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Introduction-to-Marine-Charts-Part 1.FLV

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A quick introduction to selecting and reading marine charts
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MrCurtisass (4 months ago)
nice !!!
stephen devine (2 years ago)
Out of focus on tablet
JamnikAndrzej (3 years ago)
hello, i am student university of maritime in Szczecin (Poland). We use British Admiralty charts. I see that you used for this video charts with LORAN C. We preffer GPS system. What differences arise from these two maps? (LORAN C <-> GPS)
Claus von Wowern (3 years ago)
Dixie Griffin, Jr. (4 years ago)
Great !
Marin Kljun (6 years ago)
From 1st April to 30th November the seaward approaches to the Barrier Reef North of 22° 30'S., are in the tripical loading zone .

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