg (2 months ago)
Ah, thank you for the explanations at the beginning of the video! I am a POC and when I first thought you were gonna talk about literal skin whitening I was like "oh... :/" But I'm glad you took the time to explain what you were referring to! That's a very informative and helpful video, thank you! ^_^
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Ahhh and I’m so glad you watched the video first before commenting!! Thank YOU~! And I’m glad you found it informative! 🙈💕💕
Akyla Jones (2 months ago)
Hi why do I want this product I am a 16 year old girl that been through so much. I was the girl that woke up and called myself ugly because of the way I look. I am trying to work on myself and trying to fix my flaws so I can be confident in myself instead of saying Akyla you are ugly and you are nothing. Maybe if my face become brighter I will have all the confidence but maybe not just to see myself as beautiful. Here and there I will say Akyla you are beautiful and you will be happy. Help my confidence. IG username-Akyla022 Email address:[email protected] If I do not win I hope we can be friends Annyeong I know I am suppose to love myself I do I think...
Akyla Jones (2 months ago)
Thanks for liking it ❤️
Masuma Hussain (2 months ago)
Instagram:@_.masuma01 Email: [email protected] The reason why I would love to win this giveaway is because my skin is quite crap it is really dry as well as it is very dehydrated. I hope I win this giveaway
James (2 months ago)
Oh my gosh Nessie this giveaway seems almost perfectly timed. I've recently gotten more into skincare because I'm in second year at University undergrad right now and I found that I was constantly stressed, always breaking out and had absolutely no time for myself anymore. I got a few skincare products from a local shop and just having a small routine for myself right now in the morning and at night even though I was a little hesitant to start because I used to think it was a little weird for guys to go through all that but it has vastly improved my skin and my overall mood and confindence in myself. I just convinced myself to put some money towards some klairs products (off of wishtrend already what are the odds) because I've heard such great reviews. I'd really like to win this giveaway because I think that the extra products could help me even more :) . My insta is jame.s99, email [email protected]
Fkhufu Ootori (2 months ago)
Ok but why not Turkey? 😢
dearnessie (2 months ago)
I’m not sure either!! It was just part of the giveaway conditions provided by Wishtrend 😢😢 Would love to open it to everyone ❤️😭
Emily Chon (2 months ago)
Hi Nessie!! I would love to receive these giveaway items because I've been struggling with acne since elementary school and now I'm in my first year of college and am still dealing with it! Although most of my acne is gone, I deal with a lot of hyperpigmentation/dark spots because I used to pick at my pimples :-/ I love trying new skincare products to see if I can find new ones that work well with my skin but being on the budget of a college student doesn't really allow me to try out many products. I've been watching your videos for quite a while now and the way you talked about these products in your previous videos makes me really want to try them out!! Thank you for holding this giveaway and I'm looking forward to your future videos!! ❤️My instagram is @emily.chon and my email is [email protected] ☺️
su-ting tan (2 months ago)
yay love this video!! hehehe <3
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Heheheh I’m glad!! 🙈💕
kawaii NA (2 months ago)
Hyperpigmentation has been a lifekiller for me i am struggling with skin problems since ages and my skin is getting worse every year , I am so happy that you made this video first cause i think self awareness is really important , also u gave us a great recommendations and a chance to get some too 🌷🌷🌷thank u My insta ID : @naribx
312tiffybug (2 months ago)
omg Nessie, thank you so much for holding this giveaway! ❤️ I would really like to win this giveaway because I don’t really know where to begin with skincare. This year I really want to start a skincare routine, and all of the products you mentioned seem so interesting to try out. I've never really had anyone to talk to about skincare, and it has always felt a little intimating to me. As I’ve gotten older, I have found that my skin is changing and I would really like to achieve brighter, clearer skin. I really loved how this video emphasized that the goal of many of the 'skin whitening' products are really just marketing for brightening products since this is often misconstrued, and also the emphasis on how beauty is really relative. Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway and thanks again Nessie! Ig: @tiff.co / email: [email protected]
Johanah Jean Cortel (2 months ago)
You look so pretty as always 🤗
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Ahhh thankyou as always Johanah!! ❤️❤️
LilysPassion (2 months ago)
I'm a new subbie and I'm absolutely in love with your channel! :) I've been binge watching all your videos haha. Thanks for sharing these products and tips! <3
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Ahhh welcome to the family Lily!! I’m glad you found it useful!! 🙈💕
Aakifah Laher (2 months ago)
