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Japanese WHITENING Skincare! + Makeup Favorites 美白スキンケア&メイク

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My Main Channel for new videos! http://youtube.com/melodeemorita ⬇︎* OPEN ME for Products List + Additional Details! *⬇︎ White Lucent Brightening Protective Cream SPF 15 PA++ http://amzn.to/1reAK2X Balancing Softener Enriched http://amzn.to/1vJWNDV Moisturizing Eye Cream http://amzn.to/ZrxQSe Spot-Control Base UV SPF35 http://amzn.to/1vJWTLZ UV White Brightening Powder Foundation SPF 24 PA+++ http://amzn.to/1CQM91A Majolica Majorica Jeweling Eyes (my HG!) http://amzn.to/1CQMlhi Lash Bone Black Fiber-In Mascara http://amzn.to/1t0MnBS Lash Enamel Volume On Mascara http://amzn.to/1s6rvbp Rouge Majez Lipgloss http://amzn.to/1xZjmrs Integrate Soft Jelly Rouge Lipstick Lipgloss http://amzn.to/1vLgB8M Heroine Make Ten-made Todoke Mascara http://amzn.to/1s4lhri Fairydrops Volume Burst Mascara http://amzn.to/1uUgQ4x Fasio Curl Lock Mascara Long http://amzn.to/1rTrxAE Dolly Wink No.5 Bottom Lashes http://amzn.to/1s6rUL4 Puresa Hada Mask http://amzn.to/1rTrBAB ____________________________________________________ * Connect with Me for Frequent Updates * ▶︎ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/melodeemorita ▶︎ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/melodeemorita ▶︎ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/melodeemorita ▶︎ Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MelodeeMoritaOfficial/ This video is NOT sponsored. I purchased everything with my own money in the US or when I visited Japan (a lot of these were small samples, too :D haha) I hope you enjoyed or found this video helpful!
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Text Comments (136)
javeria karim (1 month ago)
Plz make other videos for dry skin on japnies products
Rahel Kahsay (2 months ago)
How can I get the product I am living in paris is there any shop
salma bibi (2 months ago)
I want to buy it
Kenki hito (5 months ago)
I want to know acne cream skin care
Ryan Parks (5 months ago)
I had a number of skin pigmentation concerns on different areas of my body. I was suffering this problem ever since childhood years. After using this skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it) I was so surprised about how your simple solution helped me produce an even and lighter skin tone - In as quickly as two weeks..
Shae Hansen (6 months ago)
I`m loving this skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it)] It is light and goes on perfectly. I`ve noticed a drastic advancement in the color of my skin and the dark spots that are lightening. Would suggest to anyone who want to lighten your skin. In general, it helped preserve the condition of my skin and even dealing with scars and sunspots..
Trinity Bond (6 months ago)
I have irregular skin tone in all parts of my body. I was suffering this problem ever since childhood years. After using this skin whitening guidebook “fetching kinkin site” (Google it) I was so impressed by how your straightforward solution helped me create an even and lighter skin tone - In as early as two weeks.
Nuna Luna (6 months ago)
Your voice is irritating so couldn't watch till the end .. !!
arun unni (10 months ago)
Pls give sun tan remove
sugar turla (1 year ago)
You're cutee, makes me want to go to the store now
Mirka Strode (1 year ago)
She's so cute 🤗
Jaivert Sharma (1 year ago)
mujhe japan ki gore hone wali cream chayi
Cherry Blossom (1 year ago)
Your eyes are so round!! it's so cute! >_<
emma rollon (2 years ago)
sugui edo des yo
Zarki Ali (2 years ago)
Honestly the cutest eyes award goes to you. You are serious gorgeous. Xx
sonamyfan20 (2 years ago)
I will try these whitening products out. Thanks for sharing! :)
I liked ur morning skin care routine it really makes a lit of difference
Im from INDIA
JYWEB GUILD (2 years ago)
I live in USA where can I get this on ebay PLEASE let me know
Fritz Spurs (10 months ago)
You can go to Sephota no ebay a lof Of fakes
Hans A (2 years ago)
Shiseido is more expensive on eBay. I'd highly recommend buying on Shiseido's store. The lucent costs $30-50 at Shiseido.
JYWEB GUILD (2 years ago)
where do I get this
_ _ (3 years ago)
This just makes me realize how fugly I am holy hell
Sydney Salem (3 years ago)
...Rasha... youre not unattractive in the tiniest bit I bet! - Work on self esteem AND skincare/beauty... I kno I hav to do both constantly.
