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Explore With Us (1 year ago)
Thank you #EWUCrew for the support. If you enjoy this video, please give us a like. We love you all and thank you for everything. We decided to give our thumbnail a little more pop for this video. Let us know what you think. Also, this is NOT in the Area 51 base, it's near the borders of the base. I don't want anyone thinking this is on the actual Area 51 base. 🙂👍
Explore With Us where was this located please message me back
Nina Lutgen (2 months ago)
Explore With Us what was the future generation baggy? was that food?
Dustin Hopf (3 months ago)
I wanna go down these tunnels with you. I live in north vegas And love exploring and dark tourism
Rachel V K (3 months ago)
I can't wait to see part two! Thanks, guys! 😊💕💕
duell collins (3 months ago)
You will not find the secrets of area 51. They were moved to area 54 during the moon launch. What better way to move a lot of big top secret stuff other then an event big enough to catch the entire country's attention at once and getting onto that base. You would have better luck finding Lunar 52 and Subterranean 53.
Luz Angela Teets (11 hours ago)
You should use like a spray paint to mark where you go. That place is creepy.
Rishav kundra (22 hours ago)
What date on pepsi cans
Cindy Bug (1 day ago)
Too creepy and too many turns, I wouldn't go in 1 foot myself!
Dannie Debe (1 day ago)
I wonder where it lead to ..don't they usually have security?
cjbrown824 (8 days ago)
王新皓 (12 days ago)
awesome!who can tell me how to find there?
Miranda Flores (13 days ago)
That is awesome ! I just can imagine what kind of stuff people did in there
Gragg Family (13 days ago)
you guys are very respectful of everything you check out
Susy (14 days ago)
Qué valiente, por dios!!!😱
PsychoPathJohnny (15 days ago)
That can is 24 yrs old lol
黄鸿杰 (15 days ago)
Michael Oswald (16 days ago)
Bring your rattle can and arrow your way through
Co Gar (18 days ago)
Should do the exploration of the fabled "Egyptian tunnel" located at the bend of the Colorado river. Might have to use a drone as that cave is set above the river a couple hundred feet. I've been looking for a current or 1st video on that one. Last I heard the state put up no trespassing signs in the area.
Terry TwoBears (19 days ago)
i wouldliketogo there
J Elzey (19 days ago)
I love watching you videos, but one suggestion: get a better flashlight.
scott horton (19 days ago)
That tunnel... looks well maintained... and taken care of... that's a bit odd.
Haben sie denn Eingang zur AREA 51 gefunden
The cave”ins would be a DEAD” giveaway too stay out. Looks like a mine to me
Интесрал (21 days ago)
half-life 3 official trailer
Ju Gacha ;-; (22 days ago)
Abigail western local
Steve Hodgetts (26 days ago)
Must be hard to walk that far with balls that big 😮
HMD SBI (27 days ago)
U did risk!!!
scran4life 69 (29 days ago)
Reminds me of outlast 2
Queteria cilene (1 month ago)
quem e br
eddy R (1 month ago)
No UFO only fkn Pepsi cans 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
At the point in the vid I think it's just a mine 😂
Saba Reyes (1 month ago)
Ese túnel parece al los túneles mexicanos
Mar Ram (1 month ago)
would you mind going back and exploring the lowest levels of the elevator shaft for signs of military blockage into the shafts ?  Area 51 is suppose to have levels of habitats for the EBE's there.
DHANN G (1 month ago)
Question .. is this guy doing this shit alone?????
Barney Powell Birch (1 month ago)
Plot twist Doug.T meant 3079 he’s from the future..
Frank Ruiz (1 month ago)
You guys are the best would love to go out there with you guys some day
SuperGeert123 (1 month ago)
What is in that plastic bag 10:15 ? Toilet paper ?