Growing up, I didn’t have “clear” skin. I suffered from blackheads that took over my forehead. Initially, I thought that it would go away if I had a great skincare routine matched with good products. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. While I had a skincare routine that I stuck to daily, I couldn’t afford the best products since they were expensive. I didn’t want to be selfish and request too much of my parents, so I settled for the cheaper products. I would really love this giveaway since I can finally use products that my skin would love! I’m starting university soon and I would like to have skin that is hydrated, glowing and blackhead-free. These products will help to win the years-long struggle for good skin and finally allow me to be confident in my final year of being a teenager.Thank you Nessie, for being an actual angel 🌼🌟💛 instagram: aakifah_laher email: [email protected]
Johanah Jean Cortel (2 months ago)
Hello dearnessie, I don't have any luck with this sort of thing but i'll give it a try since i really want to win those products (HAHAHA especially that you will contact personally. OMO! I'll be the luckiest fan.) So, coming back to the topic. I need the product as someone from a tropical country like Philippines, extreme heat from the sun makes my skin dry and not white. As i grow, i want to have a flawless white skin but can't afford since i'm still studying also, we don't have here a place where those products were sold. Even when i badly want to protect and care for my skin, there are no available stores in our vicinity. If given the opportunity and if luck comes close, i would use it in a wise way in which the result will be in favor to me. Thank You! Instagram: @wngksdk_ Email: [email protected]
Dear Dani (2 months ago)
Hello, Nessie... Its been quite some time that i have been following you and your vlogs. They are great and one can't really get enough. Thank you for having this giveaway. And the answer to your question in order to participate in the giveaway is as follows- (So this might be abit long, so please deal with me)😅 Everyone wants to be beautiful in some way or the other. Honestly speaking, the more you have, the more you want. Very few people are in the stage of loving themselves totally, fully... And when it comes to me, i have always tried to accept myself of who i am and what i look like. But sometimes pretending to be something and not having that same thought coming from the heart is kind of difficult. For me beauty lies in having a glowing and radiant skin. It doesn't really matter what race or caste one belong from but having a skin that speaks for itself. I am really insecure about my skin these days. And I really feel down when friends and some family members point out about my deteriorating skin. Earlier i didn't use to have any such problems with my skin but since last year i started having acnes and that led to hyperpigmentation. Now, i am not really confident about how i look as though the acnes fade away, the pigmentation has become kind of permanent. And my face has developed small bumps, especially in the T-jone. I have used certain products even some prescribed by the doc., but nothing really worked. And as korean skincare products have swept the skincare market for its benefits and natural ingredients, and i have been following wistrendtv for quite some time and very well know about their products. So, thought maybe these products can actually be a reason for getting my confidence back. I will be honest here, being a student and not being able to work any part times in the place where i live in, as these are not provided here, i really can't afford those products although i know how beneficial they are for the skin😅. This is really embarrassing but yeah thats it...This is really very important to me. Thank you. Note: You are really beautiful sister.💜 And always keep that smile on your face, that is what makes you and your channel 'the one' among others. I even wished you a Happy New Year on instagram but may be you didn't notice. Its okay, i will wish you here again. HAPPY NEW YEAR sister... Lots of love..❤ My IG : foodie_in__my_tummy My Email: [email protected]
k. gomez/ potato army (2 months ago)
😊thank you for creating this video. I have problems with my skin so this video really helped me. I really need whitening in my face because in the Philippines it's really hot in the morning and afternoon and in the afternoon I workout/have training while the sun is shinning right above me. Then I have acne, oily and black head problems. So this is REALY HELPFULL. thank you and I love you!!! ~♥~
k. gomez/ potato army (2 months ago)
sofiutomo jjy (2 months ago)
hi Nessie i've been love your videos since last year. thankyou so much for doing this giveaway, hope i can be a winner hehe my ig id : @sofianiutomo my email : [email protected] the reason why I want to win this giveaway is because my skin since 2 years ago not being brightening. i always try any products but doesnt work 😂
Rameshwar Pandit (2 months ago)
Nessie why not Indian I am from India any way it is your opinion everyone has different opinions so I accept it and about this video it was very good to see thank-you foraploading this video again please keep aploading videos waiting for your next video hope you will apload early. I am not Rameshwar Pandit she is my daughter name Khushboo she is dream is to meet you till that time bye and keep smiling please do reply this comment my daughter is waiting
Rameshwar Pandit (2 months ago)
Thanks for sending reply it's means a lot for me sothank-you for that keep smiling
dearnessie (2 months ago)
Thankyou for the support Rameshwar and Khushboo! Sending my love to India~! 💕

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