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North America Ice age

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FROM SHORT MINI ICE AGE TO LONG ICE AGE GLACIATION Global warming peaked in 1988 and slowly ending the Interglacial Warm Holidays to begin the short Mini Ice Age affecting all spectrum. After a return to short warming period, we expect a U-turn to long sleep of Ice Age Glaciation. It happened many times in the past, each time resetting Human evolution. During this shortcoming Ice Age, there won't be enough space to grow food and for comfort living, except between the two 33° latitudes north and south of the equator which is not enough lands, and there won't be enough cheap and fresh drinking water neither for mass survivals. Our SEAWAPA project is to harvest fresh drinking water from the 7 month monsoons and rains, the melting ice from Tibet and from the most abundant tropical cyclones region in the world on top of Lao mountain range, transfer it below via gravity by producing electricity, food, and goods, at the same time, distribute them to far-flung floating agricultural modules, to newly built megacities, and to industrial complex across the equator, between the tropical cyclones zone, connecting them to other continents, avoiding post ice age big melt danger. Once done, we can tap into the Primary Water Cycle for larger scale space programs, build Hyperloop transport system for universal distribution of drinking water, food, goods, electricity and heat, all year round. The heat and coldness redistribution across the world will minimize risks caused by Ice Age and post-Ice Age. Asteroids mining and universal commodity dispersion will allow humanity to progress beyond "Sustainability", and to solve other risks. http://SEAWAPA.org
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Text Comments (701)
Finn Phinney (4 days ago)
Right at 0:02, I knew it was bullshit
marty aron (4 days ago)
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine-R.E.M.
Hawaiiana Son (5 days ago)
yep...that's an asian log.
Tony Romano (6 days ago)
Every time I hear “climate change” I expect complete bullshit to follow.
Tony Romano (6 days ago)
Fossil poop!
Tony Romano (6 days ago)
Lol this is a global cooling alarmist video!
gatekeeper08210 (6 days ago)
Not a single word about Solar Minimums.... or Grand Solar Minimums.... WTF??? It's as if this documentary completely ignored the sun.
Armando Zessar (7 days ago)
North Pole's shifting to South's,positioning on Northern America's,and this's parts of climates changing.
Angel Javier (9 days ago)
I live colorado
Doug Williams (10 days ago)
Now wait a minute... if North America was covered with snow for thousands of years and the landscape was covered in ice. When the ice finally melted the landscape would be rocky and treeless. The flood theory is more probable
Ken Madden (10 days ago)
How much did the Kochs pay for this video?
John Sotirakis (5 days ago)
You mean like Steyer paid for the other side’s videos
William Price (10 days ago)
Can the ice bubbles tell us about the sun’s solar output? Or what about volcanic activity during this time? If the planet suffered massive enough eruptions, it would essentially put the planet in a deep freeze.
david brow (12 days ago)
we are entering the grand solar minimum which will cause the next mini ice age. we need to expose the green new deal hoax. we should be burning more fossil fuels and coal to offset the coming drop in temperatures .start building giant heated greenhouses to protect our food supply from frost, , breed millions more buffalo and cows (beefalo) that can withstand cold winters
William Price (10 days ago)
david brow very correct. The Green New Deal is nothing more than a money grab. Back in 1989, the AP ran a story that was gloom and doom with global warming. It said that within 12 years, the seas would rise and all of the other crap. Then when it didn’t happen and Al Gore lost his presidential bid in 2000, he started to champion global warming. His predictions were wildly wrong. Now we’re seeing the same thing happen with another useful idiot. She’s using the same time scales and ramping it up. When the temperature falls because of the solar minimum, they will be highly surprised. I see a repeat of the Little Ice Age coming. We have to, as you said, harden our crops, our lifestock or we’re screwed.
SuperDave44 (13 days ago)
My last 3 Videos show a Chaff Bomb
William Wright (13 days ago)
I first heard about global warming in 1986. Sea level is supposed to be twenty feet higher now, in 2019. Nope.
boy man 22 12 (14 days ago)
Scrat why you little rat
Tick Tock Gator pit (15 days ago)
So where are all the emissions are causing global warming people at?? Pretty sure factory’s, vehicles and shit didn’t exist when the last couple of ice ages melted lol.