Linda (3 years ago)
Wow I imagine you are so young Your skin is beautiful!!
Luci Y (3 years ago)
you are so cute and lovely. very soft and feminine
cedric Knight (4 years ago)
Japan is the largest consumer of cosmetics far surpassing USA
Hien Minton (4 years ago)
Can anyone tell me what product she use .i cant see what brand?
Kiki Meo (3 years ago)
Shiseido >>it's japanese brand for makeup and all skin product and hair too 😊
Alex Brown (4 years ago)
how old are you?
Mai Xiong (5 years ago)
Can you do a video on body? I want to know how you have such a nice white body skin.
fire fLies (5 years ago)
wanna ask any japanese underarm whitening product?
Emi T (5 years ago)
Oh wow I have used three of the products you introduce. I gotta say Japanese made some of the best beauty product I have ever used and I was lucky to have many local Japanese import beauty goods around my area so I can try them out. Thanks for the video xoxo
Stephanie Bun (2 years ago)
Emi T all Japanese products excel good
gretagraet (5 years ago)
(continue)White Lucent Brightening Powder Founation. At the moment I use Purness rowder shiseido colour ivory natural №30 (the colous is actually beige..tan). Very hard to choice colour online. I am brunette with dark eyes and a bit tan skin (but not very) . I know that yellow and red kind of powder colour is not good for me. Purness powder is very good I use it years but together with spot control base is looks too dry. I will very appreciate if yiu help me to chooce. Thanks Greta
gretagraet (5 years ago)
Hello dear, Your video are very useful! I am living in Australia but in small town. We do not have here much choice of shiseido products. I am using shiseido many years and I like so much. Maybe you can advice me, how to choose the colour of White Lucent (UV White) Brightening Powder Founation bc I can buy it just online. My skin use to be oily but now is not.. I bought White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Base UV SPF35 green colour and it ok bc I ve got some red spots. Now I want to buy that
Banana milkshake (5 years ago)
Ur so pretty
Taliet Portgas (5 years ago)
Maybe you should try Likas Papaya Soap. I heard many good reviews about it
milktea (5 years ago)
Do you have any suggestions on how to lighten ur body too>? not just the face but also the arms
laxmivani (5 years ago)
Thanks for the great video! It was really helpful :) I am planning on trying the White Lucent line..however I wanted to how I could get some samples before I actually buy them. Please let me know! Thanks :)
iTzBananTid x (5 years ago)
Skin product companies desire everyone to give their products a try to show how good they are. Have you ever noticed a beauty product section set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products? Well I discovered a website that will send free test products to your home, its the secret trick to free skincare products :) You can get them here bit.ly/15zeJmg?v=qfwns
alma chua (1 year ago)
Thatsnicky (5 years ago)
Hi! :-) Thanks for this video, it's very helpful :-D Is Shiseido cheaper in Japan than in Europe or USA? :-O
Vova Skrulnik (5 years ago)
Hello! I'm Ryan.I did -30 lbs past one month.Open hawght.so\#3Ie4
Jenha Roberts (5 years ago)
Most useful beauty guru I've found on Youtube. I am learning Japanese so while watching these videos I get to practice my reading and listening skills <3 Love it!
kpopsubber123 (5 years ago)
April Tiger (5 years ago)
どーやってそこまで日本語native レベルに??!!XD
RS Woods (5 years ago)
If i met you,well..i am lost
Elizabeth O'Pry (5 years ago)
Thank you for this video, it answered a few questions I have. I want to try some of the shiseido samples and that's a good options since their products are pricey and everyone reacts to skincare products differently. I'm also interested in hadalobo bc I saw a recommendation, but shiseido is much more internationally recognized so I'm more comfortable trying them out
Reira Popescu (5 years ago)
I can't believe how beautiful you are *.* cute mouth, adorable smile, the teeth from the upper jaw are perfect, while the ones from the bottom have small defect making your mouth look sooo cute when you talk, and dimples! And lovely dolly eyes! And that hairstyle looks so good on you. And good skin texture. And cute button nose.. @[email protected] amazing.. I'm hypnotized... Please tell me at least your ears are not perfect =s Oh! oh! and such a sweet voice ♥ Thank you for pampering my eyes and ears ^.^
Faizan Saleem (5 years ago)
Hey, Have you ever heard of Mena cream? It comes out of China, I believe..
