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North America Ice age

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FROM SHORT MINI ICE AGE TO LONG ICE AGE GLACIATION Global warming peaked in 1988 and slowly ending the Interglacial Warm Holidays to begin the short Mini Ice Age affecting all spectrum. After a return to short warming period, we expect a U-turn to long sleep of Ice Age Glaciation. It happened many times in the past, each time resetting Human evolution. During this shortcoming Ice Age, there won't be enough space to grow food and for comfort living, except between the two 33° latitudes north and south of the equator which is not enough lands, and there won't be enough cheap and fresh drinking water neither for mass survivals. Our SEAWAPA project is to harvest fresh drinking water from the 7 month monsoons and rains, the melting ice from Tibet and from the most abundant tropical cyclones region in the world on top of Lao mountain range, transfer it below via gravity by producing electricity, food, and goods, at the same time, distribute them to far-flung floating agricultural modules, to newly built megacities, and to industrial complex across the equator, between the tropical cyclones zone, connecting them to other continents, avoiding post ice age big melt danger. Once done, we can tap into the Primary Water Cycle for larger scale space programs, build Hyperloop transport system for universal distribution of drinking water, food, goods, electricity and heat, all year round. The heat and coldness redistribution across the world will minimize risks caused by Ice Age and post-Ice Age. Asteroids mining and universal commodity dispersion will allow humanity to progress beyond "Sustainability", and to solve other risks. http://SEAWAPA.org
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Text Comments (978)
Official Frostbite (11 days ago)
Volcanoes should do the trick
Weather The Storm (12 days ago)
hocus pocus grant based guesses
gunlover1955 (13 days ago)
The SUN of Man did it, lol.
Anthony Toomey (21 days ago)
Karl (23 days ago)
The entire world was covered with ice & winter. Now look at it. Barely much. Sun is sucking the world up. Soon all ice will melt & water depleted. Earth has an expiration date.
David Ross (28 days ago)
Only morons doubt scientists and the inarguable facts of anthropogenic climate change. There are a lot of really stupid people who think they are smarter than the smartest people in the world. It's funny, most of these dullards live in the facist states of america, vote for dim bulb republicans, and are fervent believers in the ridiculous jesus cult. Go figure. I hate these morons with a passion. You'll read the "wisdom" of these fools below. The only thing a fool has a hard time believing is the truth. Feel free to dispute the truth of my claim,fool.
James White (1 month ago)
With or without so-called "man-made global warming", the ice age will continue to wind down until the glaciers are all melted. We can tax each other into poverty all we like, but the ice will melt until it starts to freeze again. We are insignificant. We need to ignore the politicians and listen to the coral: move inland when the water rises, move seaward when the water levels go down again. No need for hysteria.
Goku Dragon Ball Z (1 month ago)
Yeah I'm not lying
John Peric (1 month ago)
A lot of Alaska wasn't covered in Ice, because during cool periods, the jet stream-shifts making it so Alaska and Eastern Siberia cool slower than other regions.
Noname (1 month ago)
What one can take from this is that the “ice age” produced lower sea levels that now have risen due to the warming effect that has started a very long time ago and not the result of man. If you draw anything else, you are brainwashed by politicians and hack scientists.
Bill Greenough (1 month ago)
this isnt about the ice age, its about how the ice age affected the united states, i dont give a flying toss about the u.s., it was canada that bore the brunt of this time, no one cares about the united states, we want to see the real history of the ice age
John Peric (1 month ago)
The U.S. has most of the really prominent features of the i age though.
Jim Davis (1 month ago)
Become One with Self. That is all.
Spanish Mauser (1 month ago)
I'm looking forward to the next ice age.
John X (1 month ago)
Yup, YouTube had to remind me about global warming when I want to see an ice age video. Dickheads
Moon Hitsearth (1 month ago)
After years of research, I found out exactly what created the ice age. The moon was locked over one area of the earth. The proof is in our weather patterns. The polar vortex pattern, is a lunar surface pattern. Study the weather patterns, they are all lunar surface patterns, guaranteed fact.
