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I USED FILIPINO SKIN WHITENING PRODUCTS FOR ONE ENTIRE MONTH. . . . . Honestly after a month I didn't notice much of a whitening effects, but I did noticed my skin looked a lot brighter and healthy. Maybe if I used them for more than just a month, the effects would be better. I do not plan on using these products anymore. Probably once in a while, when my skin needs a pick-me-up. PRICE - KOJI SAN SOAP: php100 - $2 ( would recommend this products ) SKIN WHITE LOTION: php90 - $1.80 GLUTA-C: php79 - $1.49 BELO - php249 - $4.99 Hi guys! I'm Ricky Originally from San Diego, California currently living in beautiful Manila, Philippines! I started this channel to share my life with you guys :) thanks for watching this video! leave me any feedback in the comments below. take care xx Music provided: http://www.epidemicsound.com FOLLOW ME INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/rickyryker/ SNAPCHAT: RickyFarinas
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Tate Klem (4 days ago)
I have darker neck and armpits. I thought that this was natural. Nonetheless, my skin tone is gradually developing, my neck and underarms are whiter each day since I used skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it)..
Ryan Parks (4 days ago)
I have never believed that my skin can still become whiter. In addition, the melasma located on my forehead has also dissipated when using skin whitening tutorial “fetching kinkin site” (Google it). This guide completely provided a mix of ideas that helped enhance my dark skin tone. It helped my skin to see a whole new light!.
ousmane barry (1 month ago)
You need help...
Nome boy (1 month ago)
Well I'm brown my armpits get black and my sides of crotch get black dirty trying to use soap to get black out and stay brown everywhere
Themanusiaful (1 month ago)
I love using kojie san especially on my face skin,,, my face is better now,, my skin type is oily and kojie san made my face brighter,,, but when i was using it on my body, it felt itch so much
carlos varela españa (1 month ago)
i saw your armpit hair
Leone Locatelli (1 month ago)
How did you lighten your eyebrows?
sėrpendipity (1 month ago)
tell me y he’s kinda cute
Ches G (2 months ago)
Spf10 is practicslly useless tho Always get at least 30
randercommander (2 months ago)
I appreciate the honesty
Sesa Pabalan (2 months ago)
Your skin looked great before - the products made your skin (and hair!) go gray. I wish Filipinos would stop promoting these products and just embrace their natural skin color. Colorism is such a problem among people of color, and it doesn’t stop unless we stop idealizing white skin.
holeeesheet (3 months ago)
wait... why are you even using whitening skin products even though your skin is already white?
AngeloRve (3 months ago)
The only thing that lightened is ur hair LMAO
ALEXAMOM B (3 months ago)
Why do you want to Whitten your skin? Your already white as it is.
Ryan Parks (4 months ago)
I have uneven skin tone in all areas of my body. I was pain this condition ever since childhood years. Nonetheless, following the skin whitening guide “fetching kinkin site” (Google it) I have discovered that my skin became lighter in just fourteen days from use..
Abir Ben Ahmed (4 months ago)
You ruined your hair and you're already white i mean you whiter before
Crazy Cactus (4 months ago)
Colonial mentality....
Mark Nante (6 months ago)
white skin was fine, but the blond hair looked like a joke
mcneri123 (6 months ago)
That thumbnail though lol
Theresa Romero (6 months ago)
Well, this is a curious approach. But is it really possible to see your skin lighten within the first 2 days? If you're curios and want to make it happen, look for Kandy Lumizore's website for a home-made formula that always works.
Capt Poetry (6 months ago)
Give them about 10 years of use, you will be 30 or 40 years of age, but your skin will look a 100 with a million of wrinkles and crowsfoot, they will switch to anti wrinkle cream, but they will then look like a Chinese Shar-Pei
A. T. (6 months ago)
I'm one shade lighter than you and I'm Mexican. I never understood why my fellow people did to their skin it's like your features are still ethnic so what's the point in trying to whiten your skin. This isn't just a problem in the Philippines it's a problem in latin america too.
