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Inside Secret Drug Tunnels Running From the US to Mexico

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What it's like down inside this sophisticated tunnel, one of the pipelines fueling a massive drug smuggling operation.
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DS Rai (22 hours ago)
Money talks and as long as there is a demand there will be a supply. They may have the kingpin, but that role has already been filled by his brother and sons. Business as usual.
DS Rai (23 hours ago)
Whats the point of building a wall when there are numerous tunnels below the surface negating anything above? Where theres a will, theres a way.
B Fall (1 day ago)
The most powerful military in the world, and no one has deleted the cartels. Conclusion: The cartels are funded (or at least conveniently overlooked) by the United States in order to destabilize Mexico.
Alex Joseck (1 day ago)
The wall ain't nothing.
Julia Galvez (2 days ago)
You do know that the prince of evil is controlling the world
Julia Galvez (2 days ago)
The wall is propaganda. Trump is foolish. If you want to make USA great look at your fucking states and how to treat addiction first
Julia Galvez (2 days ago)
There is a national Emergency here in the US. Wake the fuck up. Baltimore, philidelphia people look like the fucking zombies. Fentanyl is THE # 1 drug. Conquer the problem in the US first
@5:57 The Mexican prosecutor isn't going to tell you who built it, he wants to stay alive. He knows exactly who built that tunnel, he knows which cartel operates in that area.
Michael Hernandez (2 days ago)
He said he can’t tell you not he didn’t know!!
Theo Fulk (3 days ago)
Time to make a better MOLE TRAP !
Slowmore123124 dab (3 days ago)
He plays to much Minecraft
Nosody (3 days ago)
ABC, I can get you that drone footage w/o the BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ noise, hit me up.
RAQUEL VLOGZZ (4 days ago)
The need to do the tunnel underground ...,
Makaveli Shakur (5 days ago)
Man said drugs was illegal but being fucking Gay is against god's commandments but its perfectly legal the hypocrisy in this life we live
Hale Cooley (5 days ago)
Probably just got the neighbor killed by putting him on film nice
Guala Nejo (6 days ago)
michael gutman doesnt even had the gut for it
When the fuck are we going to stop wasting time, money, and lives fighting this bullshit?
Patches0hulahan (9 days ago)
“Build a wall” hahaha
James Thom (12 days ago)
Walls stop tunnels.....NOT!! You see the little drone used to film? 20 seconds for a larger one to fly drugs over a stupid wall
It's not 180 tunnels! It's a shame! it's over 200 by now they lost track no BS it up in the 250s speak the truth 😷Uncle Sam! Trump Wall for what?to keep us Americans on lock down and not leave after USA economic collapse 🕵️
El James Bondo!
dpcxpert (14 days ago)
Donald Trumps wall of mexico should not built in the air it should be built underground with high quality things so mr chapo cannot escape from prisons or try to traffic drugs.
white pride (14 days ago)
aaaaayyyy amigo ! 👎
Cameron Wilmott (15 days ago)
Why don’t they just fly drones over the wall carrying drugs? Like the idea amazon had
Robb gally (15 days ago)
For no money?? im sure they get paid a nice bit
Charles Swann Jr (15 days ago)
Build that tunnel! 😂
Kara Black (15 days ago)
*voice crack* tUnNeL PoRn
PanDaWiLLy MoFo (16 days ago)
Todo esta arreglado las armas pasan como si furan una escoba y un pakete de coca pasa como una maleta la veradadera corrupcion esta entre los trabajadores del la migaracion y fronteriza
Navillus 55 (16 days ago)
Alpha Vader (17 days ago)
It looks like that tunnel from cod black ops
CryptoSniper (18 days ago)
Tunnel porn? Lol
YG 400 (18 days ago)
I’ve been in those tunnels already 🤠
TTP LLC (21 days ago)
Have you realized why Mexico authorities are not closing the tunnels on their side, and they do not want the wall? Mexico benefits from the cartels. Why Mexican authorities would prevent the cartels from smuggling drugs into US, if the cartels dump their trashy drugs in the United State, and bring US dollars into Mexico? Why cement, just set boob-traps and problems solved with a KaBoom as an alarm for the US border patrol. End of store and tunnels re-routes.
William Coley (21 days ago)
We want the wall so the big fat pregnant women can’t climb them
GjoniStar (21 days ago)
Trump you need to build a wall under the earth hhahhahahah
CloutMuzik Beats (22 days ago)
*tunnel porn* !?
Daniel Bull (22 days ago)
You need a tall wall no one can get over to physically stop people. Then line the walls with sonar equipment to monitor below the surface. Its really quite a simple process.
Kenard William (22 days ago)
108 🤣🤣imagine how much you can get thru wit 108 tunnels
Jason Brb (23 days ago)
Americans be digging them tunnels. You think only Mexicans like money?
War of ages39 (23 days ago)
They are not a secret anymore !
