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Hans | German Sex Symbol perform Spice Girls iconic "Spice Up Your Life"

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» Best Moments of America´s Got Talent | Quarter Finals! (Season 13) » NEW CHANNEL! SUBCRIBE for more videos like this! 1. Hans | "Spice Up Your Life". » 4Cast TV Channel: #AGT & much more contents! » Business contacts: Email: [email protected] #Hans #full #gottalent #agt #liveshows #quarterfinals #season13 #agt2018 #americasgottalent
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Text Comments (4)
Shadez Official (14 days ago)
Loved this performance of spice up your life from hans
An Ugly Kermit (1 month ago)
Hans slay this one. I wonder why he didn't pass this round. This is his best performance thoo 🤔😔
P Auluknow (2 months ago)
This made me feel very good
Amelia Castleberry (3 months ago)
He should won it all

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