Moon Hitsearth (16 days ago)
Storms and Saugeye Yes, you're probably right, that's why I gave up trying to show people what's right in front of their faces, because I'm a failure at it. Doesn't change what I know. What I know, does me no good, it just shows me the truth about the earth, and what good is that? Nobody cares, so neither do I.
Storms and Saugeye (16 days ago)
@Moon Hitsearth If you're a failure at everything else, you're probably a failure at this too.
Moon Hitsearth (16 days ago)
Storms and Saugeye whatever you say, have a nice day. I know what I know, I've done my research, and have proven it time and time again. Not worried about proving it to you, or anyone else. People already know. I'm a failure at everything these days, and this is at the bottom of my list of importance.
Storms and Saugeye (16 days ago)
@Moon Hitsearth You're a failure at climatology to say the least. To say nothing or orbital dynamics, physics, meteorology, and basic math
Moon Hitsearth (16 days ago)
Storms and Saugeye So I'm a failure at explaining what should be obvious to everyone, so sue me. it's fail simple to see.
Note how the asswipes at YouTube include the Global Warming propaganda attachment along with the video.
John Peric (1 month ago)
That's just the A.I. program they use, the A.I. recognizes images or terms, and provides a definition or link with more information related to it, specifically for more popular subjects. For example, after the Notre Dame fire, the A.I. accidentally recognized the two bell towers and smoke as the burning world trade center during 9/11, and added a Wikipedia link about 9/12 under the video
Martin A (1 month ago)
The low solar activity is much more concerning than the other nonsense isn't it.
Frost Roxie (1 month ago)
The last Ice Age almost killed off man!!!! The warm period that we have lived in for the last 10,000 years.... have created the greatest time in human history!!!! Warm Climate is Good.... but cold is OTW...(Solar Minimum)😳
José Duarte (1 month ago)
The Little Ice age ended around 1850.
kenneth kooper (1 month ago)
tell that to a gorgonopsid. they didn't fare that well when it was cozy warm. actually their fossils tell a different story
Frost Roxie (1 month ago)
Names everything but what really regulates our temperature.... The Sun....Look up Solar Minimum and Maximum....we are entering a Solar Minimum...mini ice edge.... They are afraid they might tell people that climate changes naturally in cycles.... warm periods Ice ages Warm periods Ice ages Warm periods Ice ages.... all Major changing climate.... without man .... Need to back Tax the dinosaurs😳.......
Noname (1 month ago)
You know this, I know this...politicians and irresponsible scientists lie to the public
Daa3.1416 Saa (1 month ago)
im canadian , we are sorry but we want those big rock back her or pay for it. they are awesome CANADIAN rock.
TheNeoOriginal (1 month ago)
Daa3.1416 Saa I see Canada didn’t do a good job teaching you English that well.
Juan (1 month ago)
What they not say is that we our Earth goes into pole shift. Every time they read a page. Its great work know that this is true....we are today heading to a pole shifting process just look up ......Juan bx,n.y.
John Peric (1 month ago)
A magnetic pole shift doesn't affect the climate and has no correlation whatsoever with the climate...
Brent Ten (1 month ago)
Excellent Video !!!
David Pack Sr (1 month ago)
There have been many ICE AGES. Scientist vary on how many – from 5 to 10. Each reached different distances going south. Antarctica was once green. One scientist said we are in an ICE AGE right now. I don’t know if he is right, but there is evidence that the oceans have been higher than they are right now.
John Peric (1 month ago)
We are in an ice age, an ice age is simply defined as a period of time where ice caps are present at the poles.
Mike Stevens (1 month ago)
Jail the weather!
JIM LUNN (1 month ago)
Flat tax
ijams sum (1 month ago)
I wonder if the Earth passed thru a region in space that was a massive dust cloud that blocked the energy from the Sun but it lasted frozen for 50,000 years ? No one knows why it froze and why it thawed but when it did thaw out massive heavy rains began and the left over ice dams broke and devastation shows in the Grand Canyon how high the water was and cut into the earth ! 12,500 years ago the global warming began and 10,500 years ago the ice was gone , glaciers 2 miles high in NYC were gone also and the global warming is 3 degrees less warm today  ? As long as another ice age does not happen I say the weather is fine and dandy !
