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Text Comments (2192)
Moe Sargi (7 months ago)
THANKS FOR THE LOVE YALL i am officially bringing bk the 24 Hour challenges coming soon! follow me on IG www.instagram.com/moesargi
Chell Espinoza (14 days ago)
you. we
Cesar Vasquez (4 months ago)
Moe Sargi ets cool.
Lorenzo Green (5 months ago)
Can I be in one of ur videos
Lorenzo Green (5 months ago)
Moe sargi u are awesome
Jon evans MadMax (5 months ago)
I have a screen shot of a man behind you in this video
Timmy King (4 days ago)
Yo Tom my boy love your videos moe sargi stay true and real live a little
kaushal ambaliya (6 days ago)
Larry robison (12 days ago)
Larry robison (12 days ago)
Professin idiotal
NORTE VLON (16 days ago)
Camellia Christopher (16 days ago)
Look it I'm just thankful you are running from the cops LOL 😁love 💘💘💘💘💘you guys
Camellia Christopher (16 days ago)
You said massive bedroom after me, great minds yo!!!!😊
Camellia Christopher (16 days ago)
How could you not get lost in a house like that????It's Massive!!!!!!!😊and Abso!I felt Beautiful,thanks Mo!
Camellia Christopher (16 days ago)
Why do we need stupid people?that destroy property for nothing????
Camellia Christopher (16 days ago)
Watch out for poison ivy!!!!!!!😊
jennifer Arel (19 days ago)
I see a kid like 15 he was in the home
Jennifer Fernandez (25 days ago)
At 10:31-10:32 a person pass by moe
dean kennedy (26 days ago)
i seen a man
Ken Johnson (1 month ago)
The white stuff on the spiders is fungus eating away at the exoskeleton
The Dragon Slayer (1 month ago)
That light in the closet is motion sensored did you see the thing behind it on the wall i know because they have those at my school
Joseph Ferguson (1 month ago)
There was a person in their with u if you go back at 10:30 throw 10:34. Check it out
alexdemongirl _33 (1 month ago)
I don't get why people would destroy abandon places, because abandon places are a part of history, and r rlly cool to explore. But that's just my opinion. :3 oh and at 10:30 there was some guy with red hair behind u recording.
Oboybee (1 month ago)
Did you crack a rat @ 10:16?
Anthony Hutchinson (1 month ago)
Um bro there was a guy behind you when you was looking out the window
Young lil F (1 month ago)
I saw somepody walk Behind you
rοcket WIZLMENS (1 month ago)
10:31 I saw someone
Chaos Gamer (2 months ago)
At 10:33 through 10:36 you can see a guy walking past with a red hat
Ethan Wilson (2 months ago)
Hope & Need (2 months ago)
i also heard somebody talked
Jacob Jordan (2 months ago)
The lights motion sensored
Josephine Mercader (2 months ago)
I would so live there :( I'm tired of being homeless... and why so many houses like this empty. they should move homeless people like me there.. Unfortunately, I am messaging you from the Library! I am homeless for years now I live anywhere still seek safety place so call home to showers to sleep warm and eat home cooking I miss the days I would so decorate that house I don't care if there is Ghost,, I'm not scared of them I talk to them a lot whenever I stay in an abandoned haunted house for a night or two. God bless! xo
Whitney Rice (2 months ago)
Sense it was a drug dealers house IT could be cokan
KK Francis (2 months ago)
At 10:33 in the doorway behind you their is a guy that walks by with a red hat on
Dominic Duquette (2 months ago)
Face it bud they got shook and wuss out you boys are big buffs compered those two haha diet? Congratz 😄💍💎👣👣👣👣
Venzey Joe90 (3 months ago)
Is just spider..huhu wht the big deal..is suck when people come to abandon plce n destroys it wht point u get when do like tht..there is nothing left to explore by another people..
Madison Patks (3 months ago)
10:31someone walking behind you
ary miner (3 months ago)
Hay can you check out my YouTube canel it's called Aryanna Mine
BrianaTaylor Videos (3 months ago)
New sargiant here! 💙💙
Phillip tablada (3 months ago)
Amanda Barton (3 months ago)
Sargants here in full force.
CrashwithAsh 1 (3 months ago)
I was very salty and liked that butten 😂😂😂
Blair Morris (3 months ago)
The white stuff was webbing from a dominate spider
R Ag (4 months ago)
The white spiders from what ive been told when i was younger is that it means they r blind spiders theyve been kept in the dark for a long time
kyleigh arterbury (4 months ago)
10:33 someone is behind you Moe
Neeve Wright (4 months ago)
I saw a guy go past at 10:30
xtine 416 (4 months ago)
Oh my God I never laughed so hard when you stepped in whenever you stepped in and flung it up against the wall bahaha
Hype Diirty (4 months ago)
10:33-10:35, another dude is in the house with u when u turn around
DuhitzJazz (4 months ago)
Theiftgamer 007 (4 months ago)
10:33 someone walk across the arch way and it was not Carlo moe check like this so now will see
Emersyn Chappell (4 months ago)
Someone walked behind you when you turned around after asking if Carlos was good
linda field (4 months ago)
Nice job Moe.
