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Tour Of Underground Facilities In Missouri

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What do you think these places are for? why has it been hidden from the masses?
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Ellis Whiteley (24 days ago)
These underground tunnels are all over America. Serval millions people do not know nothing about it.
And if you think we the people are going yo be allowed in if there's ever a need think again! It's only for rich and government. P'sos
Theninety (1 month ago)
How much does it cost to rent a space in one of thease tunnels. I got the money. And i dont mind bringin some people with me.
Michael Duke (1 month ago)
Something big is going to happen soon
Jagerbomber69er (1 month ago)
I used to do warehouse work in the Lamar Hunt caves over in Independence Missouri
You Big Dummy (2 months ago)
Oh Bullshit! Stop your drama Driver! I’ve been a truck driver for 38 years and I’ve been there many times. That place is very well known as “The Caves”. It’s nothing more than an old limestone mine near Kansas City. The Limestone was used to make cement when Kansas City was being built way back in the early 1900’s. There is no food storage in the Caves. Pure Nonsense! I’ve delivered to food companies in there and I’ve also hauled food out of there just like any other above ground company. There are no underground cities in the U.S. either. You people need to stop spreading all that conspiracy theory BS. There are a few military installations underground across the country but thats about it. There are no underground highways that run from city to city either. I’ve heard that rumor too. There are 400 businesses in the Caves and none of them are top secret. There’s not even a security guard there anywhere. Anyone can just drive in there with their car if they wanted to. Doesn’t sound to me like a top secret highly confidential location to me. What do you 🤔 think? 🙄 Duh!!!
Brad Davis (2 months ago)
Been in one need a fucking cab over to get around 😂😂
Michael O Neill (2 months ago)
You can garauntee the ones you are allowed to film are a distraction to make you think nothing sinister is going on, I've heard some have buildings in them like palaces
alan dunston (2 months ago)
These were built to protect the elite from an impending mini-nova of the sun and potential cataclysm from magnetic pole reversal. When they start disappearing in droves, that's when you'll know the end is near.
THE WHY CHANNEL (2 months ago)
This is fake. Bullshit
Kathy Davis (2 months ago)
That's a good place to keep kidnapped people no thanku
Kathy Davis (2 months ago)
The elite can keep that underground it's creepy scary and dim dark no sun it's terrible there Gona smithereens in there no thanks I will keep the pretty darkness here and sunshine and the norm
Munkee (2 months ago)
The new ice age is coming......we're all dead. GET OVER IT.
Paul Croft (3 months ago)
Looked fairly public to me, there was plenty of traffic. Or are they all Aliens who can drive?
Anonymous Chosen (3 months ago)
how much you wanna get their 9-11 this year is gonna be them bombing us from underneath after they finish the wall.
Asia Fabbri (3 months ago)
Umbrella Corporation
Jill Alexander (4 months ago)
William Arnn (4 months ago)
I've been in the ones in Kansas City and up in Illinois also along Mississippi River on the Illinois side
Patricia Ray (4 months ago)
They must think that the earthquakes cannot reach them Father under the ground. A big earthquake is supposed to hit Missouri and Arkansas so it looks like they are doomed.
Patricia Ray (4 months ago)
You can have all the shelter food and water you want but you cannot survive if you God besides that you don't, even if you think you're hiding you will be found he knows where everyone is at all times. And their time will come where they have to face the Lord Jesus Christ for all their sins they have committed against the people of the world.
Patricia Ray (4 months ago)
Don't the government know that Jesus Christ can reach you anywhere you're hiding. And the devil cannot hide you good enough from God. God is greater than the devil will ever be even though some of these people have turned their souls over to Satan.
Patricia Ray (4 months ago)
That's where the cowardly government is going to hide. This will happen after they betrayed the people of the United States of America which is in process now.