It's crazy how easy it would be to get lost down in one of those old mines!
harry potter (1 month ago)
Yea true but as long as you follow the main tracks you'll be fine
harry potter (1 month ago)
Yea true but as long as you stay on the main tracks you'll be fine
wyattemolish (1 month ago)
I'd leave a game camera there crap my pants after come back when I grow a pair and see if it captured anything
403 Forbidden (1 month ago)
see I always believed those ghost towns around area 51 are actually full of secret entryways into the underground portion of the base or other bases in the area. there's probably a whole other world down there....
Dave (1 month ago)
Should bring a handheld Blacklight into that one. The tungsten ore they were mining lights up in crazy colors
Jason Martin (1 month ago)
Definitely go back
brittany wheeler (1 month ago)
7:10 looks like a really old glove
Lauren A (2 months ago)
Scott Henderson (2 months ago)
No alien drawings or saucers around???
ABATHUR (2 months ago)
You Americans are too law-abiding. In Russia, this door 16:20 would have been knocked out long ago!!!
Pauleddu Urgentinus (2 months ago)
Is area 51???????
EdvinsTime Action (2 months ago)
Then the things ive heard might be true.... ive heard that the TV Workers have been digging tunnels to come closer to Area 51 without being spotted. What if that is the tunnel...?
Kayana Victorino (2 months ago)
does it lead to Area 51
cygnusstarscream (2 months ago)
Well thanks for not staging Fake Ghost encounters. . .
Ricky Osborne (2 months ago)
Not for nothing but that could be a old mine shaft , anywhere USA..
dj eskandalo (2 months ago)
Man that's some real g shit you guys do out there in tunnels. F that I wouldn't even gone more the 2 tunnels deep...
paper chasers (2 months ago)
As if you walked that far down that tunnel by yourself 👀 Crazy mf 🤣
Richard Blacklock (2 months ago)
Almost all of those tunnels were built to house test equipment from the atomic underground tests. The radiation in some of those tunnels can be 300-400 % background . Your nuts
Mike Tortora (2 months ago)
You wouldnt be able to get 5 miles from area 51 come on i call bs just an old mine
Steven Pedersen (2 months ago)
It's not a tunnel it's a mine
Bransen Bench (2 months ago)
Well kept mine
AIR WAY (2 months ago)
You could have met an alien
Tammy Smith (2 months ago)
10:19....what was in the bag?
Kenney Smallwood (2 months ago)
7:10 it look like a hand
J. Wik. (2 months ago)
Yeah, good eyes. Probably a glove.
Saundra Lopez (2 months ago)
Please guys when you go into these tunnels have extra flashlights and food and water Incase something collapses. Please tell me you have those find me beacons. Not sure if those will work though, being your in a tunnel. Please let family know exactly where you are. You should use a marker to show which direction you went. Incase you guys get lost. Precautions only because I care!
Matas Ramoškevičius (2 months ago)
Do you all know that was a mining camp back in 19century?
Jacob Brinks (2 months ago)
EWU crew for life
HEELTapia (2 months ago)
What game is this? Seems very exciting!
HEELTapia (2 months ago)
What game is this? Seems very exciting!
Ca Mo (2 months ago)
Cue the ominous music!
Ca Mo (2 months ago)
Oh shti... Bigfoot is tracking you...
Ca Mo (2 months ago)
Wait... What was written in that room off to the right?
Ca Mo (2 months ago)
J1I9M7M4Y (2 months ago)
At 9:27 That is the device that tips the ore carts into the shaft on the other side of the track.
Gamerz HA04 (2 months ago)
Hei, this tunnel like in GTA V...
Alain Normandin (2 months ago)
Keep radiation, and gas/chemical detectors with you. That area was used for nuclear testing and these tunnels could have been used to store radioactive material.
Xxburhan85658xX _85658 (2 months ago)
The tunnel was a train track as u can see
Mahmoud Elkaddour (2 months ago)
Yeah right area 51 abandoned tunnel,its nothing more then a miners tunnel or old abandoned underground train tunnel,
shundiin (2 months ago)
Roof falls & cave ins . Watch yourselves. 😦
W Leighton (2 months ago)
Was the sheep alive or not? Did it follow you at all? What was down the lower shaft that was partially covered on the floor, of the main shaft? Do you ever run out of light exploring mines/caves?
