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Far Cry Primal: The "Double Bow", Slingshot Channel Style

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This video is a commercial promotion for the game "Far Cry Primal". Link to store: http://ubi.li/3ue96 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- We love that game - primitive weapons, huge beasts, fights, a super dense athmosphere... can you ask for anything more in a game? When Ubisoft asked us to do a promotion, we were all over it. Of course we had to make some of the weapons used in the game, and we settled on the Double Bow and, naturally, on the sling. The outcome is a great mix between the "Primal" style and modern rubber weaponry. See for yourself! A "The Slingshot Channel" production.
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Text Comments (2583)
MrGrayArrow (23 hours ago)
The video is old, i know, but this is only look and no function. All energy comes from the string.
Bernard Tientjes (1 day ago)
I love this channel!
Ванючая чушка. Я задумывался он сделает суровый лук, какой займет у него немало времени.
Ghøst (10 days ago)
3:57 i think it means evil moving if im wrong my brain is stupid
? (26 days ago)
6:38 lel
z Bolt z (28 days ago)
Too small,but very cool
gama tastica (1 month ago)
I'm glad you exist
Иван 1918 (1 month ago)
Gire me the measurement of this please
garrettg66 (1 month ago)
Does he ever do videos of him building the things
Virus Of Cyrus (1 month ago)
Far Cry Primal is nowhere near as good as the trailers look! Not just the gameplay is pretty bad but the graphics even at Ultra at 4K just dont look as good as the trailer shows, The cut scenes dont look too bad but the graphics in the gameplay are very dull compared to Far Cry 4, its just lacking in detail & special effects. Far Cry 5 has the best graphics in history by so far! Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the only game that comes close!
Virus Of Cyrus (1 month ago)
Sadly Far Cry Primal sucks! I treid it after I played (And absolutely loved) Far Cry 5, the best Far Cry game by a long shot! Even if like me you never really liked or finished all the previous Far Cry games Far Cry 5 is the BEST FPS game in the last 7+ years! Games really dont get better than Far Cry 5 and the story and setting were Perfect! it is the first game (Since Final Fantasy VII) that I finished twice! But Primal was pretty crap!
Haggard Outdoors (1 month ago)
Wow brother you create some beautiful weapons.
Kyojin_9 (1 month ago)
He’s possessed 3:57
Brandon Stephens (1 month ago)
You should try and build a cave man weapon in far cry primal useing only caveman tools.
Bernabe Jimenez Borja (1 month ago)
saludos desde España 😁
Martijn Huitema (1 month ago)
3:55 I love him
Sam The Man (2 months ago)
Do you sell these things anywhere?
Blood Eagle 88 (2 months ago)
This bow is actually based off a real bow.
Rube Kwanten (2 months ago)
Een dubbele boog werkt niet zo ge maakt vorm na maar zo creëer je niet die kracht maar voor de rest blijf doordoen met toffe video's te maken
Berkay Erdim (2 months ago)
Eine frage zockst du auch?
Johnny C jørgensen (2 months ago)
Sorry but using rubber bands. Is a fail.
Да не может эта херня аккумулировать энергию, это лишь дитя в 5 лет мог придумать.
Ena Flyy (2 months ago)
wat look my yo are donky
Ena Flyy (2 months ago)
خلونا انشوف هاذا سقي ولا مطر من اعمال زقوق و٨ وزقاقا
Pedro França (2 months ago)
Your nice jobs makes me happy buddy haha
Donk Dinkster (2 months ago)
I bet what he said was “Time to hunt negroes”
H.R. Chauhan (2 months ago)
Nice Bow
banananinja 365 (3 months ago)
The double bow shoots two arrows at once tho
Hien Vu (3 months ago)
It that the bow mogolia were use ?
Lekker Random (3 months ago)
That ‘beep’ tho
kinata kofa (3 months ago)
I got the game and DAM IDENTICAL TO IT i love what you do and want to cuddle you and hang out as you look and seem like a sweet guy
James Kosior (3 months ago)
Can't wait to play this game..
Pierre LeDouche (3 months ago)
Break into Jeorg Sprave's house and the last thing you hear before a metal ball-bearing hits your forehead at 200 fps is "Haah-aah ahh ahh!"
Andrej Majcenovic (4 months ago)
the human saussage xD hahahahaha this guys is the best you made my days
taha chartab (4 months ago)
Good laughing
Jesse James (4 months ago)
You have an interesting voice
NAGGER wassup (4 months ago)
Uhm can you please speak more german then translate to english?
Dorian Golej (4 months ago)
they should give a voice acting gig, something on a video game or something , a movie why not
Naema Alkabi (5 months ago)
IrrationalBees (5 months ago)
Still the second best Far Cry game. Second only to Blood Dragon.
WhiteNoise 420 (5 months ago)
how you use the slingshot you could just throw the ball XD
snorky1828 (5 months ago)
this channel always made my day....(hahaha).
