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Elder Scrolls Online | Racial Motif Farming Locations Including Imperial | Racial Crafting Styles

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A Look At Racial Motif Farming In The Elder Scrolls Online In Full HD Check out these Elder Scrolls guides http://tinyurl.com/goxunug For Rare Motifs Go Here - http://youtu.be/F4haCUZCTwA Drop Rates Have Been Nerfed. This Strategy Will Still Work But It Will Take A Lot Longer Search The Room Immediately After You Split Up From Cadwell (Once He Opens The Door), This Room Is Just After The Daedroth & Other Enemies In The Corridor Of Steam & Its Just Before The Mage Battle - Relog To Reset Trunks & Repeat - This Coldharbour Missions Is Available At Level 20 From The Prophet At The Harborage Weapons & Armour Showcases For All 17 Styles - Xivkyn (Imperial Daedric) - http://youtu.be/1eEeEnPiBbM Glass - Coming Soon! Dwemer - http://youtu.be/5lM7GF8aAsY Ancient Elf (Ayleid) - http://youtu.be/arq37HnP8ak Daedric - http://youtu.be/bSTnlIxVFOs Primal - http://youtu.be/2ltCUNJ3X1c Barbaric - http://youtu.be/wVg1Jr2iu88 Imperial - http://youtu.be/VaTS2ln0qWo Redguard - http://youtu.be/5WrZQB2f3C8 High Elf (Altmer) - http://youtu.be/RsbaEV-sGsA Wood Elf (Bosmer) - http://youtu.be/-gIrLethqRY Dark Elf (Dumner) - http://youtu.be/TuXjymeS3b0 Khajiit - http://youtu.be/jjzl8xaZzB4 Nord - http://youtu.be/_f4kJLGsnzA Orc - http://youtu.be/FPZmzJm-Tuo Argonian - http://youtu.be/ljKJVehu6e4 Breton - http://youtu.be/pOO217UZyxA All 21 Craftable Sets | Locations & Stats - http://youtu.be/KUSnpMuiISc Please Like & Subscribe For More Elder Scrolls Online Playstationz0ne.com facebook.com/Playstationz0ne twitter.com/playstationz0ne
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Text Comments (149)
Kaleb Sweet (1 year ago)
I'll have to give it a go, thanks for taking the time to show everyone!
Red Frosty (1 year ago)
+Kaleb Sweet ahh, thanks
Kaleb Sweet (1 year ago)
Haven't had much time to play recently but I will try to keep you method in mind when I get around to it.
Red Frosty (1 year ago)
so did it still work ?
Kaleb Sweet (1 year ago)
Yeah that's understandable. I started a new character though so I may as well try it.
Halcyon Gaming (1 year ago)
this vid is quite old, these strategies may no longer work, easier to buy them from guild stores now
Jordan Garrison (2 years ago)
ancient elf and deadric from that room
GodLike C (2 years ago)
First try after getting new character to 20 and got ancient elf motif
Alex K (2 years ago)
does this still work?
holygore (2 years ago)
I did find the Daedric motif in the lvl 20 area
Yellow Africa (1 year ago)
AllianceFTW me 2 man
Peep The Toad (2 years ago)
I found mine in the harborage
Kryptark (2 years ago)
Dude where can I buy racial motifs through ingame money?
Halcyon Gaming (2 years ago)
my guilds is inactive unfortunately
Kryptark (2 years ago)
+PlaystationZ0NE do you have a guild on PS4?
Halcyon Gaming (2 years ago)
+Carbonboy 24 guild stores
PR0H15 (2 years ago)
found daedric
Andrew Lisenby (2 years ago)
Thanks so much I have now found close to all of the recipes because of these methods
grey fullbuster (2 years ago)
can you do this on any system?
Axe2029 (2 years ago)
i found dadreic like about 20 minuts ago
byMatarii (2 years ago)
One hour in, two motifs (motifs I already know) but I did get a ton of materials and 1k+ lock picks!
Mike V (2 years ago)
the first castle????
Fabrizio Marchi (2 years ago)
the biggest building in a town like davon's
akva (2 years ago)
how did you get all in a hour and a half?