Patricia Ray (4 months ago)
The caves underneath the ground are for the government to stay in while they do their nasty work to the people of the country. I've had this plan for the United States American people for years. That's why you can't go in the caves in Missouri anymore and take tours through them. They stopped people many years ago to where you couldn't get in there to see the caves anymore.
Patricia Ray (4 months ago)
They took over the Missouri caves years ago for the government. This is nothing new. We was told about this several years ago on TV by a ex wrestler. Who had became a governor of North. Did they put a stop to his TV shows, to keep us from being informed what is going on around us.
Muhammad Ansari (4 months ago)
Underground cities and facilities are all encased within thick plexiglas pieces that fit together like a puzzle. Using concrete would simply take way too much time and efort to contain these underground cities, which is why plexiglas is used instead. These plexiglas pieces are shiped down below via trucks. The tuneling of these cities are dug by way of special tools. The dirt is then shiped above-ground and utilized for various uses, including comercial sale as plant soil, etc.
George (4 months ago)
yep they are, cause I've been there. I drove a semi in there.
Snipers Corner (4 months ago)
I’ve been in these limestone mines many many times. NO SHOPPING MALLS, NO HOMES.
William Arnn (4 months ago)
Kind of seems like a shame doesn't it? I've been in the one as far as 7 miles. It was business only, wouldn't it be great to have a house back in there, even the city was shopping malls? Always cool on the hot summer day,and if you got a bad winter outside it would be the same inside your round was no snow to plow.
Sam Logosz (4 months ago)
I once picked up a load of some type of magazines and flyers in this underground cave and took them to Utah. It's like an underground mall.
Lobo De la garza (4 months ago)
Damn people will belive anything. Get off the drugs man it messing with your brains Dumb ass
Jeffrey Schnoldt (4 months ago)
I have seen these place on the way to lamare
darian (5 months ago)
How did you get down there
darian (5 months ago)
Not a secret no more what made you show us all of a sudden now
Fiona Wiley (5 months ago)
Looks like a little city in the grounds
william quinn (5 months ago)
I used to work at that underground cold storage facility. It is huge!!! It’s not a city with malls or stores, but it does have offices and lunch rooms. Americold is the name of this company and they have other cold storage facilities that are above ground. One of which is in Georgia.
william quinn (5 months ago)
And there wasn’t any military personnel there. They have a security but nothing like a “military presence “.
Chris Mccullough (5 months ago)
Jean Sooter (5 months ago)
That's just absolutely makes me sick tennis courts in the whole bit underground oh my God that makes me sick. All they ever cared about was keeping you poor at least I have a good amount of money but as the economy went bad everything is just about gone so I guess we'll be one of the people on the damn street
Jean Sooter (5 months ago)
Even Putin has I read an article tonight that Putin has underground tunnels and places for over millions of people to go into he's thinking about his people not just his Elite people. But here the American taxpayers that have been putting up with all the bullshit Wars and all the crap that's gone on or end up out on the street
Jean Sooter (5 months ago)
Yeah that's right they can't hide from Christ Jesus I mean come on what they think
Jean Sooter (5 months ago)
Oh yeah things get bad guess what these Walmart associates think that they've got it made don't got no free ticket into those Dam tunnels none of us do they're going to leave us all up here
Jean Sooter (5 months ago)
I told my kids dad that after working for Walmart for 23 years well it's been over that. It's time to get out and get his pension he's fully vested he needs to click but he doesn't want to listen
Charley Reed (5 months ago)
This one has always opened up for the public to safely be during a Tornado Warning. LOL
All She Knows (5 months ago)
I've been to the first cave shown several times
All She Knows (5 months ago)
None the less these are cool placea
Richard Bonfils (5 months ago)
The point is, this is just a sample of what what is... Grow up and grow a pair, you whinny little bitches!
Phillip Martin (5 months ago)
Went to one for the feds years ago. Guards carrying military style weapons , lots of casino vaults further down. I was hauling postage stamps at least that's what they said was in there. U.S. Marshall following our back door. 18hr ride running teams.. Never crossed a scale all the way...
