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The Guest - House Shootout Scene (1080p)

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https://www.facebook.com/RentonUsers/ The Badass Scene of David (Dan Stevens) versus Major Craver (Lance Reddick) and his mercenaries team gunfight battle into the peteson's house scene from the action-horror-thriller film called "THE GUEST" Directed by Adam Wingard i'm LUCAS RENTON ,the channel of action scenes from blockbuster movies and indie-underrated movie from Hollywood & Asia. tagged : The Guest, The Guest Dan Stevens, The Guest House Shootout Scene, Shootout Scene, Action Scene, Action Movies, Lucas Renton, Edgar Renton #LucasRenton #ActionMovies2018 #ActionScene
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Text Comments (237)
James West (14 hours ago)
I love how literally everything that doesn’t go David’s way is just reacted to like a mere inconvenience.
New Star (14 hours ago)
Oh shit
Jonathan-Gaming YT (16 hours ago)
I really hate the one that killed the woman, he is like evil!!!
Tula Elaa (19 hours ago)
should not kill the woman, not at all
Andhika Bayu Trimulya (20 hours ago)
that's some superhuman gun drawing speed
jan boi (20 hours ago)
Blue Marshall (22 hours ago)
Whose to blame????? The Bullets or those guys shooting.
Luke Griffith (1 day ago)
I'm glad I'm never going to watch this movie, because I just watched the plot twist.
Nik Murphy (1 day ago)
I love how many idiots fail to realize that this film is intentionally reminiscent of cheesy 80's and 90's action/thriller films.
Ankur Dahiya (1 day ago)
pubg m249
Low Key (1 day ago)
Dumber than gta 5 paramedic
Soviett Union (1 day ago)
I know enough about the military and tactics and common sense to spot out a lot of mistakes. 1. All of them just mag dumped into a target they didn’t have visual on 2. That one guy who rushed up by himself is an idiot, you always should have a second man with you at all times 3. They also mag dumped a machine gun which again they had no visual on 4. They didn’t call in for any reinforcements, if most of their guys got killed why move up and try to engage with just two men And yes I know this is just a movie with plot and stuff like that I get it
Team Jerenz (1 day ago)
That Asian face doe😂😂😂
#عبوسي صاك (1 day ago)
#عبوسي صاك (1 day ago)
Jeff Lane (1 day ago)
They all stand there as two of their own get killed, then they raise their weapons
waddietwo (1 day ago)
Scarecrow killed at 4:31.
shumble69 (1 day ago)
Terrible movie.
Happy John (1 day ago)
2:06 Cringe 3:05 PM 11/12/2018
José Flores (1 day ago)
Fortnite is finally a movie
franxITOpal (1 day ago)
Joe briscoe (1 day ago)
I thought it was pewdiepie
Twitch 13 (1 day ago)
so the dude with the beard is in john wick. the accountant. and equalizer whoah
ريمكس Remix (1 day ago)
Iura Doscalescu (1 day ago)
Ethan Ramsey (2 days ago)
Ugh! Crap. Very very rare nowadays to find a movie with realistic shoot outs nowadays. This movie is just a load of shit.
hughvane (4 days ago)
Unmitigated tripe!
Arsh randhawa (4 days ago)
Đỗ Văn (4 days ago)
Đit mẹ mấy thằng đần. Trang bị tận răng mà chết sạch. Đánh như thế 1 mình tao cũng diệt được 1 đại đội .
WisConSin 64 (4 days ago)
Ok mp5 only got 30 rounds in its mag and if its using drum mag, it wouldn't been 100 Movie: "Nope"
김희수 (4 days ago)
Why he killed woman and attacked these black uniform boys??
Huw Roberts (1 day ago)
김희수 He was a soldier who was experimented on and developed super human like abilities. He was the only one to survive and is staying in the house of the mother of one of the people who didn’t survive the experiment. He escaped captivity and the people in black are trying to kill him because he is extremely dangerous. He killed the mother because he didn’t want any witnesses.
turtlemouth (4 days ago)
You get better action with Slayer's "You Against You" video.
07foxmulder (4 days ago)
How in the hell are action scenes still being filmed like this? This has every cliche from every 80s shootout. The only thing missing is the *Wilhelm scream*
Michael (4 days ago)
i liked all the scenes i watched on youtube of this movie but after seeing this one god damn this is corny af
Yama Basir (4 days ago)
Gotta love the sound of that saw 😌👌🏼#USMCVET
A Rem (4 days ago)
About as believable as Trumps hair.
Abhinya Shyam Boruah (4 days ago)
Such idiotss... 2 granades and game over...
Kalil HC (4 days ago)
Unprofessional Team squad.
Riley Hoover (4 days ago)
D Watson (4 days ago)
0:23When you first land in pubg and a squad has guns before you and they are shooting at you then you run and find a gun.
If I were the leader of those guys, I would shoot them all myself, for being so incompetent. WHAT BULLSHIT! THE GAND THAT COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT!