Sue Sweet (6 years ago)
Nice background music! Nice skin
HTR HS (6 years ago)
what do you think about "Kiss Me" eye products?
Dini Luhan (6 years ago)
hi melode,i want to ask ,if you use Night cream to brighten your skin ,do you used mosturiser before the "Night Cream"??please answer
mila andrew (6 years ago)
i do hope you reply
mila andrew (6 years ago)
was wondering.. is shiseido lightning?? if yes, i hope the effects wont be too much, because i just wanna lighten my skin a little
Sarah Lee (6 years ago)
are you wearing false lashes in this video or just mascara?
kyeopzz (6 years ago)
she never had
Belle Nanli (6 years ago)
wow... you speak English&Japanese so fast but i can read your subtitle for 2 lang. ... <3 <3 Thax u for a good review
pyrridineamber (6 years ago)
I love your channel melodee. I found you while looking for skincare videos. Check out my blog. I used to be an acne sufferer. skinstoryjourney.blogspot.com
Constanza Muñoz (6 years ago)
She look like Fukuda Saki !
angel chan (6 years ago)
hi melodee... thank you for your reply^^...and love the way u dance as well it is really beautiful ... and I am also in to classical ballet. btw sent you the picture viaa tweet and the product called "shiseido HAKU EX melanofocus whitening essence" one more time thank you soooo much :)
angel chan (6 years ago)
i am also using shiseido white lucent as well ... and your video is really helping ... how about "HAKU"? have u tried this product?? would like to know what is the review on this ... yoroshiku onegaishimasu ..... Ai
Elma Tiaara (6 years ago)
Hi melodee~ I've watch your video, and seems like I interest to buy shiseido. But I'm still 15 years old. do you think it's ok if I use shiseido white lucen? thankyoouuu~ <3
icekoream (6 years ago)
Waaaaaa~~~ your skin is so pretty and perfect!! And your so pretty!!!
bettermeforyou (6 years ago)
What shades of White Lucent Brightening Spot-Control Base and White Lucent (UV White) Brightening Powder Founation SPF 24 PA+++ did you get? I have dry and combination oil skin. My skin tone is medium among Asians.
Elma Tiaara (6 years ago)
Hi Melodee! I have aquestion I'm 15 years old teenager and... can I using this shiseido product for whitening my skin face? thankyou :) I love your dance video anyway! soooo great :DD
Apple Suos (6 years ago)
u are my goddness of beauty inside and outside,,,i fall i in love with every video yu did...n i try my best to make minddd too..love <3
sucubus rios (6 years ago)
the music sounds really sad but beautiful.......
uminami imanimu (6 years ago)
ur eyes looks like a korean instead of japanese :)
how can you know the difference?
Dian Triwahyuni (11 months ago)
Japanese are a lot prettier
Tim Tim (1 year ago)
Nope, Japanese are prettier
xoxjelloxox (6 years ago)
How dd you curl your hair here?
ChaosFantasy9x (6 years ago)
What kind of skin care products would you recommend for the body (not facial)? I've seen lots of reviews on facial skin care, but never on body skin care.
Leilani Rika (6 years ago)
Haha I am half japanese and I was so surprised to find your videos especially because you speak in japanese sometimes! I just went to Japan and bought a lot of makeup and skincare items:) Love your videos!!! xx
cheesypuffkins (6 years ago)
hi melodee! i'm a new watcher and i love your videos:) you're such a sweetheart! i just wanted to know-where in japan did you get teh fasio mascara and the puresa hankan mask? i'm going to be stopping by in japan on my way to china, and was hoping to pick them up. thank you! oh and one more thing: what are the differences between the japanese and the american fairydrops mascara?
Adrienne Rodriguez (6 years ago)
Tell us how you get your hair color!! ~~So pretty
haley (6 years ago)
will they give you those samples online?
anna yasmina (6 years ago)
Melodee, i love your videos! I really want to know if you do anything for 日焼け対策because i just cant seem to find a good way!
Sabrina Li (6 years ago)
Love your vids!!! Please do a make-up storage vid!!! Thank you so much!
Yu Mow (6 years ago)
It's her everyday look.. She has already done a video.. :)
dearyewon (6 years ago)
Could you do a tutorial for this look? Thank you~
isluna (6 years ago)
you're such a breath of fresh air from the stereotypical japanese girl!
funnelcloud9 (6 years ago)
Majolica Majorca Rouge Majez Lipgloss were do I buy this
5202520 (6 years ago)
hello! u skin is so lovely, do u have any suggestion to improve skin in two weeks? or suggestions for combo skin? i reaally donno what to do with my skin ...i also use shiseido, but i found they are a bit to oily,...any suggestion? i reallly need help.
