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Vice - Behind the Red Light District

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Part 3 of the Vice Netherlands documentary Behind the Red Light District, giving an insight behind the scenes of running a brothel in the most famous prostitution area in the world.
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EaqIe (3 hours ago)
Pooier zijn heeft niks met dwingen te maken. Wel zijn jullie pooiers, dus niet kletsen. Een normale 'verhuurder' heeft geen cameras en kijkt of er rare figuren naar binnen lopen. En ze organiseren al helemaal bedrijfsuitjes.
Warden Jack (11 hours ago)
My favorite district.
Dylanw200i (14 hours ago)
I once had a girl knock on her window and cat call me. My friend convinced me that’s normal but Deep down I believe she just couldn’t resist me
harish meghwal (16 hours ago)
Anybody tell me which place is thiy
Leon Staal (17 hours ago)
Dirty kechs.
Edward Carnby (1 day ago)
I've never paid for sex in my life and this video has convinced me that I was right to do so. I'm no playboy but Goddamn if I'll spend _that_ much on getting my dick wet.
evilsonic9999 (2 days ago)
in hong kong, every district is like Amsterdam hahaha
Foful Guzu (2 days ago)
Ur true colors are brighter than the last days....
Foful Guzu (2 days ago)
1rd world culture country. Rich history.... Keep it going savages
Tony (2 days ago)
I’m surprised no one actually thinks about the women, the women who don’t choose this life, forced into it or because they have nothing. Women or men don’t grow up with their mates wanting to be doctors and lawyers with them saying “I want to be a slut and spend my days with my legs open.”
Tony (2 days ago)
About time the sluts closed their legs and got a proper education and job.
Reactive Revolution (2 days ago)
These dudes seem so fucking fishy...
NO IDEA (2 days ago)
This language is so uncommon to hear hahaha so strange
Olga Reznik (2 days ago)
Simple Frankie (3 days ago)
How much they charge.. is it per hr or per night
alex dru (3 days ago)
Not surprised most girls are from Eastern Europe. They’re hot while most Dutch girls resemble some obscure species of bovine
BigBlackBootyDaddy (3 days ago)
Disgusting filth, no wonder Europe has lost it's way
777 (3 days ago)
This whole video sounds like someone’s trying to spit up mucus
G M (3 days ago)
*books trip to Amsterdam*
Makta972 (3 days ago)
That reporter should be behind the window. I'd fuck her
Brent De Ranter (3 days ago)
In Belgium it's the same but without tourists and all together in 2 streets like a store
Amin Samadi (3 days ago)
Ze doen eerst een interview 😏😏😝
C O (3 days ago)
They are exploiting females.
spedro1000 (3 days ago)
I have seen that sofa before
I been to Bangkok 3 times, Olongapo 2 times, walked through the glass houses in Incheon and Busan, hit up Wan Chai in HK, Gayleng and 4 Floors in Singapore, and Amsterdam. I have no more nut left. I smashed over 600 women, ladyboys, and whatever. If you aren't pitting up Wilt numbers you aren't doing it right. Forget that one woman deal its all about branching out and doing you. Oh and I smashed plenty of chicks, married broads, widows, whatever. 60 countries and over 400 married chicks. I'm officially retired and I'm still in my prime.
BigBlackBootyDaddy (3 days ago)
Never lose sleep over the small stuff Kool Story bro
Enjoy! (3 days ago)
This is not how I imagined it would be legal prostitution...
Vandos (4 days ago)
Wtf are all these comments. Why the fuck does it matter if some people choose to do sexual acts for money. Atleast out here they are not backwards to illegalize free choices like that
Stijn Weijters (4 days ago)
Dey speek fery good english!
Alexander Megalos (4 days ago)
I couldnt imagine a more boring video about the Red Light District .
Ritchie Rosson (55 minutes ago)
Haha! Because they didn’t show any action?
Scuf Records (11 hours ago)
Make a better one then
carlos blazos (4 days ago)
Cause I'm a motherfucking P.I.M.P. P.I.M.P or as they also go by: BigDaddies, Procurer, Brothel Keeper, Hoon, Ponce, Fancy Man, PIMP = Protector of Women, Employer of Hoes and if chosen by the council, Master of the backhand slap.
carlos blazos (2 days ago)
+freestuffsubscribe I wish
freestuffsubscribe (2 days ago)
You're a child
djheckler92 (4 days ago)
Dutch is such a romantic language
conran joyce (4 days ago)
All I heard was “shpidun, shouden, shpidum,aft,shpoin,shpiden, shpuden”
eric oes (4 days ago)
Pimpin is easy
B Z (4 days ago)
If you are not a goodlooking guy, paying for sex is a great way to get laid regularly.