William Arnn (4 months ago)
I could see that. Lot of stamps in a truck load with the price of stamps today. And that price is going up at the end of the month. You don't need front and rear escorts next time.
Kathy Davis (5 months ago)
that is just purely scary that is a Gona be prison gems don't u know how many prisoners that would hold and knowing would no where u r
Stanley Rakoski (5 months ago)
I got my stick and a rock. I'm good.
Barry Campion (5 months ago)
How much they pay you to lie
GLENN FATJO (6 months ago)
Crops won't be able to grow in 10-12 years. Go underground or starve. We're fucked!!
Jason Wilson (6 months ago)
I wonder how they ventilate that place?
Fred Lotz (6 months ago)
[email protected], ,,,,,,, retired, ,,,,,,, yes IV been in several of these some were very tight to get into the dock, most are very roomy to get backed into, ,,,,,,, Acworth Georgia USA, ,,,,,,,
jonesjames89 (6 months ago)
Oh and visters are very much welcome to take a tour too!!!!
jonesjames89 (6 months ago)
This person is the kind of person that believes that Area 51 has Allen life. So not true
jonesjames89 (6 months ago)
Hate this person already!! Been delivering and picking up food from this location of CRAFT FOODS, for 15 years now, there are no computer data facilities other then the basic truck pickups and drop offs. I can assure you the the only thing in these caved are craft foods
jackthelad814 (7 months ago)
These dilevery drivers think that they know whatever are in the boxes they’re dilevering lol have you opened them doubt it open your eyes probably illegal to open them yes food in tins and seeds to grow crops are dilevered so the government can live down there if their were ww3 or natural disasters. But it’s not natural geo engineering lol look it up open your eyes it isn’t difficult. Plus 9/11 needed thermite to burn and cut through massive steel beams. Type in on YouTube 9/11 slow motion no plane wings would go through steels let alone trees. I know a lot about this bs the only way to beat them is by everyone stopping going to work no army no police no supermarkets a crisis everywhere then them tunnels won’t be open put money on it lol pisses me off people cannot use there brains peace mother truckers
All She Knows (7 months ago)
my mom used to work here I remember taking her to work with my dad when I was young it goes far distances ive heard. Like across states. She said she worked at a cheese factory that was underground..mabey its true but they store stuff there incase of disaster! Springfield underground.you can look it up. Its very real and true. I also belive some areas do tours.very intriguing for sure!i know though that's where we want to be if anything crazy happens...UNDERGROUND!
ZNEOPEC (7 months ago)
Potus Trump is Captain America! https://imgflip.com/i/2jyzop
skip sabin (7 months ago)
Mario Handyman (7 months ago)
Mario Handyman (7 months ago)
I went in the space underground one that wss fun Check it out https://youtu.be/RDq-zL2C5kY
Charles Long (7 months ago)
Dangerous. New Madrid fault line.
William Arnn (4 months ago)
Other side of the state.
All She Knows (7 months ago)
yes .scary
Kathy Davis (7 months ago)
The elite can have this spooky shit
Kathy Davis (7 months ago)
A D what r they doing with all the dead bodies don't tell me there isn't no dead bodies somewhere under there booo that's spooky I couldn't breathe down there
William Arnn (4 months ago)
Well you drive by a cemetery. Do you get upset about that. The commercial caves I've been in have been pleasant and interesting. And I've been in most of these mentioned as a over-the-road truck driver. There are some military bases, that have high security in caves. I've delivered to them too. The caves in KC in Springfield have guard shacks. The caves in Illinois just have signs posted. Course that was 25 years ago, they may have guard shacks now. And there's good ventilation. I never saw any dead bodies
Kathy Davis (7 months ago)
Like I said I would hate to be underground when they all collapse safer up here they think there safe there not oh that would be scary and drury
All She Knows (7 months ago)
its all rock with 1000s of big rock pillars.i don't know that it would collapse to easily but I understand what u mean.being trapped underground would be very scary
Sharon Bowers (7 months ago)
Why aren’t they marked more clearly. There appears to be no indicated roads.
