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Latest Hollywood Crime Action Movies - New Action Movie

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SUZIE KUEBUTORNYE (30 minutes ago)
To be honest this lady of operator is really stupid excuse my language but why would you collude with a total stranger who plays you up like a dummy to do his dirty work and you keep silent all in the name of saving your child’s life when other innocent lives are involve too that’s selfish man I swear this movie is making me really furious 😡😡😡
Anggi Pirmansah (7 hours ago)
chido zhou (20 hours ago)
watching as whilst reading the comments too
knightrider KNIGHT (22 hours ago)
Did anyone notice how fine Pam was?
Abdallah Adnane (1 day ago)
Abdallah Adnane (1 day ago)
Andi Asa (2 days ago)
Ngentot enk bgt
one Eddie (2 days ago)
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Keuntae Williams (2 days ago)
Watch her headphones magically switch sides at 44:15 Damn good movie though
Khalid AlGhamdi (2 days ago)
I love it, thank you
Brigand Boy (3 days ago)
Few things, and I'll try and keep it spoiler free. 1) The hostage would have been dead as soon as they got in those vans, if not before. No reason to keep the hostage as a bargaining chip. Very odd that the villain decided to do that. 2) That cell phone in that guys pocket... he knows it can be traced. Why keep it at all? Again, strange for a "smart" villain. 3) They do not know which van the hostage is in. Why are they having a fire fight and flipping vans when they do not know which van has the hostage in it? 4) Why the fist fight after the crash? Secure the criminal with handcuffs or shoot them if they have a weapon. Important lives are at stake. 5) Why focus on the criminal when the hostage's life should be the main focus? 6) How is that ending possible considering the scene directly preceding it? And what is with the dreamlike filter over the scene? It was alright. But towards the end the entire film fell apart pretty egregiously.
robert moses (2 days ago)
heh, seems the villain wasnt so smart. Since he did keep the girl, why didnt he just open the van's back door and use her as a human shield while unloading on them?
James Satterfield (3 days ago)
This movie as greatv completely full of action and suspense. Didn't like Vin Raymes's control mechanism wanted to punch his lights out for some reason and hoped The guy Jeremy was more quicker on his moves to protect his family.
عراقي مر من هنا
Greg Mckenna (4 days ago)
Great, just great.
Aaron Lazarte (4 days ago)
I enjoyed reading comments than watching this movie...
frankjohnson masaka (5 days ago)
what is the name of the movie please ?
movie man (2 days ago)
sydneymaxitaxi (5 days ago)
Quis est legendi aliud alii, quae in conspectu dices haec spectant?
Jack Kennedy (5 days ago)
Good movie
rhyshaan Tupaea (5 days ago)
Cool movie like if u like it
Ray Morgan (6 days ago)
This movie was filmed at my job
Chersi Meos (6 days ago)
Stop line,you🤔
Josh H (6 days ago)
great quality movie but voices are about 10-20 seconds behind picture movement
Newer Account (5 days ago)
Josh H try it again, is fine for me
Akku Raveen (7 days ago)
What's the name of this movie
pif paf (8 days ago)
Willie Anderson (10 days ago)
I'm an up and coming screenwriter/director. I watch a lot of movies online, and this was a good one. I liked the acting and directing. thumbs up!!!
Angelina Hocking (10 days ago)
Latest Hollywood Crime Action Movies - New Action Movie..
Angelina Hocking (10 days ago)
Latest Hollywood Crime Action Movies - New Action Movie
Matilda Kinross (10 days ago)
Latest Hollywood Crime Action Movies<<
Hanaa soenardji (11 days ago)
Name the movie please ???
Bluehealer100 (11 days ago)
Damn good upload
VgM4 Smiles (11 days ago)
I don't know what this movie is about; yet I'm going to watch any ways. I deserve a break! The quarter is finally over and I'm going to relax for the next 2 weeks.
patricio morales (11 days ago)
excelent movie
Hm Am (12 days ago)
الفلم يستحق المشاهده جميل
This movie could’ve been a huge success but due to poor directors with their poor ass directing this movie became a flop and I am ashamed
mohammed sanad (13 days ago)
The poorest movie ever
عراقي مر من هنا
assassins world (14 days ago)
why he kill the cruppet police officer he is the only one left how knows she is innocent......
fair war (15 days ago)
Don't watch is a waste
fair war (15 days ago)
The woman doesn't know how to act as it is real...the story is very nice but the actors is very bad
fair war (15 days ago)
The story is good but the people that act is very bad..