JD Han (4 days ago)
The reporter, Gwen Pol looks a bit like Minnie Driver from Good Will Hunting!
Harmen (4 days ago)
I am curious if they get more than apple pie. But it genuinly seems a good organisation.
onee (4 days ago)
Lol, there are a bunch of morons in the comments trying to pass this off as "landlords". Yeah, last time I checked when someone uses their house for prostitution, they wouldn't call their "landlord" to protect them. Only pimps protect their prostitutes. So, these guys are pimps. Keep fooling yourself by calling them "landlords". Just because they earn a fixed rate, it doesn't make them less of a pimp.
Jason Brb (4 days ago)
girls are beautiful.
Meister Klabuster (5 days ago)
The Black hair girl who made the Apple pie is so beautiful i wanna pay her for sexytime wawawewa
Story Oyun (3 days ago)
Meister Klabuster You have taste, it’s my favorite as well, she talked sweet aswell, I hope she gets free one day, also the blond one, all of the nice woman
ba55letmysoulfly (5 days ago)
Totally unrelated but i find it interesting that sometime others languages slip English in seemingly randomly.
Sugar Fish (5 days ago)
Vice: Muslims, drugs and hookers. Those are the main themes
Zachary Adams (5 days ago)
He says the phrase “one big family” in English. Is this a common English phrase said in English outside of English speaking countries? Say how we say, “Je Ne Sais Quoi”, “Faux Pas”, or “Prima Donna”?
Taha G (5 days ago)
His Buddhist principles guided him to facilitate prostitution. Classic
Di Drogba (5 days ago)
5:55 if this girl is still around I am going right now...
The Main Man (5 days ago)
Agapi in Greek means Love
Razerhasgame (5 days ago)
So it’s like a strip club where girls pay a house fee
Sam A3 (5 days ago)
A buddhist pimp. What a time to be alive...
Rick Barlow (6 days ago)
Shmoke & a pancake
D (6 days ago)
TaureanKing (6 days ago)
I bet after some time they fuck all of them, after being "freindly and sociable" with them. Nice job.
MJ (6 days ago)
Imagine being a whore. Now imagine screwing a fat old guy
Joeys Father (6 days ago)
I own multiple brothels and I'm also their #1 client...so i get discounts for being a regular...what a deal right?
ceyhun özkan (6 days ago)
8:57 that one.. she is real fatality.
ceyhun özkan (3 days ago)
+Story Oyun sen niye gidersin ki, kültür sanat için mi ?
Story Oyun (3 days ago)
ceyhun özkan ulan anca kari icin gelin zaten Amsterdam’a kdksmfksf
Fuckk Face (6 days ago)
They old guy with the glasses is most def an old pimp who adjusted to the times. He's a real OG. Straight pimpin.
Frank (6 days ago)
Jessie Arturo Thunder (7 days ago)
3:32 de blonde gast die in het hotel werkt, klinkt alsof hij een grappig accent in Zuid-Londen heeft🤔😅
nigel mahabir (8 days ago)
I ordered a big mac at the drive in window and a cheap whore!! Mchappy time
Andy Bray (8 days ago)
Red light district ain’t a free for all
Charles Hamilton (8 days ago)
Meh. I would rather go to the Rijksmuseum.
MrGogania (8 days ago)
I'd never make a profit. I'd be too busy banging my tenants....
venom454545 (9 days ago)
Fcking mentally sick people, thinking they are something else, holding girls. Fcking disgusting
jessestylex (9 days ago)
What is it about boobs that make men look like a deer in headlights?
Chuck E Cheese (10 days ago)
Cool documentary!
RiZLA (10 days ago)
Lekker netjes een raam verhuur bedrijf Een trottoir hoer verhuur bedrijf klinkt beter...
Dragon is not afk (11 days ago)
I understand every word of this shit
No morals is the problem here, I feel bad for all of them.
whssy (4 days ago)
Being judgemental is not the same as assessing a situation and drawing a conclusion. As English is obviously not your first language, I will forgive your misunderstanding of what I meant. But if we're going to bring traditional Christian morals into it, Jesus himself got pretty mad with a bunch of guys who wanted to stone a woman to death for adultery, because none of them were themselves without sin. And that's the code, right? Nobody is perfect. Everyone faces their own challenges in life and deals with them the best way they think they can. If that means offending some people, then it's really the people who can't get over being offended who have the problem, as long as nobody is getting hurt.
