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Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix) (Official)

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► Get PRAYER here: http://wmg.click/RobinSchulz_PrayerYo ► Get SUGAR here: http://wmg.click/RobinSchulz_PrayerYo Check out the Club Highlights on Spotify. The Playlist with the hottest club tracks: http://wmg.cc/ClubLights Visit Robin Schulz here: ►http://www.robin-schulz.com ►https://www.facebook.com/robin.schulz.official ►https://twitter.com/robin_schulz ►http://instagram.com/robin__schulz# Visit Lilly Wood & The Prick here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5PkLczg-CCI7niCyQaI-MQ https://www.facebook.com/lillywoodandtheprick https://twitter.com/LWATP Is club music allowed to be melancholy once in awhile? Absolutely, it even has to be. At least when the French alternative-pop-folk superstars Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto, alias Lilly Wood & The Prick, have their way. Their haunting melody "Prayer in C" was quickly snatched up by the DJ, producer and label owner Robin Schulz from Osnabruck, Germany, and sublimated into a shining dancefloor pearl! At the beginning of this year the head of Lausbuben Records ("Rascal" Records) and star DJ Robin Schulz already entered the Top 40 of the German iTunes charts with his single "Sunset". Last March he shoved none less than Pharrell Williams from the charts throne with his "Waves" remix for the Dutch rapper Mr. Probz and took a cosy position at Number One in the German singles, iTunes, airplay and dance hitparade charts. But this is not all because Robin Schulz is more than successful on an international level. The "Waves" remix stayed at #24 in the global iTunes Single Charts, at #21 in the global Spotify Charts and has held a Top 10 position in the Beatport Charts for more than three months. Following acclaimed live appearances in Germany, Holland, France and the UK, the Soundcloud-plays millionaire reached into his electronic bag of tricks and delivers a preview for the upcoming summer holidays with his deep house style remix of Lilly Wood & The Prick's "Prayer in C". It's a superstar collaboration: "Prayer in C" is the acoustic counterpart to an open air summer party night in the Provence: the scent of lavender in the air and an atmosphere somewhere between melancholy and euphoria. The track is driven by the absolutely captivating, goose-bump-inducing voice of Nili Hadidas, who with her sexy-smoky timbre, the haunting lyrics as well as Benjamin Cotto's wistful acoustic guitar melody create the organic vibe. The Robin Schulz remix underlays the track with a tight straight-on beat that transforms the original folk-pop track into an energic. melody-house club hymn. And Schulz must know how to do it: nearly 113,000 Soundcloud followers, who clicked his tracks several million times altogether, can't be wrong (for example, "Willst Du" has more than 1.2 million clicks or "Sunset" more than 820,000). And also his YouTube videos for his bootlegs with millions of clicks show that Robin Schulz knows how to seize the latest sound and serve it up to the masses in a sizzling new package. At the moment Robin Schulz is experiencing the hottest clubs in Europe on an extending tour. And the original creators of the track, the Paris duo Lilly Wood & The Prick don't have to play themselves down as far as fame is concerned. At home in France, the duo advanced to genuine superstars following their double-platinum debut abum. At the beginning of the year, one album track, "Into Trouble" was used in a TV spot for the noble jewelry brand Cartier. Together with Robin Schulz they deliver the next club diamond with "Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix)". Director: Maxim Rosenbauer DoP: Dimitri Hempel Producer: Jana Ehrpunkt Editor: Kolja Frase The Dog: Don An EASYdoesit Production
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Text Comments (44672)
Иван Крымов (32 minutes ago)
Luca C113XXON (1 hour ago)
its a verry nice 1 like the song is nice .-. xD
Christina Masden (5 hours ago)
Look israel we care now... highly violent demons... ungrateful... abusive, infiltrating, attacking 1776 whites to climb now...
Christina Masden (5 hours ago)
CDхCøokie PUBGM (9 hours ago)
...2016 on disco i heard this, tried to ask what was thus song, no one knew, so i forgot. Now, scrolling insta and found this on a naruto post. So glad this happened
The Queen Taters (14 hours ago)
Ah yes. Cultural appropriation in a music video.
jisoo the queen (18 hours ago)
am I the only one that likes starry night more then this version
Bianca ivascu Piano (18 hours ago)
Hey, do not you think it's similar to the song mamamoo starry night?
Bianca ivascu Piano (15 hours ago)
+jisoo the queen yes me too
jisoo the queen (18 hours ago)
yeah it is similar but I like starry night more
Seba Stian (19 hours ago)
I'm here from Naruto edits 🖤
Qwezle Channel (19 hours ago)
Put on 0,75 speed , sounds better ... on my opinion
Red-wolf FUNNEH FAN! (20 hours ago)
This is my favourite song!
