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If you have been to Manchester then you almost certainly stood above secret underground spaces. Manchester is covered in hidden tunnels, ruins and huge open spaces 30 to 80ft below modern street level. Today we are literally dropping down a manhole to our first underground space..... The Victorian arches! It really is an underground city down there and we will explore it all!!!! SHARE SHARE SHARE LEAVE US A COMMENT AND IT COULD BE FEATURED IN OUR NEW "BEST COMMENTS OF THE MONTH" INTRO HEAD OVER TO OUR CHANNEL, SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK THE BELL SO YOU CAN BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO SEE OUR WEEKLY UPLOADS ⬇️Exploring with fighters⬇️ https://youtube.com/exploringwithfighters ⬇️Instagram⬇️ https://instagram.com/exploringwithfighters ⬇️Flex urban exploring⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/user/MrFlex12354 ⬇️Exploring with Bucky⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3SSS1kVgB4SpEDRAUe3NJQ #exploringwithfighters #undergroundcity #manchester
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Text Comments (2154)
We went 200ft deep in to a underground cave and found 500 classic cars abandoned next to a lagoon... Sounds to crazy to be true right? Look for yourself 😁 https://youtu.be/FLOSmTnsEHQ
British First (19 days ago)
Look it's a underground lost City......... Boring.......🤔
Walter Krippes (2 months ago)
+Nicolas Pedersen - 1924 Onliwon Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Service - Google helps :-)
Eric Phillips (5 months ago)
Been past entrance near dalton Street I wonna go I and down there message me lads I want in 😂 😂
Sarah Webster (5 months ago)
Just had a quick read up on the Manchester Victorian Arches...turns out there’s a bit more to it... “Interestingly, the now-abandoned Victoria Arches were themselves built on top of an even older street. Its remains were covered over during an 1833 improvement scheme; yet another lost subterranean reminder of Manchester’s Victorian past” Back down ya go boys! Ha ha! Nice work!
Manoel Lopes (5 months ago)
Estou asitito o seu vídeos sou dou do barsil o qeu
crooklyn (5 hours ago)
I believe the other side of the bricked up tunnel leads to the River Irwell.
asherael (11 hours ago)
Seattle has underground city like that, they just raised street level one floor
Marcel Vanderlinden (13 hours ago)
Its not forget it there shining lichts
nesrules 8bit (22 hours ago)
What courses do you guys use? they look really good
Gina Cable (2 days ago)
God a lot of that was really creepy.
jackie ramsbottom (2 days ago)
Thank you so much lads took me back I only go back to the 70s but Manchester was still growing and still recovering from the war believe it or not I love looking back on times gone by xxx thanks again
Stopthewar Taylor (3 days ago)
English bricklayers are the best.
Darren Stouchbury (5 days ago)
The must-have underground tunnels in London there must be loads of them could you find out
william Last (5 days ago)
did anybody else see a a foot or a hand at 28.45/33.18 with four digits? ...scary.
Dizzy4Dayz (5 days ago)
looks like a glove.
marcos22571 (6 days ago)
Fuck u and fuck America u know nothing about us you foreign fuck.
Robert Epperson (7 days ago)
Absolutely had to give you a like and thumbs up for the American flag piece gents.
R Boyd (7 days ago)
Buckey blowin wind... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
snapdragon69 (8 days ago)
Around 2000, I was taken into an 'underground city' in Manchester as part of my job. It was under some sort of large old civic building next to a square which I think had some grass and a stone monument in the middle. (looking at google maps, maybe the one with Princess Street and Lloyd street) I only saw it beiefly as was taken in by vehicle through a portullis and down a ramp that turned and turned like in a multistory carpark. It was like a replica of how the streets above would have been, it had kerbs pavements at the edge, cobbled roads and gutters, and the buildings with doors and windows at the side of the pavement. It was a dark as there were just old lights and sometimes grates that allowed ventilation and light to the street level but your eyes soon got used to it. Even piegons had found there way in. I think it is where the elites so malfeasance - as above, so below.
basil tozer (12 days ago)
Guys amazed,Carlisle has a American diner,you should give up exploring,you couldn't find a motorway. Why don't you go north, I hear there are new lands to discover.
Doesn't make sense....
Joe Patto (12 days ago)
28:45 there’s clearly a human foot
Al Swearengen (14 days ago)
love your vids! keep up the great work
I A (14 days ago)
restore that shit and make a club right there
Leigh Rich (14 days ago)
Bomb shelter
Jonathan Shaw (15 days ago)
I would bring some tools to bust through a walled off passage. Just imagine the awesomeness you would find.
Azri'el Collier (16 days ago)
So, he could not blow the gasses in the loo, eh??
Dinky Doo (16 days ago)
Looks like old tunnels under railway station. Would I be right in saying thats where they are?
suprlite (16 days ago)
So, now that you have shown everyone that thel location is open and in existence - the city wil have it cemented shut and you have ruined it for everyone. Well done..
steve anderson (17 days ago)
Very interesting video. Would love to see it in person.
