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DADDY'S GIRL Official Trailer (2018) Psycho Thriller Movie HD

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Text Comments (3908)
MovieGasm.com (8 months ago)
Here is the official trailer for Daddy's Girl. The upcoming Psycho Thriller Movie.
Angela Gross (15 days ago)
Truth or consequence. That’s what I was thinking.
Nicoleta Poddighe (1 month ago)
someone watched at this movie, I can't find online yet! how I can see? ??!!!!!!
Eviernawati wati (2 months ago)
Neil Mcintosh (2 months ago)
'Blackened' Metallica +sharzard Rose
Kajaz Pg (6 hours ago)
Qué horrible película solo incita a la violencia y eso le da ideas a la gente demente por eso hay homicidios en todo el mundo👎
Chewie Rea (8 hours ago)
I thought this was gonna be kinky...
Ali Baba (1 day ago)
You can never replace $ Jigsaw$🏆
inescapable fate (1 day ago)
Movies like these shouldn't exist. Disgusting!
Luzille Mirabiles (1 day ago)
If the font is not written like that it would be sweet.
Joan Struck (2 days ago)
that’s sick and psycho asf
Dummbatz LP (3 days ago)
Who else just clicked on that vid cause of the ass?
Dary Marko (3 days ago)
Film Crazy 😵👎👎👎
ELLA BOLIN HAYNES (4 days ago)
Lol I thought this was gonna be a Harley Quinn movie cuz of the title and the thumbnail lol 😂
Fueguito 1 (4 days ago)
Re rurbio
cum-fart (4 days ago)
she’s from i spit on your grave 2!!
Wan iffah Sakinah (4 days ago)
this movie seriously reminds me of a webtoon called bastard!!! LIKE SERIOusly
Plata O Plomo (4 days ago)
I’ve seen other videos totally different with the same title
Zsanett Bogdán (5 days ago)
What is the name of someome????pls. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Flynn (7 days ago)
Release date?
Tati Arenas (7 days ago)
Who knows where can i find this movie online
Randy Boone (9 days ago)
when I was like four or five years old in Woodhaven Michigan on reeck Road. these kids locked a little girl in a parrot cage a blonde headed girl in The Birdcage she was screaming crying for her mom. she wanted out of the package she couldn't get out unless you kiss them or do other things so I beat all those kids up so she can be free.. Hamrick Road Woodhaven Michigan do you see Woods Cross Street used to be a swamp land before the houses were all built. you guys really deserve your ass Kings patranger that little blonde headed girl.
Mahesh Sharma (9 days ago)
wrong turn 7 or what??
John Diaz (15 days ago)
And then people blame God for all the bad yet they create these movies and fill people's mind with evil.
BaDshaH Shamii (16 days ago)
David Parker (17 days ago)
Ooo he’s sweet but a psycho a little bit psycho
Ylaila Novelozo (17 days ago)
That brunette is from I spit on your grave 2, am I right?
D W (20 days ago)
Where can i find this movie?
Tlusty chlapecek (21 days ago)
Online cz link? Please Prosím kde to najdu cesky. Děkuji. (Translate)
Dragonstein (22 days ago)
Haven't I seen that thumbnail on another movie before?
rafael Simões (23 days ago)
Que filme e esse estrangeiros ?
chloe newton (24 days ago)
Bet hes a Taurus
Bl4ck Ph03n1x (26 days ago)
Anyone know where I can buy this movie?
Vanessa Garcia (26 days ago)
Quiero verla 😄
Alham Ghazi (26 days ago)
When is coming this movie?? Is 2019 is nothing wtf
Perfectly copied off of the real “Toy Box Serial Killer”. The real killer did so much more then what this movie portrays an has been rounded up that 50+ murders took place after days of torture inside of a sound proof trailer with the help of his girlfriend/ daughter later on! Only two to have survived three days of sadistic torture, but only can remember some events due to the substances he was injecting them with! What a SICKO!! He only died three years after receiving a 226 year sentence from a heart attack😡
Trayohesuea Vanderbilt (27 days ago)
Great another si fi movie very predictable what happens, low budget,what's the point and making these movies.
Aj Styles (27 days ago)
SAW 8 hoffmans return
Annabelle Jackson (29 days ago)
For a minute a thought daddy’s girl was going to be a happy movie until the mom killed her self
PADSKIE GT (1 month ago)
LMAO this trailer.literally spoils everything
Jordy Vg (1 month ago)
When is it out?
melanie Lehmann (1 month ago)
Deine hässliche ronja und du werdet sterben. Ich bin nicht dein girl
just someone (1 month ago)
john played the killer in the jigsaw movies after jigsaw himself was killed off
عائشه سلمان (1 month ago)
Where is the movie ???? 😭😭😭
stu boo (1 month ago)
You weren't in the trailer
Emily Walker (1 month ago)
John Baczynski (1 month ago)
Victim1: what will we do he is chasing us Victim2: I do not know we can’t just shoot him Dad: I am gonna get -is shot in head by shotgun- Me: -holds shotgun- you can shoot him he is no Jason Freddy or Michael
Nurul Falah (1 month ago)
Link filmnya mana ya? Di indonesia ga ada filmnya
Sadie Rose (1 month ago)
I wanna see this put I doubt my mom will let me
0.08''when I was a girl''?? so when did u had a sex change operation? or u meant ''when I was a LITTLE girl'' COMEON!!