Adventure Hawk (15 days ago)
I like the “erratic the size of an auto and weighing as much” comment. That was funny. A stone 3x3x3 weighs approximately a ton. That boulder must’ve been 10 + tons.
Glen Atchison (17 days ago)
So what they're saying is, it's Canadas fault? Got it...
Mitshu Marner (17 days ago)
Hard facts that dispute the recent hysteria about climate change.
Amellia Mendel (18 days ago)
I guess they had too many coal power plants 135,000 years ago. Don't they know how much plants hate co², oh wait
Tru Hawaii (23 days ago)
Gram Hancock’s theory?
Somaly Bonney (25 days ago)
When did the ice age happen?
Random Alien (27 days ago)
Randall Carlson. Nuff said.
William Price (10 days ago)
Random Alien bingo! I’ve recently found him and he’s amazing.
Chris Baumgarten (1 month ago)
Global warming money grab hoax.
Göran k (1 month ago)
They did not understand why the sealevel was lover when the ice was higher. You dont have to be a professor to understand that🤔
Azlorn Magus (1 month ago)
This is great education for children and retarded people.
Mike Smith (1 month ago)
Narrator is a busy penis sucker, serious thinking ice raising sea level. Go and do homework and comeback when educated, stupid clown.
G Gem (1 month ago)
Saw the H and clicked away as fas as I could Agent for globalist
Floridaboi 904 (1 month ago)
We think we are sooo important 😂😂😂😂 The climate changes over time. Cools down and heats up. Ironically, it's the warm periods that boost Human development. The whole argument for human induced climate change is based on C02. We've looked at one of many many factors.
c. j. macq (1 month ago)
The police-state and climate change are not only the same problem but they're receiving the same treatment and getting the same response from the vast majority of the world's public. with both issues people are believing the lies of the people who benefit and profit from them both - THE ELITE. the elite tell us profit and industrialization are more important than the environmental damage caused from both pursuits and they tell us the police-state is for our own good. it brings us security and convenience. the elite in both cases say - "TRUST US! we know what's best for you." and people fall for it despite the fact the elite have done nothing but lie to us for over 6000 years! and scientists and engineers fall on two sides of these problems. on one side they truthfully warn is that climate change is the result of elitist made industrial pollution and on the other side they're responsible for creating and promoting the police-state technologies that are enslaving us and making us addicted and dependent on them.
Kieran Quinlan (1 month ago)
"The dinosaurs died because they didn't have a wall" Donald Trump
c. j. macq (1 month ago)
why do you accept corporate slavery, consumer, wage and debt slavery, which are all undemocratic and are concerned only with increasing the wealth of the elite, but fear a govt that's supposed to be democratically elected and work for the benefit of society as a whole? these corporations have also taken control of our govt and the govt now mainly functions for the benefit of the elite. did you know this "carbon tax" proposal originated with the oil companies? they're the one's who want to tax you for their benefit. stop believing the elitist hype. there's no profits to be had through the scientific proposals to clean up our planet, curb our insane industrialization and reverse this destructive climate change being fueled by the greed of the corporate profiteers.
Mireia (1 month ago)
6:30 sorry this is for school and I need to remember where I was
c. j. macq (1 month ago)
and what's mentioned in this film is just a part of the disastrous results from our blind and ignorant mass industrialization. its goddamned time we stop listening to the profiteering, elitist, industrialists and stop following their fascist orders. we MUST remove these elite from power, set things right and correct the problems they've created over the last several 1000 years!
Mike Smith (1 month ago)
Shoot/kill Rothschilds-Rockefellers-Soros a good start for saving earth.
JAY DEL ROSARIO (1 month ago)
Mark Norman (1 month ago)
I took a foreign policy course, and realized unless you study the issue in depth you really know little about it. People follow conventional wisdom ie either a universal truth or propaganda. The problem today is that we’re too distracted with our inner world of internet and broadband along with information connected work cultures that we are lot of touch with a pervasive “external” reality. Global warming is a fact of industrialism and billions upon billions of people’s needs and wants. Of course handled somewhat to extremely selfishly and irresponsibly. Catastrophic damage to the ecosystems of the earth is a numeric inevitably at some point. Population control or lack thereof guarantees this.