Sjarken (17 days ago)
28:44 What IS that?
Sarah Lomax (17 days ago)
Searched the moffat can it was around the 70s crazy how it's just still sat there 40..50 years later xx
gothica b (18 days ago)
do you girls smoke  cigarettes
British First (19 days ago)
Be funny as fuck if you lost your way back.....🤣🤣😂
Donna Burwell (20 days ago)
This is not ugly! It’s absolutely beautiful and I can certainly imagine what Manchester looks like! Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. Your friend from Texas LOL
Donna Burwell (20 days ago)
I wonder if some of these tunnels are used in human sacrifice. There’s a lot to talk about human trafficking and organ harvesting for the pineal gland and the adreanochrome far the elite. Here in America many of our politicians and there’s rumors going around about some of your Royals getting into that. Do you think this is why some of the areas are blocked off and bricked up.Q Sad that the underground catacombs under Notre Dame was used for human sacrifice.
alejandro ulloa (24 days ago)
putos ingleses
Daniel Dixon (27 days ago)
Seriously. How did you not get lost forever? 😂
Daniel Dixon (27 days ago)
I bet the oxygen is top quality in the tunnels
Mark Mason (28 days ago)
Almost makes you feel like having a Self Contained flat built down there, and live like a Recluse.
Cory Samoila (1 month ago)
Its where the turtles lived...
Hawkfum O'Dee (1 month ago)
Maps mate, draw us maps, give us an idea of the layout of these places :)
smok'in kush (1 month ago)
If people knew about it an if the city fix up underground it would make great space an make a great homeless shelter if it was all fix up an had Power an working toilets an fix really good
Flerponius (1 month ago)
3:50 Coffee mug
Adam Cooper (1 month ago)
How tf do you not get lost in somewhere like this 😂 I’d be in there for a week trying to find a way out 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
FISH OR DIE (1 month ago)
Built way before they say And it’s the old city before the cataclysm
Pinkamena Diane Pie (1 month ago)
we all live underground down here
izziwhizzi wo (1 month ago)
Toilets were used up till 1960s.... But built in 1838.....
Joan Strine (1 month ago)
I think it was for WW2 air aide Bombing Shelters? Germany Bombed the hell out of the UK in Cities.
midas617 (1 month ago)
Shit, I thought it was someone's foot. 28:44
Mike Williams (1 month ago)
Pretty sure if teaching a pug to nazi salute gets you locked up, they'll hang you for this
Susan becker (1 month ago)
Love your vids!! And you guys of course! We Americans have a rich history, but you guys have a rreeeaaallly long history. You actually can discover things hundreds of years old. Cool part is you never know what your gonna find. I still think your best finds are yet to come. Stay curious and careful!!
Piggy Squad (1 month ago)
Gmod scary map
Adrian Stanfill (1 month ago)
He said that underground room hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time
Because it was once street level....... meaning daylight used to reach it 😅
Ste G (1 month ago)
Another BRILLIANT video keep it up. I've been doing a few videos of my own!
Sheila finn (1 month ago)
Tet shot guys
Ted Keseler (1 month ago)
Ask your great grandmother about the underground in Manchester she was down there when Hitler was coming.
MrGoesBoom (1 month ago)
Such a damn shame that one of the hallmarks of any urban exploration video is seeing how many a-holes got there before you and decided to smash and graffiti everything in sight. Imagine finding a site like this where the only filth was dust and maybe some rodent leavings at worst?
GamerKCee (1 month ago)
Great video guys, you should have taken a piss in the the toilets for old times sake 😂😂😂 you would have gone down in history lol
danc2581 (1 month ago)
Awesome video!!! It's like going back in time!!!
B.J. Hinote (1 month ago)
So what were the arches? Train station? Was this all once above ground?
93listen'er S.C (1 month ago)
Just hope nobody puts a big cannabis farm in there major harvest 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
Probably last few places left where you can’t be spotted on cctv or satellites.
samsara 1970 (1 month ago)
I know how old the lemonade can is. It's VERY OLD!😜
Leanne Cook (1 month ago)
Underground party comes to mind would be fat
Peach Glow Reyah (1 month ago)
u should make a ghost story there that was creepy
Peach Glow Reyah (1 month ago)
where the reptile queen goes to every friday hiding from judgement day
vainparasite (1 month ago)
Was he really checking upstairs for an underground city?
Are you even watching the same video.....
Anarcheaologist (1 month ago)
Crazy stuff to explore! I've heard about tunnels under Utica and Rome NY but I'm almost certain all those are US Airforce built. Nothing old like you folks in the UK.
bully tube (1 month ago)
Tell me how to get in I'm only 10 min away
wetvulcan2 (1 month ago)
very interesting documantery
Luke P (1 month ago)
At the start of the video why where them first Sections just empty and filled with lights?
