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20 kilograms of red hot steel vs. frozen lake

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We super sized the red hot nickel ball thing and took whole thing on the frozen lake Hydraulic press channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMDMoNu66_1Hwi5-MeiQgw Fan shop: https://www.printmotor.com/hydraulicpresschannel/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialhpc/ HPC & BtP on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hydraulicpresschannel/
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Beyond the press (11 months ago)
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Baris Er (6 days ago)
More HOT STEEL vs ICE videos...
dat boii (12 days ago)
are you the same channel as Hydraulic Press Channel??
Brodie Sandusky (4 months ago)
+Roblox Gamer why do people play Roblox because they what to
Maria B (4 months ago)
I love the game I’m already on the GoPro and have 1.13 M subs. Love it.
Beyond the press thank you
Menames Nstheboss (8 hours ago)
I just love how they laugh at everything 😂😂😂
Jere Paakkonen (2 days ago)
7:11 toi oli tosi siistii
Jonathan Sherman (3 days ago)
She has a nicelaugh.
KrustyKrabbyPatty 69 (9 days ago)
How far is a "turd of the way"??🤔
*warm,warm,warm,cold as fuk*
Seno Peksi (10 days ago)
He’s English so bad
André Gustavo (10 days ago)
Ok, now remove your trash from the lake :D
Michael Finner II (10 days ago)
If you're weight would have had been taller than what the ice thickness is, it would have had gone through all the way.
Sharad Bagadi (11 days ago)
Nice but take care
brandon Lalruatfela (12 days ago)
8:09 cold as f***k😂
Sim 250 (13 days ago)
You guys are nuts lol, I love the accents.
Michael Amundson (14 days ago)
You could make a sleep track with that underwater buzzing sound played on repeat for an hour or two.
Saad Chougle (15 days ago)
Finally the tesseract has sunk
DrSRay (16 days ago)
7:40 demonic laugh
Shaun Crystal (20 days ago)
Who dove under to place the under water cam?
SassePhoto (20 days ago)
Hypnotic to watch the hot steel cylinder melt the ice
eric Gotchie (21 days ago)
Warm, warm, warm, cold as fuck hahahaha
smooky (21 days ago)
were yoiu did buy the fooundry
S K (27 days ago)
holy shit this video have 21 mil
jk1776 (27 days ago)
Since you do not have a tether on the steel ingot I presume you can retrieve the steel in the spring? Hate to lose 20 kilograms of steel.
SiJamz NZ (27 days ago)
I don't think it'll go through.
Estiem (28 days ago)
warm, warm, warm .. cold as fuck :D hah
derrycklanger (28 days ago)
Love the slow motion laugh :)
frammis (1 month ago)
It reminds me of the lava rocks hitting the water at the big island in Hawaii. They are so hot that they float on a layer of boiling steam before sinking after 30 seconds or so.
Who said you need a drill for ice fishing
tridneven (1 month ago)
i love this couple! Lauri , did you check how many playing cards can goes into that hole?
Tom (1 month ago)
Good way to make a hole for fishing.
Dan Mart (1 month ago)
I admire and envy how you and your wife have fun together.
Daniel Carlson (1 month ago)
"Make like a temporaturic measurement" 8:04 "warm,warm,warm,warm...COLD as f*ck" hahaha
Daniel Carlson (1 month ago)
"I think it would be nice to have it like go through" 7:19 and then 7:21 "OOOHHHH!" HAHAHA😂
CraigHagstrom (1 month ago)
Put a lanyard on the damn thing and pull it back when you're done.
Sam Holder (1 month ago)
there is so much joy in this family
krayzeejojo (1 month ago)
So did they finally fish this thing out in the Summer? Update?
João Santos (1 month ago)
7:46 watch people die inside
OMEGA2669 (1 month ago)
I love you two. I laughed so hard when it yanked the hook out of your hand!
Hussain Saamee (1 month ago)
None of their jokes or witty quips got to me but the slo mo laugh near the end bwahaha I just lost it. Frekin died at that point lol. Amazing videos guys. Keeps it ups.
Grackle2012 (1 month ago)
I would think an ice auger would be more practical.... but not nearly as much fun.
J Wuuds (1 month ago)
Why hasn't America realized our measurement system is fucking stupid. Metric makes waaaay more sense. But we're stubborn and we go the whole nine yards fuck it
Stephen Waterman (1 month ago)
Warm, Warm Warm... Cold as Fuck!
John (1 month ago)
That was fucking priceless 😂😂😂, straight out your hand!! Awesome content 🔥🔥🙏🏻
Kane Schultz (1 month ago)
Turn on subtitles at 7:25
Aug ustinas (1 month ago)
create videos alone
paul alexander (1 month ago)
Love your accent you sound like latka from Taxi.
leonardorg2 (1 month ago)
Darwin loves you ...