Scott Campbell (1 month ago)
What you see here is what you can expect over the next 20 years. Kiss Humanity goodbye.
enjoidagoose (1 month ago)
A few factoids courtesy of this episode and all those involved in it: - Camels evolved in North America - the great lakes (and much of the rivers around that area and beyond) were a result of the most recent few periods of glacial retreat - the Mississippi River used to flow through the middle of Illinois but was redirected westward because of a massive glacial blockade - we know about the periods of glaciation and ice age and so on because of excavations of rock, excavation of ancient glaciers which hold air bubbles from hundreds of thousands of years ago, and from excavation of ancient coral structures.
Bruce Driggers (1 month ago)
I find it very disheartening to read the ignorance exhibited by many of the people that bothered to comment. I don't use the term ignorance to mean stupid, by the way, ignorance is simply the condition of not knowing the actual truth.. Political stances don't go very well with empirical science and to accuse scientist that have devoted their lives to the study of the earth of being somehow bought off is laughable. If you disagree with their conclusions, do your own research of the actual data like they have. No time, you say? Well, I for one will be happy to go along with the folks that spent the time and have no agenda other than finding the truth.
B-Rabbit t (1 month ago)
you mean the climate changed without humans?? the democrats will find a way to blame fossil fuels for this somehow
Gary Mingy (1 month ago)
Oh ashes on the ice , stop reflection , warm ...bubbles in the ocean , man can make a fancy move to inhibit climate , nobody knows what to try , you can't test , green the desserts , easy peasy...
Gary Mingy (1 month ago)
Scientist who can't be brought = 97% of working scientists , you do the math , it's a skill and a Hassel , I suspect you are just lazy , try to read the books , learn the lingo practice critical thinking. Goode luck
Todd Rickey (1 month ago)
The atmosphere and the oceans are demonstrably becoming more energized. The science is clear, as are all our emissions and feedback mechanisms. While personally glad NOT to have children, humans are otherwise responsible for present and future generations.
Jon Elberg (1 month ago)
What asinine bull shit!!! You dumbass’s think that everything is going to stay the same. Mother Nature is going to keep doing her thing irregardless of what humanity does. We have to adapt & change with Mother Nature she will never adapt & change to us.
Chad Thompson (2 months ago)
Not caused by us!!!!
Chad Thompson (2 months ago)
Global warming is a natural thing
Sykes (2 months ago)
The Earth's normal state is Ice Age. Ice Ages last 40-45,000 years, warming periods about 12-13, 000 years. Our civilization was created within a warming period. That's most likely why the elite have built so much underground, just in case.
Martin Fernandez (2 months ago)
Here in New Mexico at Abiqu lake there is also groves created in the flagstone on the southern side I've also viewed as Glacier scars
Mark Sorensen (2 months ago)
I am so sick of all of this global warming crap which we are bombarded with on almost a daily basis. Give it a rest already! Do you know how absurd you sound? We have only been recording data for a little over 100 years, which is less than the tiniest blip on the geologic time scale. Let's move your doomsday scenario to 12 thousand years ago around the end of the last ice age. Water was roughly 400 feet lower than it is now and massive amounts of land was exposed and even colonized by hunter gatherers. Imagine if their elders told them..."Now you stop trying to domesticate those cows because...methane." Despite what they did or did not do water rose about 400 feet in just a few thousand years. You know what. After that water rising all the great civilizations we know began their rise. Did the world end then? If the world didn't end when the waters rose 400 feet, the world will not end now if it rose 1 foot in 100 years....It is just laughable. We are actually in a cold cycle of our timetable. We should be warming to get us back to our much longer sustained average temperature. You are also aware that for the vast time of the dinosaurs, millions of years- the climate of the earth was MUCH warmer and life thrived during that time. Stop pushing your leftist agenda and mentioning "climate change" every 2 seconds and implying it is the end of the world. It is not. Warming temperatures are actually a good thing. It creates more livable areas and lengthens the growing seasons for crops. Sigh, why do I even bother. Intellectual Neanderthals.