Matt Demers (1 month ago)
Wikipedia? Really?
JoJo C (1 month ago)
You wonderful scientists have learned all this wonderful information and yet many of you are still promoting you need to pay more taxes to fight global warming to fight climate change because it's your fault Autobahn shop scientific Quacks why don't you bozos tell the truth Jim more concerned about getting money stuffed in your pocket and getting fancy Awards with your name on it so you can get attention and have your name put in a history book had a future generation will never read what a bunch of hacks
Liquid Bacon (1 month ago)
240p we meet again.
John Peric (1 month ago)
What did you expect? This was filmed during the paleolithic era, they didn't have much else except potatoes to film this with.
Chewy Ltd (1 month ago)
A few scientist have been predicting another Ice Age … with global warming? Really?
John Peric (1 month ago)
@Chewy Ltd Well I never said we should reduce our emissions and pollution, even if humans aren't causing warming (which we obviously are to some extent or another), there are still a massive number of reasons we need to reduce our emissions.
Chewy Ltd (1 month ago)
@John Peric I think that due to the fact of the atmospheric changes that the world is having we should consider what the human race can do about it as it is affecting species in large numbers that inhabit not only our waterways but on land as well as our atmosphere is changing due to polutants
John Peric (1 month ago)
@Chewy Ltd okay... and...
Chewy Ltd (1 month ago)
@John Peric yes I do I have studied earth history … I also see the oceans water rising
John Peric (1 month ago)
You realize the Earth goes through periods of warming and cooling, our current period when has lasted 300 years, isn't even all that warm compared to past warm periods in the past 10,000 years.
Jason Moore (1 month ago)
I want more global warming, please.... Canada is friggin cold eh!. Got a blizzard last night.
Pamela B (1 month ago)
@Chewy LtdA hot dry summer is tough for the trees. And that's a shame because you need their shade for so many things. I would imagine that life will adapt to a changing climate, though. Just like it always has. It's us that can't handle it, I think. Ha!
Chewy Ltd (1 month ago)
@Pamela B well sticking with the same pattern of weather system today it rains as the area is in a temperate rain forest from the last 2 weeks of May to around the first to weeks of June whether is very rainy in this time period in this area which has been common the last 10 years or so … we had a bit of the heat spell going up to 86 degrees before the rain hits … it will be raining and today the temperature is 63 degrees which is about average I am converting the temperatures for you as we do not measure in Farenheit any more … so it will be around that temperature til the middle of june then the rain stops and last year we had no rain all summer long … til September last year was a record breaking heat spell in Southern BC with a few weeks that it was hitting over 100 degrees … the air conditioners were running full time .,.. day and night during that time period and the last few summers have been like that to the point you want to sleep outside and take your chances with the bears and other wild life that come into town … as the sun goes down at around 11 and up at about 5 am … so you are lucky to get cool sleeping temperatures outside during this time period … no real mosquitos in the town but lots of May Flies
Pamela B (1 month ago)
@John Pericyes the ocean fuels all of that and it is mind-blowing to imagine living next to it! We get air coming down off of the Rockies. SUPER WINDY. And thankfully we don't get a lot of heavy rain very often. It only takes a few inches to create huge flash floods. I actually live on a flood plain but it never rains that much!
Pamela B (1 month ago)
@Chewy Ltd tell me more about this heat. What temperatures do you mean? I have found that our vehicle A/Cs and home A/C don't function very well during some parts of the summer, it's getting so hot! Like once you get around 105...
John Peric (1 month ago)
@Pamela B here in Florida it isn't like that, but in 10 minutes it can go from clear sunny skies with temperatures in the 90s to tropical storm force winds, tornadoes, lighting, torrential rain, and temperatures in the 50s.
Ben H (1 month ago)
I wish they spent more time on the guy with the beach ball.
blue eyes white dragon (1 month ago)
They could of stopped all of this if they payed there carbon taxes
blue eyes white dragon (1 month ago)
Human co2 emissions caused all of this lol
S.A. Morris (1 month ago)
...well...the fear porn of a hot melt flooding has been updated to a refreeze due to the solar minimum cycle...