The years below have been the best 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Naumanistani (23 hours ago)
Nobody forgets the rhythm but everyone forgets the name of this song!!
EDGARQUESADAQU Ququ (1 day ago)
LETRAS Yeah, you never said a word You didn't send me no letter Don't think I could forgive you See our world is slowly dying I'm not wasting no more time Don't think I could believe you Yeah, our hands will get more wrinkled And our hair will be grey Don't think I could forgive you And see the children are starving And their houses were destroyed Don't think they could forgive you Hey, when seas will cover lands And when men will be no more Don't think you can forgive you Yeah when there'll just be silence And when life will be over Don't think you will forgive you Compositores: Benjamin Cotto / Nili Ben Meir / Pierre Guimard Letra de Prayer In C © Warner Chappell Music France
Erik Hernandez Diaz (1 day ago)
Lungani Phahla (1 day ago)
The most blood curling message in a soothing melody. C
Zuza Zuza (1 day ago)
h o l i d a y ! 😍
Casey Hughes (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who actually knew the name of this song?
Your Mom (2 days ago)
_march 2019?_
Weirdo Wolf :D (2 days ago)
wit de meaning? Is it everybody is themselves no matter what?
Sofia Chop (2 days ago)
Michael Iveson (2 days ago)
the magician is COOL
LYUBA VLOG (2 days ago)
2:31 OMG
brianna Karen (2 days ago)
I keep thinking of the past and the end with this song still I love it
Moises Romo (3 days ago)
Where was this filmed?
Gent Bar (3 days ago)
dig it
MiaTheWolf 3 (3 days ago)
*when you are still watching it in 2019*
Shadowolf07 (3 days ago)
I’m so happy I found this song I’ve been searching for ages but I couldn’t get a hint from the lyrics from when I heard it on the radio and I was so sad but I recently saw a edit with this song and the person of the edit told me and I’m soo happy they did When I was younger I heard this on the radio and cried I don’t know why but I have this deep connection with this song that I don’t have with any other song. And I listen to it all the time now 💗💗
Neji Arts (3 days ago)
Thông Nguyễn (3 days ago)
Das Milleniums puzzle (3 days ago)
ricardo milos honorman
Kajsa K (3 days ago)
It took me 5 years to find this song :,)
Marc Braun (3 days ago)
Wenn der Islam erstmal richtig Einzug erhält in Europa ist's vorbei mit eurer Feier, Spaß und Partygesellschaft !!!!, denn er verabscheut all das...
Jalmir Flores (3 days ago)
É ótima!!!!!!!!
Eder Junio (3 days ago)
Kiss my eggs
Boobies (3 days ago)
listening to this in 2019 gave me goosebumps ☺️
Just Jiwoo (2 days ago)
Mamamoo starry night is look’s like same! Mamamoo copied But I really love Mamamoo 💗
jisoo the queen (18 hours ago)
am I the only one that likes starry night more
Gia Hernandez (1 day ago)
mamamoo sampled the music from here
OverBro confirmed
Yoav Zimerman (4 days ago)
Sooo good
Mart Campu (4 days ago)
jisoo the queen (18 hours ago)
Clemens Travel World (4 days ago)
Ob man ein Lied tot hören kann?
Danny Mellizo (4 days ago)
Matthew Cr (4 days ago)
Holy shit, i remember hearing this back in 2014, could never remember the name.
Hecking Tiger (7 hours ago)
Me too! It just popped in recommend and I screamed lmao
CDхCøokie PUBGM (9 hours ago)
...2016 on disco i heard this, tried to ask what was thus song, no one knew, so i forgot. Now, scrolling insta and found this on a naruto post. So glad this happened
Tatiana Soto Gonzalez (9 hours ago)
ajajaj same, i couldn't stay with the doubt again!!!
FBI OPEN UP (14 hours ago)
FBI (14 hours ago)
FBI OPEN UP fake fbi who?
Style Review (4 days ago)
Mexico DF vs Berlin
Nameless (4 days ago)
Everyone is complaining how hard is this song to find YOU LITERALLY HAVE AN APP THAT TELLS YOU WHAT SONG IS PLAYING
TGCXavier (4 days ago)
I was looking for this song for a long time. 5 years? Lol
TGCXavier (4 days ago)
Why is this comment section a calendar?
Guilherme VF (4 days ago)
*Eu sou o comentario brasileiro que vc esta procurando??*
Alex Júlio M (2 days ago)
Não é que eu estava procurando mesmo se tinha algum br por aqui além de mim, ouvindo essa música 👍😉😅
Roku _ (4 days ago)
Thats some nostalgia right here
Qka Kapsulka (4 days ago)
Finally I found it.