LOL 82 (2 months ago)
It this real?
Joseph Meilak (3 months ago)
There's no way that these tunnels are apart of area 51 you would of got know where there it has security sensors the best CCTV set up in the world the world's. most renowned UFO sciencetest muffon can't even get close two it and you can yeah right! You have got a lot of heart but foolish mistakes can get u very hurt or death!
Zenmir Fox (3 months ago)
It sorta makes sense that these are here of course, when the area was first discovered around the lake site they found deposits of lead and so on that was worth mining and that was around the late 1800's. By time WW2 came about is when military construction took up in the area and the place received confidential status. These tunnels meanwhile were abandoned or forgotten to rot as they contained nothing vital but minerals and gems left to their rest. I wonder which of the mines this was part of though, there were about 4-5 mainline tunnels before operations ceased in the 50's.
Dave B (3 months ago)
Saw this vid before. It’s not area 51. Maybe area fitty-0ne
Cg 2much (3 months ago)
Now why would area 51 allow this but to walk somewhere that is heavy guarded.
Allan Russell (3 months ago)
hi bob and emma many thanks for videos strange and funny times god bless and amen allan u.k.
ted chambers (3 months ago)
the covered in area is a ore pass the steel ramp on the opposite side a wheel runs up it and tips the ore truck usually pushed thru it by a battery powered loco or ( train ) . :) so that means there is another level below . :)
MrPaxton3 (3 months ago)
that was a grizzly over a draw point
Steve Lee (3 months ago)
how in the world did he end up there.. no security??
Webmaster Caribou (3 months ago)
Ultra modern in 1900's was there biological, chemical or nuclear testing done there? Send us video if your dying of a strange illness. Would be funny if it was a mouse trap and a steel door locked you in till police arrived.
Shawn Norris (3 months ago)
nice you found an abandoned
Daniel Stillmunks (3 months ago)
i allready seen them caves's @ knox berry farm in buena park, CA usa
Urban Kiwiana (3 months ago)
Wow this was incredible definitely do not want to get lost in here thank you so much for your epic content most of us will never get to this in person so you make it possible for us around the world to somewhat experience it🙂❤
Mike Pendergrass (3 months ago)
9:50-9:55 were some sort of trusses. Possibly to shore up the floors.
alter BOY (3 months ago)
Are you use those aren't El Chapo tunnels
Skycare Orogo (3 months ago)
If he's one of those guards on area 51 he can do what ever he wants he can do that is not supposed to do. Just for he's youtube......... 😤.. For my opinion........ THATS RADDDDDD MAN YOU SHOULD TAKE ME TOOOO SOOOOO COOLLLLLL😝😝😧😧😦😦😏😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Rick Merino (3 months ago)
What a waste of time it was watching this shit
Keith Williams (3 months ago)
Looks like an old copper mine.
Michael Taylor (3 months ago)
Mine tunnels
Michael Taylor (3 months ago)
I miss R C Cola
Mrjolie 666 (3 months ago)
Hell to the No Scariest tunnel footage I've seen yet to see this & explore this in person.... uh-huh! Sketch-FEST! triggered my Chlosterphobia watching😱 if your batteries died or something one would be greatly ass the fuck out here! ... like that supposed lost but found footage of a man in catacombs of Paris! Incredibly fascinating and mind-blowing.. 👍👍👍😉✌
money Barksdale (3 months ago)
them cans,sponsored by Pepsi could be worth something
diameadozen (3 months ago)
Earthquake run
Robby King (3 months ago)
If this were Area 51 you would be in jail this is clearly an old mine of some kind
Kirk Hanhy (3 months ago)
Brad Williams (3 months ago)
16:56 Cue..........................................the creepy music!!!

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