Mike Smith (1 month ago)
Maps thye use are computer generated as temps have never been recorded where they give average monthly temperatures. To get monthly average you need to record daily, simple science not bullshit they masturbate over and compile data on computer.
Indrekk Pringi (2 months ago)
The main and only reason for ice ages and warm periods is the SUN. Climate science has proved this beyond any doubt. All the propaganda otherwise is bullshit. How the sun goes we go. If the sun's radiation lessens we are heading into another ice age. If the sun increases its radiation we will warm up.
Gary Gunter (2 months ago)
The global warming theorists should watch historical shows like this before they start making crazed global warming claims. They take super small samples and make unsubstantiated claims.
APCWORLDSUXAZ (2 months ago)
the ice age of that year ended when I giant asteroid slammed into Greenland, melted all the ice quickly tidal waves, flooding and giant mudslides, and hell just look all over Canada thousands of perfect little circles everywhere.
Gypsy2057 (2 months ago)
The only problem with most of the deniers argument is CO2 is the only part of the Green house has equation that is being altered. The only real question is why are bloggers trying to discredit man made global warming, probably getting paid. The sun output has been going down and the last 4 years were the warmest on record. And, something that took 100,000 years to happen in the past doesn't mean it's OK that it happened in a 100 years now, such completely stupid arguments. We all hate being told what to do, don’t eat fatty foods, don’t drink too much, don’t smoke, don’t get fat, work out, and the list goes on and on. I like to indulge with a couple of beers after pheasant hunting and could stand to drop a few pounds. All the before mentioned things are for our own health. Here’s what’s really hard. Don’t burn fossil fuels. It doesn’t matter to most of us if the oceans rise a few feet so it’s easy to call into question all the data. The problem is we can afford to put gas in a gas hog or keep the thermostat at 74 in the winter. It won’t take off or add any years to our lives. It will however affect the lives of poor countries close to sea level or the poor cities along our own American coastline or maybe the weather change will impact the people living in dry climates. It’s bad enough we’re being told what to do for our own sakes but now those darn liberals what to tell us what to do for the sake of others.
neil 1234567 (2 months ago)
Anytime I see a Documentary and they say This is all about North America. You know it's nothing but bullshit. Climate is ALWAYS on a global scale. Don't just show me a couple of artifact you found and proceed to tell me you can account for the whole history of it. 5 airplanes had to land on Greenland In 1942 and were abandoned. 50 years later they were found under 260' of solid ice. Other than some light metal damage the planes were completely in tack. the ice was very gentle with them. So don't give this bull crap that your ice core samples are millions of years old. It's to bad the real American Scientist don't get any air time. Only the politically correct ones do.
Curtis Cashen (2 months ago)
One thing that can be proven about climate change, is the historical record that can be documented by such things as taking core samples from around the globe. One report I saw was that for as long as humans have been known to have existed the earth has been in a warm period, interspersed by "mini" ice ages. Humans survived ice ages, but the majority of time since the earth was created, it has been much colder than any recorded ice age. When the earth slips back into a real cold period that will last for millions of years, we will regret not producing more greenhouse gas.
oil9vinergar (2 months ago)
gorebal warming is a lie because the politicians are screaming it at the top of their lungs and politicians don't speak, whisper, or shout truth....
Jarret Jordan (2 months ago)
been here as long as me, and this is nothing new. I used to snow board all over Australia.
jon nonyas (2 months ago)
The sad thing is... that glaziers covered most of north america butr they dont show it on thier map.... yup AZ and NM where covered in ice. this is what lame history teachers teach us.....................
jon nonyas (2 months ago)
ugggggg just sayin this info is lame and Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Praque Forqsk (2 months ago)
The Grand Solar Minimum is almost upon us.
mike potter (2 months ago)
A greener earth is a better earth. Besides, snowball earth was a result of extremely high co2 levels, the balancing mechanisms are already in existence. Once scientists "re-discover" their own scientific proof that already exists they will backpedal. The only thing that matters is how much our governments will steal from us until reality is achieved.
Melissa Diotte (2 months ago)
The sun determines our climate. An ice age is more imminent naturally. Warming? Computer generated models developed by scientists who’s grants are granted by the federal government. Does anyone believe the data entered could be skewed? Duh!
