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History of Metal in One Song

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Get the TABS and Ben Higgins instructions here : http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/ls/The-History-of-Metal-in-One-Song/?utm_source=GMC+YT&utm_medium=YT+descr&utm_campaign=Ben+History+of+metal From Blues Rock all the way to Djent..! This video does not contain TABs and instructions. For free releases in the future, we need your support by signing up to GMC. http://www.guitarmasterclass.net/signup/?utm_source=GMC+YT&utm_medium=YT+descr&utm_campaign=Ben+History+of+metal If you have supported our website in any other way, please email support (at) guitarmasterclass.net and we'll see what we can do for you. Ben's website : http://www.benhigginsofficial.com/
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Text Comments (8814)
perezoso pig (1 day ago)
What is the name of the first song
scott gorham (3 days ago)
This guy's stage name should be Harry Arms.
Bruce Dickinson (4 days ago)
Iron Maiden to reference heavy metal... Obviously we have here a very smart guy.
Zap Actionsdower (4 days ago)
i was hoping there would be a drone metal example and its just an 80 second long hold on one note followed by a 2 chord breakdown over a distorted death scream
Hakan Yerli (5 days ago)
Death metal is more complex and melodic...
Hakan Yerli (5 days ago)
Melodic death part is ok
Great Riffs and guitar! What model of Ibanez is?
Luca Luca (6 days ago)
Deathmetal? Ahahahha
Abdullah Ahlees (6 days ago)
Nu metal ❤
ADENS SKY (7 days ago)
Doom metal needs to be at .001BPM
Nate Kent (8 days ago)
If you put the Nu-Metal/Melodic Death Metal riffs as the My Immortal Guitar solo it sounds AMAZING, the Melodic DM really brings out the emotion in the song. To do it step 1. Open 2 taps one for this song and 2 for My Immortal (the version with the piano/violin solo, without the whole band). Step 2. Start My Immortal at the 2:40 mark and start this song at 3:15 (doing it like this you will get some of the Power Metal riff but it will start My Immortal at a good time) also you may need to ajust the times depending on your device. Btw this vid is so good and helpful. I really liked the Thrash, Black, Nu, Melodic Death, and Metalcore riffs. Although it could have used a Kawaii Metal riff, thats my favorite Metal subgenre.
Danny Vomit (8 days ago)
pretty on point! grindcore sounded more like crust punk tho!
MatthewAda (8 days ago)
No deathcore or djent !?!?
MatthewAda (8 days ago)
Nate Kent not a terrible point. But to be honesty favorite metal genres are deathcore and djent lol.
Nate Kent (8 days ago)
I dont think it would have a Deathcore because it already had Death Metal, Grindcore, and Metakcore. And the Modern Prog was kind of a Djent.
BobaFett MTB (9 days ago)
What does Metallica's Unforgiven 1 and 2 come under?
bwanadave76 (9 days ago)
George Detective (9 days ago)
No post-metal
The Weird Side (10 days ago)
And it all sounded like ear cancer! ...I'm going to go put on Lateralus now to regain brain function. ...ahhh, that's better...real music.
Edu.al1982 (10 days ago)
Nu metal 🙋🙌🙆
voronOsphere (10 days ago)
Excellent Arrangement!!!!!
Giorgos Gkanidis (10 days ago)
heavy, doom, death and melodic death and power. but i don't see industrial metal....
Insidious Sid (12 days ago)
Hey, I was thinking of starting a Blues/Heavy Rock, Heavy/Hair/Doom/Death Metal, Grindcore, Black/Groove/Prog/Power Nu Metal/Mallcore Melodic Death/Symphonic Metal, Metal Core/Modern Progressive/Djent Fusion band. You wouldn't happen to know a guitarist who could fit that bill... do ya? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
T W (12 days ago)
The groove metal riff was awesome
Denis Moore (12 days ago)
Cant help but to fee like Metallica is a giant contributor to these style changes and Zakk Wylde
wufabufa (13 days ago)
Waiting for Part 2 so you can add Hardcore Death Polka.
Firehex1 (13 days ago)
Also you should add Battle Metal (Sabaton) and Kawai metal (Babymetal) :D
Nate Kent (8 days ago)
Omg heck yeah on the Kawaii Metal part. BM is my favorite band rn.
Dzela HD (13 days ago)
man you fire that guitar
Død (14 days ago)
What about Devy metal? ;]
Powered by Moonlight (14 days ago)
I just love all these, but symphonic metal will always have a special place in my heart. :)
d3tach3d (15 days ago)
Great tone
powergamer6 (15 days ago)
I can tell you're a great player but your examples for power metal and symphonic metal were super weak, while everything else was pretty spot on (and modern prog made me laugh my ass off.) And Pachelbel's Canon? Really? I like watching these to see how people interpret other genres and writing in different styles but... Meh. GG for the rest though.
SuperCape (15 days ago)
Groove metal wins. Long live PanterA
Terry Johnston (15 days ago)
You missed out country and western metal ....:-)
Oueax (15 days ago)
To be hones power metal lacked a bit of power. Clean high notes are true power metal.
D9D9EFREM (15 days ago)
Staminist (15 days ago)
This dude's alt picking is soooo bad!
Justin Case (16 days ago)
Sylvester Mutuku (16 days ago)
Glenn Saunders (16 days ago)
1:51 is where I clock out.