Mahmut Akbaba (1 month ago)
Warm, warm, warm, cool as f*ck 😂😂😂
Steve Sherwood (1 month ago)
Thanks for posting - a great demo of how poor a conductor water really is.
Nuclear Atom (1 month ago)
This people are COOL af.
NOVA GAME (1 month ago)
Türkçe alt yazı yapan arkadaşımıza teşekkür ederiz
halel tolentino (1 month ago)
im a human being
Dark (1 month ago)
His english is so fucking broken I can't even understand
OlympusMons (1 month ago)
Brilliant.... especially warm, warm, warm, cold as fck
Nivyan (1 month ago)
07:40 had me in tears
Matthew Combs (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that thinks this dude sounds like Gold Member from Austin powers lmao
James Simmons (1 month ago)
That was cool!😁👍
William Talbot (1 month ago)
I love you guys I want to drink vodka with you
Mattagon (1 month ago)
appreciate the slav squat
Justin Druer (1 month ago)
Warm, Warm, Warm, Cold as fuck.
falvalisious (1 month ago)
"Warm, warm, warm, warm, Cold as fuck"
outdoors_ manitoba (1 month ago)
I think it'll go just far enough to not stick out of the ice
Toyota Tundra_1794 (1 month ago)
at this moment I think 3/4 threw before it cools off
Vladimir Putin (1 month ago)
IdleWorker (1 month ago)
7:31 Why hello there Satan, didnt know you could be spawned through an ice lake.
Hey You (1 month ago)
7:30 that evil laugh as you are declaring war on the frozen lake. Keep it up
Assasin X (1 month ago)
Warm warm warm warm ... Cold as fuck 😂😂😂😂
subarna Thapa (1 month ago)
the thing more frozen than that lake is my heart
Belmont Bandit (2 months ago)
i estimate that it will go through
drServitis (2 months ago)
"ANNIE DOESN'T KNOW." Best comment of the video. Just simply, she does not know. Accepted.
Jaden Bishop (2 months ago)
This is the cool version of Russian dash cam videos
Jaden Bishop (2 months ago)
W8, Finland isn’t Russia?! (Joking)
Globaros The gamer (2 months ago)
Execept it isn't russian
Christopher Johnson (2 months ago)
I watched the video at 0.25 speed. It was absolutely worth it.
Minh-Kha Nguyen (2 months ago)
Oy!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha 😂
Noah Biju (2 months ago)
3:46 lol says boiling water is hot
Noah Biju (2 months ago)
global warming
Adam Foest (2 months ago)
8:05 "Warm warm warm warm... Cold as fuck"
and yes (2 months ago)
Willco Jak (2 months ago)
Had fun watching.
jeremy jensen (2 months ago)
I can't believe 13k people disliked this!
wwindsunrain (2 months ago)
Now I'd like to see a 20 kg block of copper and see if that makes a difference.
Josh Brown (2 months ago)
Make a video of you diving to get your tool back
TohtoriT (2 months ago)
Brent Wilkins (2 months ago)
All your stuff is entertaining 👍
Piotr Wojtaszewski (2 months ago)
Veerapat Yamsrual (2 months ago)
Amizo (2 months ago)
8:05 hahah :D
Ennard The Stikbot (2 months ago)
The sound of the water is so satesfying!
alarjak (2 months ago)
Me Super suurensimme punaisen kuuman nikkelipallo jutun ja veimme sen koko homman jäätynelle järvelle
Guinevere Peterson (2 months ago)
Isfiske efter lata människor.
Collin Daniel (2 months ago)
Warm warm warm warm cold as fuck
Ken Quesenberry (2 months ago)
Maybe you should hook a chain to it just in case it goes through. This might turn into a fishing video, but the fish are gonna be like "WTF"?
Lol @7:33 its santa claus
Lpl im surprised your steel heater didnt melt the ice
Mark Thompson (2 months ago)
Interesting experiment.
Radu CPM (2 months ago)
His lough
Spicy Twitch Clips (2 months ago)
Wan ints
scriptt (2 months ago)
Mason (2 months ago)
which weighs more, 20 kilograms of steel or 20 kilograms of ice?
Woodworker Don (1 month ago)
How much dirt is in a hole one meter by one meter by one meter deep? 😁
Sultinys (2 months ago)
never saw a bigger bullshit on Youtube but I liked it and don't know why :))))
JaggedBird (2 months ago)
All I’m thinking in my head is “I can’t FUCKING SWWWIIIMMMM!”
jen jhon (2 months ago)
7:33 hua hua hua
lordieshepherd (2 months ago)
That was very cool. I didn’t think it would go through either. Hope you get it back.
GhettoRanger (2 months ago)
Those 2 look perfect for each other. I love it when she laughs like hell at all of his stupid shit. They're very lucky to have each other.

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