Joseph Baggaley (24 days ago)
Rather than build a wall, might it make more sense to do one massive, professional tunnel along the border where the highest number of tunnels have been found? All you have to do is tunnel straight across and you'll find all the fuckers
Ben Wallace (25 days ago)
'They had to remove hundreds of tonnes of dirt, and yet the neighbours say they saw nothing and heard nothing.' Well of course they 'didn't see or hear anything' because if they did say anything to the authorities they would be murdered along with their entire families.
TheTowvalee (26 days ago)
Yep a wall will solve this problem... Trump's such a fucking idiot.
TheLaserGuy (26 days ago)
youtube Creeps me out (27 days ago)
Just throw a bomb down that will stop them . They would have to wonder before they build it well they get bomb ..Oh n F u cartels
Chunn Motive (28 days ago)
6:05 you know those two Mexicans are working for the cartel☠️
SokoKing (28 days ago)
d dd (28 days ago)
Tunnel porn was a pretty lame thing to say when finding porn in a tunnel. What is it? Tunnel porn...
American Bias (1 month ago)
David Kendall (1 month ago)
Can’t our military find the tunnels through disturbances found in sound frequencies and another thing to worry about is now that droids can fly those drug baggy over the border what do we do about those mini helecopters???
keke bandz (1 month ago)
7:10 why dont they just put a camera on a rc car and drive it thru
Josh (5 days ago)
keke bandz You're right lol 😆
Michigan fan (1 month ago)
A wall will not stop anything except the coyoteys that are cheap and the idoits that try to cross with a few pounds of dope
Y Not (1 month ago)
🤔🙄😉Well, over 5 billion dollars for Walls $billed over tunnels, are as worthless as Trumped Shutdown debts are as misleading.🤫😆🤗 🕳👌yep
basant vimal sharma (1 month ago)
Mexico is not the bad fella America is.demand requires constant supply. No demand no supply. Americans are a drug crazed society. Stop Mexican side they will find other sources. Almost every vehicle stopped by police for routine checks leads to some sort of drug find men women kids some dealers some peddlers and mules.
Jordan Kennedy (1 month ago)
They aint just moving dope thru those tunnels .they moving bodies
Valentin Luna (1 month ago)
Mexican Police are def sold out.
Falcon 84 (1 month ago)
The wall should extend underground so anyone that makes a tunnel will get stuck
Kristian Bjelland (1 month ago)
*tunnel porn*
J Ger (1 month ago)
History right before our eyes ladies and gentlemen.
J’taime La Mer (1 month ago)
Someone needs to make trumpy watch this
Soccer4U (21 days ago)
The wall will help the US border patrol focus on tunnels
Cats Eye100 (26 days ago)
J’taime La Mer You think that would change his mind? I am absolutely positive he knows about the tunnels. Not so sure he understands why it is significant and kinda puts a damper on his “Great Wall le Mexico”.
Gilles Cordier (1 month ago)
J’taime La Mer Trumpy would say" fake news-fake-news"...
Daniel Coleman (1 month ago)
If the Pres needs more $$ for "the wall", maybe he should suggest a buy back program. We'll sell them back all those drones they airmail us.
Ari (1 month ago)
Those tunnels are as sophisticated as your Spanish
William A (1 month ago)
BUILD THE WALL! ... oh wait...
also our ICE and "good cops" are involved in the drug trade as well. it is also the reason why crimes are so rampant in places like baltimore and others, because law enforcement are pretty much sold out to gangs.
Jonathan Trevino (1 month ago)
The drug “war” is clearly a black market American operation using Mexico as a patsy. Also, good lord these white boys on us border patrol are wimps. Just go into the hole lol “no technology yet exists to find out what’s on the other side”
Dutch Schultz (1 month ago)
For every tunnel found,there are 100 more. I've seen a tunnel you could drive a truck through
Tileman75 (1 month ago)
This is why a wall will not work
Dan Ross (1 month ago)
These dudes just need elon musk
Bina Budha magar (1 month ago)
This is good investigation
Mark Caro (1 month ago)
Your modern tunnel rats
souljadream85 (1 month ago)
Oussama bin laden is behind those tunnels.
Darlene Messer (1 month ago)
Korbin Simons (1 month ago)
4:25 Tunnel porn? 😂
Theresa Serpa (1 month ago)
Bi££ The Wa££ with fresh Bundle'$ of seized Carte£ 💰💰 💰💰 💰💰 Mone¥ from the Broken Border'$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 650,000Bi££ion$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!
Ronna Hanson (1 month ago)
when they find those tunnels they should just back a cement truck up to the hole and just pour ... maybe three trucks
Skg 50 (1 month ago)
Trump a billion dollar border wall will not keep illegal immigrants they will make a tunnel
Marc Rover (1 month ago)
If I were a cartel leader I'd just buy 10,000 drones.
GOD (1 month ago)
Did you see the fear in the mexican prosecutors eyes when the reporter mentioned THE KING EL CHOPO
Bette (1 month ago)
drone porn
kuzay soccer player (2 months ago)
I feel like both US AND MEXICAN authorities are corrupted. If US really wants to stop this drug trafficking then it will be no problem for them but money is sweet
Campos Cine (2 months ago)
Yeah. they’re gonna tell you who built it on camera. Idiot
Living With Ericka (2 months ago)
So... WHY ARE WE BUILDING WALLS AGAIN??? 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😄😄 Who needs a wall when they have tunnels? Fuck a wall.
