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Cheeky Girls - Take Your Shoes Off

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Ungureanu Daniel (2 years ago)
Daca aveau sansa sa se ocupe de ele unul ca Frank Farian sau Cretu  cu siguranta  ar fi  iesit altceva din potpuriul asta optzecist.
johnny quirke (3 years ago)
love this one
WOW (3 years ago)
vai ce proaste sint romancele astea!!!!
Ravinder2220 (4 years ago)
Very catchy song. It's better that the cheeky song touch my bum.
jbseven31 (5 years ago)
around 2:05 you see a guy in a red t-shirt dancing beside the girls. is this not glenn from the group called "pop" just slightly younger.
Robert Wilkinson (6 days ago)
jbseven31 yes it is glad someone else knows pop!
artenis nuzi (6 years ago)
get some ass bitches!!
rolando dancil (6 years ago)
these is my favorite song if i open in a you tube these is the frist thn the others?
Saint Sinner 420 (6 years ago)
Plus the way they sing it sounds like their moaning. hehe
Markie Elsdon (6 years ago)
your not alone, i don't even know what these girls look like, cant take my eyes of their body
Saint Sinner 420 (6 years ago)
I only watched this video because I love the ass.
Elle brooke (6 years ago)
I Only watched this because it's louis's (one direction) favourite girl band and they sound Audo tuned and they can't sing and also I can't understand them

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