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Spice Girls - Leader Of The Gang

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Leader of the Gang by the Spice Girls
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Matthew Cox (19 days ago)
This part of the movie is a crack up as well in year 1998 when it was released on VHS.
Loup Loup (2 months ago)
Why was this for kids!!??
Henry Burr (1 month ago)
Loup Loup don’t sit on the fence there 😂
Loup Loup (1 month ago)
@Henry Burr the whole movie is horrible and disgusting
Henry Burr (1 month ago)
Loup Loup the film was being edited literally when Gary Glitter first took his computer in for repair.... pretty unfortunate timing
Louise Mills (2 months ago)
Deborah: (about the men) Now that looks better! Clifford: We agreed on a compromise! Deborah: (sees the bare rears) What on earth is that? Clifford: *that's* the compromise! Lol I love any scene with Clifford and Deborah lol you can tell there's years of sexual tension there lol it's blatantly obvious he had a hard-on for her lol xxx
Gog Lob (3 months ago)
At least it wasn’t noncy old garry glitters gang
Beth Razz (3 months ago)
I had this stuck in my head and I couldn't figure out what it was from. Had to Google it. Love the Spice Girls. 💜💙💛❤💚
Kayla Renfro (4 months ago)
Geri you kill me ♡
MsFlipped365 (5 months ago)
Had this film on VHS and drove my parents bonkers playing it over and OVER again 😂
chenaeee (5 months ago)
debtanu mondal (6 months ago)
Shout like a mad, listen like a dumb
Saku Raitonen (6 months ago)
Melanie C was smoking hot.. As she always were. And the male dancers 😍😍😍
mangoshihtzu (11 months ago)
Gary Glitter did nothing wrong, he was framed
Miss Moxie (11 months ago)
Well we have this cover to listen to instead of Gary Glitter
B D T (1 year ago)
Why was this song never released ?
only coleyMODE (8 months ago)
Because the original singer was a child rapist
heatherhurricane (1 year ago)
ken hamilton (1 year ago)
This used to be my shit.
Suck My Digereedoo (1 year ago)
My brother touched so many
Tony_Tony5054 (1 year ago)
MEL. C. Sporty you always shine.
J Morris (2 years ago)
This turned me gay as a child ♥
Michael O'Connor (2 months ago)
ragbforever (2 years ago)
i fucking love this song damn it!! I hope someday they release this song!
Sydney O'Bier (2 years ago)
Did anybody used to watch this when they were little and freak out every time it showed the men's butts lmao
evaswirlz (2 years ago)
This movie was so badly good. I have to see if I can find my DVD!
Georgie Burrell (2 years ago)
I remember singing this whilst jumping waves at the beach as a way of "taunting" them as I cleared each one haha Movie of my childhood ❤
Limberg Jimenez (2 years ago)
Gary Glitter
Deadliest Chic87 (2 years ago)
Omg!!!! I haven't heard this song in forever!!!!!
Kenneth Price (2 years ago)
This song was in the movie! :)
MP R (2 years ago)
Halliwell was fucking gorgeous.
Freya McCullough (2 years ago)
Way better than the original!
rippingtons60 (2 years ago)
Compromise?, I don't get it.
Charamaine Atkins (2 years ago)
rippingtons60 lol ...in the movie.. all the men wore were thongs..and the girls freaked out
My Art Page (2 years ago)
I loved this as a kid omg
THE CLARENCES (2 years ago)
Great song!!Why it wasn't put on the soundtrack is a mystery!Spice Girls rule!xoxoThe Clarences (Robert, Erin & Leslie)
HubVanBeaOh Carlsson (2 years ago)
Was that really worth it, Clifford?
Tiffany Martin (2 years ago)
charlie lau (2 years ago)
Can't stop looking at Mel b😍
Andrew Jeter (2 years ago)
I wanna be in Scary's gang
Dermacrosis (3 years ago)
I wonder how much they cringe and regret this now.
SIMON Gill (9 months ago)
Djinnx Tearlache plus at one time he was considered a “national treasure “ (as was Jimmy Savile)
STORM (1 year ago)
They do have nice asses!
Djinnx Tearlache (1 year ago)
I don't think so. It's just a song. It doesn't mean they are the same scumbags as the original singer. Gary Glitter is a piece of shit; the Spice Girls are just the opposite.
Dermacrosis (2 years ago)
@abaeze anekwe You will get no argument from me on that front.
abaeze anekwe (2 years ago)
Dermacrosis They should be cringing and regretting their whole careers.
Iqrah Begum (3 years ago)
I love all your songs there awesome xxx
cricketbat09 (3 years ago)
dem laydeez be's hot
Bobby Bongo (3 years ago)
The Spice Girls were the best, piss on One Direction
RockCandy07 (2 years ago)
They had guys in sparkly suits that showed their butts. That makes them the best lol
Oburael (3 years ago)
I agree xD
Skunky Stinkerson (3 years ago)
+Bobby Bongo the Spices are iconic and memorable, 1D isn't.
Evelyn Huerta (3 years ago)
@Bobby Bongo well cause 1D is a BOY band and not from the 90's😂
Bobby Bongo (3 years ago)
+Evelyn Huerta why not? I just did!