+Noble Failures Exactly, not judging is exactly what it sounds like, having no judges!
+whssy Not judging what you see is like saying its okay to everything, some things are wrong and should be called out into the open.
Noble Failures (9 days ago)
+whssy not at all, we judge situation and people every day. Morals are there to protect us from having a crappy and empty life and from harming others. Of course, some people are moral relativists.
whssy (10 days ago)
Being judgemental is also pretty immoral.
Ro Kmetz (11 days ago)
Another line of taxes for country. 🤑
Wajahat Shah (11 days ago)
Like red lights videos
THEhelium (11 days ago)
I am a simple man, i see boobs i clik
Kim Furuwal (11 days ago)
Smells really fishy here. The Girls seems to put on an act for the cameras. Am i the only one who can read the signals here? And The cherry on top is when “buddha“ comes in with Armani (popular for small gangsters and hustlas in europe)
llewellyn williams (11 days ago)
its very dear if you like drinking beer
Willy Nordboe (11 days ago)
well this wasnt biased at all...
John Doe (11 days ago)
5:53 who is she? What is her name?
Happy Joker (11 days ago)
100€ or 50€ for one of those girls are worth it, belive me 😎
Musaib Nazir (11 days ago)
Fuel of hellfire.
Carl A (11 days ago)
Wondering if they accept something else than money in exchange of a room
Lukáš Duběda (11 days ago)
That is always a bad practice. Some of the girls are incredibly attractive, so just go and pay for her services just as you expect her to pay for yours. Mixing these things together is never going to end up well.
A A (11 days ago)
This is a dream come true. They are some of the most beautiful women in the world. How much do they charge for sex? I want to make a trip one day.
going2sleep (12 days ago)
Sick people sick society. People need to relieve themselves by marrying women not using them.
Ines Pahl (12 days ago)
Jon T (12 days ago)
I was there last year and can def confirm its 90% tourists walking around, including me and my wife. Its one of those "we're in Amsterdam, we have to go!" She was pissed there were no guys in the windows lol
MrGenedancingmachine (12 days ago)
Behind the Red Light District? There's a big large wall?
Art B (12 days ago)
Samen pannenkoek eten, Haha gezelliggggg
Paul H (12 days ago)
We are just one big family, we collect the rent they do the work.
Michael Daury (12 days ago)
Trump 👽👍 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Easy Peasy (12 days ago)
If you sleep with a prostitute you get a share of her Karma and the Karma of all her clients. Just so you know.
jerry han (12 days ago)
Moet je eens kijken naar die parkeerwachters, die kunnen ook goed naaien.
j t (12 days ago)
i get the sense you revels in the relationship with the women based on thier looks.
doramason (12 days ago)
The moment you realize even dutch brothels are better run than your government...
Truthshallsetyoufree (12 days ago)
Hello Dutch people please return to Christian faith...live a life of following Jesus Christ.
Dave Corleone (12 days ago)
Marie brethenoux was a prostitute😲😲
Zzygyy (12 days ago)
+Dave Corleone Also Marie doesn't smoke. It's a close doppleganger... Why don't you ask Marie herself in her discord.
Dave Corleone (12 days ago)
Zzygyy look at her lips
Zzygyy (12 days ago)
This girls English is better than Marie's.
Warren Van Niekerk (12 days ago)
Buddha makes money off prostitutes...............nice.
good sport (12 days ago)
Ih hah hih fucked up language
张文强 (13 days ago)
Is it german dutch Denish? Or swiss?
Rule Britannia (13 days ago)
6.00 minutes... Makes me want to go 😂😂😂
Eternal Odyssey (13 days ago)
They made them a pie, I never heard of hoes baking a pimp a pie. That's how you know they ain't pimps :p
nkooutsider (13 days ago)
RIP My No Fap November. Anyone else need to reset?
Wildberry Citrus (13 days ago)
Those 2 guys liars can see from their eyes though the end part that he said is real.
3DFX (13 days ago)
Skags, Skags, Everywhere !!!
dubb (13 days ago)
i need to go here.
Sh. Osmanov (13 days ago)
Don't be sorry for these bitches. They're shameless whores just trying to drain you and your pockets in the fastest way.

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