John London (1 month ago)
I live in Arizona, can't wait for the cooling
Estevan Valladares (1 month ago)
It is funny how "science" in this documentaries hijack theory concepts to reality. "We found camels in north america before we found in Asia. It doesnt matter asians found them. We dismiss them and count only us. We are fond of neanderthals as an -NATO- thing, so we dismiss Asian had theirs just like africans too." So funny when you see the exchange of insults between mainstream and alternative media, when they are just like one another.
Helen Catt (1 month ago)
Do they think we’re thick? Why do they repeat everything 4 times or more?! I’m sticking to Randal Carlson where I’m not patronised
Neil C (1 month ago)
When will people realize we are going into global cooling the global warming lie it's over
Todd Schultz (2 months ago)
I have to go take a Giant Shit Now
Merveil Meok (2 months ago)
Respect the Earth. Respect the Sun.
Peter Elfers (2 months ago)
a sensation. the already well know ice age covered north america too. I cant believe it. Thanks to this sensational discovery presented in a way that truely seems to fit the needs of modern people (awesome!). Why cant we see science in a scientific manner? Is it necessary to create a show like this?
Alejandro Cabrera (2 months ago)
Why are there so many climate change deniers in the comments?
Tom Marshall (2 months ago)
Funny how we have absolute proof that global cooling is extremely dangerous causing animal species to go extinct. But we have zero evidence of global warming doing any harm whatsoever.
George Franklin (2 months ago)
What corporations funded this, and how do they stand to profit in the short term?
Ted Bishop (2 months ago)
Ain't gonna happen.
John Peric (1 month ago)
@Ted Bishop okay...
Ted Bishop (1 month ago)
@John Peric There is no ice age on the agenda. The Sun is getting hotter. Global warming is coming but no ice burgs.
John Peric (1 month ago)
Hugh Janus (2 months ago)
The climate has never been static, there have been a pattern of warming and cooling periods. We are currently in an interglacial warming period....the evidence points to Man’s activity accelerating the warming. 17 of the 18 Warmest years on record have all occurred since 2000. https://images.app.goo.gl/QCLTfEdzqR4U8xHaA
Dr. Westside (2 months ago)
Back when it wasnt hotter than hell in Florida .
Fred Williamson (2 months ago)
Question ? Will we keep issuing building permits for hotels on the coast. I have not seen any let up for something so dangerous.
cathy gillis (2 months ago)
ta x
Dave Plu (2 months ago)
“Just over 2 million years ago, the Average Temperature across the lower 48 states was ... 3 degrees warmer than it is today...” I guess every creature was dead then. Catastrophic Warming and all... Or more likely, they just adapted to the changes and moved on.
Cheetah Dolcini (21 days ago)
You obviously missed an important point. Those creatures that lived over 2 million years ago had already had time to adapt to the changes in temperature as they were developing. And those changes did not happen in a matter of a couple hundred years. If you had paid attention you would have learned that sudden changes in climate have been responsible for the extinction of many living entities whose bodies could not adjust. Another point you are missing in regards to the current situation, as opposed to those changes which have taken place prior to man learning how to bend nature to his will is that we have destroyed so much of the natural world that we have left very little of it in a state that, should those regions we currently depend on for the production of food, there are very few places remaining to which we can shift that food production to. Those lands which, under the climate conditions the industrial age developed, were less favorable for food production have been used for other purposes. Purposes which have more often than not left that land poisoned & unfit for the production of food, now or anytime in the foreseeable future. And it isn't just food that is a problem. Man currently inhabits many areas of this world which are on the far edges of being able to support human life. Areas which, without the use of things like air conditioning, would have remained uninhabited. There are legitimate concerns about the fate of those people who are already living at the edge of human tolerance. And notice, I have not yet even mentioned the dire situation that we are creating for non-human life. We are already mired in a mass extinction event of our creation. This isn't about oh well, shit happens, it's nature's way, adapt. We have done this. We being you, me, & every other human being old enough to understand that man has developed the ability to force nature to submit to his desires. Unfortunately many humans still fail to understand that we don't have as much power over the natural world as we think we have & nature can & will fight back. We will be held accountable for our choices, & as those choices effect other living moving entities, we must act to rectify the wrongs we are inflicting upon our common mother, Earth, or we will face the consequences. Not just in this lifetime, but in the next. It's the law of Karma.
