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UK Tights - Oroblu Megan Wool and Cotton Ribbed Tights

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Oroblu Megan Wool and Cotton Ribbed Tights: https://www.uktights.com/product.php/1649/oroblu-megan-wool-and-cotton-ribbed-tights Buy more Oroblu at: https://www.uktights.com/oroblu These Oroblu tights, new for Autumn/Winter 2010, are perfect for your Winter wardrobe. The wool and cotton content makes this a softer and more comfortable alternative to everyday sheers and opaques. This Winter is going to be pretty big for fashion tights, so if you want to keep up with all the new releases, best subscribe to a good old blog, the quickest and most enjoyable way to get tights stuff sent straight to your inbox! https://www.uktights.com/blog http://www.facebook.com/uktights http://www.twitter.com/uktights https://plus.google.com/+uktights
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Text Comments (4)
Tina White (29 days ago)
I like the gray & black nes
Clive Aitken (1 year ago)
Lovely and stylish 🌸
kmjn78 (8 years ago)
Lovely and beautiful, this kind of woolfull styled pantyhosen are great. The thick style gonna make legs and feet hot warm sweety, and nasty... everybody women must run this kind of style
Larz Gustafsson (8 years ago)
Lovely. Beautiful.

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