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Good Girls Go Bad LYRICS

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These are the lyrics to the song Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. . ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO COBRA STARSHIP. :] First lyrics video leave a comment for more song+lyric vids! ;D
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Text Comments (929)
i hate carrots (2 days ago)
FIVE best friends? Lucky asf, she was probably the most popular girl in school
This sounds like ddlc XD
Deutalios 818 (8 days ago)
Good girls really do go bad.
Enrique Contreras (13 days ago)
I use to listen to this when I was like 9 lol
I always thought 3oh3 sang this 😂
Elizabeth Frentz (13 days ago)
I remember when this came out on the radio. I was in 4th grade
Amurī Draws (15 days ago)
Why did i ever think this is an innocent song when i was like what, in second grade?
tokionovaloid (16 days ago)
I love how she specifies that the amount of friends she was standing in the corner with. FIVE. No more, no less.
Darlene Buck (16 days ago)
anyone think of this song and Markiplier turning good girls into bad girls.
Dead Inside (19 days ago)
Lol 2019 who’s here?
gl1tterb0mb (20 days ago)
*intensely jams this despite being the absolute lamest dorkiest person in the world*
A&L Gymnastics (21 days ago)
I remember this song from when I was 4 lol
Grampz (21 days ago)
8th grade mp3 intensifies. but the one that lets you record a song from the radio cuz you couldn't afford internet yet
I used to love this song when I was younger
Dallas Greene (24 days ago)
when I was younger I thought it was saying until I drugged her wine. smh
Anthony Digironimo (24 days ago)
First time hearing this song was on Law and Order Special Victims Unit. I love this song.
Cassie Lynne Horne (1 month ago)
2019 fuckers ? Shit is still a damn bop
PurpleCatAngel 13 (1 month ago)
This song was in the beginning of that Law & Order: SVU episode about measles, teen drinking and anti-vaccine parents.
Pam Wilkinson (1 month ago)
4.2 million views Idol. (bts) got more views in 1 night...
Gracie Simon (1 month ago)
Gracie hi ear you and drawing coring book movie Katie live you
Gracie Simon (1 month ago)
hi Gracie Simon your coo coo drawing coring book
justine loyd (1 month ago)
anyone 2019??? i still love this song and im 23😂😂😂
Akul Hates Avocados (1 month ago)
Damn, 9 years ago. I was 4 when this came out, and I loved this song. I just came across this randomly today, and began jamming out like crazy. I totally forgot the song and I can't believe that.
Sophie (1 month ago)
Good girls go BAAAAD
MiccArts s (1 month ago)
everyones asking 2018 anyone but here I am..2019 anyone
Rachel Moore (1 month ago)
Good girls go bad
Rachel Moore (1 month ago)
Hashtag 2010
Hannah Causby (1 month ago)
I clicked on it was like what ...... OMG WHAT I REMEMBER THIS SONG
Evak yellow curtains (2 months ago)
This makes me think of Jason Morgan and Sonny
Bowser Jr. (2 months ago)
calic6 ridl3y (2 months ago)
i forgot about this song till i saw a video on facebook about songs that are 0 years old this year xD
FurryTheFox (2 months ago)
damn i remember when i was younger and my sister listening to this over and over cant believe im already 16 and i was 7 when this came out and im out myself haha!
Clear Back (2 months ago)
*Doki Doki Literature Club?!* _lol_
Ariana Newlen (2 months ago)
I heard this a longtime ago and I reunited with it that’s how it always goes I remember a song from long ago but never know the name
спс 2019 тема мне приглянулась я ее ранее слушал
satellitejay (2 months ago)
Good girls go to bed
Alya Azman (2 months ago)
Actually came here because of my fav OTP amv played this song- just gog, it's so GOOD
Silvia A (2 months ago)
16 year old me and 17
OkkJackk (2 months ago)
0:11 sound like a robot but i like that sound it’s sounds like... Edit:Jump from Datt.