Ghost Medic (2 months ago)
Obviously there's a lot of people lacking an understanding of chemistry down below...
Dan Kahraman (2 months ago)
smad Pistili (2 months ago)
Anyone else planning to eat leftist when the ice age comes?
Jennifer Larsen (2 months ago)
There is new evidence that shows an asteroid impact on the Greenland ice sheet about 12,500 b.c.is the likely cause of the sudden glacial recession, sudden sea level rise, mass large mammal extinction in north america. This is the event that likely pulled us out of the ice age.
Walter Read (2 months ago)
Old propaganda designed to frighten and panic. We will all die if the temperature rises to what it was in the 1500's! No we would have a more temperate climate and a lot better farming. But pay no attention to written History.
kent barker (2 months ago)
and another thing even if all of this info were absolutely true instead of theory. after all the grant money we(the tax payers)put into this what would be the end result. ur gonna tell everyone to dress warmly,build a fire. maybe move to mexico
kent barker (2 months ago)
so where did all the water come from that produced all this ice. were sea levels significantly lower. never heard anyone say anything about, wonder how many tax dollars were spent on these theories
I AM Brazinskas (2 months ago)
FYI with the fact we are still exiting the last ice age and relapse is impossible. The planet has not hit a maximum capacity yet as has happened before. Plus if creatures larger than skyscrapers with population numbers that dwarf ours could not affect the rate of climate change then HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU SAY WE DO? On top of that everything we do and use is of or from the earth, Nothing will hurt it that WE can do. With the exception of nuclear blasting or ultra high Directed Energy Weapons. Those act like a brake pad on the crust of the earth while not affecting the core rate of spin. If you really want to understand what is happening, then you have to look at what we have done. This "Climate Change" they are so worried about is nothing more than the earth re-orientating its crust spin with core spin so the both match up again. Yes this does mess with the weather, badly, add in HAARP and that chaos and you completely understand why this political push is absolute bullshit.
Super Sami (2 months ago)
Imagine all this rise and falling of temperatures happening before the arrival of the primate we know today as us! Long before my SUV, my friends Motor Home or coal fired power plants. I (and I’m sure most if not all people who watch this that were born in the late 40’s to early 60’s) learned about this in high school and college classes in the late 60’s and early 70’s.
chromiumveins (2 months ago)
You must be Trump supporters, the most immoral, corrupt, incompetent "president" ever.
Ron Moore (1 month ago)
"ever"..... You obviously don't know your history.
chromiumveins (2 months ago)
Global warming is not a political issue; it's call "Science". Have all you people who deny this completely lost your minds or do you have minds who can actually read scientific articles from world-renowned scientists? It's sad how Republicans love to to deny facts and science only to promote their own political agendas so that the fossil fuel companies can continue to dominate the world only to further their own stock prices regardless of the peril to the rest of the world. IDIOTS! Look up the word "imbecile". That is you.
John Veglio (2 months ago)
Humans in the STONE AGE survived and adapted to “climate change”. What the hell would make people think we can’t now ???? Answer — POLITICIANS and FEAR MONGERING SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. So they can line their pockets with donation money 💵 from gullible liberals !!!
Robert D (2 months ago)
So we are actually is for a global cooling then.
Gustavo Adolfo (2 months ago)
Global warming is a lie, so we can keep using all the oil we want! It will be good for the economy, specially for the commercial deficit with Saudi Arabia, it'll grow and grow! Make terrorist rich again!
alien messiah (2 months ago)
opened peoples eyes
Manfred Drews (2 months ago)
Can you buy Coprolite? I want to put some on my mom's kitchen counter. "Don't touch it! It prehistoric ancestral poop!"
Sean Hershkowitz (2 months ago)
I miss snow
DUBV GAMER (2 months ago)
Ok so what happened to all the megafuna from where the ice sheet stop in Illinois down to Florida how did they die the same time the animals in Canada died bc the weather change so much and was so bad it killed them camels was here for 40 million years on North America no way some different weather took them out at the same time big animals went extinct down by Florida my guess would be a meteorite like the one they just found couple weeks ago in green land under the ice sheet hit north America and killed all animals in north America and Siberia and asteroid wasn't nearly as big as the one that killed the dinosaurs but it was big enough to wipe out big animals on one side of the planet and stop the ice age the earth was in by making the earth alot warmer
James Dubin Jr. (2 months ago)
Why didn't the hack of a climate scientist express his concern that cavemen were burning coal and driving model as' 12000 years ago because of the co2 levels found in the ice cores?