Michel Etienne Sartre (6 months ago)
You have to also consider that asians dont really want to be white. We just want to have lighter skin, as it is a status symbol for nobility for over a millenia now... Way before caucasians ever set foot in our side of the globe.
Acer (7 months ago)
What part of SD are you from? We’re from Paradise Hills.
Peachy Trash (7 months ago)
This is sad why would you want to change your skin color....LOVE YOURSELF
Ricky Farinas (5 months ago)
preach it sister! :)
EYEinTIFFY Princess (7 months ago)
Kojie san is very effective but it’s kinda strong. I agree not to lather it for a long time. I watched somewhere a video about vitapack glutathione. I haven’t tried it yet can you make a review of that? Thanks in advance 🙏🏻
XxMyLameUserNamexX (8 months ago)
They use the word “whitening” but I think they really mean brightening. That soap is great for evening out skin tone and fading scars.
Meew (8 months ago)
The fact that you have to give a disclaimer at the beginning of the video shows how modern society has degenerated into a readily-offended, quick-to-condemn attitude.
Bob Ross (8 months ago)
Okay can 14 year old use it?
psychedelic psychonauts (8 months ago)
try this product to get permanent light skin, scientifically proven http://bit.ly/2sqSP98 the result will amaze you
Live Not Die (8 months ago)
But how did you go from brown in the pic to white?
Brad Spelling (8 months ago)
Welcome to the white club. You're officially accepted.
Martin Lucero (8 months ago)
Did you just click baited me? 🤨
Quench Gamer TV (8 months ago)
Bru whitening products is just a big joke it's part of their marketing strategy to attract buyers to buy their product
archie andrews (8 months ago)
mehwish safvi (9 months ago)
How we can get these products
jron sab (9 months ago)
Free whitening Cream giveaways. click the link bellow. http://shrink8.com/Mi2OVZ
anne marie milano (9 months ago)
There is no difference in your skin color . Don't get into all that hype in the Philippines. Colonial mentality.
Nitika (9 months ago)
Hi...ricky.. Plz provide details about this kojic acid sp..kojic sen...manufacturer..& all to restrain fake one... Send me original kojic acid sp link
NICOTINE (9 months ago)
Hahabhaa ang cute
Aljen DM (9 months ago)
yeah filipino whitening products not actually make your skin brighter but make your skin glower and healthie. it's all about advertisement, because they can attract more consumer, you know asian in speaking of whiter skin.
ThatsLouise (9 months ago)
2:13 holy potatoes
ThatsLouise (9 months ago)
there's no haters and I love it HAHHAHAAH <3
Gigi Soto (9 months ago)
How did you whiten your skin compared to the thumbnail picture? How long and how did u clear your skin?
brandon bahena (9 months ago)
Bleack ur skin mijo
Noah (9 months ago)
People shouldn’t get crucified for trying to look how they want. You shouldn’t need to explain your reasoning behind lightening your skin
jimin's lips (10 months ago)
I tried looking for Filipino products here in us and it's sad that it's way more expensive here
Nitika (10 months ago)
Hi ricky... U look enough honest I hv sm more qustn Wld you mind to shr ur email...on [email protected]
Aline Lopes (10 months ago)
Dude, why do u wanna be white? I swear for God I don't understand it
Flexllex (10 months ago)
Love it
Fujii Keiko (11 months ago)
In my opinion you are much more handsome with darker hair and eyebrows.
Tee Bee (11 months ago)
What NO ONE talks about is the UNDERLYING problem of the meaning of this video.. That problem is the PSYCHOLOGICAL damage and scarring of the mind that in fact White people have made sure to brainwash Filipinos and Asians and the world in general that lighter skin is more beautiful. What an UGLY concept and just plain brainwashed bullshit that goes on still today. You've got to be mentally disturbed to want to "Whiten" your own skin to feel beautiful? REALLY!. Something went wrong somewhere in your life to do that.
