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Latest Hollywood Crime Action Movies - New Action Movie

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Text Comments (1305)
Victor Gagnier (4 hours ago)
Crappy movie. Decent quality and sounds. Low budget
Dilraz Khan (13 hours ago)
She’s not a good actress operator
Michelle windy (1 day ago)
Nice movie...its worth watching...
Martin Woods (2 days ago)
The movie was ok.
Joshua Grullon (2 days ago)
Dennis Mcalhany (2 days ago)
Nothing better than a good cook out after a hard day at work 👍😁 good movie film in the great state of Georgia 🇺🇸✌️
Vicente Coco (3 days ago)
Mischa is huge!
Gem Aim (4 days ago)
Good movie. Thanks for upload.
Saleem khan (4 days ago)
Any one of you know name of this movie?
benjamin feliciano (4 days ago)
Nice movie Watching from south sudan.
ළ යියා (5 days ago)
Subscribe me ( ළයියා ) Like ✔️ Commment 😃 Share 💕🇱🇰
RusSphericalDefence (5 days ago)
Мощный кинофильм, оживленный, держит в напряжении до конца. !!
Oh Asis (6 days ago)
Corny and a weak theme.
joe kush (6 days ago)
quite a good film
Adnan Butt (6 days ago)
I read massages or m start to watch
Jamie Baxter (7 days ago)
Decent movie
Tape Mash (7 days ago)
Totally enjoyable.Watching from Zimbabwe...
Jethro Pialan (8 days ago)
its action!! but so slow moves hahaha ..chaka naaaa
baki hanma (8 days ago)
7.22 sk who hot aksed no its who got asked stupid
Patrick Kuipers (8 days ago)
I don't have the patience anymore to watch these Hollywood scenarios. Bad guy vs good guy, same sh*t all the time.
Anilkumar Kumar (8 days ago)
Anil kumar
Pardeep Somal (8 days ago)
jess billings (9 days ago)
2019 anyone
Mike strong (9 days ago)
Reading comments first
09399187975 Imperial (10 days ago)
i like that movie
Bruni (10 days ago)
Awesome movie thank you
Bouadma Djamel (10 days ago)
جزائري مرا من هنا
Muhammad Farid Natsir (10 days ago)
brothers, wht name it the movie ????
md josim (10 days ago)
So good
walchan cheran (10 days ago)
I want shooter movie please upload for your subscribers
اكو عرب بل طيارة
Shahi Awan (12 days ago)
Great movie...
Cucun Mulyati (12 days ago)
Good movie..i like it thanks!
Lars Swede (12 days ago)
Not bad story but low budget so kind of corny and cheesy special effects. Not worth the time
Rey Andrade (12 days ago)
🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 watching from the philippines its so very nice movie❤
Dumsani Ndimphiwe (12 days ago)
leker movies
Doobie Doo420 (13 days ago)
If you're watching this movie, think you are sexy give me a like!!
May Der (13 days ago)
This was great 👍 like my comment if you did
Larry Briggs (13 days ago)
Great movie
Sure Please (14 days ago)
Nothing serious. I didn't like.
sachin chand (14 days ago)
Am i watching.... The most educated man on earth johny sins???
Ahmad Abd (14 days ago)
احلى زلمة 😎🤗
Ahmad Abd (14 days ago)
حطولي لايك يا مجاعة الخير
Senbet Ibrahim (15 days ago)
Like this movie 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹
-M- W h i p e r (15 days ago)
Awesome movie!!
skhumbuzo nxumalo (15 days ago)
great movie from south Africa
Rampisinang Newme (16 days ago)
So good!! Enjoyed..
Stevie Gee (16 days ago)
Is there a crime in putting the name of the title somewhere so I don’t have to read all the daxmned comments to find out? Thanks for the upload the screen rez is good.
It was the taxi driver if ur about to watch it, ok film amazing twist, u would never of guessed
Imam Sucipto (16 days ago)
Indonesia hadir
Rose BISAYA (17 days ago)
Wow such a great movie.....💋💋
Andre Gautron (17 days ago)
A Ton of implausible scenes but not a horrible movie. Made for TV movie. OK.
peter Beatrice (17 days ago)
Who is sliding comments while wotching 2019happy new year everyone
Nanami Yuichi (18 days ago)
Its good
Danna Camacho (18 days ago)
Totally BS
Allen Patton (18 days ago)
For once a damn good movie ✌
asew wijaya (18 days ago)
this movie sanagat bagus
محمد الغريب (19 days ago)
Vijay Rajpoot (21 days ago)
movie name???
