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Dior | Spring/Summer 2018 | Paris Fashion Week

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Belle Jones (14 days ago)
What happened to creativity? Fashion needs to find it's soul.
Its look so amezing dress
Elizabeth Wallace (3 months ago)
The shoes with the small heels that the models are wearing in the final parade are practical.
RS Kouture (3 months ago)
love dior #RSKOUTURE
Monirul Islam (4 months ago)
|)(~)[°]`••√\....|)/√`\'{•}•<°>`... ...|`•/°'√\•<.....|`°••
Monirul Islam (4 months ago)
/\°|`√°••√\ []√\π•|^`^..¶π¶...|•`)(/•| |°π)(•` ..π / ∆ |=¶∆
Monirul Islam (4 months ago)
/•°[]¶|• <\/'|`°|π |°•`~ \/\/ (;-\..
Sarah Molina Acosta (5 months ago)
le sens de la mode est perdu
Susanna Quirinali (5 months ago)
Hanno ristrutturato il supermercato e l hanno aggiornato con nuovi prodotti, probabilmente avuti con prezzi a ribasso dati gli ultimi eventi. La lacca Grafic e' un oggetto in questione. L' avrà immaginata e colorata piramidone...ahaha... che scruta l orrizonte( come da suo cartellone in vetrina )...ahahahah
Daniella H (5 months ago)
Gorgeous, wonderful, it's creative and cool With all the colors
Luci Lôbo (5 months ago)
Luxo e glamour!!😍😍😍😍😍
js357s (5 months ago)
I want to put my head through a wall in frustration because they spend more time on the models face than on the cloths. Heck one time they just showed the face and not the outfit.
Ritaj Lili (6 months ago)
No sorry,so bad,I miss jhon galliano
Crochet Happy (7 months ago)
How many sheer ballet skirts with shorts under is needed? That look went out 5 years ago! OK so it is now gathered. Much of the same. The beginning denims were actually interesting, taking me back to my 70's fashion, but all else was repetitious and boring!
Dorothea Libner (7 months ago)
Trés trés bien! przepiekna Moda z France i z Polski!
Diana J (8 months ago)
I cringed watching the models... it's so disgusting how skinny/underweight and weak they look and people find them "sexy"... A model should represent strength, confidence and healthiness
ILoveParis (8 months ago)
Great video.Very Parisian Chic. Thank you.
T Sol (8 months ago)
I should have kept my long blue peasant dress I wore in 1975 when I was 14. It's the rage now...NOT
Derek Torres-Pruitt (9 months ago)
Jose Cavalcante (9 months ago)
Modelos lindas Uma coleção extremamente jovial composições de peças lindas e harmônicas peças em nano telinha com BORY e guarnições lindas macaquinhos lindos peças em látex lindas Uma coleção impecável que é uma tendência para os jovens doravante
Homme606 (9 months ago)
This is fun, more wearable, like a breath
Trạng Nguyên (9 months ago)
Liza Light (9 months ago)
Incredible ! I love all !!
Again a designer who got famous at another house and trampled on Dior! May they roast in Hell!
Zek_Arwen (10 months ago)
what is wrong with this models they are walking like zombies
Watch It (11 months ago)
Dior Spring/summer 2018 collection is awesome. You can also watch more collection of 2018 Show. https://goo.gl/NN2HR1
Carmen Iorga (11 months ago)
throwing a curtain over last year's shorts
M (11 months ago)
Nada de especial
Brooke B (11 months ago)
No, sorry.
Brooke B (11 months ago)
the 70's are back?
Yudi Yudoyoko (11 months ago)
EEW.... this is so gross for Dior....
bianca n (11 months ago)
dior is dior but seriously this collection is terrible!
