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Chanel | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Chanel | Spring Summer 2019 by Karl Lagerfeld | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - PFW/Paris Fashion Week)
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Nimo (10 hours ago)
The most comfortable shows for models, they don't need to wear high heels, ha.
marina gav (3 days ago)
angela Lazon (4 days ago)
Where is this. Is it a building with a beach
Это гениально !
ill bring the cake (5 days ago)
Who is stupid enough to wear Chanel at the beach!? Especially in a rageddyass Cali beach
Tatiana Berkoh (5 days ago)
el santo 712 (6 days ago)
7:09 ⭐ music .
Vayeya (8 days ago)
Wouldn't it be easier to walk first on the upper catwalk with the shoes on, and then take them off and do the second catwalk with sand? I definitely don't like to walk with sand on my shoes.
Brigitte Bellin (8 days ago)
Excellent Fashion Show lovely on the beach.
Diseños muy interesantes, pero preocupa ver niñitas tan extremadamente delgadas.Algunas se nota que estan anorexicas.
Orfilia Sanchez (9 days ago)
Hermoso el desfile de la coleccion de chanel elgante creativo que variedad tan espectacular las telas y lo femenino que esta felicitaciones
Trashad Alladin (10 days ago)
The enchantment
Lena Lena (10 days ago)
Шляпы классные! Остальное все фигня,,а эти неловкие двойные сумки - кто же их купит ? Одна стоит 5000, а эта будет 10000?
david king (10 days ago)
Too heavy for the water . Wrong tune for the sands
suen t (11 days ago)
bella miller (11 days ago)
Seems it is more comfortable on barefeet
Isabel Girau (12 days ago)
Vamos a encontrar un modista, que ama a los mujeres, como estan en normalidad, i pues este designer es nuestro amiga verdadero. Buena suerte, amiga Clari Molina
angel Love (15 days ago)
好美麗的背景,藍天和沙灘!.... But, 我們是否忘了腳下的現實?經常的浪漫過頭,忘了現實有多現實!!:) 太過執著美景,而忘了腳邊的情況,太過執著華服高跟鞋的時尚美感,犧牲了舒適,方便!美麗真的要付出代價!pretty hurt! 女人真的會願意為了美美的,犧牲許多!但是,美麗時尚和舒適方便一定可以找到平衡的!當然現在新時代女性又要加上環保,保護動物等心靈美學意象!更讓自己內外皆美!!!!
Aiko N'simba (15 days ago)
Gréât show staffs women’s sexy lingerie so and to work bought for the next event project gets organized championship tournaments off selections models published live 👍👍👍
panikrystyna1 (15 days ago)
Armani lepszy
Стиль Коко Шанель - это на Века! Модно,модно,комфортно и удобно! Обожаю её манера! Супер!
Jean Duranko (16 days ago)
Those jackets are terribly ill-fitting!
m.l. Enochx (16 days ago)
Chanel wtf?
BT Trade (17 days ago)
That must be the most comfortable catwalk and enjoyable show to walk in for those models, no high heels, no stilettos, no risk of falling, the breezy fresh air of the sea...so envious of those models.
DSD716 (17 days ago)
The most unique staging ever, I always enjoy the way Chanel Shows are staged. The clothes? Far more misses than hits. Oh well, Karlotta could puke up a fur ball and it would be praised.
GuardianAngelWings (17 days ago)
I must go to the wrong parties - I never see anyone wearing these clothes in social gatherings, do any of you?
GuardianAngelWings (17 days ago)
I wanna be that thin
xxhoodhonixx (17 days ago)
I like some of the black outfits but thats about it.
Isabel Girau (17 days ago)
Es gibt doch nichts einfacheres, als für wunderschöne schlanke Menschen Mode zu kreieren- eigentlich ist das Betrug! Die echte Herausforderung beginnt doch dort, wo der normale oder übergewichtige Mensch eingekleidet wird - und nicht vor lauter Vorführ'- Neid-Erweckungs- Verführung über sich selbst verzweifelt und nur deswegen die Kollektionen erwirbt... Das ist doch eigentlich unmenschlich! Gruß von Elfriede und Isabel
Isabel Girau (17 days ago)
Und jetzt alles noch einmal in Größe 44-46 bitte, Lagi 😊
Hielda Magalhaes (17 days ago)
Ribbot Chanel
Eusa Alves (17 days ago)
María Artigas (17 days ago)
who wears a tweed vest at the beach? very old-fashioned
Diane Yuhas (17 days ago)
Amazingly beautiful. Not always practical for the heat of summer, but hey, it's haute couture and is, therefore, not designed to be practical. And who cares? Who can afford it anyway? I loved the whole collection, the setting, and the music. Very, very Chanel.
Meline Ndongo (18 days ago)
Juste magnifique 😍
Renata Urbonaviciene (18 days ago)
Simply perfect🎉
Shaunte' Douglas (18 days ago)
Chanel is for fashionable old ladies. When I become an old lady, I shall wear Chanel.
G.D. Romanov (19 days ago)
Carl won’t make sizes for the average woman but puts skinny girls in average sizes. Funny! These designs aren’t at all original.
yudy david (19 days ago)
I appreciate anything and anyone who takes me to the beach even if only for 15 mins.
Maria Callous (19 days ago)
I am going to believe those are really girls/females. Glad to see there are still pretty girls. too thin...clothes are nice except for ht ebig chanel signs..
Celestte Azulse (19 days ago)
Huy que feos sacos se inmaginan una persona con mas kilos como se veria con esos sacos ,,,💆‍♀️👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Lamia Ghariani (19 days ago)
Vous payez mal vos manequins ou quoi !?? Elles ont l'air de ne pas être contentes d'être là où de ne pas aimer ce qu'elles portent .
