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KID INK (feat. DeJ Loaf) - BE REAL | TWERK | choreo by FRAULES feat. Maru & Sofa (Fraules team)

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Song: KID INK (feat. DeJ Loaf) - BE REAL Choreography: Fraules Style: Twerk + dancing))) Fraules' way) Dancers: - Maru https://www.instagram.com/marru.28/ - Sofa https://www.instagram.com/sofa_star/ With the help of Produkto store http://instagram.com/produktostore Camera: Andrew Bubin *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** "This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.
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Text Comments (222)
Yan Gosselin (4 months ago)
honestly FRAULES Every Kid ink Beat , You killed The Shit !!!;)good job
А где Х и Й?)
Доля Плишко (8 months ago)
Блин, видать что могут тверкать, однако одеты несуразно и пошловато
Juan Bera Boreno (8 months ago)
That legs
Aiko N'simba (9 months ago)
Sexy body women 💋💋
compton crip (9 months ago)
This isnt twerking its hip Hop dance
L.S. (10 months ago)
Love it ladies.
julia kæ (11 months ago)
wow💋 do you know the song "16 shots" from "stefflon don"? That would be a good song for a new coreo,(maybe.) 😇 I would love to see the result 🙈
Я учусь у их
Я учусь у их
Patrycja Maksimowicz (1 year ago)
I love you Fraules!!! 💖😍
Darina Stolyarova (1 year ago)
Marat edo (1 year ago)
Надпись на толстовке норм)))
Pierce Rainy (1 year ago)
put marru up front, that blond girl is laughable
Zulema Vega (1 year ago)
I love this woman!
perfectman29 (1 year ago)
amazing dancing, very fun to watch and its awesome you still are all friends and dance together after all these years
William Cochran (1 year ago)
I would get those pantys wet for them
Jon B (1 year ago)
Totally wicked! You ladies keep out doing yourselves, oozing with talent. Love the way you move to the rhythm. Beautifully choreographed! 😊
Софа Со (1 year ago)
а где было это снято?
GLR (1 year ago)
soooo GOOOOOD!!!!
Fani Berg (1 year ago)
dança muito Parabéns <3
Dmitriy Fourteen (1 year ago)
that perfect
Audrey Levesque (1 year ago)
I'd love to see you girls do a twerko on strip that down - liam payne & quavo ; please think about it, feel the vibe and stay hot girls, love y'all ;)
NocturnaVia (1 year ago)
Рада опять созидать вашу полную троицу) Наконец-то все в сборе) Потрясающий, непростой и привораживающий пляска!Какие вы молодцы,девчонки!Звезды!
Cheshire Cat (1 year ago)
They should do tutorials! They are amazing!
J F (1 year ago)
all three of u are finee
Илья Котов (1 year ago)
Хотите выяснить моё мировоззрение по поводу просадки просмотров на всех видео этого канала относительно того самого хайпового видоса? При всём почтении к Лене и её вкладу в танцевальное движение Новосибирска и России, мне будто всем приелся рука её танцев. Она из танца в пляска практически не изменяется. При этом практически во всех видео она в главной роли. Я думаю стоит побольше демонстрировать других девчёнок со своими необыкновенными и неподражаемыми танцами, думаю за это пора школа могла уже немало профессиональных девчёнок Новосибирска открыть.
Jamison Thomas (1 year ago)
No hate... they make those little butts move so quick tho. Whatever it's good they do their thing!
NormaleTube (1 year ago)
Nice video
Shelley Ward (1 year ago)
Anyone know what the brand of her shoes are?
Sibylle Motais (1 year ago)
Shelley Ward nike huarache
Brad (1 year ago)
Fraules is very modest but very well known artists from all over the world including America have flown to Novosibirsk to work with Fraules on everything from their stage choreography for upcoming concert tours to the choreography for their music videos.
Alexis Cole (1 year ago)
Please please please make a choreography of Drake's Fire &Desire 😭😭😭😭
PoohBear26 (1 year ago)
You gotta choreograph something to Cardi B---->Bodak. Would be awesome!
Britt b (1 year ago)
Jade and fraules my faves
Maria Elena (1 year ago)
Es necesario q salga casi en pelotas a bailar pongance un pantalon locas
Kody Howe (1 year ago)
gotta love it.. more than just shaking ass.. real talent
Misty McCullough (1 year ago)
So happy your back!!!
Trick Daddy (1 year ago)
Fraules or any other Dance Group i love to see you girls dancing showing the art and feeling of the xprechion of the music but do me a favor dont put fags in some of your videos a girl dancing acting as a female is one thing but a dude with female close trying to be a womam shot them..
короче...все пять)
Сложновато замутили...легкости дудки...хотя в целом хорошо, мне понравилось
Fenja Liebert (1 year ago)
I wanna dance like that omg
Gummy Wormy (1 year ago)
By far their best one yet
Xenia Twerk (1 year ago)
Udit kumar Patra (1 year ago)
Now that's what we call #AssOnFire
Cassie Hunt (1 year ago)
This chick is the best xoxo just love her
Ragnar Skål.!!! (1 year ago)
Joe Rusaw (1 year ago)
Can you help? Gofundme/Rusawfamily
Irini Anas (1 year ago)
beat that body after giving birth
Falco Ijzerhart (1 year ago)
Fraules is teh future
BTdeltafan101 (1 year ago)
Jesus. How long do you guys spend practicing and doing this over and over til you get it that in sync with eacother?
perfectman29 (1 year ago)
theyve been doing this for a long time, probably not as long as you think
Hoooooly sh***t!!! It's the hottest Fraules choreography!!!