DJ FX (2 months ago)
War on drugs is one of the biggest jokes and scams in US history
Time Traveler (2 months ago)
So easy to find tunnels with satellites technology. They just don’t wanna find them
mezzaninex (2 months ago)
​+Time Traveler Then you should probably go talk to DARPA, the Defense Research Wing of the US govt. because they are currently holding a competition to find an effective efficient way to map underground areas, because no good solution is around. You could become a millionaire. https://fcw.com/articles/2018/07/24/darpa-underground-mapping.aspx
Time Traveler (2 months ago)
mezzaninex plus, you’re talking to a cartographer that already has used the technology
Time Traveler (2 months ago)
mezzaninex the ocean floor is also way deeper than the tunnels by miles
mezzaninex (2 months ago)
​+Time Traveler The ocean is composed of water, ground is composed of dirt.
Time Traveler (2 months ago)
mezzaninex lol yes satellites can see underground they can even map out the floor of the ocean
aaron nigoche (2 months ago)
6:00-6:10 corny ass shit
aaron nigoche (2 months ago)
“The tunnel gods” ridiculous
James Dean (2 months ago)
This is why the wall is worthless!!!
David Bernacel (11 hours ago)
Jason Raczkowski *
Dean Haack (1 month ago)
you have a wall then the police can watch the tunnles
SunBurnDice (1 month ago)
+James Dean The crash of 2009 was because there was a bubble on loans and mortgages, nothing to do with the taxes, it had to do with how banks and investment firms were giving high risk loans to people who couldn't pay them back and resulted in a recession. There was never a 70% corporate income tax, the highest was around 50 and it was after the second world war, later it went down little by little so try again.
James Dean (1 month ago)
SunBurnDice and GM hired how many more people?!?😂😂😂😂😂😂
James Dean (1 month ago)
SunBurnDice how did the last tax break like this go? When bush was in office he did the same not as high tax breaks but still. And he crashed the economy? Macroeconomics. I’m no expert. Not saying that just can look at history and see what this does!!!! Look at the tax bracket in the 40’s -70’s it was as high as 90 % for corporations and the country was doing the best ever!!! Or am I wrong about thy also????
Rigo5.0 aldaba (2 months ago)
How much for that ball joint press at 3.52
SVG COater (2 months ago)
make americans addict again!
Löfen Deluxe (2 months ago)
”Right know I got to keep a tunnel vision”
DocG07 (2 months ago)
180 tunnels?!!!!! Looks like that wall is gonna be useless Trump.
German Mejia (1 day ago)
+Aaron Munoz i believe that the wall is to not let anybody out , once hell breaks loose here because there is a spiritual war , war on conscioussness going on and many are awakening to it , so when martial law goes into action people have no where to go, like hitler did with his camps , tge people in power are family wit hitler , so theres that , the wall wont change shit , the govt supplies tge drugs to cartels and many other shit , like pablo escobar was a cia. Agent etc
Aaron Munoz (1 day ago)
German Mejia I don’t understand can you clarify a bit more
German Mejia (1 day ago)
Theres another porpuse foe that wal , imigration is the excuse guven so people agree with it without a fight
Aaron Munoz (3 days ago)
Dean Haack There is a clear wall right there and they still managed to build 100+ tunnels within about a miles length of that wall. Do you still think that trumps wall will do anything other then wast millions of dollars?
DocG07 (13 days ago)
+johnny Z Idiot, huh? No....you're the idiot for voting an orange oompa loompa in office who lied to you about Mexico paying for the non-existent wall. #dumbass
Bill Gates (2 months ago)
Tunnel porn?
nano (2 months ago)
i speak spainish and those niggas were making fun of him... they were being sarcastic saying wtf we dont what you talking about with a smirk on their face lol dumbass
Lil Knows (2 months ago)
Luke Randall (2 months ago)
Border patrol sound create a tunneling department and do what the tunnel rats did in WW1. Tunnel towards the tunnels and stop them by listing for digging and blow them up. Lmao. Just kidding. It’s not a battlefield in the way it was back during the Great War. Still they could form Counter-Tunneling team of some kind
Tontza420 (2 months ago)
*tunnel porn?!*
isabelle o. (2 months ago)
tunnel porn ?
ACT1O1 (2 months ago)
Wonder how they feel about this war drugs going? Seems like one people enjoying this is cokeheads in the USA. More money for the cartel I guess
Noah M (2 months ago)
I support anything that fucks up the Americans...fuk them they cause more wars and shed more blood than anyone so suck shit ya dogs.. Fuk u arrogant gringos ..
Ravi Nayak (2 months ago)
Probably the wall has to be as much under the ground as it is over it.
XXXtraSpace (2 months ago)
TuNnEl PoRn?!?!?

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