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Louis Vuitton | Spring Summer 2019 Full Fashion Show | Menswear

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Louis Vuitton | Spring Summer 2019 by Virgil Abloh | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - Menswear Collection - PFW/Paris Fashion Week)
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Text Comments (351)
Fabian Rojas (10 days ago)
Song 2:44 ?
repetitive reality (1 month ago)
8:50 those legs. Wtfk?
hunterevans (2 months ago)
Why all of the hate on streetwear? Shouldn’t things change? This fashion relates more to me than pleated pants and plaid blazers
Lotta Krap (2 months ago)
Off White for rich trash
JUSTIN LOVEDAY (4 months ago)
so sad! another one lost to street wear! if i wanted hood wear I'd go to the flea market in the bad part of town. Death to luxury I guess. so sad these major houses are killing themselves and the strong built luxury foundation for a street wear phase...are they really that desperate?!?
Jhon Pereira (4 months ago)
Coleção incrível ...
Noel Lo (5 months ago)
the music is LIT. 音乐碉堡!
A A (5 months ago)
Dino V (5 months ago)
Love the neon fanny vest sling bag at 5:38
Ольга Фогель (5 months ago)
Ryan lex (5 months ago)
Damn all black?
luis Kavadoy (5 months ago)
the name of the band pls,wow
Niko omilananananan (6 months ago)
Bbng hitting up fashion week Wat a madness
Andres Franco (6 months ago)
seriously I keep looking at this to see iif it will grow on me....It is upsetting to see these clothes they are so unflattering to the eye....That short guy kid whatever is NOT A MODEL....The clothes look so bad on him the cut and the construction looks poor for such a huge house like Louis Vuitton.
Benni sch. (6 months ago)
Virgil breaks all old, classy "rules" of the high-fashion-scene. He works with black models, with low colours and futuristic music. I like the new way! #Beopenforsomethingnew
l xc (6 months ago)
Even if you use all black models, almost all the audiences are still complete white, like that's gonna help
Estafador del Amor (6 months ago)
prosody C (6 months ago)
The audience is dying of heat!
Silvia (6 months ago)
7:31 please notice zack bia on the left, i'm dying
Liz Peña (6 months ago)
Trevor Hoover (6 months ago)
I do not like the collection as before this is more for hip hoppers with their oversized clothes baggy pants.....there are a few items which is stylish overall not my thing.
Noah Carpenter (6 months ago)
Louis Vuitton was tacky now it’s cool.
Andres Franco (6 months ago)
all you need is.a cross colors label on the back and it's a go....the fit is so ugly looks like something from NYC in 1993.
trulyprettylady (6 months ago)
This is very different from Kim Jones polished looks. I enjoyed this 90's influenced fashion with today's contemporary fashion with a street wear luxury appeal. Love the all white on the dark skin models. The added green neon laces to break up a milky situation. 1:24 the fur coat and model was gorgeous. 1:35 I love the shorts length, flare, and cut with the low top sneakers. 3:08 I really like this look, very casual, free, and lux. 3:59 the print and bag was simple, but not boring. The transparent keepall was the only wow factor for me when it came to the fashion. I like, but it was borderline flat, but judging by the first show I know future shows will be better.
trulyprettylady (6 months ago)
0:34 let's give thanks to the beautiful pieces on the side!
joseph alvt (6 months ago)
the worse show ever for L.V...this clothes r soo baddd is sickkkk.....
Arounded Done (6 months ago)
This is the diversity i love and need. But this collection is freakin basic and mainstreem.
parreya ny (6 months ago)
Chinatown Louis Vuitton comes to real life. Look Cheap
Liam Abucasis (6 months ago)
Summary of the video is basically an off-white show with LV branding
Nelson Alex Castro (6 months ago)
I expected better from Louis Vuitton. The collection looks 2nd rate and the choice of music cheapens it even more.
PickleJuiceAsh (6 months ago)
He’s changing the game, simple! If you don’t like it oh well. Everything doesn’t have to be traditional. That’s the point of CREATING! Create what you want, his platform now. Lovely Virgil and very emotional💜
Andres Franco (6 months ago)
I will take my business to Dior. lol
KingCai72 (6 months ago)
I’m black and the show was mediocre at best. Stop dickriding him because he’s black and judge based on talent not complexion. That genuinely holds back many industries and creates bullshit or underwhelming projects (Black Panther, this show, etc). I and many other people do not care who creates the product we just want good product so quit with the catering, diversity, equality, and other bs.
Svetlana Kulaga (6 months ago)
Alessandro Calza (6 months ago)
Virgil Abloh is a dog & pony show for a brand without a real fashion clothing soul and background (its just an accessory brand trying to commercially expand in different sectors) which relies on marketing. If Abloh was anything but black he would not be there. This is the real tragedy, it seems progressive to have a black designer head of this, but its actually the opposite. Exploitation, pretty much like the disabled model or limbless hunks in recent fashion shows. The show in the end is mediocre; anybody with a minimal understanding of fashion could tell.
