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Singing Guns (1950) Western / Vaughn Monroe movies 720P

1119 ratings | 549154 views
Singing Guns (1950) Western / Vaughn Monroe The doctor cleans up Rhiannon and presents him to the sheriff as the man who saved his life. Rhiannon is deputized by the sheriff, and becomes torn between his new life and the prospect of robbing the next gold shipment..
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Text Comments (130)
topkhani (2 days ago)
They don't mak'um like that no more..
MrRotaryrockets (4 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this old classic...
kamikase yamamura (6 days ago)
whomever downloaded this movie is a low down yellow rat.
Heru- deshet (10 days ago)
Walter Brennan. The fastest Gun in the West. No brag, just facts". Great movie!
Duncan Diaz (19 days ago)
I adore Ella Raines!
Arvind Chauhan (22 days ago)
Aa Glad (23 days ago)
Uhhh about that slap !!!! Sheriff yea about that slap.
Mohsen Alizadeh (26 days ago)
5:00 back side is not nature all photos and picture
Michael Ruffino (28 days ago)
Wonderful movie. Enjoyed it from start to finish.
doc hall (1 month ago)
His hat & jacket were dry inside. Lol
DOUG MORTON (1 month ago)
Ward Bond reminds me of Clarke Gable
PSALM 103 (1 month ago)
I have a wife named Riannon, I hope she's alright I love and miss her
Harry Stamper (1 month ago)
what a stupid writer, having that dumb woman says "might as well come out" jim. I just shut this movie off.
Patrick Fealy (1 month ago)
Don't reckon I know what's better , the singing or the guns.
Arvind Chauhan (1 month ago)
Good movie
Yasmine Nazarine (1 month ago)
I like western cowboy movies too country
Yasmine Nazarine (1 month ago)
I guess western life was too lonely all they did work look for job & night in the saloon drinking🍻🍺🍷 gambles in saloon girls for sex for those had job & dome lucky lived long some died young in gun shooting crimes robers hurse thief ruber bank thief 😀😀😄no religions no church saloon girls prastutud made money that was their earning same like today playboy prastutud some for any man some for rich men only prastutud playboy diffrent than old western those days today nowdays every women around the 🌎 black white isian Mexican Latinos anybody can be just diffrent time diffrent place diffrent nationality
Aziz Baig (1 month ago)
Nice one
ta65mail (3 months ago)
.45 ACP (3 months ago)
Not a bad movie; only if you could see it.
Kelvin Bridglal (4 months ago)
nice movie
Edward Smith (4 months ago)
I always wondered who sang that song. Goodmorning, It's Alberto & Eduardo. This is me alone today, live from the Cardiac floor R#1. Just a proceedure no wories!
Randy Necesito (4 months ago)
Manbhalang Blah (4 months ago)
Love this movie been watching it twice already. Thanks for uploading it on you tube.
3Ddude101 (4 months ago)
More twists and turns than Mulholland Drive. Never expected so many plot twists in a movie like that. Decent enough western, but the singing. I can enjoy the old styles of singing most of the time. But I just couldn't deal with that Crosby wannabe slop.
Ralph Williams (5 months ago)
Ralph Williams (5 months ago)
Expected Indians come riding over the hill yodelling Jesus
Ralph Williams (5 months ago)
Some great actors wasted in this shit
Ralph Williams (5 months ago)
How do they keep their faces straight
Liam Gallagher (5 months ago)
Vaughn Really nailed it with his rendition...”Singin on my way back home.” Rumor still holds he only needed one take.
David Januszewski (5 months ago)
Most excellent! Thanks
VINOD NARAYANAN (6 months ago)
Alton Hynes (6 months ago)
This is a good movie to watch on a Sunday evening
duane colbert (4 months ago)
Alton Hynes yes 🤠
Boo Man (6 months ago)
Great great western!!!! Hollywood is the dumps now! Can’t wait till another country starts making good ol films again.
Bear 113 (7 months ago)
And she says, "Wait a minute honey I'm not broken yet, you'll have to spend as much time on me as you would a horse". Oh yeh
rammmin1 (7 months ago)
Nothing like good old western movie.
Michael Haskins (7 months ago)
I worked with Ella Raines Daughter several Years .Susan looked like her Mother..
Phillip Shuman (8 months ago)
robert f (8 months ago)
Between him and Eddie Dean, I’d like to shoot this SOB!...
Terry Murphy (8 months ago)
A shame they don't make women like that anymore .
Mary Carroll (2 months ago)
I always say the same thing about men. It is difficult to find a good man that really loves Jesus more than himself.