TheGameBoy (2 years ago)
I've gone to the area at level 20 in cold harbour after leaving Caldwell and ALL of the trunks and crates are empty. Any help? 😩
WiFi Warlock (2 years ago)
I found a motif by breaking into a house, i think they can just spawn anywhere.
Keizer Lowe (3 years ago)
or can some 1 sell it to me not real money but eso gold
Keizer Lowe (3 years ago)
can u sell me that racial motif i need it to finish getting all the motifs
Joshua Perez (3 years ago)
got imperial and barbaric from this. thx so much.
what main mission is this?
whats the going rate for khajiit? I just found one and might sell it.
Brandon (2 years ago)
+ERABBITfmafiagod 34 hardly anything, I've seen khajiit available for 100g, they're really frequent, might aswell just read it.
TheFuriousNightWing (3 years ago)
Where is he farming the motifs?
iLurch (3 years ago)
Is the mission one patched now?
Daniel Ebling (3 years ago)
I've been doing the second method and when I do the jog out log in to reset the chests not all the chests reset
Daniel Ebling (3 years ago)
Just wondering if the second method still works
Joel Lever (3 years ago)
can you craft imperial gear if you didn't get the imperial edition?
Conor735 (3 years ago)
+Joel Lever if u get the motif, yes
EnterNameHere (3 years ago)
I just got the imperial one can someone tell me how much is it worth
Peep The Toad (2 years ago)
100k or above I bought one for 50k though lmao I feel sorry for that guy.
+brandon sinclair 100k.
EnterNameHere (3 years ago)
I just got the imperial one can someone tell me how much is it worth
EnterNameHere (3 years ago)
I just got the imperial one can someone tell me how much is it worth
EnterNameHere (3 years ago)
I just got the imperial one can someone tell me how much is it worth
michael hall (3 years ago)
Also I'll be willing to buy
michael hall (3 years ago)
It all depends on the market at the time as the prices fluctuate often. May I ask what console you are on? or if you're pc?
konst konst (3 years ago)
Lol I did this and in the first 2 minutes i found daedric book!cheers
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+konst konst nice
Nick Pavan (3 years ago)
Also look in urns I found imperial in there
Sleazy Panda (3 years ago)
Does the second method still work?
Wesley Kalitovic (3 years ago)
You haven't found the primal, barbarian, ancient elven, or daedric because you have to be in veteran level areas to find them. Also you can only find Dwemer ones in Dwemer ruins. Awesome video though for finding the others though, I'm definitely doing this to get imperial.
Matthew Winner (3 years ago)
How much is the Imperial Motifs worth ?!
Matthew Winner (3 years ago)
Haha guess what I have it
no way imperial is worth more then daedric lol
HighSi (3 years ago)
100k above
Killers Krave (3 years ago)
30k upwards, as it's now yellow instead of blue
MofMan (3 years ago)
I'll pay 10k gold for imperial motif         aldmarydomionion/ps4/gamertage: MofMan-_-
wee_ben_NI (3 years ago)
More like 90k up to 130k. Good luck finding 1 for 10k lol
Killers Krave (3 years ago)
They go for 30k upwards bro
Aegis (3 years ago)
I also have a werewolf bite to give
Aegis (3 years ago)
Does anyone have a spare imperial motif? My PSN is GR1MzHonor and I'm with the dagger fall covenant if you were to contact me. If you could please help me out, thx!
Maximilian Köthur (3 years ago)
Hello PlaystationZ0NE I still dont know what do you mean by ,,castle" im in stonefalls. Because if you dont know how a castle looks in ESO you cant find one. Love your vids and you could put pictures in there to show what a ,,castle" looks like ;D Keep it up
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+Maximilian Köthur try avanchnzel in the rift or the mages guild in mournhold
XxGHOstSon95xX (3 years ago)
What do you mean by first castle
Shawn Kemp (3 years ago)
What do you mean by castle? I can't find one anywhere
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
it used to be blue
Ben Hudson (3 years ago)
+PlaystationZ0NE I found the imperial motif like your blue one but mine is yellow, any ideas why?
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+Shawn Kemp just try the biggest building, sometimes the mages and fighters guilds have load of containers
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+Shawn Kemp theres a castle in every major town
regina breeden (3 years ago)
The imperial motif is legendary. YELLOW. The one you found is BLUE so its clearly FAKE
MrKeykeylikesit (3 years ago)
Wow you are a dumbass.
lazer beam (3 years ago)
It's on pc dumbass
LiveFreeHD (3 years ago)
+regina breeden This is video is also a year old dumb bitch.