UncleDark (16 days ago)
I just love how he played part of pachebel's Canon in D, as his power metal example.
Lucky Strike (16 days ago)
Great economy of tactile energy!
JAS S (16 days ago)
Sam x (16 days ago)
Its sad how people ignore the role of drummer in all Metal styles.
Chewbie Gummy (17 days ago)
Metalcore one was to simple, it doesn't reminds of the true metalcore bands as Killswitch engage, August Burns red, As i Lay Dying, BFMV and Trivium
Fedrik A (18 days ago)
D.J Djin (18 days ago)
I would probably listen to this by itself just for fun. Lol!
Marko Menard (18 days ago)
I can’t be the only one that heard victim of change at the beginning of that heavy metal riff
Rick Koole (18 days ago)
I like trash the very most
Daxor23 (18 days ago)
where is deathcore ?
Federico Scara (18 days ago)
There is ONE true metal and that metal is called HEAVY!!!
Alexandre Loureiro (19 days ago)
Perfect!!! :)
HexenStar (19 days ago)
This is beautiful! Such a refined musical portrayal that even a true old-school metal traditionalist like myself could live with. Too bad you've been overly dedicated to 1/8ths in the rhythm for the classic styles. Where are my favorite 16th based rhythms.... :-( :-) (anything between Judas Priest's "Hard as Iron" and Firewind's "No Way")
slayernut 666 (20 days ago)
Doom metal? WTF is that???
Dr. Anélido (20 days ago)
Glam metal song?
xNicKroft (20 days ago)
What's the first song?
Blαux (20 days ago)
Guitar Gamster (20 days ago)
No djent? :(
Agic Nedzad (20 days ago)
Sooraj S. Dev (21 days ago)
There's no black, what the fuck
Sooraj S. Dev (20 days ago)
+Marin Speranda shit, my bad bro
Marin Speranda (20 days ago)
There is, at 2:17
Sooraj S. Dev (21 days ago)
Which song came first in doom metal category?! Sounds freakin awesome
eM Cochrane (21 days ago)
Lovin the tribal tat and the jesus cross. So sick bruh! 🤣😆🙄 so goddamn typical.
Daniel Salisbury (21 days ago)
That groove metal riff is dope
rock dog (21 days ago)
Dudes a great guitar player!!
apogeus2 (22 days ago)
you should have started from church music, and that would be about right
MikuPinky (22 days ago)
Trash makes me think of X Japan for the first part and Metallica for the second part
D (23 days ago)
Totally messed viking metal! :D
Jaidezilla (23 days ago)
Kick ass! Nailed it.
colegmr (23 days ago)
Metalcore's my jam.
Joe Lopez (23 days ago)
Sharkeisha (23 days ago)
Turn down the speed for doom section to .75x
jd ahlers (23 days ago)
Ohh yea what about Hardcore? I should have my own head kicked in for not mentioning it myself in my 1st comment
jd ahlers (23 days ago)
EyeHateGod , Neurosis and The Melvins (Sludge Metal, punk and the like) , you missed that whole genre, but other than that , dead on.
Last shown genre, in this video - Math Metal
Alfa Beto (23 days ago)
What the hell is 'modern prog'? :/ after one thousand of live never listened to 'modern prog'.
diego zanelli (23 days ago)
modern prog metal = Meshuggah
Game Music. Film Music (23 days ago)
Folk Metal????????????
GaëlB Galbar (23 days ago)
Fuck the guitar.
Yohan Handoyo (23 days ago)
Jaxolotle (24 days ago)
Right off the bat its wrong Metal started with doom
ITprop (24 days ago)
What about tanz metal ? :)
Jimmy Kriegerson (24 days ago)
What about shred??
David Larney (24 days ago)
Hot funk, cool punk, even if it's old junk It's still rock and roll to me
Padraig Twomey (24 days ago)
Nice interpretation and well glued! Would be good to see your pedal action as well...different reverb changes etc
That FunGamer (24 days ago)
Nice video and i love your tone
Furcifer (24 days ago)
I was waiting for some technical Death
eliot jehanno (24 days ago)
i hate grindcore!!!
Metal Guy (25 days ago)
JT 1200 (25 days ago)
Rocks orbs right out the guitar right from the start
tony (25 days ago)
wtf what are you thinking !!! lol
Dan Scheffler (26 days ago)
Oliver Bühring (26 days ago)
no deathcore?
diascrive (26 days ago)
This is the most awesome video ever.
Angel of Dead (26 days ago)
dude the grindcore it's a sub genere of the Punk
Lincoln Monk (26 days ago)
What song is that black metal section from?
Jon Dunmore (27 days ago)
You forgot Dogshit Metal, which is basically everything after Heavy Metal.
李大地 (27 days ago)
Spiffing McSparkles (27 days ago)
Love it.
Fernando de Carvalho (27 days ago)
Very Nice! Congratulations!
Darrell Burns (27 days ago)
Do you not know about Satanic Metal?
del trotts (27 days ago)
Go daddio, dig those riffs..........
Mawgan Berry (27 days ago)
Loving this, probably my new favourite go to vid to make me bounce.
Mehdi CHADLI (27 days ago)
Hard Rock ? humm Hidden history O_o?

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