Daniel Dixon (27 days ago)
Different place
yesca jasta (1 month ago)
i am sure they were used in ww2 so there goes the 90 year thing also its a bit on the odd side that your one mate there was getting a bit shit faced in the toilets a mask mite help there a bit
The Alderado Show (1 month ago)
Wow cool video 👏 Really interesting.
Bob McDermott (2 months ago)
Are these near the cathedral?
Catherine Smith (2 months ago)
A few years ago you could go on an organised tour of underground Manchester. I went with my family. Sadly they've stopped running them due to health and safety concerns. We accessed the tunnels underneath the Great Northern railway building via a steep staircase. I'm glad I had a chance to see some of the tunnels but it was very creepy. Apparently there's miles of them, some smaller ones are used to run fibre optic cables through for telecommunications.
lynn loshe (2 months ago)
At 28:44 Looks like a 4 toed foot or a hand, some kind of extremity. Can't believe you didn't see it? Made me jump!
Harry (2 months ago)
lynn loshe glove i think
Patrick Bagnano (2 months ago)
All hail America
Aden Anthony (2 months ago)
But...what happens if the brick crumbles? Will the city slowly crumbles into itself? I'm seriously curious.
chad wilson (2 months ago)
At 17:00 of ur video use the word ominous more often.. cuase that's just what it is.
chad wilson (2 months ago)
New subscriber.. love your enthusiasm and adventures thus far,seen about 8 of your vids.. hope to go to Manchester some day soon to check these out, props from Canada bc.
chad wilson (2 months ago)
Lol "remanents of.. uhh not sure what that is" (nice..)
chad wilson (2 months ago)
Love your cities there beautiful.
chad wilson (2 months ago)
Lol America suckered.
Michele Mcguire (2 months ago)
I sure hope you have a way to defend yourself..it's pretty dark n dank down there!! And have some way to make a permanent mark on the wall so you don't get lost!
Michele Mcguire (2 months ago)
How could not like chocolate? You're weird...lol
Lizzy / (2 months ago)
Looks Amazing!
Carla Heath (2 months ago)
didn't see arch 11 was real curious why that number was left out interesting
Exploring with Fighters (2 months ago)
No comment.
ehsnils (2 months ago)
You should have cordoned off the manhole with some cones and tape and then had high-vis clothing on, then you would have looked like you were doing some legit street work. Anyway - if the city of Manchester denies the existence of these chambers and they later collapse - who's responsible?
Jesse Grant (2 months ago)
It's 07:31 on a Monday morning, I'm trying to eat my breakfast. creepy music doesn't help, it's too early for this shit 😂
Median12 Occupant17 (2 months ago)
That was so flippling cool!
fabio40 (2 months ago)
The lemonade can isn't that old. It's aluminum. They were tin up until the 1970's.
A Day in the Life of (2 months ago)
Is it illegal to explore these places like it is in the states?
A Day in the Life of (2 months ago)
+Exploring with Fighters So much for "hail America". Explorers here in NY and such cities face possible Jail time and fines if they get caught. Don't understand why western civilization seems to hate history so much. Great vid by the way, love the Europe exploration, your zeal for history, and places there are much much older!
Exploring with Fighters (2 months ago)
Nope tresspass isn't illegal in the UK. Plus these tunnels "don't exist" 😉
PlumbExpress Group (2 months ago)
The paper towel holder at 30 mins in, the name on it is 'onliwon'.... I seem to recall that this was the first paper towel holder of its time, and dispensed one paper towel at a time, hence the name ONLIWON (ONLY ONE) Excellent video!!
bradd ford (2 months ago)
homeless camp
Brian Kick (2 months ago)
“As I walk down these steps it feel like I’m walking through time” WHAT A BELTER!
Kathleen Newman (2 months ago)
Officials don't want vagrants living there. This should be fixed up.
Kathleen Newman (2 months ago)
It is irresponsible not to wear oxgen masks and gloves. Thank you for sharing, but it seems like eventually the area will collapse.
Jeremy Green (2 months ago)
Did I see a plane wing near start of video?
Zubr Hero (2 months ago)
Whenever I watch anything like this I'm not scared of seeing something move, or a shadow, or a ghost or ghoul. Imagine bumping into another person. Now thats scary.
Sjarken (17 days ago)
Imagine if you found a corpse there. That would be really scary.
Maria Robles (2 months ago)
Tegucigalpa In Honduras Was a gold mining city. Don't know where The tunnels are or know people that do!
Maria Robles (2 months ago)
Ir may Work for WW3 nuclear!
Caroline Gray (2 months ago)
Amazing what’s down there
Caroline Gray (2 months ago)
I am a new sub
Caroline Gray (2 months ago)
Good video
Judith Ree Jones (2 months ago)
Looks post apocalyptic. Tomorrow and yesterday in the now.

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