Petyr Baelish (3 years ago)
you need vet rank to get daedric
IXMGaming (3 years ago)
Well I just found the imperial motif while looking for a regular blue one to sell. I really hope I can justify screaming like a little girl on the inside.
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
Lonexlegends (3 years ago)
I found one in the second fighters guild quest in the ruins in an urn. Nearly pissed shit I was so happy
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+IXMGaming lol
SkulLenity 🉐 (3 years ago)
I got a two lol advantage have the imperial edition so I have the imperial style and can covert almost any item in my inventory to that style and while doing the quest to save the king in dagerfall I found Breton motif castle I'm coming back for you
Irishhammer4671 (3 years ago)
What happens if you go too far? Can you redo the quest?
G Granger (2 years ago)
+Irishhammer4671 U can travel to a frien/guild member
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+Irishhammer4671 no
Ray Roby (3 years ago)
Looking for imperial motif I have gold and I can bite
Ray Roby (3 years ago)
I'm looking for the motif sorry bud I wanna save it for that BTW I'm on Xbox one gt AZLONEWOLF191
Pluto Visions (3 years ago)
I'll pay 5k for a bite
Nerds United (3 years ago)
does this work on xbox one?
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+Nerds United yeah it should do
ps4 daggerfalll alliance im buying the barbarian motif for 20k or ill give u a werewolf bite
darren snedden (3 years ago)
Where's the best possible location for the imperial motif?
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
if you have 10 years to waste, maybe, there is no guarantee of ever getting it, you probably have a 0.001% chance of getting it.  If you want it that much just buy the imperial upgrade or use some of the other rare styles which look a lot better anyway, at least in my opinion
darren snedden (3 years ago)
+PlaystationZ0NE Is it possible to do your tip, logging in and out untill you find it in the castle?
darren snedden (3 years ago)
+PlaystationZ0NE okay, I might spend some money cause I'm a blacksmith for my guild and some of them are requesting imperial armour. I have all the other motifs apart from, imperial, deadric, ancient elf, dwemer, primal and barbaric :(
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+darren snedden Im pretty sure you can find it in any lootable containers, It's highly unlikely that you will ever get it though, it's the rarest drop in the game
Joseph Sturm (3 years ago)
This is the only guide where the process was explained. Thank you!
IamFrenchy05 (3 years ago)
Is there a way to redo main quest
Conor735 (3 years ago)
+IamFrenchy05 no
Niki (3 years ago)
+PlaystationZ0NE Can you also get the Imperial Motif from your beginning town castle, so if im covonant that i get it from the covonatn castle?
Nathaniel Sepulveda (3 years ago)
does this still work?
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+Nathaniel Sepulveda drop rates have been nerfed a bit
Benjarmander (3 years ago)
Fisrt try i got the orc motif
IamFrenchy05 (3 years ago)
Yeah I got Breton just the one I wanted :)
BadRat (3 years ago)
By castle do you mean Capitol city?
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
+Sir Makirin no, there is a castle in every major town
Chunky Jack (3 years ago)
Did thank you! I didn't even go to a tower or respawn, but you gave me the idea of look in wardrobes and such that in the first five minutes of looking I found the high elves motif!
Halcyon Gaming (3 years ago)
nick dalton - you have to steal when they aren't looking
Nick Dalton (3 years ago)
I tried this but I could find no drawers/night stands etc which I would not be stealing from. Ideas?
SHICAKU00 (3 years ago)
do i nedd the imperial edition to find the motif or not ?? (and yeah thanks by the way for the video :D)
BungLe Lord Onyx (3 years ago)
Will this work on console?
J Willz (3 years ago)
+SamuraiKnight4126 Yep, in daggerfall castle.
Joel Hedlund (3 years ago)
i tried this and i think the fastest way is to do fungal grotto and farm leather from the small minions and salvage mats from loot and buy the motifs in guild trade center from 45 tries i got 1 motifs book that where redguard.