Mystelle (9 months ago)
Great movie, thanks for uploading :)
Jypsi Here (10 months ago)
Vaughn Monroe reminded me of Howard Keel, and Ella Raines is gorgeous. I do like Ward Bond also, and am watching the Wagon Train series on TV now. Good western, enjoyed it.
Takin silver-haired (2 months ago)
Ella Raines is long gone, how can she be gorgeous? jerk.
Liam Gallagher (5 months ago)
Jypsi Here she was stunning. Those eyes...
Bryan Turley (11 months ago)
Another singing cowboy with a twist just like Gene Autry or Roy and Dal just not enough horses Ha Ha
Sabrina Brannon (11 months ago)
Wonderful western Thanks for sharing.
Gary Brignall (1 year ago)
Awesome movies
Jean AArouet (1 year ago)
So much of this film is unseen owing to the very poorly chosen format....could you not reload it sensibly?...
John Moore (1 year ago)
Ella Raines, one beautiful actress; she was married to Col Robin Olds at one time.
tuberesu (1 year ago)
Better without the warbling but not very much. A Saturday matinee where all the boys would walk out
Sanjay Nikam (1 year ago)
Very Nice Movie.But So Many Ads
Emmette Craft (1 year ago)
Ella is beautiful.
annamal pete (1 year ago)
Splaticus Blah (1 year ago)
Ok if the guns or the actors start to sing am out!
3Ddude101 (4 months ago)
What else do you expect in a movie titled Singing Guns?
robert petersen (1 year ago)
why was rewards valued so high people were making less than a dollar a day in westerns, 10 yrs ago i was making 185.00 dollars a day, 5000 dollars reward would be worth 9,251,000 dollars today for johnny and the return of the gold would be 92,510,000 dollars
3Ddude101 (4 months ago)
Those are Hollywood rewards. The actual reward would have been more like 50 bucks.
mike womack (1 year ago)
Nice .... ;~D>> .... Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Leslie Hunter (1 year ago)
I thoroughly enjoyed it - I love Walter Brennan in anything!!
David Baranco (1 year ago)
Who'd a thought.... Kick a guys ass one night, the next day riding on a stagecoach together... Singing to each other. Hell of a western..... LOL Great cast made it work!
JOHN S. GLADDEN (1 year ago)
Q Anon (3 months ago)
+Sharon White If hitlery is your president you need to find another country.
3Ddude101 (4 months ago)
Sharon White If the president of our country is your enemy then that makes you an enemy of our country. Meaning you should be deported........imprisoned........or shot.
Sharon White (6 months ago)
JOHN S. GLADDEN yes pray for your enemies ALWAYS!😀
Daffy * (1 year ago)
That really was his favorite song! Or else he's just so gay he knew it. Either way...gay.
Ziggy Schumann (1 year ago)
not a bad movie until they start singing............my only question is......WHO IN THE HELL THOUGHT IT A GOOD IDEA TO START SINGING IN A WESTERN,, MUSTA BEEN A CHICK................WHAT A BUZZ KILL..............OM TAT SAT
J. Bruce Fox (1 year ago)
Jeff Corey a good villain, in True Grit!
Donald Scott (1 year ago)
Almost a half-way decent movie--if not for the ridiculously crappy caterwauling.
J. Bruce Fox (1 year ago)
Not Monroe, a fine voice.
Tom Hawkins (1 year ago)
Drat, in previous rant I had forgotten to add how beautiful and elegant Ella was.
Tom Hawkins (12 days ago)
Sedona, before all the "enlightened environmentalists" moved in and turned it into a satellite of Pluto. Vaughn Moore's hat was perfect, great job wardrobe dept.
Platinum Horsemanship (1 year ago)
Awesome Movie.. Thanks
En español cuando Santiago Chile
Subirla en español por favor Santiago Chile
Steven Grotte (1 year ago)
48:10 Thats not fair, "Mule Train," is Frankie Laine's song. LOL.
Steven Grotte (1 year ago)
My favorite Vaughn Monroe song is " Dance Ballerina".
Marc Isaac (1 year ago)
great cast ..
Marc Isaac (1 year ago)
Ella Raines ....beautiful as ever ...loved her hat in the opening scene
Aubrey Wallace (1 year ago)
a good love story too
Aubrey Wallace (1 year ago)
my songs too.! clipitty-clok it got everything
Aubrey Wallace (1 year ago)
first time I didn't want a movie to End
Aubrey Wallace (1 year ago)
wat made it super it got my Gal Yvonne
jmccracken1963 (1 year ago)
Guess what: Yvonne de Carlo isn't in this movie. Nan Morgan is played by Ella Raines.
Aubrey Wallace (1 year ago)
searching for westerns';, like mining for gold.sometimes u hit the jackpot.i keep digging look wat I found.the best western so far.i challenge anyone to find as good or better
Liam Gallagher (5 months ago)
Aubrey Wallace ...Well for starters the best are not in color.
