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How to create a new user in SQL command line,Granting privileges & Revoking privileges from the user

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Title: How to create a new user in SQL command line,Assigning Privileges(Granting)(Select,Insert,Update,Delete) to the user and Removing privileges(Revoke) from the user. Created by: Hardik M.Parmar, Lecturer,Computer Engg.Dept., J.H.Desai Polytech,Palsana
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Ramesha S (2 months ago)
Sir In oracle 6i username password host string not known Conn sysdba not working It's 01223 error unable to connect destination please show how to solve
tapanjeet roy (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot sir...
yuga Paranjape (8 months ago)
It is really helpful...explain very nicely..thank you so much sir..
Lakshmi challagundla (1 year ago)
can we see the tables data from command prompt
sabeen habib (1 year ago)
sir please u tell me what error is come when sql enterprize does not login
Rakesh Hooda (1 year ago)
hello sir , may you please tell me which sql plus is this and how to download it.
youcef kherifi (1 year ago)
thank you
Elizabeth Ranti (2 years ago)
good day to you, do you train people online?
Hardik Parmar (11 months ago)
Elizabeth Ranti ya if requirement is there I surely will train.
ankit chahal (2 years ago)
I need to discuss something ..
ankit chahal (2 years ago)
sir please give me your phone number or mail id ? my mail id : [email protected]
Hardik Parmar (11 months ago)
ankit chahal [email protected]
ankit chahal (2 years ago)
sir, can we use privileges on row/tuple level ?
Hardik Parmar (2 years ago)
+ankit chahal Yes we can implement privileges @row level...
ankit chahal (2 years ago)
hello sir , can we implement hippocratic databases using privileges like grant and revoke ?

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