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Jamie King of Neumont University demonstrating CASE.
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TheBall (7 months ago)
good stuff
Mattie Kahn (10 months ago)
Thanks for this--solved a work problem!
Kise Ryouta (1 year ago)
which version is better for practice?
OFearMark (2 years ago)
Midsummer (2 years ago)
Thank you very much
venkey Ro45 (2 years ago)
how to search the word without like condition help me any one...
venkey Ro45 (2 years ago)
thanks sir.... this is very help for me....
Malen Dorn (2 years ago)
hello teacher i want to study select case and if and view the table
Marcel Geirhos (3 years ago)
Good Video thank you :)
Jamie King (3 years ago)
+Marcel Geirhos Yep!
Olga Kuz (3 years ago)
thanks! It's very help for me today!
Veasna Leng (3 years ago)
Good video Thank!
yupitsmaple (3 years ago)
Thanks old but gold, was a great little refresher.
Paul Lydiate (3 years ago)
Hi Jamie ... was wondering how would I write the case code if there were more than 1 option ... for example lets say that instead of countries you had cities so maybe you had Mexico city and Tijuana / Berlin and Hamburg .... I can't write a when in statement so how would I group them without using 2 when statements for each nationality?
Paul Lydiate (3 years ago)
+Paul Lydiate ... I totally figured out at work - instead of using CASE tableX WHEN .... I think this is what i did.... CASE WHEN tableX.fieldX in ('City1', 'City2') then 'Result1' CASE WHEN tableX.fieldX in ('City3', 'City4') THEN 'Result2' END as Nationality
vijay bharani (4 years ago)
good work

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