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Ambush by magnificent seven * Danzel Washington, Chris prat * Best Action clip 2016

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brochestedbs (1 day ago)
Good until they started shooting which although it was slick and clever, was somehow not engrossing.
Stephen Sharpe (3 days ago)
The best campaign of DND ever
Watched this movie with a bunch of mates, couldn't even get through half of it because of how PG and left leaning it was lmfao, we couldn't take it seriously and we laughed our fucking asses off whenever something serious happened. Watched the hateful 8 after that and we were all on the edge of our seats, biting our nails by the end of the movie, If you're gonna make a movie set in the WILD WEST and try to make people actually FEEL for your characters, don't make it PG lmfao.
Nick Araujo (3 days ago)
Só good, i Love This sene
RealDiva1971 (9 days ago)
Now that's how you do a gunfight- kill all the bad guys & don't get no blood on you!!! Damn I LOVE Denzel!!!!!
8:35 たまらんな
Nick Kirov (11 days ago)
С черножопыми гласить не нужно
Sebastian Venegas (12 days ago)
Someone should put American venom starting at 5:55
Nemesis Prime (15 days ago)
3:55 Your welcome.
Matthew Mason (16 days ago)
Van see linde gang looking bitching
Slavic Soldier (17 days ago)
The movie was cool but Denzel Washington was a poor choose for the part. He`s black and this was a white man`s role or at least a mexican`s one.
duke silver (21 days ago)
For some reason (rolls eyes) anton Fuqua did'nt like chris prat. He took the youngest most up and coming white man in the movie and gave him the worst lines. Luckily Pratt had already established his star with guardians of the galaxy so Fuqua couldnt bury him.
red dead redemption online real live 😂
william fitzpatrick (23 days ago)
Good flick. Watched 6 times at least.
Logan Stallsmith (1 month ago)
Worst western fight scene... Nothing is real, all the guns and clothes look 100% brand new. The enemy missed every shot, the protagonists are flawless, and let's not even get into the realm of historical accuracy. Go watch the first magnificent seven, it's a masterpiece.
Stanlley Pajdak (1 month ago)
Why anti gun people hate this movie
Robert Bents (1 month ago)
Love how Billy just casually pulls the knife out of the guy he pegged against the post at the end. And how the big guy is literally saying a prayer as he stabs the other guy. He's a man of his word, he said a prayer for him!
InfernityZ3r0 (1 month ago)
Amazing how Arthur Morgan and John can be any one of these guys or all at the same time with enough dead eye and snake juice
Anakin Skywalker (1 month ago)
Why did Goodnight not shoot? I know they said because of a jam but I feel like he was just covering for goodnight. Was it technically not even loaded or ready to shoot
Trench TV (1 month ago)
7:20 1deag
Knoar (1 month ago)
If this was red dead online i'd be the guy who gets shot by the arrow in the beginning.
The Professor (1 month ago)
The Dutch Van Der Linde Gangs sick.
Caleb Belyeu (1 month ago)
I finished this film and my favorite moment from the film is this shootout. Period.
TheGuyWhoPlaysGames (1 month ago)
Oh. My. God. It's *DANZEL WASHINGTON* and Chris *PRAT* ....
rahul bhardwaj (1 month ago)
Best Hollywood movie ever, & this scene is amazing and awesome ,all efforts is gone to Mr Washington,and others and how they fire the Gun
Jon Mendez (2 months ago)
An awesome western. So underrated. One of my favs.
Yanbeni Murry (2 months ago)
Love it just love it love cowboys
Rial Jej (2 months ago)
Look endingnya this movie in my youtube channel
Thearmorcav (2 months ago)
Crossfire hell, the only smart one to get out of it was the horse.
Holger Horb (2 months ago)
This is the end for cowards and looser, bye bye
JMD Nelson (2 months ago)
Got this for Christmas last year!! It was one of my favorite gifts!!
M White (2 months ago)
Soulless film.
Bruce Benderman (2 months ago)
The best liine in this movie was , go on horse
Glenn Watson (2 months ago)
That's the worst movie gunfight I ever saw.
john mcdonald (2 months ago)
Most pistols of that era weren't accurate beyond thirty yards.
Che Padron (3 months ago)
Nothing will beat The Seven Samurai, but this movie was ok
Nathan Wood (3 months ago)
Love this movie so badass I'm watching this after playing RD2 lol
Richard Alonso (3 months ago)
What is the name of the instrumental song in 1:24
Games FTW (3 months ago)
Sniper dudes got some PTSD
Robyn MacDonald (3 months ago)
Yes the horses look fantastic and very smart, as I said before just sad four good died in a terrible way and the people they were up against just horrible
Marcella Rastaban (3 months ago)
Gonna be honest, this movie is kind of forgettable. Outside of the main cast (although they barely leave any marks either), no characters really stand out. But I absolutely adore this scene. The tension is perfectly built up, and therefore the ensuing bloodbath is satisfying.
Xx DutchBLAZ3R xX (3 months ago)
8:24 this scene give me goosebumps
NIGHTCORECAST (3 months ago)
the sky was a painted wall
Tzo (3 months ago)
Dam o driscos
Garret Carlson (3 months ago)
Is it Denzel or danzel?
Maldini And Nesta (3 months ago)
Red Dead ?
Arnold Elliott (3 months ago)
What is it that denzel washington says at 5:06 ? Whats the transition to english
Incognito12000 (3 months ago)
There were no superheroes in the original Mag 7.
SpoofThisProductions (3 months ago)
Can someone tell me the actors name at 2:43
Nico Slade (3 months ago)
Red dead redemption 2 gameplay looks great
Marcin K. (3 months ago)
8:36 = <3
Wotan's Wolf (3 months ago)
Fat guy drawed first lmao comedy gold.