Blackbutterfly Breezy (7 months ago)
Ivar the Boneless (7 months ago)
Well i imagine there are plenty of secret thing's hidden in plain sight. Kind of like how drug dealers do there deals right out in the open. Attracts less attention. The truth is there's an underground roadway under the whole of America and many destination points the roads lead to. Cities, malls, parking lots and houses. Everything we have up here. Shit there's a whole new world down there but look over here! we're gonna live on Mars der du duuuhhh..
Paul Croft (3 months ago)
You should change your name - Ivan the Brainless.
shane phelan (7 months ago)
so cool, I'd love to explore in those areas, bet there is lots of crazy stuff in hidden locked areas underground, just massive
All She Knows (7 months ago)
mee too
Eileen Ward (7 months ago)
This is crazy I'm getting sick watching this elites borrow deeper your in hell!!!
James Evans (7 months ago)
Steve Fasching (7 months ago)
This is only one of many “out in the open” areas where the rehabilitation of little people is conducted. On September 23rd a little person escapee from a facility like this one in North Korea crossed the Yalu River into Dandong, China. He was picked up by Chinese military and transported to a military base deep inside China. Before he was apprehended he told his story of generation upon generations of little people being held prisoner and undergoing mandatory “reprogramming” to farmers in the Dandong area. He said he, his father and grandfather were all born in the cave system and only say the real sun every other year. He stated that many of the 2 million + little people in there cave do not believe there is an outside world. If fact many have been programmed to believe the cave is all there is! Over the last 850 years Governments and Rulers around the world have removed all little people from society and have placed them in these caves. There they make cheese, toys, and shoes. There products ship worldwide , but the little people receive nothing for there work. Post it notes, vinyl windows, garbage disposals and yes even the “Pet Rock” sold in the 60’s are only a few of the inventions of little people. It is believed there are over 265 million little people in cave complexes worldwide. Only a few are ever allowed the live in with the general population. Now one knows way the select few are allowed to.
christinearmington (7 months ago)
You’d have to be careful about lobs . . .
Kathy Davis (7 months ago)
Oh now I know I bet what's fixen to go down is bombs so they have the udgrnd to stay safe for them elites
Kathy Davis (7 months ago)
I bet this is where a lot of missing people r
All She Knows (7 months ago)
that's a good point
All She Knows (7 months ago)
could be
Grateful for Christ (7 months ago)
10:32 a lot of them white, grey, red ,black trucks, used in street harassing of targeted individuals?
Steve Ward (7 months ago)
Actually I am sitting right now in front of one of the entrances as I write this. I work for C.R. England. Been here twice to get loaded and transport items for this place . Thing is on the BOL or manifest it never lists the contents of what I was pulling. There is constant activity. I have been inside and can tell you there it is huge. Main entrance has a Seal which reads United States Of America National Archives. I actually have a few photos of the inside I took with my phone. Certain areas people are dressed in all white including over their shoes and head. Similar to a doctor in surgery would have. In the same area there is white coating over the limestone walls ceiling. all doors are locked and there are offices with plush ementacies ( I know it’s spelled wrong). Employee vehicles are inside constant 18 wheelers inside and waiting outside. The grounds are locked with security patrolling. I wondered if it is a seed vault.Although where I was it was not that cold 50-65 degrees maybe. I only ventured inside 200-500 feet. I seen a wall that looked funny as if it can open up. Had the coating and a big sign said Ammonia on it. Little Caesar pizza trucks galore. Food in this large hill bunker yes what else is a guess but it sure looks suspicious.
gadgetsage (2 months ago)
What's ementacies? Embassies?