Yogi Kiranti (1 year ago)
best Twerker in World for sure... Queen of twerk👌👍👏👏
Amaris Silvera (1 year ago)
how the hell did they get to twerk like that at 1:08. that was futuristic.
Alejandra Cueyar (1 year ago)
Заранее извиняюсь однако, это уже скучновато и однотипно, похоже на самоудовлетворение одной танцорши.
Milena Zotta (1 year ago)
number one!
похудела очень
René Z (1 year ago)
fraules at its best..thx maru + sofa..........love this clip
roman podgorski (1 year ago)
kschmadeka (1 year ago)
This makes me want to collude with Russia
Ágata Regina (1 year ago)
So SEXY! ❤❤
مايا احمد (1 year ago)
Ashley C (1 year ago)
I like the part when they TURN the hats. hehe Cool move! :3
Charo .Dubon (1 year ago)
I'd love to see choreography for the song "Unforgettable" by French Montana!!;)
Mila Chavi (1 year ago)
I normally like their videos but this one just sucked.
Julia Chami (1 year ago)
Margui Valenzuela (1 year ago)
#Lacraram#👏👏👏 Dançam demais, sem dúvidas sucesso!
Raquel Avelar (1 year ago)
abc8225 (1 year ago)
Shake that no ASS 😭
здесь кушать Русские??
Alexandr Kharlamov (1 year ago)
Такыть девки российские танцуют)
Vladimir Kim (1 year ago)
Александра Мощенко кушать канешна
güzel olsun (1 year ago)
Fraules Syaa (1 year ago)
please do for '' go gyal '' dance
Fraules Syaa (1 year ago)
please do for '' go gyal '' dance 🙏
Fraules Syaa (1 year ago)
please do for '' go gyal '' dance 🙏
Benjamin Malloy (1 year ago)
good vid! professional production, cool outfit, and that slide move was SICK! Oh yeah, the twerking. could watch that all day.
Hanna S (1 year ago)
yaaaas guurl. perfect AF
Олег (1 year ago)
Русские здесь кушать вообщем?
James Vega (8 months ago)
Кольбедюк российская фамилия?)) больше похожа на укрианцкую или белорусскую
NeoMorrigan (1 year ago)
Потому что практически все их видео сняты в Новосибирске и сами они все из Нск
Effy (1 year ago)
Софа воспитанница Лены (центральная) и Мару тоже, они из Новосибирска. Доброе утро
Effy (1 year ago)
Русские кушать, однако им не нравится
Mari Queen (1 year ago)
Тимофей з мне тоже этак показалось. А ещё здесь пляшет российская женщина. Софа Кольбедюк.
kyli Craig (1 year ago)
Love this song!!!! So freakin dope!!!
Monika Kajda (1 year ago)
the best twerk choreo!
Vinit kumar (1 year ago)
ooooovooooo 😍😍😍😘
Guy Chapman (1 year ago)
Fraules girl's choreography is always on fire!!!! Nobody can touch her!
Laura Rosalez (1 year ago)
I freaking love you fraules. how I wish you had a dance studio in san Jose, California.
Victoria Jackson (1 year ago)
Laura Rosalez its fun there we learn a lot
Steve P (1 year ago)
Who in their right mind is disliking this video?
Roby De Marzi (1 year ago)
<3 <3 <3
ChiciPuky (1 year ago)
Клево. А чё фуловый не могли запилить?
xXx xXx (1 year ago)
блю блю Елена))))весьма весьма секси
kolga258 (1 year ago)
Site look, dance, music, wear, booty shaking
Anika pawar (1 year ago)
queen killed it 😍😍👑👑
TheSarota1986 (1 year ago)
TheSarota1986 (1 year ago)
Darren Elliott (1 year ago)
i want that hat :) much love keep up the great work
Miguel Ordoñez (1 year ago)
Hola Lena, increíble y maravilloso, te mando un fuerte abrazo desde México de parte de Miguel ordoñez 👍👏👏👏👏👏😁
Jennifer Annison (1 year ago)
Fraules is a BOSS! 👍🏼❣️🍓🍓🍓😍😍
nathan clark (1 year ago)
well done. duration of the video could be expanded but group coordination
Spade Of All Trades (1 year ago)
Sofa moves are so crisp!! love it
Tina Cadena (1 year ago)
God why are you so fckng amazing! I'm just so envy for all of the people who can learn your choreographies with you there
Victoria Jackson (1 year ago)
Tina B V shes awesome i go everyday
Tina Cadena (1 year ago)
Gabi Jackson that's my dream
Victoria Jackson (1 year ago)
Tina B V yep
Tina Cadena (1 year ago)
Gabi Jackson I bet so, did u?
Victoria Jackson (1 year ago)
Tina B V its awesome being able to learn from her

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