근접무기 (3 months ago)
Ost name plz
Arman Sanchez (3 months ago)
Just use deadeye.
Daniel Monaco (3 months ago)
I love the moment when they see he’s not alone and think: “oh fuck”
Brando J (3 months ago)
Dutch van der Linde: "Guys, I have a plan! We just need to make some noise!"
bob dick (3 months ago)
This movie was awful, every dies and I couldn't have cared less. Every character was a boring stereotype with zero depth.
Mark Cabarus (3 months ago)
only 3 of them survive
This is how epic and how powerful heroes are against weak pussy ass cowards who think they can murder innocent men and women and children. You deserve what you get you bastards!
Midnights & Mornings (4 months ago)
My man was nasty with the knives!!!
ULTRAWIDE (4 months ago)
7:16 what was that about lmao
G H (4 months ago)
Such a gay movie
Destruccion+IVA (4 months ago)
Damn I love Jamer Horner's music but that guy has to change a bit it's style when im absoluteley musically deaf and at the second 00:00 I'm like: "Oh James Horner wrote the music for this". Looked it up on wikipedia... I'm right. Dude not all your music has to sound like the Troy film from 20 years ago.
haskapaska (3 months ago)
You know he can´t change his style anymore...
response207 (4 months ago)
whats up with the hat? blocks field of vision, everyone is prey to death from above...just saying
Xuvial (4 months ago)
Lmao the fat guy, his only tactic is throwing himself on people and stabbing them :D
blackforest270 (4 months ago)
White guys can't jump,but black guy's can't shoot,kids.don't try this at home.
pigslefats (4 months ago)
what crap is this? Designer cowboys with perfect teeth and ironed clothes. And each shot is lethal-yah right. haha
Chris James (2 months ago)
The West was like that - read your history!
haskapaska (3 months ago)
Actually costumes are pretty much same from 1960s version  https://www.thevintagenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/vjpykpda.jpg
jebulon1864 (4 months ago)
Silly multicult Jew Hollyweird garbage...lol
Sdsdfdu (4 months ago)
Don't you love how the good guys have perfect aim and the baddies can't hit shit?
Artie Fivecents (4 months ago)
"DANZEL"? "PRAT"? REALLY? Really? Really. Please learn how to spell correctly, would you?
eldo59 (4 months ago)
Alonzo's great great great grandfather.
Jeremy Bell (4 months ago)
Go watch the original...this is PC trash.
Agent Bill Wilson (4 months ago)
why is everyone so clean?
haskapaska (3 months ago)
Homage to all those american westerns before italians showed how to make real westerns.
Marcelo israel (4 months ago)
vc esta de brincadeira que este filme custa 82 reais
Pablo From Guatemala (4 months ago)
RDR2 online looks good
Juan López (4 months ago)
Are the bullets, knives and arrows coated in some kind of extraterrestrial poison that makes them so that everyone dies with a single hit?
haskapaska (3 months ago)
Happens in every western, unless main guy is hit
Bart Fitzgerald (4 months ago)
This sucked.
K (4 months ago)
This movie wasn't even bad. I bet half the people who say it isn't good are just hipsters who hate on remakes because "OMG THE ORIGINAL IS WAAAY BETTER." Can't enjoy shit these days. :/ I own the OG movie and loved it so much. I watched this and thought that they did great.
Josh Hsu (4 months ago)
then Arthur Morgan and John Marston come and kill everybody
Spider One (4 months ago)
Imagine that, 2 deadeye abilities, 2 amazing shots, and just gods in general
djteddy bear (4 months ago)
Adam Frost (4 months ago)
Ridiculous casting in my opinion. Hollywood can't find any new talent?
Savageblou BOW (4 months ago)
What’s wrong with the guy at 6:50
Elbow Nesdam (4 months ago)
Negroidal hokum-
Ikhlaq Rafiq (4 months ago)
Superb remake.
Nate Wray (4 months ago)
Garbage remake. "Get killed by the greatest lover." No wonder this movie flopped.
Gage Wong (4 months ago)
Woody would beat all of them
Hop Louie (4 months ago)
Vincent D'onofio is Bill Williamson
bossfan49 (4 months ago)
This scene is pretty ridiculous. Not one of them took a bullet, and none of them missed with any of their shots. C'mon. Oh, and Chris Pratts cheesy line to boot.
Joey Gendron (4 months ago)
Danzel washington everybody
Samy Unknown (4 months ago)
what a good movie and this old man, he is the roy nelson of movies 😆😆
Olivier Pelletier (4 months ago)
This is all good and all but ....of course all the "bad" guys shoot and miss, all the "good" guys : one shot one kill ....even against someone moving on a horse, having an hostage, coming out of nowhere ....its cool the first 2-3 kills, but after a dozen ......hell, they cant even hit the fat guy, without cover, in the middle of the road.
Jere V. (4 months ago)
Nice try Hollywood, but there’s nothing like the old movies. Used to get lost in them when I was younger
Yoshii Joshy (4 months ago)
gadayum o driscolls!
Homer Thompson (4 months ago)
David (4 months ago)
At least the horse is good at acting.
Holy Knight80 (4 months ago)
It’s high noon
Stiglitz Keller (4 months ago)
Here playing red dead redemption 2 - 2018
JR Reed (4 months ago)
3:13 that moment... 3:18 that moment when 3:29 that moment when you 3:42 that moment when you realize... 5:10 that moment when you realize you shouldn’t have come to work today!
Crashv01 (4 months ago)
I like this movie but the original western version has that kickass theme song...im torn
LordKira (4 months ago)
when you see an asian dude intentionally bringing knives to a gun fight you fucking run

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