Thomas Ritter (2 months ago)
very old video. fact is the earth has been in a cooling cycle now for at least three decades. There is ZERO man can do to alter or stop the cycle.
cathy gillis (2 months ago)
f me, an expert lol
John Donahue (2 months ago)
Erratics are rocks moved by glaciers? You mean their movements were not a result of national tours by rock bands?
Richard Lecomte (2 months ago)
Time for southern migration. The U S.A will annex Mexico and south America.
John Peric (1 month ago)
Let's annex Venezuela's oil!
Lonnie Olafson (2 months ago)
2020 to 2030 people will wish global warming was real. Real winter is coming.
dacosta0656 (2 months ago)
Wait?!?! The globe warms naturally??? But the Green new deal?😉
@Alejandro Cabrera, Deport Pedro.
Jonathan Williams (1 month ago)
it usually doesn't warm this fast, but if the models for CO2 were correct it should be warming much faster so either the Green New Deal will not help (and it really won't either way) or it is not needed
Alejandro Cabrera (2 months ago)
You are stupid.
A seagypsy's Adventures (2 months ago)
First they talking about how the ice is is melting and the new big flood ! Now , another ice age?? Someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes !!! Stop believing this bullshit and live life !!!!
Jongle Wongle (2 months ago)
15,000 years ago Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens [ very certainly the latter ], and whatever else, blew big time. Humungous eruptions. This created the Bolling Warmth which busted glacial fields to the north of Oregon and Washington State which triggered the Bonneville Flood. It also inaugerated the Idaho lava flows which continued occurring until the time of Judas Iscariot some 2,000 years ago. The Bonneville Flood inaugerated the age of the recurring Missoula Floods for 2,000 years. 93 Missoula Floods, one every 20 years, as ice dams would emerge then break. Buggering the entirety of Western North America. You look at a broad geological map of North America, the scarred, buggered Western side compared to the greener Eastern side. Then the Clovis cometary rubble pile at 13,000 years ago wiped basically all life off the North American continent. Followed immediately by the Younger Dryas and the thick glaciation of almost the entirety of North America for 1,200 years.
Tommy Hunter (2 months ago)
Question? What kind of cars were people driving that changed the climate and ended the Ice Age???
John Wang (1 month ago)
Volcanic eruptions. Nature can output many times the CO2 output of man. It's just that the CO2 output of man can trigger natural positive feedback loops such as thawing permafrost, melting clathrates and the lower albedo of open sea versus sea ice. It doesn't take much force to tip a domino.
Bryan Shoemaker (2 months ago)
Plus California almost half of it anyways was deep under ocean 10,000 years ago.. ish. No signs of factories or cars. Oh and carbon monoxide levels were extremely high very very long time ago but once again no factories no cars just dinosaurs. Oh it must have been dinosaur farts.
HillDoggy Dogg (2 months ago)
No shit, I am sick of these fucking loser morons telling us if we don't all stop eating meat and living like the Amish, the world is gonna explode is like literally 12 years. Paying breath taxes to giant corporate and trading houses who trade in Carbon, its a GIANT HOAX that was conceived by the Anglo-American elite, its aim is global governance and full spectrum population control.
Bo the Wolf (2 months ago)
Climate has so many factors, even today science and understanding cannot explain properly why warming/cooling happens at any one point in time. Except Cow flatulence, that is like 100% certain XD. ANother thing not mentioned is every probe we have orbiting other planets show 'global' warming.....Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Earth.....Hmm....If only there was a factor that can reach out and affect ALL these planets...hmmmmmmmmmm
John Peric (1 month ago)
CO2 produced by humans is warming the other planets.
bev davis (2 months ago)
the world is cooling again.....glaciers in Iceland are growing. Rejoice those of you who hate the warmth.
Diabolical Lemon (2 months ago)
Zero about Solar Maximum and Solar Minimum..that's important You Know
Lawrence S A Attrill (2 months ago)
Great historical information, your wrong about ice melt, your lying who is paying you? The ice is returning.