SakuraMilkTea (6 years ago)
I tried two products from Shiseido, the White Lucent branch, and i was very allergic to both of them. Do you know of anyone else that has that problem? :( My face got really red, sensitive and itchy, and i wonder if it's only because of the whitening properties of White Lucent, or if i should just stay away from Shiseido all in all. :/ Hm
Pearl Lok (6 years ago)
Your voice is so alluring it's not high and squeaky like other ppl keep up the good work !
Helen Zico (6 years ago)
your skin is amazing
roundbunny (7 years ago)
what i like about your videos is that you sound like someone with a very good, strong personality (instead of just shallow/superficial). your pace of speaking is good ,voice is clear, and i like that you emphasize skin health stems from the within (e.g. diet). i admire the fact that you learned japanese on your own! i know how hard it is to learn a language when you aren't fully immersed in it. Also, your dancing is amazing!!
April (7 years ago)
Hi Melodee! Which of these mascaras do you like the best? And what mascara are you wearing in the video? I am Korean and I have lashes that are decently long but very thin. Are there any volumizing mascaras that you could recommend for me? Thanks so much! I love your videos; you are very inspiring.
kimmi danao (7 years ago)
your so kawaii thanks to you im now obsessed to shisheido <3
Veronica Ma (7 years ago)
your cheekbones/dimples make your face so unique and gorgeous
Fancy Nancy (7 years ago)
Hi Melodee, In this video you recommend the Majolica Majorca rouge majex lip gloss. What color is it? Tx.
Jenilene Panganiban (7 years ago)
So pretty! You can be an actress!
Semih Aydin (7 years ago)
Melodee, in this video you look like a full Japanese version of me. Its so bizarre.
timetosleepgoodnight (7 years ago)
Your skin is so nice!! Does it actually work to whiten?
Helen Zico (7 years ago)
you are so awesome! i wish you were my sister or best friend lol
mangoqueen825 (7 years ago)
Hi, I was wondering why lipgloss or lipcolor were u wearing in this video?
Jennifer Pham (7 years ago)
LOL. im weird but i couldnt help staring at the striped shirt u hav. where did u get it ? ;3
Francesca (7 years ago)
I think you're just too lovely to be true. Are you some kind of fairy?
Pitacos Da Bru (7 years ago)
oh my god you just saved my life! I live in japan and I always wanted to try shiseido, but I don`t read nihongo very well and I never know what to use! lol I`m sily I know I have a lot of friends that could help me, but I`m so shy that I can`t ask them! I already subscribe you at the first minute! thank you so much for that!! and yoroshiku onegaishimas! keep doing these kind of videos! I loved!
lsesshoumaruU (7 years ago)
I have a question about the mascara primer, everytime when i apply it after curling my lashes,the lashes point down again before i start to apply mascara.cuz the primer is wet and heavy so it kinda pull my lashes down during the time i wait it to dry. Do u have a same problem with this primer?
kaoruorcarla3 (7 years ago)
melodee what do you recommend i use for my skin. I have dry oily skin and my face is always red! I don't think this redness is very attractive since my skin tone is on the yellow side. You have such grate skin and i just wanted to hear what you would suggest. Great videos btw you just convinced me to buy the fasio mascara. keep posting great videos ^.^
Enchanteralle (7 years ago)
Melodee! I finally got the chance to try out some Shiseido products! The sales rep recommended Shiseido 'the skincare' line (in white bottle red letters) for me to use for my dry combo skin since my skin's been crazy from the weather change. It's amazing! Have you ever used that line? I didn't get a chance to try the white lucent line though. Is the white lucent line just as moisturizing as the 'skincare' line? Is it appropriate for winter use as well?
GiyiGiyo (7 years ago)
@danceandmelodee ahhhhhhh that sounds great :) i've been wanting to try it for a long time now ! I think you just convinced me :D
GiyiGiyo (7 years ago)
helloooooooo~! Thank you for all your great videos! I was just wondering, with the Shiseido White Lucent line, what age range do you think it's suited for??
kodama_clouds (7 years ago)
@DreamWish7 Haha thanks! Need to save some money up ^^;
kodama_clouds (7 years ago)
@DreamWish7 My skin's the same -__- I might try out some Shiseido products ^^

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