Aliesha Fleck (4 months ago)
A guy was walking behind you in 10:33
wheely wonka (5 months ago)
10:33 there is another guy in the house
sweety sweetness (5 months ago)
At 10:33 there's a person with a red hat Maybe the people got in idk
Ethel Stevenson (5 months ago)
Who is this?
Kayla Jackson (5 months ago)
This is actually a beautiful place it just needed some TLC forget bout the past 😇😁☺️😍❤️
Erica Wallace (5 months ago)
Sandy Kelsey (5 months ago)
this makes me so sick. vandals doing this to a beautiful place like this. its a shame for this place to just sit there falling apart. so sad.
Rosa McGlaun (5 months ago)
I thought i seen a black figure walk in that house behind a wall that was behind ur friend
Jeffery Giordano (5 months ago)
JEFF Giordano Harry Potter movie 🍕🍷🥛♥️🌡️
Youngjr1 Five (5 months ago)
if you look at 3:53
Svavar Kjartansson (5 months ago)
Svavar Kjartansson (5 months ago)
Moe is there a 3rd person with you guy’s becouse there is a person that walked by at 10:34
Svavar Kjartansson (5 months ago)
Maybe it’s a motion light
kiwi68nz (5 months ago)
Mikotheplayer 1 (5 months ago)
In 10.33 was a man walking cross another room
Suzanne Walsh (5 months ago)
I love meself some deeeeeeeep swimming pools
K-STER NIGHTcores (5 months ago)
Who is that 10:33
TheBKRadGamer (5 months ago)
Those were egg sack
Amanda aka miss830 (5 months ago)
The room with the bed and chair it goes blurry i think spirits in there its blurry
Amanda aka miss830 (5 months ago)
Id go in with an evp emf device
helen Townsend (5 months ago)
Sexy moe sargi in the house this is pure spooky and insane moe you are so brave then me yuk hate spider s me new from England 💙
uni cat (5 months ago)
uni cat (5 months ago)
YO spider TOM MY BOY!!!😄😁😊😋😏☺
Zi b. (5 months ago)
Aside from a drug dealer living there and it being somewhat haunted that house was dope! Shoot i would live there too 😁
Judith Meives (5 months ago)
I bet all the closets have motion control devices. No walking into dark closets. Spiders make white patches like that, full of eggs. Next week this will be Spider House.
NathanOfADown (5 months ago)
Llnda Discher (5 months ago)
The closet light has a built in censor.
hey tell me i wanna look it up im 7
Wendy Prince (5 months ago)
Nice house
killing best beast gamer (5 months ago)
I saw sume one 😟😟
Lisa Manke (5 months ago)
Your adorable and do awesome videos......your wife is so lucky
Berdina Shepherd (5 months ago)
The people that was trying to break in was already in there they didn't leave cuz we saw one the one with the curly hair in the background is what I saw😊😊😊😊
Hunter Heavyrunner (5 months ago)
There’s someone in 10:30 in the background
Logster (5 months ago)
Who walked behind moe at 10:33
christina kaiser (5 months ago)
I wonder if that mansion  belonged to Pablo escobor
christina kaiser (5 months ago)
why is there a refrigerator by the front door  that's strange
christina kaiser (5 months ago)
sure does look like what he would own
S Nunes (5 months ago)
Blue is my favorite color too!!
furry dude (6 months ago)
Who's that that went by in the room behind you
Stenver Pauk (6 months ago)
10.32 somebody walked behind you
Cari Thomas (6 months ago)
Its there web and babyies
Shyann Hitchcox (6 months ago)
10:33 there is someone walking in the doorway whit a red hat on
Hailynn Stanage (6 months ago)
I REALLY REALLY want to live there
Eduardo Garcia (6 months ago)
There was someone walking in the backround
Connor Leahy (6 months ago)
At 10:33 somebody was behind you
Helen Harper (6 months ago)
The light in the closet is a motion light
Helen Harper (6 months ago)
I want to buy this mansion
adin brinkley (6 months ago)
Dose anyone want to play fortunate with me
why is the house abonded
Jennifer Williams (6 months ago)
Did you notice on your video someone walked right past you at 10:33
Jennifer Williams (6 months ago)
It's animatic
Zoey Buchanan (6 months ago)
Who was that at 10:38
Pacey Edgmon (6 months ago)
You the best
Janea (6 months ago)
At 7:37 in the bottom left their is a Xbox one headset
Orlando Ortiz (6 months ago)
How are we supose to explore a abounded drug dealers mansion at our house

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