Cris Bral (4 days ago)
Cadê os brasileiros dessa porra?😎
The Gym Brony (5 days ago)
Holy crap 5 years have flown by...
xXRomansciXx (4 days ago)
Upgs9 (5 days ago)
Who came her from naruto amv's?
Upgs9 (3 days ago)
+LARA SINGH thats why i came here the ramen one 😭😭
LARA SINGH (3 days ago)
MEEEEEEEEEE, naruto for life:) the ramen one made me cry
kartina бJIЯdinA (3 days ago)
+Foxy Kom российские всюду
Foxy Kom (4 days ago)
урааа сдесь кушать свои
Boi-o-Tron Gaming (5 days ago)
Saw a Naruto compilation on ig
Das Milleniums puzzle (4 days ago)
[GUIIIH FIIREツ ] (5 days ago)
Jayden Heuvel (5 days ago)
2019 😀🤪😀🤪
The arty net (5 days ago)
Starry night! Hjdhsjdbdhihavenoideawhattheysayhereimnotakoreanexpert doododododod hage manduroooooooooo??? Idk this really sounds like starry night by mamamoo
Alma Morales (5 days ago)
Esta rola Jamas la olvidaré...❤😌
Bruno BAGUAL (5 days ago)
1:34 supreme shirt // camisa da supreme
Dineesha Chiran (5 days ago)
This never gets old 👌🏻
Dikshan Chanel (6 days ago)
Victor (6 days ago)
MX? 2019? :v
James Cybn (6 days ago)
a powerful song ❤️
Unai Santolaya (6 days ago)
Pura nostalgia
Reis bauer (6 days ago)
2019 anyone?
jam bro (6 days ago)
our world is slowly dying!
sad sushi (6 days ago)
The music reminds me of starry night by mamamoo
明浩的科米 (4 days ago)
sad sushi i was thinking the same!! perhaps the song was bought by rbw for mamamoo?
Damien De Backer (6 days ago)
My first year in college: so many memories tho
Adiemla (7 days ago)
Rosa Pink🏵🦄🌟...irmãs Adiemla 💖
- Jake (7 days ago)
I am a Prayer in C!
Vidal Morales (7 days ago)
Algún latino 2019💪
Pedro Souza (7 days ago)
Quem veio por chatuba da mesquita
Is it wrong I’m here from MAMAMOO starry night?
Namjoon’s Left dimple (16 hours ago)
Ena Butterfly yea same I heard this song waaayyy before starry night but I forgot about it til I listened to mamamoo
Ena Butterfly (1 day ago)
I already knew this song. I was surprised that they said that starry night looks like prayer in c
Nathalia Fonseca (6 days ago)
Me too ksksk
Jalmir Flores (7 days ago)
ótimo 😀🤩🎵😍
Erilany Sousa Sousa (7 days ago)
Quem veio pela, versão reaggae ❤👏
Romercor (8 days ago)
Эх, лето...
Alec Hiester (8 days ago)
Блять. Я б на такую тусу сходил, забавно смотрится :(((
LixX mEi (8 days ago)
*S K A T E💖*
PlayerGuilsk (8 days ago)
Iá u never
HARLEY D (8 days ago)
En donde estan? En Paris??
Animaster Art (8 days ago)
paz (9 days ago)
Took years of searching but okay .....ill just go enjoy my song now XD
EricStyle (8 days ago)
Rlly? 😂
Tuğba Baycan (9 days ago)
Berlin summers...
Mehmet Aydın (9 days ago)
Muziğin ana teması. Bol bol sikişin Sex Sex Sex. Noting
김상진 (9 days ago)
🍹⚘ 🌻 🍸🌹
Swap _Sans (9 days ago)
2016 вспоминаетсЯ
Milton Cumbicos (9 days ago)
Amo ésta canción ♥️♥️
Oh Yeah yeah (9 days ago)
2019 anyone?
pamfilyam (9 days ago)
zahra suleiman (9 days ago)
GOD didn't sent you no letter He sent you BOOKS profhets and messengers. Ungrateful devil !!!
nicholas ng sing kwong (10 days ago)
St John;s apocalypse scriptures here mentioned
Garima Gaur (7 days ago)
Roblox_Tr _GG (10 days ago)
2.32 wtf
chucktowne (10 days ago)
But he did send you a letter, actually a very large book. Also, when "life is over" there will still be life just not this one. God will never be alone, just those who forsake him.
Kevin Ruppel (10 days ago)
2:32 😍😍😍
Karoline Of (10 days ago)
2014 ;-;
Daniela Cazares (10 days ago)
ok ok that music is really motived in your house rucon traigo ala clica bien prendida en la toyota todos andamos pelones
Ramiro González (10 days ago)
Those green eyes 0:21

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