Tracy Dyer (2 months ago)
Finn Phinney (2 months ago)
Right at 0:02, I knew it was bullshit
marty aron (2 months ago)
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine-R.E.M.
Hawaiiana Son (3 months ago)
yep...that's an asian log.
Tony Romano (3 months ago)
Every time I hear “climate change” I expect complete bullshit to follow.
Tony Romano (3 months ago)
Fossil poop!
Tony Romano (3 months ago)
Lol this is a global cooling alarmist video!
gatekeeper08210 (3 months ago)
Not a single word about Solar Minimums.... or Grand Solar Minimums.... WTF??? It's as if this documentary completely ignored the sun.
Armando Zessar (3 months ago)
North Pole's shifting to South's,positioning on Northern America's,and this's parts of climates changing.
Goku Dragon Ball Z (3 months ago)
I live colorado
John Peric (1 month ago)
No you don't.
Doug Williams (3 months ago)
Now wait a minute... if North America was covered with snow for thousands of years and the landscape was covered in ice. When the ice finally melted the landscape would be rocky and treeless. The flood theory is more probable
Ken Madden (3 months ago)
How much did the Kochs pay for this video?
John Sotirakis (3 months ago)
You mean like Steyer paid for the other side’s videos
William Price (3 months ago)
Can the ice bubbles tell us about the sun’s solar output? Or what about volcanic activity during this time? If the planet suffered massive enough eruptions, it would essentially put the planet in a deep freeze.
John Wang (2 months ago)
Astronomic theories show that the ancient Sun was cooler than expected. This is called the Faint Young Sun paradox.
david brow (3 months ago)
we are entering the grand solar minimum which will cause the next mini ice age. we need to expose the green new deal hoax. we should be burning more fossil fuels and coal to offset the coming drop in temperatures .start building giant heated greenhouses to protect our food supply from frost, , breed millions more buffalo and cows (beefalo) that can withstand cold winters
William Price (3 months ago)
david brow very correct. The Green New Deal is nothing more than a money grab. Back in 1989, the AP ran a story that was gloom and doom with global warming. It said that within 12 years, the seas would rise and all of the other crap. Then when it didn’t happen and Al Gore lost his presidential bid in 2000, he started to champion global warming. His predictions were wildly wrong. Now we’re seeing the same thing happen with another useful idiot. She’s using the same time scales and ramping it up. When the temperature falls because of the solar minimum, they will be highly surprised. I see a repeat of the Little Ice Age coming. We have to, as you said, harden our crops, our lifestock or we’re screwed.
SuperDave44 (3 months ago)
My last 3 Videos show a Chaff Bomb
William Wright (3 months ago)
I first heard about global warming in 1986. Sea level is supposed to be twenty feet higher now, in 2019. Nope.
boy man 22 12 (3 months ago)
Scrat why you little rat
Tick Tock Gator pit (3 months ago)
So where are all the emissions are causing global warming people at?? Pretty sure factory’s, vehicles and shit didn’t exist when the last couple of ice ages melted lol.
Adventure Hawk (3 months ago)
I like the “erratic the size of an auto and weighing as much” comment. That was funny. A stone 3x3x3 weighs approximately a ton. That boulder must’ve been 10 + tons.
black pilled (1 month ago)
I caught that too. How can a solid rock the size of a car weigh the same as a car? A car isn't solid, in fact it's more hollow than solid and it's made out of many lighter materials such as plastic, aluminium, glass,...
Glen Atchison (3 months ago)
So what they're saying is, it's Canadas fault? Got it...
Mitshu Marner (3 months ago)
Hard facts that dispute the recent hysteria about climate change.
Amellia Mendel (3 months ago)
I guess they had too many coal power plants 135,000 years ago. Don't they know how much plants hate co², oh wait
Tru Hawaii (3 months ago)
Gram Hancock’s theory?
Somaly Bonney (3 months ago)
When did the ice age happen?
Random Alien (3 months ago)
Randall Carlson. Nuff said.
William Price (3 months ago)
Random Alien bingo! I’ve recently found him and he’s amazing.
Chris Baumgarten (3 months ago)
Global warming money grab hoax.
