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Whats Down Here in This Secret Tunnel? 😱

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Whats Down Here in This Secret Tunnel? Join MentalMetal314 on a super cool adventure as he descends down into a secret tunnel from the 1800's. He's been been digging up relics at this house for over 2 years. The land owner showed him the opening of secret tunnel the runs along the front of the house. Why is the secret tunnel there? Is it a tunnel? What is it used for? The most important question is Whats inside the secret tunnel? Could there be gold hidden in the tunnel, silver or gold coins, or nothing at all. Watch the video and find out for yourself. At the very least you'll get to see the craftsmanship and how well the tunnel was constructed back in the 1800's Please enjoy and don't forget to like the video. We are shooting for 300 likes. Help make it happen! Please subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and help push the channel over 13k subs. Thank you! Looking for excellent Web Hosting with your own Domain Name? Check out Bluehost. https://www.bluehost.com/track/mm314/ Check out www.mentalmetaldetecting.com for my blog, how-to's, and equipment reviews Join our Facebook group Metal Detecting Maryland for your shot at winning the Wall of Fame and Digger of The Month: https://www.facebook.com/groups/578119975677496/ Follow me on Twitter @mentalmetal314 Please don't forget to Like, Share, my videos and **PLEASE** Subscribe to this channel! Thank You! The Mental Metal Channel Deep Haze Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Ghost Town Detecting With The XP Deus" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMNWy2bu0nA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (116)
MrRichardchisholm (1 month ago)
Thats a screwdriver @ 5:50
Jay See (2 months ago)
It’s called a French Ditch
Mental Metal (2 months ago)
The_Ultimate_Brony (4 months ago)
Joris Adank (3 months ago)
Through the mountains
Jerry Godsey (6 months ago)
I love history thanks for sharing
Jabaone Lsn (7 months ago)
That was krazy .
Double Oh 7 (7 months ago)
The masons were a lot of things... master craftsmen for sure!
Mental Metal (7 months ago)
Yes they were. Amazing skills
Judy Trahan (7 months ago)
Absolutely amazing!
Mental Metal (7 months ago)
Thanks Judy, it really is.
Tn wild man (10 months ago)
metal detect down there you may be surprised as to what you can find
Mental Metal (10 months ago)
We did but nothing good turned up except a bunch of trash from the road.
HOUNDDOG179 (1 year ago)
When you explore like that you should have metal tags + date you explored left behind..
Mental Metal (1 year ago)
Thats a great idea, I didn't think of that.
Jan Warriner (1 year ago)
I hope u remembered that piece of glass. I'd ask to go back in. There are relics in there for sure.
Mental Metal (1 year ago)
unfortunately, we haven't got back in there.
greenspiraldragon (1 year ago)
House looks old someone should use a metal detector.
Mental Metal (1 year ago)
Already did :-) many of my older videos started at this place. I've made some great finds there.
Bobby Baldeagle (1 year ago)
Did you ever go the other way to see where it ends at???
Mental Metal (1 year ago)
Yes it caves in just below the entry hole but it didn't go much farrher we can see where it comes out at the end of the yard.
Laura Kane (1 year ago)
It's a sewer
Mental Metal (1 year ago)
They built the tunnel to keep water away from the house when it rains so no sewer.
Brian Stafford (1 year ago)
You Bruce Willis's bro?
Brian Stafford (1 year ago)
MentalMetal Your secret is safe sir 😂. Great vid 👍
Mental Metal (1 year ago)
+Brian Stafford yes but don't say anything.
Meeker Extreme (1 year ago)
Not really clear, there was the collapse early on that you crawled over.
Thomaz Petrovich (1 year ago)
*todays news is a Mans body found in 100 year old sewer*
456swagger (1 year ago)
Most tunnels are hidden. That's why they're called tunnels. They tend to be underground.
Mental Metal (1 year ago)
Thanks I think.
BAMBAM McDaniel (1 year ago)
That is SUPER COOL thanks for sharing and risking your life. I was wondering what was the white on the ceiling at 5:21. Very cool video.
BAMBAM McDaniel (1 year ago)
I used to live on the MD/PA state line. I remember having alot of limestone in the yard. Im thinking the water passing though the limestone could cause crystal to build up. It is too bad that it is buried unseen. Well until you came alone. LOL keep up the good work.
Mental Metal (1 year ago)
Thanks for coming along. Not really sure what that could have been.
Tomvlogs 128 (1 year ago)
Donia Schloot (1 year ago)
Oh, man! I enjoyed this! Did you have to ask for permission from the homeowners to explore this tunnel?