Dr. Memer (3 years ago)
Kirill Beynish (4 years ago)
you can find the last 4 books at the veteren areas 
imredneckson (4 years ago)
 From what I have heard in another video by camelworks ancient elf, primal, daedric, and barbaric can only be found in the higher level areas. Ps. thanks for the tips
imredneckson (4 years ago)
ok thx
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
yes camelworks is right, I made another video about them, barbaric and primal are in v1-v5 areas, ancient elf and daedric from v6-v10, sadly all the drop rates have been nerfed significanty.  Also I've done armour showcases for all 14 racial styles, all weapons and armour, wooden,metal and cloth, check them out, will send you a link to your inbox
Hans Sarpei (4 years ago)
I have found number 13 in 2 minutes ^^
Similak Child (4 years ago)
thanks to this dumb azz person who made this video as well as many others, zenimax went and nerfed it.. u can no longer farm "rare" motifs using this method because stupid idiots keep making videos about it
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
I understand your frustration, I you want to blame youtubers for the nerfed drop rate thats fine, I would say the fault lies with zenimaz
Furi0usGeorgeX (4 years ago)
Well shit, I already rescued Abnar Tharn. Does it work with any Coldharbour area after that?
Furi0usGeorgeX (4 years ago)
Oh :(
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
theyve nerfed the drops anyway, but no
James Spinaris (4 years ago)
What do u mean by the first castle??
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
the castle in your first city, they all seem to have banks in them which means more loot
Jess White (4 years ago)
I believe they dropped the spawn rate/drop rate of the motifs in the last patch.
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
lucky I already have all 14 styles then I guess, its not really fair on those who dont though
MikeIceKidd (4 years ago)
I've been farming the level 20 quest room for a few hours now and I had nothing in fact I haven't had any Motif drops on my main char on AD so far but I have on my level 7 sorc EP maybe my char has extreme bad luck or they have nerfed this place
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
damn that sucks
Maxime R (4 years ago)
Where do you go for Daggerfall ?
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
anywhere with trunks and cupboards, they are random drops
Donny Deal (4 years ago)
I've farmed this for so long....and still nothing
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
farming where and for how long?
Zenflex (4 years ago)
Just started farming now hope i get something better be worth the hours ;D
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
just did another video on rare motif farming
Zenflex (4 years ago)
Yeah did it for around 3 hours just got loads of the basic books so made around 25K, do you know any other farming locations for high lvl or low?
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
you wont get rare books though so dont expect them or you will be disappointed, you may get an imperial
Vesa Sakki (4 years ago)
I've been farming for 10 hours, divided to 4 days, still no imperial motifs :I Every motif from 1-9 I have got about 4 times but no imperial motifs
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
no man, its just rare, I had 25 motifs before I got imperial
Red Harp (4 years ago)
i have similar resoults. 1-9 got between 6 and 11 of each. not a single imperial.maybe you can only find imperial motif if you buy moneygrab edition.
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
its rare man
Zachary Telford (4 years ago)
Very good video, you deserve way more views :) subscribed
Jordan Millward (4 years ago)
Hi can I get banned for this some guy reported me and im scared I will be banned will I be banned? if you could reply I'd appreciate it thanks
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
I cant say for certain, but I dont see why you would be banned.  If you want to spend hours a day farming motifs to make money that you need for other motifs and expensive materials then that is your choice.  That is completely different to dupers who were easily duplicating items with the click of a button.
Nisvet Abdulah (4 years ago)
I got all the motifs. The 15th motif has not been announced most likely it will be dwemer. Once you get to level veteran 1 you can farm daedra motifs which go for 50k-70k each. I've made at least 700k gold in just under a week of farming daedra/ancient/babaric. 
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
I got primal and barbaric easily but ,ive been farming all week and have not got daedric or ancient elven, any tips would be helpful, alternatively, If you would sell me those 2 and some materials, It would really help me get my armour videos out, I hope the 15 motif is Akiviri
Brent Mifsud (4 years ago)
just a tip, instead of traveling, you can just relog on the spot and all the chests will reset.
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
yeah relogging wasnt working for me in the castles, I dont know why , thanks though
Knight Xath (4 years ago)
What's the first castle if your AD ?
floomoo (4 years ago)
Hey guys. The video says the best way to do this at a low level is at the first castle. Where/when does that come in exactly? Cheers!
Halcyon Gaming (4 years ago)
as soon as you leave coldharbour

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