Josh F-w (4 days ago)
That's one shitty 'special forces' team. I mean why would you breach the house one guy at a time? In reality they would've surrounded the house and locked down all exits and if they were to breach they would cover all exits and breach with 4-5 guys at once and deploy flash bangs
Bunny Bharath (4 days ago)
Once listen the Background score
Gerardo Martinez (5 days ago)
We demand a trilogy of this movie
RagingAsianGuy (5 days ago)
I thought an mp5 could disperse 30 rounds in fucking 3 seconds.
Josephine Dorion (5 days ago)
I could not out-run those bullets flying faster than the speed of light.
vamsi krishna (5 days ago)
Pubg guns, M16A4,M249 , short gun n P92 pistol!
Andrei Moisi (5 days ago)
Lol shit acting shit action wtf is this shit movie.
Sloth 702 (5 days ago)
Looks like pewdiepie in the thumbnail
Aw - Suru (5 days ago)
4:27 those effects lol
Robert w (5 days ago)
what a shit movie
Gmechnger (5 days ago)
Jordan Null (5 days ago)
The guy with the shotgun dosent have to pump his shot gun really
Joachim Osmundsen (5 days ago)
Just by watching this I've decided not to watch the movie
Marco M (5 days ago)
Hahaha very funy
Дмит Богуш (5 days ago)
ебать ногу в варенье замазал)
DRL (5 days ago)
Why do they never shoot low?
Robert w (5 days ago)
bad aimbot
Joyjeet Paul (5 days ago)
Mr Crypt0_0 (5 days ago)
“Give me 15 seconds of cover fire” - *gives 4 seconds*
GeekFurious (5 days ago)
... this is dumb action.
rocker4577 (5 days ago)
'Acting' with guns, woeful.
HeavyLikesSandwich (5 days ago)
The roof must be all holes with all the recoil
Uglypenguins (5 days ago)
HeavyLikesSandwich makes no sense but whatever
This guy a dick
Tim Hands (5 days ago)
Dan Stevens really should be the next James Bond in waiting when Daniel Craig steps down after the next movie.
bryan herr (5 days ago)
Good ol cheesy flick. Thanks for upload
mitsubishidiamante (5 days ago)
Those Villians got Fully Automatic Weapons and cannot kill a Single Man.. SMH Typical Hollywood Movie
Amri A (5 days ago)
Press G to throw Granade.
Макс Макс (6 days ago)
Как кинофильм заглавие?
TaMoose101 (6 days ago)
More hollywood bullshit, you clowns lap it up like the fools you are. No wonder you have the mental sickness of mass shooting!
mac benzer (6 days ago)
you cannot make fool today's viewers 😂
EVil SNake (6 days ago)
0:36 I am not an expert, but in my opinion there is a problem with this shotgun.
EVil SNake (5 days ago)
Geekins dude I said am not an expert and thx for info 👍
Geekins (5 days ago)
EVil SNake Benelli M3s are dual mode shotguns that can be switched between Semi Automatic and Pump Action modes. What else is wrong with this shotgun, in your opinion?
anglermatt (6 days ago)
This clip proved to me that this movie should never have been made and should not be watched
anglermatt (16 hours ago)
+Evan Thomas I just watched that video you upload and if a dumb ugly cousin fucking trashy hick like you likes this movie, then I'm definitely not worried about it, or the fake shit you are talking, so go back to jerking off to pictures of your family you inbred swine.
Evan Thomas (1 day ago)
Your comment proves to me that you are an idiot.
and thats where you are wrong. go watch the movie. this movie much more of a mystery/thriller than an action flick. this is one of the very few action scnes the movie has.
Chenny Chen (6 days ago)
these guys cant even fucking hit one person standing in the open and they are "special forces" if it was real life the movie would have ended with in a few mins.
samir kacharia (6 days ago)
even after all that weaponry, hiding below the bed is still the best idea
Blackwolverine 31 (6 days ago)
They get points just for reloading
K.J. Midgette (6 days ago)
I know this might be sort of a stretch but do you think the reason he killed Mrs. Peterson because he didn't want her to be killed, interrogated or tortured. I know that this is somewhat of a stretch and that he is a psychopath, but it really makes you wonder if did he actually care and couldn't display the emotion or if he did it to justify his actions.
Blackwolverine 31 (6 days ago)
K.J. Midgette in the movie it’s stated when his true identity is compromised he kills anyone he came in contact with to cover his tracks. Which is why he kills her. If the kids never called those people he wouldn’t have killed any of them
Kalegions 79 (6 days ago)
All the bullets in the world could not touch this guy!
Blackwolverine 31 (6 days ago)
Kalegions 79 he got shot twice bruh
Pockets MacCartney (6 days ago)
make sure not to shoot towards the floor . . leave him room to crawl.
Kenny H (6 days ago)
Cute makes for a good drama for kids! ain't exactly how it done tho!