Leo Michel (1 year ago)
7:11 Lea
Carducci1959 (1 year ago)
One of the worse collections of the season
coco (1 year ago)
H&M Spring/Summer 2018
Elijah Opoku (1 year ago)
commercially i see this doing well... from an aesthetic pov... i see this as flat as it gets
berradi yassine (1 year ago)
Fashion Week à Paris : Comment assister à un défilé ? http://quainator.com/7rGp
Wallace Simpson (1 year ago)
Common. Sigh. Dior why?
marcos rodriguez (1 year ago)
A roupa é linda demais. Ninguém pode falar o contrario. A coleção tem sentido e é muito coherente. mas na minha opinão personal nesta coleção ao igual que das Raf não tem a essencia basica da Casa Dior. Um que outro outfit mas não tem esse fator Dior que agente estava acostumado a olhar nos Shows de Galiano e JeanFranco. Eu sei que o tempo esta passando e a roupa evolucionando mas é preciso manter a graça e o estilo original de Christian Dior.
max max (1 year ago)
truly bad~
MARKY CYPRESS (1 year ago)
Dinosaurs?! Really???
B D (1 year ago)
beautiful accessories and nice variety this time. In some areas its a repeat of sorts. so its not cohesive
TeruCuu Hitsuji [C] (1 year ago)
so bad
FacheChanteDeux (1 year ago)
Except for a small percentage of the collection this is not Dior. What an insult to the legacy of the house that brought in the New Look in the 1950s!
jean billy (1 year ago)
I love Maria but getting tired of all these long skirts. And those tacky Christian Dior words on shoulder straps or wherever. Pls stop. It looks cheap. How long will this monotonous Dior vigilanté look last? Really miss Galliano and Gianfranco Ferre. P.S. I love Binx Walton.
Marco Benneti (1 year ago)
Congratulations to Maria Grazia. Once again here are beautiful pieces that can enhance different kind of women, there is playfulness, sophistication, 70s vibe, it all depends on each woman to choose. I see only complains in the comments, wich is not a surprise, it happens the same in music and much forms of art, when things start to be too sophisticated most of people simply dont get it. Great collection, great selection of music, casting and stage-runway. Felicitaciones Maria Grazia.
Marco Benneti what the hell are you talking about! Hideous offerings! She’s killing the brand!
NUR nisha mia harun (1 year ago)
Oh...what is this?? Dior plz...I want galiano back I'm tired with cheap look like this ...since galiano is fired never buy Dior again... Better Zara
Angela Bender (1 year ago)
nel cercare di compiacere tutti, spesso non si compiace nessuno
deb (1 year ago)
Repetitive, I miss John Galliano.
Homme606 (9 months ago)
Now this is the present, John always will be a master
Bianca Keto (1 year ago)
John Galliano - most notorious for his dumpsite couture designs... I may not be a fan of Dior but Galliano is one of the worst things to happen in 2000s. He should never be remembered! No respect for him at all.
Dr A (1 year ago)
Londone, Binx, Charlee, & Adwoa! Yes!
TONG CHan (1 year ago)
Dior is not glamorous again
Paul Connell (1 year ago)
Unbearably disappointing ... again
Kristel Moesgen (1 year ago)
Whats the name of the girl in 6:57 ?
Bellatrix Lestranj (1 year ago)
Kristel Moesgen alisha nesvat
Miguel López (1 year ago)
It look like something you could easly find at Zara...Maria Grazia, why???
Keogh Episode (1 year ago)
Miguel López YES
koshka marvel (1 year ago)
Is it haute couture or ready to wear?
Thomas Arbez (1 year ago)
ready to wear
Miguel López (1 year ago)
koshka marvel its ready to wear
Jeff Tara (1 year ago)
koshka marvel RTW
S Feratovic (1 year ago)
I couldn't help but laugh at this! Hahahah
Titin Tintin (1 year ago)
Sooo bad ..... why did they hire this woman ?
ROD Val (1 year ago)
Mmmh...not good but not as bad as all her past collections, she just needs to drop that ugly dress she's been repeating since her first collection in different patters, colors and prints, just stop, bring something really, really new, looks like she's trying to make that dress a mark like Karl made those grandma blazers a mark and a seal of Chanel.
jabaris (1 year ago)
Maria Grazia has done some great work in the past ,pretty surprised at this collection it's not good or bad just different as Dior goes a mix of 70's and 90's .
Jackie Chow (1 year ago)
no, this is just bad

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