The CIA 100 subs (10 days ago)
Alaiza Macariola (15 days ago)
Yess..it's a great movie I hook also..
J Lucero (16 days ago)
Kevin Akol (16 days ago)
watching this from a barracks somewhere on the planet
sayid omar (16 days ago)
I was watching this movie.who is watching now?
A Narayana (16 days ago)
Shafiq Ur Rahman (17 days ago)
Please movie name.
Mark Needham (18 days ago)
mrs independent (18 days ago)
Watching from Jamaica
Uylessess Dodd (18 days ago)
Sucker .....😂😂😂😂
Sankha Chatterjee (18 days ago)
Boring movie 👎
វា សាន (19 days ago)
Pockets MacCartney (19 days ago)
Who else gets tired of reading . . "Who else gets tired of reading . ."?
It Reality (19 days ago)
Wow great movie
Stanis Kynjing (20 days ago)
Watching from Israel..
TOP LIST (20 days ago)
Akansh Learning (20 days ago)
Poor direction poor action.. But could've been better
Shane Tilley (20 days ago)
Good movie
Mary Baratucci (20 days ago)
Good movie but I thought she was a little flat. I would be crazy if someone had my child, even if I was trained to be calm.
After reading comment i think it's a great movies lol.
cambotoptune 2 (20 days ago)
very nice
hossain khaled (20 days ago)
I love this moive.
It Reality (21 days ago)
دحوم علي (21 days ago)
Started watching hp it's a good movie...To save my time I will go through the comments first😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
karniawidya hutomo (21 days ago)
Keren film nya 👍👍👍👍👍 Good job
Daniel Randerson (21 days ago)
🚧‼️crap. Unbelievable impossible scenario and stupid writing by a coked up mfkr
bill simon (21 days ago)
I'm only in it,8 minutes,but ,sure,I read the comments,also.I'm from Alaska.
MR Gallery (21 days ago)
He look likes jony cins 😜
Sonofgod Jesuschrist (21 days ago)
Telica Gordon (21 days ago)
Twelve minutes in its all looking good
Qaisar Javed (21 days ago)
Nice movie watch from pakistan.
Faheem Khan (22 days ago)
Tag the movie name when uploading
HOAI TAM OFFICIAL (23 days ago)
Wow i likes The Rock
Connan Polson (23 days ago)
I skipped the Entire film and still knew what happened. B grade at best, piece of utter crap at worst.
Watching from India 👋
David Mckillop-davies (24 days ago)
Hes partner is in on it
Cacing Gaming (24 days ago)
Wait a minute. Who i'am?
Iyo Papi (24 days ago)
Pam is stupid she should’ve started firing shots at his hands as soon as she grabbed that gun and that cop why backstab his friend and daughter just cuz he is getting paid?
Julio Alonzo (25 days ago)
Dumbest movie I have EVER seen and I’ve seen some horrible ones. Just sad.
nimakan dia (25 days ago)
Wow 😍😍😍
old grumpy (25 days ago)
Not a bad film! Apart from the shoot outs lol! So.......... When will I, will I be famous? Lmfao x
Aman Quddusi (25 days ago)
💩💩💩 no sense
Created Channel (26 days ago)
This very nice movie.
Everlyne Vuguza (26 days ago)
Name of the movie?
Umair Pop (26 days ago)
Movie name
Hello from kyrgyzstan
jerry ferguson (27 days ago)
Oh Good Watching From Texas
tayebwa onesmas (27 days ago)
nice one
Ramona Halliwell (27 days ago)
Latest 7 months ago 😂
hiking adventures101 (1 month ago)
Thanks for the upload! Great movie!
Donald Altena (1 month ago)
I Do Not want to see this and there is no way to shut this off!! It is my iPad , not public T.V.
Kaushar Ali (1 month ago)
Watching from India
John Sikma (1 month ago)
Speed movie
Melissa Kydd (1 month ago)
Great movie thanks
thejanusproject32 (1 month ago)
This movie...utter trash.
Mahalla Alcantara (1 month ago)
Harshaka Aravinda (1 month ago)
🇱🇰. Nice movie 🎥
Arnulfo Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I'm going to give it a shot... day off.. bye the way: PRESIDENTS day off.
Arnulfo Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Manav Rai (1 month ago)
One of the worst movie . Don't waste your time as I did . Sincere advise to all. Extremely poor script, direction and horrible acting.
Ronald Lacar (1 month ago)

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