All She Knows (7 months ago)
its many uses.storage and businesses also long distances down there.all across the us ive heard.my mom used to work there at kraft underground in mo
Catauyah Williams (7 months ago)
My husband nd I delivered loads there
issac Sanchez (7 months ago)
Plisssss in spanis plisssss
WIFIGHOST CRUISER (7 months ago)
I'm sorry but this is a useless video. It's the same video and the same type of video that I've seen in many truck driving YouTube videos. Is there was anything secret about this you wouldn't have semi trucks and cars driving through it with dash cams. It's just meaningless video with spooky music added.
jonathan Powers (8 months ago)
where is this
William Siegel (8 months ago)
Ive been in those exact dumps. I delivered 40k pounds of flour to general mills . the train tracks dissapearninto a never ending tunnel
WiseOWL 2019 (8 months ago)
Been there too. Kraft cheese is stored there ....
All She Knows (7 months ago)
me too my mom worked at kraft underground in 96 I think
Tony Powell (8 months ago)
Are these abandoned salt mines? the spaces look handy for a number of purposes.
Gary Crew (8 months ago)
If is all on the up and up, why was it all kept secret. I have to say B.S. on this one.
Happie Our (8 months ago)
First it going on for bussines to creates money and builds many another, but the true is for preparation. If too secrets it will too suspicious.
Connie Roberts (8 months ago)
There are hundreds of tunnels al, over tne United States. Militsry, government, storage, FEMA, and even ISIS . The military slone has over 200. They let you see ones like tnese to distract you from otbers.
Bryan Miles (8 months ago)
These tunnels go from main to dc to texas to Colorado...search youtube you will see and they all are connected to Wal-Marts
Wendy Ryder Mckibbin (9 months ago)
Is there security to get in?
Linda Diaz (9 months ago)
New subcriber. The underground docks are just the tip of the iceberg, they actually have cities equip with shopping mall's and home's. Too bad for the elite, they know what's coming and think they can hide from the wrath of God, all these tunnels, God will destroy in a blink of an eye. Thanks for sharing☺
Temo Palmer (1 month ago)
+A. P. imaginary...make believe
A. P. (1 month ago)
Temo Palmer u will thou 🤞🏼
Temo Palmer (2 months ago)
+Brad Davis 99% legit but I'd guess their is at least 1% for god knows what
Brad Davis (2 months ago)
It's about energy cost these are cold storage not escape shelters for the elite
Naomi Love (2 months ago)
Linda Diaz I’ve been in these caves Carthage’s cold storage to load unload food yes they are massive. They have them in Springfield Missouri ,Kansas city were some first build I think there not as massive as these
Jill Conner (9 months ago)
So secret they let people with cameras in to film without stopping or checking the truck! It's harder delivering catering food to a church then getting in there!
Billy Kidd (9 months ago)
I have no clue as to what's true and what's not what I DO KNOW IS THAT IF YOU COME TO TAKE MY FREEDOM OR MY LIFE I PLAN TO DO WHAT I HAVE TOO !!!!!
bootwhip (10 months ago)
Anyone have footage of the Columbia, Missouri underground facility that is very similar to these shown? Last time I checked, years ago, it was no longer freely open for anybody to drive into anymore.
WaywardSon 1891 (10 months ago)
If it was some government conspiracy location you really think you could just wander in off the street and make a youtube video?
WaywardSon 1891 (10 months ago)
Verizon is claiming thus is their underground disaster preparedness facility in their new commercial.....
Jack Adirondack (10 months ago)
I think something like this exists in secret near me. This just shows part of it https://youtu.be/z3Xl1cg9A5k
John Diaz (11 months ago)
The fear of God's wrath makes man do this type of thing.
Don Trump (11 months ago)
Used to work for a liquor company and we had one of our warehouses in there.
Matt Tottleben (1 year ago)
Do you happen to remember where you got the music?
7s29 (1 year ago)
Everything they store will turn to shit.

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