qien noora (1 month ago)
I hate despice this kind of movie bc it happens in reality smh
ReGys (1 month ago)
Its the copy of "Spit on your grave"
Christine Lorenzo (1 month ago)
Jamie-lee Nanai (1 month ago)
It's sad because there's someone out there who is going through this right now or somthing different.sometimes I wish this world was perfect
Larry Lylde (1 month ago)
Nothings perfect
Infires ? (1 month ago)
these are one of these long lived movies. he’s not immortal??? you can easily injure this shmuck
Angelica Chavez (1 month ago)
I feel like it is based on a real story, or i hope it is not
Sydney Bishop (1 month ago)
I thought this was a movie made based off a book I read on WattPad called Daddy’s Girl, which is a book actually deserving of being made into a movie.
Lily p (1 month ago)
Idiot Sponges (1 month ago)
Ew... omg..
Kisshor Kumar (1 month ago)
Inspired by black snake moan
A A (1 month ago)
Il sortira en France ?
Ya Boi Tommy (1 month ago)
"When I was a girl my momma said there are many types of hell" Well um.... you dont know the true meaning of hell till you stept into my room.
Keito Chan (1 month ago)
I've been watching and reading a lot of extreme psychotic movies and novels etc. Well,this one is almost there yet too far.
Mae Lin (1 month ago)
Oh god…
Nobody: BTS yandere ffs:
Cilye (1 month ago)
Hoffman did some extra torturing on the side while working for Jigsaw, it appears.
Sanrio Is amazing (1 month ago)
hithere (1 month ago)
0:56 but, wait he knows nothing
rizwana f (1 month ago)
Why do producers make such movies? Doesn't it leave a bad impression on mind? There should be a screening of such movies before releasing their trailers.
Kate Braveheart (1 month ago)
Release date?
Kate Braveheart (1 month ago)
Release date?
Sinopulence (1 month ago)
UK Release? Torrent link? Anyone?
Võ Quách Vĩ Tài (1 month ago)
Jess Glynne, right?
so we all gonna ignore the fact that this man is the same man appeared in Saw 6!
Animal Lover (1 month ago)
Hussam Abu Zayed Seems like Hoffman is still in business...
Icy Brown (1 month ago)
This movie will make fathers be even more uncomfortable being assertive towards their daughters and men towards women.
Solyn Van Der Tuin (1 month ago)
She played in i spit on your grave right
just eat (1 month ago)
The thumbnail made me think of the horror movie pet
gru (1 month ago)
Sam (1 month ago)
Brooklyn Combs (1 month ago)
I’m still confused
Loli Panda (1 month ago)
movie link plz !! couldn't find it
Loli Panda (6 days ago)
+Flynn idk :/ i want it toooooo
Flynn (7 days ago)
Where can I watch this movie?
Shivali (1 month ago)
YouTube is recommending me alot of depressive maniac and horror shit lately
Black Wood (1 month ago)
This type of movies making more and more psychos.
Zoë .J (1 month ago)
6 months later the trailer was in my recommendation
Jess Rose (1 month ago)
itszoe !!! Same
Valerie Hernandez (1 month ago)
Victoria Wolf (1 month ago)
did i see peter facenelli
Jay Carol (1 month ago)
His life after Saw.
Emely Lajara (1 month ago)
esa película se ve q da miedo
Apoorv Anand (1 month ago)
They need to stop making such stupid and disturbing films. They should teach people to help real people in such situations, not show how they are tortured. I hate such negative things.
Diane Goossens (1 month ago)
is deze film op netflix te zien ?
Alexandria Vaun (1 month ago)
This thumbnail is for Pet.
Tadzikistanka Tadzik (1 month ago)
Does have on popcorn or another site?
Brandon Soya (1 month ago)
yousafpp yousaf (1 month ago)
copy of mommy's girl
Ella Hatsune (1 month ago)
This movie doesn't exist enymorr
Flynn (7 days ago)
Where can I watch this movie?
Natasa Paunovic (1 month ago)
Sta vi snimate?
Miauuu (1 month ago)
daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy . .
Ugly Duckling (1 month ago)
Lol my sister call our daddy,Di instead daddy haha
Saysay _litt (1 month ago)
I’m confused 😳🤭🤨
orange pancake (1 month ago)
So this guy is basically jason
Amalia Andrade (1 month ago)
2:00 ok
TheOtherGuy (1 month ago)
What the fuck
Amina Adamjee (1 month ago)
How does a man butchering woman, become entertainment. Movies like this promote inhuman behavior & should never be made to begin with.
Mah Oliver (1 month ago)
A menina de.doce.vingança 2?
Ewan Wipiti (1 month ago)
I clicked for ass in the thumbnail

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