Aubrey Wallace (1 year ago)
love this Western great plot great lady!(Yvonne)
lOUIS TAYLOR (1 year ago)
@41:02 John Doucette, Miner Foreman:"Your guess is as good as mine."
lOUIS TAYLOR (1 year ago)
@7:56 Richard Anderson 'bystander: ""That's Sheriff Carridan .'..not 'Caradac !"
Ronald Strange (1 year ago)
Wish someone could find "The toughest man in Arizona" which has some wonderful music by Vaughn/ Thought Encore Westerns might have had it...but so far, no luck.
Mary Anne Miller (1 month ago)
Liam Gallagher (5 months ago)
Ronald Strange He only went through three of those brown vests for the entire rendition here...
BigG from NYC (2 years ago)
360p, not 720p
Chas Ptrs. (2 years ago)
Haven't heard "mule train" for many years. Some of my school mates have departed, living foolishly.
gene19431 (2 years ago)
This movie has more twist and turns then a turkey on thanksgiving eve. A few plot holes but overall a good movie.
Ibrahim Alsilmi (2 years ago)
Thanksgivings to everyone , director ,producer & everyone effort to produce this big movie .....++++
Argene Neely (2 years ago)
best TG
Fucyou Bunghole (2 years ago)
Jean AArouet (2 years ago)
By the way that tree would never have fallen across the road with that cut!!...impossible
Jean AArouet (2 years ago)
hopeless at cutting with an axe, no idea!...but....maybe  he's got other assets....although never trust a man with a beard or tattoos.
brenda taylor (2 years ago)
A cute movie , thanks for sharing :)
Dejonia Swanson (9 months ago)
.Ok thanks
Kerat Madhoo (11 months ago)
brenda taylor
Baskerville22 (2 years ago)
Plot is totally unbelievable....
heelasawaro (2 years ago)
Uploader must be a fat fellow who dislikes thin folk, because by stretching the film horizontally, he has made everybody in the movie obese.
Horse love Hagerty (2 years ago)
Swaziland az(;.;5132254321_125&@)?"098&"?7890"'hbnp
D'Faro (2 years ago)
good old time film
Linda Hatch (1 year ago)
D'Faro ll+
J. Bruce Fox (11 months ago)
Ella Raines lovely as always! Elinor Donahue and Billy Gray together for the first time.(Father Knows Best).
Brad Bilbo (2 years ago)
Being somewhat of a purist the incorrect aspect ratio ruins the film. This is an easy thing to accomplish with video and there's no excuse for stretching the original film which destroys the cinematic effect....unless you like short squashed people. One of Jeff Corey's final roles as a young man before he was blacklisted in the 50's. Now an icon of character actors...good guys and bad.Vaughn Monroe is great and gets to sing in this technicolor gem. Walter Brennan and Ward Bond elevate this to classic status and one of the best of the genre.
Liam Gallagher (5 months ago)
Waay down any list i could ever try to put together
Boo Man (6 months ago)
Brad Bilbo burp.
jack nes (1 year ago)
Sexy movies
H Straker. (1 year ago)
Francine Wallace
jerry manning (2 years ago)
thank you for sharing this !
brian houting (2 years ago)
film was to red and could not see the picture that good
dave8rd (2 years ago)
Red turned natural when I turned off 3-D. Resolution in my player only goes to 360, so the sides, top and bottom are offscreen. I don't know how or why either is that way. I've watched other movies at 720, and never messed with 3-D.
brian houting (2 years ago)
+jerry johnson And I was not complaining just saying is all
brian houting (2 years ago)
+jerry manning That is my opinion. And you have yours. So I am right and as far as I am concern you are wrong. Now see that is my opinion. See what I am saying. I was just voicing my opinion is all
jerry johnson (2 years ago)
+brian houting The movie has a reddish tone because Republic Pictures used their own Truecolor process and not Technicolor. The movie looked that way when it came out. Quit complaining and just enjoy the movie.
jerry manning (2 years ago)
+brian houting ingrate. what the hell have you taken the time to upload for others to enjoy. at least this fellow took time to find this movie and share it. "too red" boo hoo hoo. ever heard of changing the color on your TV?? nothing wrong with the movie, just your ungrateful attitude.
MR. KEN (3 years ago)
Enjoy watching western movies
Alwyn Jordon (3 years ago)
A typical western movie as the plot was good.
Mark Holm (3 years ago)
great movie nice work
dave12546 (3 years ago)
I went to the movies in 1950 which were few and very far apart, the movie playing was Singing Guns, I loved the  movie and  thought about it often in the past 60 yrs, thanks for posting it.. we all get old and die but some like Ella should get a pass.

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