Jazz King (2 months ago)
So apparently we are supposed to be concerned that fancy houses in Miami Beach might be underwater in 100 years. Yet instead the documentary leaves us more in terror that the next ice age will return--which it will eventually and with deadly speed (one degree drop per year for 16 years according to the video). Perhaps ironically global warming will delay the next ice age, while the additional CO2 provides plant food and dramatically greens up the planet.
Gary Mingy (2 months ago)
Earth will be fine. , Life is the fragile component . Trevor Stevenson ,
Robin Rosenthal (2 months ago)
If this doesn't prove Global Warming is a bunch of SHYTE I don't know what does. So all that ice melted because Mastadons were driving SUV's and throwing beer cans and disposable diapers on the road when they left the Wal-Mart? LOL It's all normal earth changes. The earth is a living thing that sorta breathes and stretches just like we done.
m ch (2 months ago)
So Florida's penal shape was much bigger? Shrinkage comes and goes...
TheNaturaleBeauty (7 days ago)
Fred Ivory (2 months ago)
I can stop global warming and give me all your money right now❄️
Gregory Casey (2 months ago)
If Trump was smart he would build a wall across Florida too. They screw up ballots down there so much we got to make sure that doesn’t spread. Lol!
Gregory Casey (2 months ago)
That’s a long way to take a shit. Must have been holding that puppy for quite awhile. . Ok bad joke.
Jarl 0321 (2 months ago)
Yea cause there was comet or meteor strike in Greenland around 12000 yrs ago give or take a couple of centuries, a sudden melting followed by extreme freezing.
Todd Rickey (3 months ago)
Global warming equals atmospheric energization. Currently, the interglacial period we enjoy is being extended by concentrations of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Sure, that sounds great. But because the warming equals energization, more and worse highly energetic weather phenomena are occurring. Of course the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, Northern and Southern Hemispheres, etc, interact in complex ways. As such, the state of the climate is necessarily a complexation of factors. However, the data collected that delineate Ice Ages (as noted above) prove that the planet's atmosphere is warming while snow should be accumulating at upper latitudes from year to year. Humans' pollution is negatively impacting natural cycles (surprise). That is why weather is becoming more energetic and essentially unpredictable in many ways.
Todd Rickey (1 month ago)
+Ron Moore oh, that's convincing, lmao.
Ron Moore (1 month ago)
But it's not
beth98362 (3 months ago)
Whene are people going to admit...POLAR SHIFT is happening!
beth98362 (3 months ago)
beth98362 (3 months ago)
The efforts to keep our costal citys where they are would be astronomical!
piratexxxxxx (3 months ago)
Get your house boats ready, we only have 12 more years
Christopher Allan (3 months ago)
Ice age in Canada. Uh oh
Up-a-Creek (3 months ago)
the comment "How the Earth 'Was' Made" is erroneous... it should be "How the Earth 'IS' Evolving"... humans don't seem to comprehend it is not stagnant and is constantly changing... being shaped by it's own natural geological structure, solar changes, planetary influences, asteroid impacts, and the influence of Mankind... In stead of living with the Earth, we have decided we can change, alter, or stop Climate... we believe we can genetically modify humans to live healthier and longer... and even evolve a bio-mechanical human type 'Thing'... at the same time there is some kind of moral outrage about creating sex-robots while giving men penile implants, selling dildos and fake vaginas, and surgically changing the sex of a human being... guess what I'm saying is that "It's all madness"... just think positively... when the ice comes back we won't need electricity for refrigerators or A/C... LOL...
Scott B (3 months ago)
An asteroid hit Greenland about 12000 years ago causing a lot of north American  megafauna to go extinct.
BO NES (3 months ago)
Dumb Asses. Look up, there's another Solar System so close you don't need a telescope and we are going to freeze, drown and burn soon.

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