Göran k (3 months ago)
They did not understand why the sealevel was lover when the ice was higher. You dont have to be a professor to understand that🤔
Göran k (2 months ago)
@John Wang all melted ice over sealevel Will rise sealevel. Landice or seaice i same. The problem was that they did not know why sealevel went down when the iceage started. Cold weather make ice and warm period make higher sea.
John Wang (2 months ago)
Sea Ice does not change sea levels, land ice depressed the continental plate due to the weight of the ice. When it's liquid, water gathers more at the equators due to centrifugal or rather centripetal force making Earth a squatter oblate spheroid whereas ice builds up closer to the poles. It isn't exactly clear how much sea levels would be affected.
Azlorn Magus (4 months ago)
This is great education for children and retarded people.
Mike Smith (4 months ago)
Narrator is a busy penis sucker, serious thinking ice raising sea level. Go and do homework and comeback when educated, stupid clown.
G Gem (4 months ago)
Saw the H and clicked away as fas as I could Agent for globalist
Tony Romano (2 months ago)
G Gem H?
Giorgio Tsoukalos (4 months ago)
We think we are sooo important 😂😂😂😂 The climate changes over time. Cools down and heats up. Ironically, it's the warm periods that boost Human development. The whole argument for human induced climate change is based on C02. We've looked at one of many many factors.
Jeremy Wolski (1 month ago)
c. j. macq (4 months ago)
The police-state and climate change are not only the same problem but they're receiving the same treatment and getting the same response from the vast majority of the world's public. with both issues people are believing the lies of the people who benefit and profit from them both - THE ELITE. the elite tell us profit and industrialization are more important than the environmental damage caused from both pursuits and they tell us the police-state is for our own good. it brings us security and convenience. the elite in both cases say - "TRUST US! we know what's best for you." and people fall for it despite the fact the elite have done nothing but lie to us for over 6000 years! and scientists and engineers fall on two sides of these problems. on one side they truthfully warn is that climate change is the result of elitist made industrial pollution and on the other side they're responsible for creating and promoting the police-state technologies that are enslaving us and making us addicted and dependent on them.
Kieran Quinlan (4 months ago)
"The dinosaurs died because they didn't have a wall" Donald Trump
c. j. macq (4 months ago)
why do you accept corporate slavery, consumer, wage and debt slavery, which are all undemocratic and are concerned only with increasing the wealth of the elite, but fear a govt that's supposed to be democratically elected and work for the benefit of society as a whole? these corporations have also taken control of our govt and the govt now mainly functions for the benefit of the elite. did you know this "carbon tax" proposal originated with the oil companies? they're the one's who want to tax you for their benefit. stop believing the elitist hype. there's no profits to be had through the scientific proposals to clean up our planet, curb our insane industrialization and reverse this destructive climate change being fueled by the greed of the corporate profiteers.
El rincon de Mireia (4 months ago)
6:30 sorry this is for school and I need to remember where I was
John Wang (2 months ago)
What, have you not heard of pen and paper? Or do they even teach writing anymore?
c. j. macq (4 months ago)
and what's mentioned in this film is just a part of the disastrous results from our blind and ignorant mass industrialization. its goddamned time we stop listening to the profiteering, elitist, industrialists and stop following their fascist orders. we MUST remove these elite from power, set things right and correct the problems they've created over the last several 1000 years!
Howard White (2 months ago)
stupid fucker
Mike Smith (4 months ago)
Shoot/kill Rothschilds-Rockefellers-Soros a good start for saving earth.
JAY DEL ROSARIO (4 months ago)
Mark Norman (4 months ago)
I took a foreign policy course, and realized unless you study the issue in depth you really know little about it. People follow conventional wisdom ie either a universal truth or propaganda. The problem today is that we’re too distracted with our inner world of internet and broadband along with information connected work cultures that we are lot of touch with a pervasive “external” reality. Global warming is a fact of industrialism and billions upon billions of people’s needs and wants. Of course handled somewhat to extremely selfishly and irresponsibly. Catastrophic damage to the ecosystems of the earth is a numeric inevitably at some point. Population control or lack thereof guarantees this.

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