Fernando Echevarria (6 months ago)
Terrible fashion show
bakeem95 (6 months ago)
extremely horrible concepts.....
I.W.T T.K.N.R (6 months ago)
#Takanori iwata
Keryann Cargik (6 months ago)
What's with the long ass hug at 11:10...Kanye & Virgil? Get a room😖
LA Mc (6 months ago)
Mar Co (6 months ago)
the first couple of outfits looked adorable on the black/coloured models. What I liked best is that the LV logo is no longer so ostentatiously present, and Virgil's tears won me over.
mj2009mv (6 months ago)
it looks as cheap as Kanye's collections
Jeremiah Perez (6 months ago)
I really dont see how this is fashion.
Verna Ong (6 months ago)
1:23 nasty baby😍😍😍💖
shahril power (6 months ago)
everything is fine ...until rap music with cursing coming out of nowhere .....
sup_victor (6 months ago)
I honestly kind of like the street sensibility that Virgil brought to LV. But what really got was the plastic chains on the accessories. Like really sis? Plastic??? No ma'am
A A (6 months ago)
Rap will never be fashionable
Moto Halo (6 months ago)
LV is now Racist!!!
rolf s (6 months ago)
Designed by a 5yo!
rolf s (6 months ago)
Omg that music is doing my head in. Where is valporosa?
Alvin Williams (6 months ago)
Im not racist i just realize hmm thats different i wish i was one one of these days
Ricardo Muniz (6 months ago)
Music please!? Who is the band and what are the intro and outro songs?
YUC (6 months ago)
I mean they all look cheap as fuck.I know some of you guys are gonna tell me “WeLl YoU cAn’T eVeN aFfOrD oNe”and all that shit.Well,yes I can’t afford any of these and even if I had the money I wouldn’t buy one. Like wtf are those nylon bags??? Those weird bag shirts or whatever they are called??? They don’t belong to Louis Vuitton we all see and love.And I ain’t fucking sorry about it.
Harry Scott (6 months ago)
Horrible, he fucked up the brand . I want nothing. He needs to be fired . I hate to say it. Everything is so big and over sized, like it's he 90's nothing is French about this collection or street wear just bad designing. He's an architect and that's what he should be , stay away from fashion ugh I'm so annoyed , I will be buying this year
haruka (6 months ago)
なんで昼間からライトがんがん付けてんだ??w でもずっと見てると味に見えてくるから不思議笑
Versus Kid (6 months ago)
The bad quality of this video doesn’t do the clothes justice check out Vogue Runway.
FASHIONSFLYEST (6 months ago)
wayyyy too many camera angles and shots after each look. it got so annoying. please just focus on the clothes and accessories next time. i had to stop watching
Andres Franco (6 months ago)
Tito Xen (6 months ago)
look very cheap
snowCLOUDstorm (6 months ago)
It the end Travis claps so damn hard.😅 So hard dis even look weird
Tom Huijben (6 months ago)
People are shitting hard on this but I am just wishing for better camera work, I don’t need no overhead shots, I can hardly see any of the clothing 😒
Daniel S (6 months ago)
Details and styles as random as the music. Had a cheap vibe and no clear handwriting. Kimye outfits were more interesting than most parts of this. Been expecting a lot more. Neon and plastic, the question remains what's really next
ciprian iulian (6 months ago)
Fucked up...collection....
Andy Zaturno (6 months ago)
The Khmer (6 months ago)
I love Virgil as a designer. He’s talented. But this collection is a mess. It’s like he took pieces from other designer and put them into this collection. It’s very uninspiring and unoriginal. There are some good accessories but no wow factor. The casts were diverse. I respect that.
Wander Guerrero (6 months ago)
Yo puedo participar en eso, en modelo de ropas. I can participate in that, of clothes model
Very Lux (6 months ago)
Gucci still #1 😌
Mixed MediaXX (6 months ago)
*Everything mesh. I NEED*
Folagbade Momoh (6 months ago)
😂😂😂some of these comments
tataah ismyname (6 months ago)
So beautiful
tataah ismyname (6 months ago)
Kevin S. (6 months ago)
Louis Vuitton is not Louis Vuitton.
Oliver B (6 months ago)
Is it truly diversity when he clearly favors blacks over any other race? where're the white, asian, indian, middle-eastern models? Isn't that racism in of itself? How is this in anyway more acceptable than a Dior show with >90% white girls? Is racism towards white models and models of other races ok during model castings simply by invoking "white guilt"? - a non-white, non-black bystander
Oliver B (6 months ago)
erin: based on your logic, why get upset when a WHITE designer is using WHITE models for his/her show then? lmao
erin (6 months ago)
Oliver B it’s not racism. black models are rarely ever used as a majority in a show. why only get upset when a BLACK designer is using BLACK models for his show?