ReZdItalia (6 days ago)
This is so corny lmao. They all just standing there in a line blasting at a house, stopping to reload all at once, without any visual on who they're actually shooting at hahaha
bryan herr (18 hours ago)
Those r highly trained professional mercs. Live tht detail tht has never happened on a battlefield. Lol good stuff
Nik Murphy (1 day ago)
Congratulations to you and all the people that liked your comment on missing the entire theme of the movie.
Evan Thomas (1 day ago)
Intentional choice by the director to mimic 80s and 90s action movies. Watch the movie and you'll understand. If you still dont understand afterward then there is no hope for you.
Henry Craig (1 day ago)
Comet with Bleach (6 days ago)
You've never seen 80s/90s action movies? That's what its suppose to be like...and it is
rick prol (6 days ago)
Such amazingly stupid crap. For all you bone heads that think this is cool yer about a 3rd grade mentality and have shit taste in film, action or otherwise.
Raul Gonzalez (6 days ago)
Those are not skills, he is just very very very lucky
Dr Strangelove (6 days ago)
Mark Molter (6 days ago)
Ross Egan (6 days ago)
Wot are we supposed to root for the guy who stabs an innocent woman?
James West (14 hours ago)
It’s part of what makes the film different. David is the clear protagonist but he’s also a fucking nutcase and it becomes more clear as you progress through the film making you question where your support lies when scenes like this occur.
deeznutz 564 (19 hours ago)
+Professor Marius Rodriguez 1965 right he probably never even shot a pistol before
+Zachary Jackson XD you wouldn't do jack shit.
Francis King (1 day ago)
Zachary Jackson .... I think he went rouge / AWOL. what ever program he was in obviously was a government program to make killers ( probably brain washing to not care about human killing ) so it turned a few marbles loose in his brain. he was stuck in between 2 realities.
Zachary Jackson (4 days ago)
Saying sorry doesn't make it right. I have no sympathy for him. He had no need to involve any of these innocent people knowing he would have to kill them. When the kid stabs him In the end i would've stabbed him a 3rd time n then picked the pistol up "dont worry David. I dont feel bad." Then shoot that fucker twice in the chest and once in the head. They shouldve killed him in the labs after they programmed him. N like he shouldve gotten revenge on the programmers n shit seeing as he has full knowledge of everything going on and is coherant/ aware. Use the skills against them. Instead he kills innocent people. If ppl root for him that just shows how sad my generation is. No morals or values.
Alex Harter (6 days ago)
"get 'em" - every bad guy ever.
Except those guys are actually the "good guy"
BORNxxD3AD (6 days ago)
Give this man a oscar... honestly not a bad movie it reminds me of 80s action flicks... thumbs up... well one thumb... I shit my other one off in a gun accident
Azteca380 (5 days ago)
BORNxxD3AD heell yeah buddy! One thumb up!!
Dave Lee (6 days ago)
Imagine the window didn't break
Logan James (6 days ago)
This guy is Chuck norris's son
김희수 (4 days ago)
Search about this guy
김희수 (4 days ago)
Actually not
Devin Tariel (5 days ago)
Yeah no...just watch the terrible movie Death Ring it has the real son
El Chepo (6 days ago)
These guys are so stupid. They shoot all at the same time. It’s obvious that they don’t have a good training.
Angry Combat Wombat (6 days ago)
thought the exact same thing. noone sprayed low under the window either.
Sebastian Shaw (7 days ago)
Muzzle flash in this movie is so fake
Umh Chud (7 days ago)
least tactical crew evar
Shabanov Edgar (7 days ago)
Как кинофильм именуется??
Khalid Khan (7 days ago)
They wasted so much bullet instead shud have blown up the house. And black guy shud have called john wick for help
Giuseppe Angelo (7 days ago)
Glad i saw this bull shit highlight and didnt waste my time watching this trash movie.
AceASoldier (7 days ago)
They are the worst mercenaries I’ve ever seen
JELH (7 days ago)
Dan Stevens is the next James Bond.
Nico Meier (7 days ago)
0:30 Looks like the bed is bullet proof.......
Kav (15 hours ago)
Well, i dont know how to tell you all this...this isnt real. Its fake, theyre not real guns and they're just actors. Which does mean the bullets arent real too, Sorry to tell you.
Michael Scalese (1 day ago)
But this looks like an ass show/film anyways
Michael Scalese (1 day ago)
Yeah to 9mm and 12g
Jeremy Brainard (6 days ago)
+ArmanTheKing At 1:46 he was on the other side of the bed. He shot the left side, he was on the right.
ArmanTheKing (6 days ago)
What about 1:46 hahahahaha
Matthe van Daalen (7 days ago)
What an unrealistic BS
James West (14 hours ago)
Find me a realistic 80’s over the top action movie. Which is what this is imitating.
Jesse Gutierrez (3 days ago)
I don't think it was suppose to realistic dumb bitch

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