Chronicles HD (5 months ago)
I have those youth arrows they are trash. Great video
Schwarzer Birkendreher (6 months ago)
of course rubber powered :D
Bob Kennedy (6 months ago)
Why is he so likeable, even though he has a channel about weapons?
This guy ' (6 months ago)
It’s Wednesday my dudes
This guy ' (6 months ago)
McCaroni Sup (6 months ago)
When you see joerg's vids. Me:Here we go again,the iconic quote Joerg:LET ME SHOW YOU IT'S FEATURES!
Maka Madness (6 months ago)
Beep XD
Leinad Selcce (6 months ago)
let me show you its features!!
Richard Peterson (6 months ago)
I'm not sure if this bow design actually came into real world use historically, but a few people have made fully functional bows like this and they did actually work, so it is oddly a functional design.
Konrad Langa (7 months ago)
we need a 10 hour video of "let me show you it's features" damn would watch every second of it :))))
Cole’s Country BH&F (7 months ago)
Hi I like girls
EaqIe (7 months ago)
Bows dont use flexible wire, the bow itself is bend, not the string. Therefore this is not a bow but a slingshot.
zeening (8 months ago)
Mr. E (8 months ago)
Penobscot bow me thinks
Mihai Kele (8 months ago)
Max Abdin (8 months ago)
I think he said its time to kill or try it out
Niftergame562 562 (8 months ago)
I love the way he made this bow and his voice
xXAPLHASHADOWXx 1246 (8 months ago)
Its to small
09soniciscool09 (8 months ago)
You should have been the voice of reinhardt
Jodie Biggs (8 months ago)
can I buy it?
Walter Moran (8 months ago)
This is gotta be the happiest sergei from Cod Bo1badass looking guy ever :)
Alejandro Parra (8 months ago)
So it’s mainly a primitive compound bow
Sean Walsh (8 months ago)
Its Fechurs
Sean Walsh (8 months ago)
Yanda (8 months ago)
belongs in the arctic
Sport.A.G. 4lifetime (9 months ago)
Funiest and smartest men ☺ my favorite videos👍
Elijah Tiner (9 months ago)
You look just like my brother. Keep up the good work. Your talent is amazing
Nedia Flow (9 months ago)
A little disappointing to be honest.
Markus Haefner (9 months ago)
incredible creative person ..i never was interested in weapons - but he actually has an unbelievable output ..How one person can do this ?
Sandman (9 months ago)
Far Cry Primal is my favorite Far Cry game.
Sandman (9 months ago)
The double bow is actually called the Penobscot bow.
MarkisTG (9 months ago)
The wheels ruined that project imo. Go for retry
I like this channel its interesting
HMW ORIGINAL (9 months ago)
hahah......i like how he says /puti/ putty
AngeliGamed (9 months ago)
I love this guy
Wyatt Hoyle (9 months ago)
I love how he beeps out his own expletive 😂
echeaz (9 months ago)
Omg dude, you are awesome!!! Thanks for being a teacher, a comedian, and role model!
Jo Wu (9 months ago)
Im März im Tshirt Wow
345prototype (10 months ago)
Let me show you it's features. Please make a tshirt
Nerd Shadow (10 months ago)
This guy seems to have it all together. He's so happy about everything! Even things he admits he can't do! He's so positive. I love it!
Squirrel Darling (10 months ago)
That "double bow" or Penobscot Bow was invented by Penobscot Nation. Hardly a primitive design, a very advanced design.
Harrison Schaefer (10 months ago)
I think it means but danger comes
rickey speight (10 months ago)
i wanna be just like him when i get older
STEVE VLOGS (11 months ago)
El pelón del maicrofon
tian car (11 months ago)
Ha ha ha ha😈🤔
Wooden Rocks (11 months ago)
6:22 face its priceless 😂😂😂😂 like this was not as i expect!!😂😂😂
Alchemist Gaming (11 months ago)
I love this channel. I think I found my apocalypse buddy
Lachlan Hamilton (11 months ago)
Ha ha, I made a sling from an old sock and two shoelaces. It would launch golf balls a good 200 yards.
MooseRocket (11 months ago)
I love the shot where he is all covered in saw dust. LOL.
After the apocalypse he will still be making videos of himself weaponizing everything
Thomas Faggard (11 months ago)
Mega Cool! Awesome!
Mariano Garcia (11 months ago)
I feel a bit like human sausage. Hahahaha!
Dr. Mundo (1 year ago)
Hah hah ha ha ha
Bettina Tóta (1 year ago)
Du you speak germany
FalconsTheName (1 year ago)
Translation [guess]: "Let me show you it's features!"
ErupT Fatal (1 year ago)
You said time to hunt right
The Technochroma (1 year ago)
hahahaha thanks and bye bye (classic)
Vasiliy Gulakov (1 year ago)
Rubber band bow?! What a piece of crap...
Justin Finn (1 year ago)
He should make a air powered grappling hook

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