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NICE WIN! AM I DREAMING?! DID I ACTUALLY WIN?! 😂 $20 Big Money and $10 Mega Loteria Texas Lottery

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Scratching Texas Lottery Scratch Off Tickets. Will I find a big win? Stay tuned. RJordon Scratchin': https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCegslAs2-_THPlzYf0Eo2MQ Join me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TexanCandy/ Fan Mail: Candy PO Box 241763 San Antonio, TX 78224
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Text Comments (54)
Aysia buie (1 month ago)
I love Loteria and your videos woo Hey can I ask why you buy 10$ scratchers ??? do you find your chances are higher when it comes to Winning? Because I usually play 5$ max LMAO 😂
Aysia buie (1 month ago)
+Texan Candy I need to mix it up too because I just lost 15$ :( tempted to play my last 5$ I've been going to different stores to see my chances winning real slim now lmao
Texan Candy (1 month ago)
The larger the denomination the better the odds to hit a larger prize so I mix it up.
Scratch 2 Win (3 months ago)
Im new to the community plz give me a shout out thank u
Cj Armour (3 months ago)
Texan Candy (3 months ago)
Cj Armour thank you 😊
James Bunch (3 months ago)
You missed the left bonus on the top
Donna G (3 months ago)
Subscribed to R Jordan Scratching. :)
merry Nabb (3 months ago)
Moo moo cow, that's great
Tina Ekmeian (3 months ago)
very nice wins
Laurie Laport (3 months ago)
As you are asking us to go check out her Channel I realized that I always watch your videos and they always come up on my feed but I wasn't subscribed, I am now!
Texan Candy (3 months ago)
Laurie Michele yay, welcome ❤️
mary wildrick (3 months ago)
looks like u missed the cactus
Ph Man (3 months ago)
Ar platinum plays them same tickets in his stream
MrGrab (3 months ago)
Guitar, bicycle: bicycle, guitar...all I could think of was...finkle, einhorn: Einhorn, finkle
Anthony Piskor (3 months ago)
Good job FLA
Mike Mcgranahan (3 months ago)
AR never wins on that ticket
Eduardo Flores (3 months ago)
Eres muy cute las uñas son la bandera de mexico oh italia oh la navidad
Texan Candy (3 months ago)
Eduardo Flores navidad 🙂
gumby2412 (3 months ago)
What?? You made a profit?...I don't believe It..next you'll tell me you painted your Toe Nails RED!..and we both know that will never happen..well good for you Candy!!..LOVE and LUCK!!!!
christopher cumming (3 months ago)
Happy holidays
christopher cumming (3 months ago)
Nice $50 win my dear friend
Tijuana Hitman (3 months ago)
Not bad TC!! 🍀🍀💰😎
Michelle Jones (3 months ago)
Congratulations on lotteria what a great win x Michelle x
Wohoo awesome win!!!
Tony Bizzarro (3 months ago)
Nice little win tc sweet as candy😙
David Harden (3 months ago)
you will like this story Texan Candy: I just moved back to Texas (North Richland Hills) from DC this last month. Well about 5 days ago i went to the corner 7/11 on Davis Blvd about 2/10's of a mile from my new home to buy a few scratch offs. I decided to buy a Super Lotteria $5.00. I bought #50 in the pack. As i was scratching mine off, a man walks in, that frequents this same 7/11 and he had bought #49 in the pack. His win was a hundred thousand dollar winner. I keep going over the variables! The winner is a truck driver and had just bought the winner ticket about 7 min before i walked in. He had gone out to his truck to scratch it and came back in 100k richer. What if i had gotten there a few min before him. Hahaha! Such is life!
Texan Candy (3 months ago)
David Harden oh my 😱 Welcome back to Texas though
PENNY WILLIAMS (3 months ago)
Hi Cand,Nice Video
Chris Shea (3 months ago)
Great video candy I had fun have a great day about time we got a profit
Lottery Time (3 months ago)
Nice win
FunAfter52 (3 months ago)
Nice one! I subbed up.
Patricia Deleon (3 months ago)
i bought ticket #5 loteria $10 here in kyle tx and won $10
lucky man (3 months ago)
i can't find that 20 dollar one anywhere i thought it was closed
THE CLAW FAMILY (3 months ago)
Crystal Chiello (3 months ago)
cute nails!!!!
Scratchnwintx (3 months ago)
Nice video! Thank you for posting Candy! Merry Christmas to you and your family.😇👍💙😇👍
E R Fernandez (3 months ago)
Hi TC good luck. Subed RJordan
Texas Boss 713 (3 months ago)
Nice win on the loteria.......
Rjordon (3 months ago)
Thank you TC! And nice win!
Dominique Clayton (3 months ago)
Nice video!!!! Nice win on the loteria
Soraida Scratch and Cash (3 months ago)
Always good to watch,have a good day👍
Zoe Adkins (3 months ago)
Sub'd RJordan. Thank you for this Profit Session. TC Happy Scratching to Big Wins. Good Luck to us all
Kathy Bates (3 months ago)
Cute nails
Craig's scratchcards (3 months ago)
Been waiting for your next video
Digitonic1 (3 months ago)
Heading over to give her a sub
Shelley Lemmond (3 months ago)
Nice $50 win 🤠
B's MadMoney (3 months ago)
Lizbeth GM (3 months ago)
wooohoooo nice win!! love those tickets!! here in Puerto Rico we dont have those tickets, there are others like bingos but not like those and I love those!! by the way.. love your nails!! 😊
SECRET SCRATCHER (3 months ago)
Have a great day TC. Better luck next time my friend.
SECRET SCRATCHER (3 months ago)
+Texan Candy i know but I was wishing u better luck for a jackpot my friend.
Texan Candy (3 months ago)
Radio DJ Stevie (3 months ago)
1st comment. Good result

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