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Lesson 5 - WHERE Clause (Oracle SQL Certification)

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SoloPro (4 months ago)
So the columns can be lower case but as soon as you write the rows of the type for instance ename does not matter but ALLEN need to be capital or else you wont find in right? can someone just confirm this if possible as he wrote sal small which works as well as SAL which I am assuming is because if the first row of the columns and the others are 2nd and below rows for the columns.
Ava Zara (5 months ago)
Wow u r a very nice teacher & u teach very clear and easy to understand But I am surprise why only few people watched or liked your perfect video Anyway thanks a lot
Kassem Bellil (1 year ago)
select * from emp where job ='salesman' is this statement correct if so why i got 0 result saying that no data found
mirna ouied (4 months ago)
since SALESMAN is case sensitive and should be capital
Rupin Shah (4 months ago)
salesman needs to be in caps. exact how it appears in the table
Greg Hunt (2 years ago)
Well done...What software r u using to make these videos?

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