Jenny Nelson (11 months ago)
Do not dye your hair again. you look so much cuter with black hair
SkinCareLuver (1 year ago)
I love Kojie San!!! It's called glutathione (pronounced Glu-Ta-Thigh-on). Also Kojic Acid does irritate which is normal but if someone can't handle it it's best to cut back on using it to 30 seconds every other day. Also it takes 6 months to whiten up
Babi Angel (7 months ago)
SkinCareLuver can you go in depth for me pls I’m really curious🙏😩
teamometeamo (1 year ago)
Racist guy, thinks white skin is better than dark skin.
ayyy Lmaoo (2 months ago)
It is
Babi Angel (7 months ago)
What a fucking idiot. He likes to be paler, hows that any different than people who like being tanner and get tanned??
myungsook 명숙 (11 months ago)
Comes to show that you didn’t even bother to read the content disclaimer or the video itself, fucking idiot
Rez Nation (1 year ago)
Loved ur video. I can totally understand ❤
iris (1 year ago)
I thought you were latino lol
yol0 m8 (1 year ago)
use sunscreen everyday while you using these types of whitening products. it worked for me but i got lazy so i stopped haha. I used to even wear sunscreen even if it wasnt summer
Eric Tito (1 year ago)
Do u have facebook or instagram?
Eric Tito (1 year ago)
anong kulay ng buhok mo?
thebedsloth (1 year ago)
Did u dye ur hair urself? What did u use for ur hair
EmbraceWithin (1 year ago)
Your skin did go lighter!
Pinoy Trending Videos (1 year ago)
Please tell me the color of your hair as I really really like it.
Andrew (1 year ago)
JESUS WILL COME BACK TO EARTH SOON! PRAY, READ THE BIBLE, AND REPENT YOUR SINS BEFORE TIME IS UP! GOD LOVES YOU AND ALL PEOPLE**I'm not trying to force my religion on you, I am just warning you of what I believe is going to come & to let you know of the endless love God has for ALL people. If you're wondering why I'm commenting this on such a random video, it's because I have to spread the word as much as I can!
Aporupa Khan (1 year ago)
If I leave it than my skin become dark????
Tracy Gamboa (1 year ago)
*Its on the genes.*
Visayan Datu (1 year ago)
you are fairer after using it, it looked bright
Videos to Watch (1 year ago)
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Lisa&Wilkie (1 year ago)
you skin was good the way it was before
nicolai aquino (1 year ago)
I just focused on his face lol.😍😂
jv canary (1 year ago)
So cute
Ramon Lopez III (1 year ago)
What a liar, he claims to just be trying the products.  Why would anyone try any product if he, she was not interested in using it?  He is using the product because he has a colonial mentality.  Why aren't you satisfied with your natural color?  Does using whitening creams actually make you feel superior?  I feel sorry for you.  Get rid of your complex and accept what and who you are.
Ecniv.Anolecrab (7 months ago)
Can you just stfu and let people do whatever they want
Lola Phoenix (10 months ago)
Ramon Lopez III nothing, but people are brainwashed and we need to let them do them
Ramon Lopez III (10 months ago)
Of course I will tell the same thing to people that tan, who dye their hair and those who wear contacts. Many people that have done all those things have had bad health results. What is wrong with being natural and accepting who we are?
Lola Phoenix (10 months ago)
Ramon Lopez III tell that to people that tan tell that to those who dye their hair and wear contacts.
Kimo Lasi (1 year ago)
😂😂 New Hair Color
ihavecrabs56 (1 year ago)
U look washed out. Cuter before :( no need to whiten ur skin
Owei (1 year ago)
I prefer your skin before using those whitening products. You may seem a bit lighter but it doesn’t look glowy or healthy. It’s like a pale and kinda lifeless fair skin.
Joseph Dutollo (1 year ago)
Joseph Dutollo (1 year ago)
Love all ur vids! Subbie nako agad !