Jen M (3 years ago)
I watched this in elementary school.,,
Tiffany Martin (3 years ago)
roxanne rodriguez (3 years ago)
I loved the spice girls ever since I was a little girl.my favorite one was geri, mel c, and mel b
Bobby Bongo (3 years ago)
Your favourite one? Lol
Tiffany Martin (3 years ago)
Irma Noxx (3 years ago)
I wish they sung this at football matches.
Melissa Hill (4 years ago)
I like the song and wish it was available by the Spice Girls.  I wouldn't want to give any money to Gary Glitter, though.
Dead Zombie (4 years ago)
I bet they wish they had never done this considering Glitter had a 4 minute cameo in the joke of a film and when he was arrested he was promptly cut out of it!! haha....deserved it and he defo deserves to be where he is now.
Christopher Rice (4 years ago)
Looking good girls. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm......
davina davis (4 years ago)
I wouldn't want to be in Gary glitters gang for sure
Ben Craughwell (2 months ago)
davina davis he puts the bang in gang bang
skedvi99 (5 months ago)
Only baby spice can be in Garys gang
Miss Moxie (11 months ago)
RuhRoh Spaghettios oh lord most likely
Miss Moxie (11 months ago)
Me either
saintwinky29 (4 years ago)
Gary peedo glitter absolute pmsl!
winko567 (4 years ago)
hehe I like this part :} ;)
fourkero1 (5 years ago)
Sung by Gary Glitter in 1973 !........Greetings from Chile .
star blanton (5 years ago)
all time favorite spice girl song COME ON COME ON!!!
helenastarr (2 years ago)
It's a cover of Gary Glitter's Leader of the gang. Both are brilliant tho
lilmoosic011 (5 years ago)
1SouthernDeathCult1 (5 years ago)
I'd sell my grandma to be in their gang
Jeramiah McDonald (3 years ago)
Halloffamer333 (5 years ago)
Ok I've offically run out of things to do.
MissTia777 (5 years ago)
Those fine ass men makes this even better!
bellajacklil (5 years ago)
The Spice bus is like the tardis, Bigger on the inside. and the actors that play their tour managers are both in doctor who!! : )
lordkittenfat (5 years ago)
One word for you: Acting! :D Posh does her character perfectly.
Happies1888 (6 years ago)
A Gary Glitter song from early 1970's.
Stephan Taylor (6 years ago)
Victoria was actually one of the most trained dancers in the group. She trained in ballet, jazz, and tap and was certified to teach all three. Mel C performed athletically, whereas Victoria performed like the little diva. Geri was the over the top vamp (she was covering up a lack of training and/or skill), Emma was cute and Mel B was wild.
shellyann trustisamust (6 years ago)
geris face says it all lol x
Anna C (6 years ago)
Sporty Spice Ruless!!
Waylon Mercy (6 years ago)
I <3 Mel C
Hububbfan (6 years ago)
This was sung by Gary Glitter
ScreamingInTheCalle (6 years ago)
I like the guys better in those nice little white shorts they wear earlier in the movie.
dirtymindwhore (6 years ago)
The Spice Girls just put the Jersey Shore to shame with their fist pumping.
kunoichiofthenight (6 years ago)
Aw man! D:
ReptarOnIce (6 years ago)
No :(
kunoichiofthenight (6 years ago)
did this song ever make it on any of their CDs?
demonhoopa (6 years ago)
I couldn't care a less about "dancing skills". It's a pop group.
bertie mee (6 years ago)
fucking pedo song..wanna be in my van
Elizley P (6 years ago)
Love Ginger's reaction lol
cdcurlew (6 years ago)
They actually invited him to the movie,but he had to go to court instead
dearthmader (7 years ago)
Sporty spice (Mel C) has the best voice.
Taya BeNaye (7 years ago)
wow I am 24 years old and am lovin this even more than i did when i was little why...because I just danced through this whole movie with my niece and she loved it just like i did when i was little!! what a auntie and niece moment!!
Happies1888 (7 years ago)
Ha-ha! Spice Girls sing a Gary Glitter song.
Monica Redmond (7 years ago)
the spice girls are getting back together!
TheClassics4 (7 years ago)
When I was little this movie was absolutely amazing and watching it now, I realize....IT STILL IS!!!!!!!!
lalf37 (7 years ago)
Such a great song!3
Cazxiro (7 years ago)
Why hasn't anyone ever leaked the full version of this song? Apparently, it was recorded but excluded due to Gary Glitter controversy.
Olivia Anne Boleyn (7 years ago)
I love this part of the film! Still love the film, even though I'm 21 now!
BellaCissySirius (7 years ago)
@mspdevils4 Victoria's doing just fine, thank you. She moves in a different way then Mel C. Mel C fists pumps like a pro but Posh dances more, well, posh I guess. She moves from the hips. It's just different style. And she works those heels. She can run, walk and jump in six in heels, and I've seen her dance in them. None's better than the other, they're all different. That's why they were such an amazing group. They blended well but had different strong points.
Lord JS (1 year ago)
You are absolutely right. Good that I'm not alone with my opinions.
eaglenike (7 years ago)
Would like too be apart of their gang hahhhahahha LOL

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