Mental Metal (1 year ago)
Thanks glad you enjoyed it. I did have to ask and he is in the video in the beginning. Great guy. Thanks for watching! I'm having a giveaway contest right now so be sure and check out that video. It runs until the first week of Sept. Easy to enter. Good luck if you do. Thanks again!
Mr Ginge (1 year ago)
U should metal detect down there
King David (1 year ago)
It's the entrance to the labrynth
Nick Pavlick (2 years ago)
Great video...saw a silver artifact on right side if tunnel right after you say oyster at 3:52. at
Gym (2 years ago)
Thank you that was really cool. Was I the only one that thought I saw gold in there as you were coming out?
Gym (2 years ago)
it must be fools gold then. The first time I saw that on a cave tour it looked just like what the light hit in there.
Mental Metal (2 years ago)
No gold. I can assure you of that :-) Thanks for going in there w/me.
John Harvey (2 years ago)
Mental Metal (2 years ago)
Thanks again for watching!
Rooster2628 (2 years ago)
Super creepy, but glad you shared.
Mental Metal (2 years ago)
Thanks for watching!
rkjer (2 years ago)
what was that bronze colored object on your right that u passed over at 3:50??
Mental Metal (2 years ago)
thanks for going along!
rkjer (2 years ago)
+MentalMetal it almost looks like pull can top. thanks for taking me in!
Mental Metal (2 years ago)
Not sure but I can say that there was nothing worth much in there. Mostly junk that washes in from the road. I'll check again though. Thanks for watching!
Kathy Casavant (3 years ago)
very nice work my husband is a stonemason of 40 years i showed him and he thought what a cool project now he thinking he should advertise for preppers thanks for the journey, no snakes lucky man !!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Kathy Casavant Thanks Kathy for the comment if your husband hits it big make sure he shows all the preppers my channel :-) Thanks for watching!
Kris Gasteiger (3 years ago)
That was a fine adventure! Amazing stone work. Thanks for taking us along.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Kris Gasteiger Thanks for going!
JeepVideoGuy (3 years ago)
This was so awesome! imagine how they transported all that rock.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+JeepVideoGuy I know, that was not an easy task to say the least.
Thurber (3 years ago)
Aw, man. I want to detect with you guys! Love the videos.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Cheryl Pelton Thanks I appreciate that!
Okie bug Donkey (3 years ago)
Such a cool video . Amazing craftsmanship
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Roy Penn Thanks my friend. I really enjoyed recording it for you all to see.
Pierre Desaulniers (3 years ago)
Hi again,congrat on the video of course.go off the all usual metal detecting finds one after one ,nice change. I left a comment yesterday and it's not on today,do you know what happen? Was it to long? did i hih the wrong key or something since i'm new at living comments, just so i will not make the same mistake.And again, real good stuff.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Pierre Desaulniers Pierre, I'm not sure sometimes messages get flagged as spam for me but I checked and I didn't see anything in my spam folder so who knows what happened. Don't sweat it. Thanks again for subbing the channel. Much appreciated and look forward to your comments.
MrCoin Digger (3 years ago)
hey MM, u r crazy my friend i could not do that, some nice stone work:-) GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+MrCoin Digger Thanks it was pretty cool being in there. Thanks for the comment!
Tomi (3 years ago)
I liked the video and thanks for sharing this.Keep up the good work :)
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Tomi 03 Thanks Tomi I'll keep trying!
Tedy OH (3 years ago)
Well, after seeing that brave act there's a few hand dug stone lined wells built the same way we know about, we can lower you down while you detect the side walls, they say that's where all they hid their $$$
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
I'm sure I can trust you guys holding the rope right? 👍
LobotiLP (3 years ago)
but you left that poor screwdriver in there :3
LobotiLP (3 years ago)
+MentalMetal no need to thank vid was great ^^
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+LobotiLP i agree I want to go back in :-) thanks for watching!
LobotiLP (3 years ago)
+MentalMetal still interesting :3
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+LobotiLP it does appear to look like a screwdriver but I was just responding to another person who thought that too. Its not a screwdriver. It was a broken plastic handle to something. It probably got washed there from the road that runs close by.
Karen Leabo (3 years ago)
Ack, mega claustrophobia.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Karen Leabo (Diggin' Dirty Girl) It wasn't that bad. :-)
Greg Wicks (3 years ago)
Pretty cool craftsmanship!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Greg Wicks I totally agree!