Danielle Osmena (1 year ago)
Hey Kojic asid soap? Are Japanese Po!!! But it's very popular in the Philippines.
vic farol (1 year ago)
Are you a fan of Ken Ryker? Having blonde hair is associated with pale skin. Therefore, even if you haven't shifted a shade of white on your skin, the perception is that you have whiter skin. You're pale from the start and no amount of lightening will lighten your already light skin. What lightened was the weight of your wallet. Thanks for the review BUTT, it's more like 3 months for you see changes AND to avoid sunlight even while wearing sunblock inside your house/office/building. Apparently the innocent light bulb emits UV rays causing your skin to darken. Ricky, all the best on your channel...gave you a thumbs up, up and up!
Ricky Farinas (1 year ago)
thank you :)
Laffi R (1 year ago)
Idk why I’m seeing this guy but DAAAAAMMNN 😍😍
Gian Manlapaz (1 year ago)
Mr. McGee (1 year ago)
U looks like markiplier, so i dont hate u.
:) .
Miyav Kutty (1 year ago)
where to buy in India these Philippines products...pls suggest. website
Benny Wong (1 year ago)
Miyav Kutty ebay
soi gne (1 year ago)
In US we are just going through tanning, lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Myron Smith (1 year ago)
sarcastically adopted - There are more than just white people in the US let's keep it real
momo 53664 (1 year ago)
Your hair looks great!
Nabeel Siddiqui (1 year ago)
kojisan made skin black and initiated skin peeling u didnot disscus about skin blackening from kojiesan and skin peeling
Benny Wong (1 year ago)
Nabeel Siddiqui yas if you have very high hyper acidity and you exposed too much in the sun
Nabeel Siddiqui (1 year ago)
u used only kojicsoap but did not show how gluta c works
Christopher Desoyo (1 year ago)
hot nung naligo hahahahaha
Tatsuki Naruka (1 year ago)
😂 😂 😂
Lax Vince (1 year ago)
I love my tan skin but I like your reactions.
Clarisce Soliman (1 year ago)
do you use them all for whole one month? or it's up to me what will i us, koji san soap and skin white lotion only? because when i use the belo soap on my face i got a lot of pimples ugh. so i stop to use it. i need a suggestion. uhm i think your skin get lighter,smoother and brighter.
Ricky Farinas (1 year ago)
for whitening the face I would try Korean Skincare! they have a lot of good products that are safe on the face, and won't break you out. try looking on Beautymnl.com
Shawn Ang (1 year ago)
Nabeel Siddiqui (1 year ago)
gluta c intense products vs kojie san which ones r the best?????
Ricky Farinas (1 year ago)
kojie san is better!
Nabeel Siddiqui (1 year ago)
please tell me that for how long one should apply kojie san soap to achieve a lighter skin?
Ricky Farinas (1 year ago)
5 minutes!
Arjun Villanueva (1 year ago)
I prefer your black hair n eye browse
Rechellynn Bercero (1 year ago)
lol. I can't really focus watching, when Your sooo Handsome 😍. Gosh.
Emman Pangoni (1 year ago)
Pogi mo naman pare.
Owei (1 year ago)
Lol. Huli ka! 😂😂😂😂😂
Last Emperor (1 year ago)
Did you get your hair done at a salon or did you do it yourself? If so what products did you use
Ricky Farinas (1 year ago)
at a salon! idk the products they used sorry! thanks for watching though :)
dhalene Styles (1 year ago)
ur lighter before but the difference of after maybe ur hair😂 thats the effect of kojiesan
Ricky Farinas (1 year ago)
I know, I lightened my hair before I finished this video, so you can't really see the difference haha 😂
MARTIN ИITЯAM (1 year ago)
they use the word "whitening" for a lack of better word.
aeysace (8 months ago)
I feel like "lightening" would be better
or just to decisive the gullible consumers :)

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