Pizumi Trust (6 months ago)
Rest In peace Louis Vuitton!
Хорошая собрание, честно, задумывался будет ужаснее, каюсь)
Sylla Atlas (6 months ago)
LOVED the Pride runway
Sylla Atlas (6 months ago)
He definitely is the Chanel of the 21st century. It's decided.
brenton. (6 months ago)
pride month = rainbow runway, the clothes and accessories were paired VERY well together. i’m not mad at this, i actually liked it 👏🏼👏🏼
Gilles (6 months ago)
we had a rainbow runway more than ten years ago for karl's rtw ss 2008 show. it's not original or creative.
artj (6 months ago)
The shareholders of LV shall organise to kill the new designer as he murdered LV
Sali Rouse (6 months ago)
thank GOD he isn’t the creative director for women’s
Ispirata Da Dio (22 days ago)
Sali Rouse his womenswear is actually better than menswear
Faith Marrett (6 months ago)
I think the bags are the best part and probably the most important anyway because it is afterall Louis Vuitton. Some of the clothes are actually nice too. I would love to know who/why the people in the colored t-shirts in each section?
Andres Franco (6 months ago)
made only for the African American community that is not globally thinking......thoze cheap plastic materials and colors...Louis Vuitton is a leather goods house....Not A PLASTIC HOUSE.....IRRIDESENT BAGS ARE SO UGLY ESPECIALLY THEY WILL BE PRICED OVER WHAT THEY COST LIKE HIS CLOTHING....SAD
Pedro Casia (6 months ago)
Miss Fran (6 months ago)
Is that really louis vuitton ? Nicolas ghesquière sure made some boring look but this is awful
Jack T (6 months ago)
That moment between Virgil and Ye is nothing short of beautiful♥️
Alexandro Tirador (6 months ago)
I can't believe some designers nowadays are using 'change', 'street wear', 'modernity' as an excuse to create looks and clothes that are actually TRASH. This is beyond horrible and it is such a shame to watch Louis Vuitton's identity and class being downgraded like this. Pathetic.
William Szeto (6 months ago)
At least there were no women in the show, finally
kol- ver (6 months ago)
Very clever for LV for hiring him to bring more customer and younger..LV is not a luxury brand anymore they are just hungry for dollars...there are stores in every corner like coach..compare it to 25 years ago...LV is an expensive pedestrian brand ..just look around you who wear and carry those bags...the same people who love michael kors...is like a mercedes with windows all open with loud music..classy..NO
Latifa (6 months ago)
baby kylie is soooo cuutteee baabbbyyy
Alexandro Tirador (6 months ago)
The show was good but the clothes are horrible. And i'm not even white so respect my opinion. Haha.
Visacadabra (6 months ago)
Virgil's talent is to convince people he's got talent. He should have been a lawyer. He would have been the best at helping pepole getting away with murder... Market democracies can create such phenomenon but at that level of the industry its called an aberration... there is a conjoncture that also explains LVMH decision. The only positive thing i can say is that i was expecting nothing and that's exactly what i got.
ugly baby (6 months ago)
Well just as I thought. Trash.
Chibi Yusa (6 months ago)
Hugo Foulquier (6 months ago)
music at 4:57 ? :)
Kyo Kasagi (6 months ago)
I saw those plastic bags at forever21
AliceMana (6 months ago)
oh no what happened to lv
Ricky Khor (6 months ago)
the model is walking frm Bombay to Paris
Juan Cruz Bravo (6 months ago)
just one word: TRASH.
Dmitri Ruwan (6 months ago)
Most of the comments on here keep referring to a 'Classy Vibe' and while Kim Jones work for Vuitton will forever be praised, cherished and remembered it is vital for companies in the new generation to accept the power of the celebrity designer. Virgil is on our radar for a reason. He isn't untalented, nor do I think we can say that 'he is not a designer'.What is a designer? McQueen? Because the days of McQueenesque designers are over. And with it has come this new found approach to design.Consumers want wearability + art, not just the other way around. I see Vuitton take a step towards modernism and I have to say it looks upbeat and exciting. I did expect more from the accessories, but that glorious runway, the music and the minimalist colour palette accented by the pops of neon- colour did give me a fresh sense of optimism.
Dmitri Ruwan (6 months ago)
Andres Franco I’ll welcome a debate any-day, but with someone who can actually have a normal conversation. I didn’t compare VA to McQueen, if you took the time to read my comment properly you would have realized that.
Andres Franco (6 months ago)
how dare you compare V/A to AMQ???? Please sit the fuck down.
QR One (6 months ago)
Pleased about the runway setup, enthusiastic about the casting, and I'm excited about Virgil's LV future. This collection was his first, so I'm gonna take it easy. It's fine, but he can do entirely better.
jacob ha (6 months ago)
it kind of has a Balenciaga vibe. but much better and original
Dane Mitch (3 months ago)
jacob ha “original”? Is that sarcasm?
施柳吟 (6 months ago)

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