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Far Cry Primal: The "Double Bow", Slingshot Channel Style

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This video is a commercial promotion for the game "Far Cry Primal". Link to store: http://ubi.li/3ue96 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- We love that game - primitive weapons, huge beasts, fights, a super dense athmosphere... can you ask for anything more in a game? When Ubisoft asked us to do a promotion, we were all over it. Of course we had to make some of the weapons used in the game, and we settled on the Double Bow and, naturally, on the sling. The outcome is a great mix between the "Primal" style and modern rubber weaponry. See for yourself! A "The Slingshot Channel" production.
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Text Comments (2362)
Itatsu Uchiha (22 days ago)
Its shooting high because your grip is set center instead of a bit lower to allow the arrow itself to be centered
Mr. Foxo (24 days ago)
I love your t-shirt.
theblueshadow (1 month ago)
bows aren't powered by rubber
Shaqir Ashura (1 month ago)
the best german guy i ever see after ozil
Cor Ri (1 month ago)
Time to Hunt
Kishwor Dulal (1 month ago)
plz make your own zumbi survibal game and put your all weapen what aver you have made
strange ghost (1 month ago)
That bow is fn awesome bro. You're an engineering genius. Thanks for sharing
YVNGHANZO (1 month ago)
Far cry primal is tha best far cry
Thought Forge (1 month ago)
This channel always puts me in a good mood with how much joy you take in your work always a fun watch but this time at the 6:00 minute mark after all the bounces and knocking "A HIT" had me laughing so hard my wife came to check on me. Great stuff man
You are so very talented and have so much fun its a pleasure to watch your channel.That laugh and "let me show you it's features" gets me to smile every time.
Aj Pennington (1 month ago)
This is why I love this guy, I never expected to learn how to use an old school sling shot when I clicked this video and I'm so glad I did
phil goward (1 month ago)
I love his shirt!!
Chin Ho (2 months ago)
i have an impression of something alike in reality...a two-arms bow act as sisters/brothers/chief-vice, but i simply forgot the name. Or maybe it is some deja vu?
Ninja Genjin (2 months ago)
I loved it😎you could od made a dragon killer one if you wanted too☺️
kiddhkane (2 months ago)
I loved the game and I loved this video
Jason Brody (2 months ago)
Well that was fake.. and lame.. sry
Petter ! (2 months ago)
Great !
Dennis Maron (2 months ago)
I love your videos and accent so much haha haha :D every great game should be promoted by you 😎👍🏻
Elizabeth Slifka (2 months ago)
Joerg you should put some lighter fluid on the ball then light before you throw !! We used to do that when we were kids with what we called a polish cannon , ITE where you open booth ends of a vegetable can and duct tape them together out a couple drops in the bottem can that only has hole in one side and tiny hole on the bottem hell you already know what I'm talking about they make them with PVC now if you get bored I would very much like make up one with your style and then show us some new features on your version !!! Ha ha ha !! Thanks man really enjoy your channel
segitarius3272539 (3 months ago)
Yyyyy. This is not how it suposed to work. :/
Michael Rossi (3 months ago)
I genuinely love this man, please be my new best friend
Damijan Ruzic (3 months ago)
good designs, good stuff, good work bro!!!
red alias (3 months ago)
I bet this guy gets a lot of pussy!
Amanda Sachs (3 months ago)
You should have voice acted for dah in primal
Lil nig (4 months ago)
3:57 mabaja kuamas = but danger comes
broexist (4 months ago)
This is old I know.. but this is a really awesome sponsor and I'm genuinely happy you got it, I know it must have made your day, or month
Old Navajo Tricks (4 months ago)
Mah viya quarmas... Lets go see...
Harley Me (4 months ago)
the "double bow" is known as a penobscott.. but the bow in front is half the size of the back one.. it was made for testing how much draw weight you could get adding another set of limbs... it doesn't perform that way though.. I've built one, they perform just like all other bows with a weird tug when the arrow passes the riser..
DEAD-Ops Extreme (4 months ago)
5:21 His head reflects light
MMABeijing (4 months ago)
if the wood does not band then it is not bow, more of a slingshot imo
Tim Travasos (4 months ago)
Awesome idea
Rezokar (4 months ago)
Does it mean”let me show you its features?
Nir _Danial (5 months ago)
Is that bow handcrafted? Cause i would like to know how to Craft it.
Thaddaeus Allenbaugh (5 months ago)
Anybody else watch this guys videos for his laugh?
The Crude Lab (5 months ago)
You look like the German version of the heavy from tf2
H4duken (5 months ago)
the dabel bow
mohd izham (5 months ago)
What happen to your voice dude. Are you tryna be batman or some villan?
Panda the dog (5 months ago)
that laugh gives me goosebumps
panca angganmunahadinata (5 months ago)
Video apa ini? 😁
daemon cramergoodwin (5 months ago)
Let the hunt begin
CUBETechie (6 months ago)
Ich bin es immer noch sehr fasziniert wie stark so ein Bogen sein kann. Hast du auch ein Spiel Geschenkt bekommen?
CUBETechie (6 months ago)
+JoergSprave schade aber das spiel ist sicher gut
JoergSprave (6 months ago)
Ja... für PC. Meine Tage mit der Playstation sind vorbei.
Michael Suarez (6 months ago)
Try far cry 5 their is an option to use bow slingshot or both! No crossbow though...
wyattpk (6 months ago)
i love your voice
PokeIsABoss (6 months ago)
Special eposode
PokeIsABoss (6 months ago)
2018 anyone
David Brown (6 months ago)
I love that game so much. The double bow is brutal
MrNotadream (6 months ago)
I hope ubisoft paid you *MILLIONS* because *you* are all the advertising they needed. Will be buying the $40 game, as I suspect the other 2million viewers and subscribers.