5.3 Nation (21 days ago)
Sickkkkk ass movie 🎥🍿👌😂
JustZana (21 days ago)
Very nice movie
Naomi Payne (21 days ago)
A must watch great movie.. Cops and robbers.. The good cops win.hehehe.
Zothan Sanga (22 days ago)
View a tam tlat ...hmuhnawm tur ah ngai ang.mizo en ve kan awm em,en kan awm chuan like keuh😋😋
soy man (23 days ago)
reading comments now. will come back to watch later.
Cheryl Majors (23 days ago)
Wow! Great flick..twists and turns from the beginning..kept me hoing right up to the end..loved it
مسلم الراقي (23 days ago)
Jklponvnggggvfjvf Gfjkftjjukg hkfgGHl Cfhnfhnrjhthjt5uhgr
MaLmSouDe (23 days ago)
The name of this movie?
Fred Fable (24 days ago)
Farty movie...
Basem Yousef (24 days ago)
اسم الفيلم ده ايه عاوز اجيبه مترجم
gil lehrer (24 days ago)
Title of this movie in English, please?
Jaymes Duhart (24 days ago)
Great great movie home alone on crms day good movie chill on the love seat w/o am so happy and blessed
Maki Fit Fitness (24 days ago)
Mesha. Ya ila jogo dadkeyga away 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴
TheConspiracy Realist (24 days ago)
This was too transparent, and Michael Pare (Eddy and the Cruisers) isnt that good an actor to not be noticed he's in on the heist. But it was still an intriguing movie.
Edralyn Bravo (24 days ago)
Reading comments while watching 👏👏🙌✌ hehe
Conor Deacon (10 days ago)
Edralyn Bravo that's cool, how are you doing? greetings from Conor.
Edralyn Bravo (10 days ago)
+Conor Deacon yeah 😁
Conor Deacon (11 days ago)
Edralyn Bravo really?
Fair Station (25 days ago)
Just amazing!!!!
Shiheim Hinton (26 days ago)
Donna Cabot (27 days ago)
Pare is kind of peary lol
Conor Deacon (11 days ago)
Donna Cabot lol hey Donna!! happy new year to you how are you doing?
Gene Fairl (27 days ago)
Ok comments got me.. I'm in..
Grease Monkey (27 days ago)
Yeah. Read the comments first! Good movies so far on this XS max
اريد ان اتكلم معكون
الووووووو مرحبا كيفكون
Ravi Mg (27 days ago)
Nice movies
Pani Puja (28 days ago)
Maria Ray (28 days ago)
Presenting kenyans. .its dope
Conor Deacon (11 days ago)
Maria Ray yeah hey Maria how are you doing?
Solomons Business (28 days ago)
Great movie...
Badis Rooney (28 days ago)
Foooor t
Saqib Javed (28 days ago)
story b bana o k weapons ki mashhoryan hy bana ni wo b 2 ghanty ki mashhori choti choti hoti yara tm log tu bs hakekat b dekha o k bs yahy kuch rh gya tmhary pas world k leye ?chand p jana mars. r u crazy ?
Pibarel Luwang (28 days ago)
Wow its incridible
Marciel Luta (28 days ago)
Good movie but unfortunately not very realy, most cops are high corupt !
Denish Kumar Mahto (28 days ago)
MRAHMANTM (28 days ago)
Sourav Gayen (29 days ago)
Nice movie
Guy Robert (29 days ago)
Tellement stupide...oui, bonne intrigue mais la fin, le van qui virevolte et leur fille qui est indemne!!!!???? Et qui essaierait d'envoyer valser le véhicule dans lequel se trouve sa fille???
ermyas mengistie (30 days ago)
So so good move
Alec Wu (30 days ago)
Nice movie!
dorcas nsaku (1 month ago)
Need to read comments of people before than i watch the movie. What about you
Ndubisi Ibenegbu (18 days ago)
Same with me
Anna Franko (1 month ago)
Great movie there😍😍😍😍
Conor Deacon (11 days ago)
Anna Franko yeah hey Anna? Happy new year to you how are you doing?
Antoni Hartana (1 month ago)
Reakawt Aziz karem (1 month ago)
روعه. .احلی قناة
Ko Lat (1 month ago)
Good movies

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