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James Franco - Good Girls Gone Bad

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Another Great Actor ♥ I Do Not Own Anything In This Video. Property Of WMG.
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TerraRose Puncerelli (6 years ago)
@rene0926 hes not. hes actually really smart and he goes to school and takes all his classes and hes also a consensual invisible artist or whatever and hes sooooo frickin hot :P
Isa Belle (7 years ago)
@bronte1212 i'm not 100% sure, but i think freaks and geeks...
Isa Belle (7 years ago)
@PenelopeBaker *make
Isa Belle (7 years ago)
Mke me bad! I Love James Franco!
Spot Conlon (7 years ago)
bronte whittle (7 years ago)
what is 2:42 fromm? haha i love james franco. goood video :)
Anomiman (8 years ago)
They say I resemble him.

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