Diggin' Ohio History (3 years ago)
awesome man! I don't believe they built that for drainage. To much effort went into that. also, did you notice the white milk bottle about 5 feet from where you turned around? looked complete.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
Ahhhh I see what you all are seeing and I did see that but its neither a screw driver or a milk bottle. Its a broken handle to something. Nothing worth grabbing. The main road runs north of where the tunnel begins. When it rains really hard a lot of the junk from the main road gets sucked into this tunnel. However, I did find (over the weekend) an old trash pit that may be washing in there at times as well which is why I think I was finding the old pottery. If you guys think its worth digging up the trash pit let me know and I'll record what I find.
+MentalMetal The white thing is at 5:50, and that's a screwdriver. If you look closely you can see the medal part sticking out from the white handle. Amazing journey by the way so glad you brought us down there!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Diggin' Ohio History I'm not sure what you saw but I didn't see a bottle in there and I was looking pretty close but I could be wrong. Give me the specific time in the video and I'll look at it again.
Darlene Bailey (3 years ago)
This was tough for me to watch. I have a thing about tight closed places. Just watching you go through there made me dizzy and made it kind of hard for me to breath. But I'm glad you had a good time.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Darlene Bailey Sorry to hear that.
Darlene Bailey (3 years ago)
For me was. I can't do heights either and fire is my worst fear. Our house burned down when I was a kid. I guess that is why.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Darlene Bailey Thanks for sticking w/me :-) It wasn't that bad was it? I'd go in again! Thanks for coming along.
SondeldieWaldfee (3 years ago)
cool video. happy new year. GL&HH Flo
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
Thanks! Same to you and your family!
Steven Hurt (3 years ago)
Nice little adventure, Man. And, I'm not usually claustrophobic, but that was a bit scary. Maybe next time wait for some heavy rains, send Gregg on a whitewater rafting adventure. I'm glad to see you went hightech on this one with the tape measure; I probably would have dropped breadcrumbs along the way. Happy New Year!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
Haha I wouldn't go near that tunnel in heavy rain. It fills up pretty quick. There were a few cave ins in the other direction.
Craig MacKay (3 years ago)
Craig MacKay (3 years ago)
+MentalMetal Will do sir!!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
Thanks my Canadian friend! Pass a hello to Sly and everyone else up in the frozen tundra :)
BirdDogg (3 years ago)
Very cool adventure!!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
Thanks BirdDogg!
Hunter RedBlood (3 years ago)
Lol! The Morlocks are in the other direction! :) very nice explore and Happy New Year!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Hunter RedBlood LOL I wasn't going in the other direction. It seemed a little unstable. Happy New Year to you as well!
penguin chick (3 years ago)
but...you did not take the MD! but glad you r ok :)
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+penguin chick I know, the space was tight and there was a lot of junk that gets washed in from the main road so I knew it would be a circus of signals and I didn't want Bob to have to suffer longer than he did. :) thanks for watching! Happy New Year!
Wldbil (3 years ago)
Very Cool... Nice little video. Thanks for taking us down there.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Wldbil Thanks for coming along!
Lou Barra (3 years ago)
Guess you're not claustrophobic 👨
Jabaone Lsn (7 months ago)
I started thinking about dem miners in Chile. This is a cool vid.
Lou Barra (3 years ago)
+MentalMetal I almost couldn't watch.
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Lou Barra Nope not at all but if I was it def would have been an issue it was pretty tight in there in spots
Andy habig (3 years ago)
Next time take your AT Pro
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Andy habig Pretty tight quarters but I'll try next time around.
rcochran46 (3 years ago)
You are a brave man!!!!!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+rcochran46 ahhh no big deal it looked safe :-)
Rob MD (3 years ago)
Very cool, some pretty neat surface finds. I 'm really surprised there were not more cave-ins. How long of tunnel is this? Where does the tunnel end? It looks like there was opening where light was coming in. Have a great New Years and HH!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Rob MD Thanks Rob, I was about a 100ft in from where I started I would guess I had about 50ft to to before I hit the beginning of it. There is a pipe that runs in from above that channels the water away from the house. Thanks for watching!
Jack Meyers (3 years ago)
Pretty cool, talk about tunnel vision...lol Happy New Year and God Bless
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+jjackdaddy56 haha I should have put that music to the video :) thanks for checking it out!
Jakes Life (3 years ago)
Cool adventure. Thanks for sharing
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+Jakes Life Thanks I'm glad you got the chance to watch it.
StivNagen (3 years ago)
Very cool! How come you didn't bring a pinpointer with? Might have been interesting to see if you found any metal. Still, a fine adventure, my friend!
Mental Metal (3 years ago)
+StivNagen I did have one but due to time and it was a little cold for Bob to stand out there waiting I didn't use it. Plus, there was a ton of junk in there that washes in from the main road. Maybe next time, I'll shorten the AT Pro and take in there and see if anyone put something in the walls.

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