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Cheeky Girls: Take Your Shoes Off - Whittles, Oldham, July 2015

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Amusia Awareness (1 year ago)
Hello Jamie. We would like to use footage from this and three other videos you have uploaded from the same night for one of our upcoming reports. It appears we have no other way of contacting you other than one of your message boards. Please could we use this foootage for our report? Many thanks Amusia
Jamie Mann (1 year ago)
Hiya! I'm always happy for my footage to be re-used. If you want to discuss the details further, you can send me a private message by clicking the "About" button on my profile page - the following video shows how to do this (at around the 1:30 mark). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrfNd6BIo-w
Jamie Mann (3 years ago)
Filmed amid a bunch of rockers who seemed to actually enjoy the night!

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