MrNotadream (6 months ago)
In Germany they say "Diversity is our strength" But I think, Joerg is Germany's strength.
Brian McBride (6 months ago)
I think he said let’s try it out.
MrGrayArrow (7 months ago)
The video is old, i know, but this is only look and no function. All energy comes from the string.
Dragon (7 months ago)
I love this channel!
Ванючая чушка. Я задумывался он сделает суровый лук, какой займет у него немало времени.
Ghøst Tobias (7 months ago)
3:57 i think it means evil moving if im wrong my brain is stupid
QMetalhead (7 months ago)
6:38 lel
Cloreto de Odio (8 months ago)
Too small,but very cool
gama tastica (8 months ago)
I'm glad you exist
Revolucionário Sonhador (8 months ago)
Gire me the measurement of this please
Misty .Gonzales (8 months ago)
Does he ever do videos of him building the things
Virus Of Cyrus (8 months ago)
Far Cry Primal is nowhere near as good as the trailers look! Not just the gameplay is pretty bad but the graphics even at Ultra at 4K just dont look as good as the trailer shows, The cut scenes dont look too bad but the graphics in the gameplay are very dull compared to Far Cry 4, its just lacking in detail & special effects. Far Cry 5 has the best graphics in history by so far! Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the only game that comes close!
Virus Of Cyrus (8 months ago)
Sadly Far Cry Primal sucks! I treid it after I played (And absolutely loved) Far Cry 5, the best Far Cry game by a long shot! Even if like me you never really liked or finished all the previous Far Cry games Far Cry 5 is the BEST FPS game in the last 7+ years! Games really dont get better than Far Cry 5 and the story and setting were Perfect! it is the first game (Since Final Fantasy VII) that I finished twice! But Primal was pretty crap!
Haggard Outdoors (8 months ago)
Wow brother you create some beautiful weapons.
Kyojin_9 (8 months ago)
He’s possessed 3:57
Brandon Stephens (8 months ago)
You should try and build a cave man weapon in far cry primal useing only caveman tools.
Bernabe Jimenez Borja (8 months ago)
saludos desde España 😁
Martijn Huitema (8 months ago)
3:55 I love him
Sam The Man (9 months ago)
Do you sell these things anywhere?
Blood Eagle 88 (9 months ago)
This bow is actually based off a real bow.
Rube Kwanten (9 months ago)
Een dubbele boog werkt niet zo ge maakt vorm na maar zo creëer je niet die kracht maar voor de rest blijf doordoen met toffe video's te maken
Turkish Empire (9 months ago)
Eine frage zockst du auch?
Johnny C jørgensen (9 months ago)
Sorry but using rubber bands. Is a fail.
Да не может эта херня аккумулировать энергию, это лишь дитя в 5 лет мог придумать.
Ena Flyy (9 months ago)
wat look my yo are donky
Ena Flyy (9 months ago)
خلونا انشوف هاذا سقي ولا مطر من اعمال زقوق و٨ وزقاقا
Pedro França (9 months ago)
Your nice jobs makes me happy buddy haha
H.R. Chauhan (9 months ago)
Nice Bow
Bandito Dorito (10 months ago)
The double bow shoots two arrows at once tho
Hien Vu (10 months ago)
It that the bow mogolia were use ?
Lekker Random (10 months ago)
That ‘beep’ tho
kinata kofa (10 months ago)
I got the game and DAM IDENTICAL TO IT i love what you do and want to cuddle you and hang out as you look and seem like a sweet guy
James Kosior (10 months ago)
Can't wait to play this game..
Pierre LeDouche (10 months ago)
Break into Jeorg Sprave's house and the last thing you hear before a metal ball-bearing hits your forehead at 200 fps is "Haah-aah ahh ahh!"
Anderson FocusRacer (11 months ago)
the human saussage xD hahahahaha this guys is the best you made my days
taha chartab (11 months ago)
Good laughing
Jesse James (11 months ago)
You have an interesting voice
NAGGER wassup (11 months ago)
Uhm can you please speak more german then translate to english?
Dorian Golej (11 months ago)
they should give a voice acting gig, something on a video game or something , a movie why not
Naema Alkabi (1 year ago)
IrrationalBees (1 year ago)
Still the second best Far Cry game. Second only to Blood Dragon.
Jason iwnw (1 year ago)
how you use the slingshot you could just throw the ball XD
NoobMaster_69 (1 year ago)
this channel always made my day....(hahaha).
Osiris HD (1 year ago)
I have those youth arrows they are trash. Great video
of course rubber powered :D
Bob Kennedy (1 year ago)
Why is he so likeable, even though he has a channel about weapons?
This guy ' (1 year ago)
It’s Wednesday my dudes
This guy ' (1 year ago)
McCaroni Sup (1 year ago)
When you see joerg's vids. Me:Here we go again,the iconic quote Joerg:LET ME SHOW YOU IT'S FEATURES!
Kaizer Mordecai (1 year ago)
Beep XD
Leinad Selcce (1 year ago)
let me show you its features!!
Richard Peterson (1 year ago)
I'm not sure if this bow design actually came into real world use historically, but a few people have made fully functional bows like this and they did actually work, so it is oddly a functional design.
Konrad Langa (1 year ago)
we need a 10 hour video of "let me show you it's features" damn would watch every second of it :))))
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