Lamia Ghariani (19 days ago)
Enfin .... c'est quand même plus classe que d'habitude !
Lamia Ghariani (19 days ago)
La recherche de la déco est plus surprenant que les vêtements plus créative . Créer ne veut pas dire inmétable 🤔😋
Lubov Gavrilova (19 days ago)
Шикарный показ!!! Восхитительно! Нет равных! ❤️
Enlightened Needs (20 days ago)
Super beautiful
Michael Demarco (20 days ago)
You could put CHANEL on a burlap potato sack and charge $5000 and some idiot would buy it
Cain Guzman (20 days ago)
so bored same patterns same fabrics ugh sets always look the same
Khine Khine (20 days ago)
VS angels should walk on this with their cute undies.
Blanca Lazo (20 days ago)
Que bonito trajes!
fanboy (20 days ago)
I feel like the set more suited for Cruise collection no ?
Mar Rop (21 days ago)
what's with the "sullen face looks" anyway?? I have too much of a sense of humor to take this seriously.. I mean.. come on...
Amara Arroyo (21 days ago)
China Rose (21 days ago)
I don't get it? Fashion use to be about love and passion not snotty, uppity, pretentious arrogance. Wake -up KARL, Coco Channel's legacy looks tattered and worn. https://19january2017snapshot.epa.gov/climate-impacts/climate-impacts-coastal-areas_.html
Andrea Valentina (21 days ago)
Karl Lagerfeld has no imagination left.. he should be replaced... surely it is not only the German buying Chanel clothes.?
Tina Rider (21 days ago)
I love black dress for summer..the black girl model is amazing and magic..
Irina Dorfman (21 days ago)
Из итого этого лишь, пожалуй, подий завлекает.
lillli (22 days ago)
I love the set but my music shut off...very creative! 2:38 an no more music...
Chi Tukuravi (22 days ago)
Fab show.. Shitty clothes, such a bore! I wish the girls plunged into the water in their 10000 dollar jackets😅
NEW NORM TRUMP (22 days ago)
alanah bellydance (22 days ago)
castaways from Emirates 1st class........"what on earth shaaalll we do???"
Louis Philippe (22 days ago)
Not biuy a thing.
Lourdes Gonzalez (22 days ago)
Alucinante!! Me fascino...
Очень крутое шоу
Liz Roberts (22 days ago)
Beautiful set, beautiful clothes but unfortunately nothing new.
Sonia Alboresi (19 days ago)
I agree
Listra Gilzene (23 days ago)
Why a set? BA real beach would have been realistic,no?
Listra Gilzene (23 days ago)
Truman show
Saing Sodanin (23 days ago)
i love all set, it true amazing
Lillian Martinez (23 days ago)
B R A V O ! ! ! !
Ingrid Bartels (23 days ago)
they are toooooo thin. They look like Biafra
Sehun Exo (23 days ago)
في حدا عربي لو بس انا
Fábio Antônio (23 days ago)
Rosemary Bloom (24 days ago)
Dear Chanel Production People, May I suggest a walk on Mars theme for your next fall fashion show. Talk about out of this world...🙏
Katie De Luise (24 days ago)
A sack with Channel on it .
Katie De Luise (24 days ago)
You could put a sack on there's models , and they would still look good .
Место для дефиле выбрано роскошно! Но манера шанель старит юных дам! Нет в нём задора , озорства, огня! Нет в нём юности одним словом
Cynthia Corcoran (25 days ago)
Me the first pictures what Shirley looked like.
Desiree Stebahne (25 days ago)
Grossartig!!! Fantastisch und wunderschön!!!
Edna Hawerroth (26 days ago)
Belíssimo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Louis Philippe (22 days ago)
Dia F (26 days ago)
Shoulder pads? Yikes!!!!!! straw hat....old and classic
Cynthia Runge (26 days ago)
Clothes boring not good cuts
JIM HOOPER (26 days ago)
This is the daftest thing ....they are not beach clothes ...what a waste of time and money ....
Elizabeth McElynn (26 days ago)
I don't like the double bag situation. Correction. I just said was a set fashion runway, something dramatic and remarkable only for the show not for a real life. I hope you understand my point of view. The fashion designer need extra touches, somenting extraordinary, crazy or amazing. Between love -hate. Is why you an I are talking now, just for little fashion designers ' craziness.
MIHAICA SAVA (26 days ago)
Love it all! Everything for the real woman!
selecionando amigos (26 days ago)
Uau...um mais lindo q o outro
김범진 (27 days ago)
기획진짜 잘했네요.. 구두들고 워킹하느게 진짜 해변느낌.
Vino (27 days ago)
Love the shoes....
Meriem# (27 days ago)
Merci Coco Chanel @!
Louis Philippe (22 days ago)
Thank The Lord she's dead and didn't see her name dragged in sand and salt water.
Elena Vishnevskaya (27 days ago)
Кто знает : море искусственое либо отгородили кусочек пляжа!?
Ana Padurariu (27 days ago)
Dislike 👎
Ola Bazdar (28 days ago)
The set was beautiful and the clothes exceptional. That's channel 🌹🌹
Zorica Aurora (28 days ago)
So refreshing!Positive vibrations!
Nika Barton (28 days ago)
Chanel did not like bare knees !!!!
Playmate NY (28 days ago)
In year 2018, Chanel is still number one in fashion.
Raissa Buzina (28 days ago)
Jeanette Marie (30 days ago)
Love how they did this fashion show! Some of the clothes look too large, made their heads look small! I love soft colors though and all the accessories! 👜🕶👡🛍
Sonia Sain (30 days ago)
Eloradana Fay (30 days ago)
Louis Philippe (22 days ago)
eu mesma (1 month ago)
BR ?

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