Kid Danger 467 (2 months ago)
Came here from the Doki Doki memes
Ladislao music (3 months ago)
NADPUURSY (3 months ago)
DDLC anyone?
EMa Valíčková (3 months ago)
Hello everyone let's do a lyric train:I make them good Girls go bad
Paradox (3 months ago)
I make them good girls go bad!
Frank Grimes (3 months ago)
THIS SONG WAS THE SHIT BACK IN ITS DAY! Still love it tho, my jam. Still makes me want to party
anthony selstad (3 months ago)
I freakng like this song
Krazy lary (3 months ago)
This is the kind of song for guys who make daddies little girl into naughty girls
Green Awful Animator (3 months ago)
I haven't heard this song since my powerpuff girls phase 0--0
QiLLAH (3 months ago)
I haven't heard this song in 10 years. Still too soon.
Naya Ambrolleigns (3 months ago)
This song is fuckin AWESOME
Gaming with Erika (3 months ago)
i listened to this song since i was fvkin 5 years old 😂
cool kid 😎🤠 (4 months ago)
i knew every word to this song when i was 4
Slerpy (4 months ago)
this song now in a episode of Law and Order Special Victims Unit
Rook k (3 months ago)
That's why I'm listening to cause I saw it there
Marie Delrose (4 months ago)
Naya Ambrolleigns (3 months ago)
Cøffee PL (4 months ago)
2019? B)
Gacha leenx hoio playz (4 months ago)
Zoe Pancito (4 months ago)
DDLC? Only me?
Nesstendo (4 months ago)
Tayler Maddocks (4 months ago)
anyone else know this song from law and order svu? no? just me? okay.
MrLucascanuto (4 months ago)
The Goodly Dragon (4 months ago)
I want to do a nationalist parody of this song called "I make the good goys go bad."
Katerina Reina (4 months ago)
2019 😊
Lexy couture (4 months ago)
Happy 10 year anniversary
karo kiro (4 months ago)
It sounds like kids Girl Scout
Emma Reethi (4 months ago)
Anyone in 2019 chillin here?? ;)
Sonika's Guidance (4 months ago)
2019 anyone? 'old' is gold!
Brittany Wynn (4 months ago)
I love this song still
Daydream Fuel (4 months ago)
So..... Am I the only one in 2018?.... Or Ddlc memes?..... No? Just me? Okay then.....
kasumii _haku (4 months ago)
1:06 came here because of doki doki lititure club there ya go
Dark Sonic (4 months ago)
Nostalgia is real... I remember when this was on the radio...
Jessie Magnolia (4 months ago)
I MAke dem good girls go BAD
Dean Ambrose (4 months ago)
Good GIRL GO BAD 👏👏💞👌👍👍
goth cowgirl (4 months ago)
Henn Essy (4 months ago)
Make this song a meme next
Toii Toii Productions (4 months ago)
"I'll make them good girls go-" BAHHHHH
cRoOkEd (5 months ago)
david dobrik sent me?
Draco Malfoy (5 months ago)
1:06 The meme Your welcome.
Nino lester Tangcay (5 months ago)
Good girls good bad like it
FlowerPower1233211 (5 months ago)
whos listening in 2018
Hsien Chih Shu (5 months ago)
thought it was " I was hanging in the corner with my father's friend" my whole childhood
MichaelLangdon CodyFern (5 months ago)
this song makes me want to cry not in a bad way, just the memories
1rzyn3 (5 months ago)
2018 dec?
Linn Kierstin (5 months ago)
How did I, after all this time, just realize that the lyrics go “hanging in the car with your five best friends.” Not hanging in the car with your fat best friends😂
Botchok Adventure (5 months ago)
2018 ???? Im still listening to this song..
JackZeri EddHead (5 months ago)
1:00 1:42
jack (5 months ago)
cupcake Sweet (5 months ago)
Yeahhhhhhh I was a little a bad bitch when I was little
Ashley Funderburk (5 months ago)
Fivefootseven Gal (6 months ago)
Comic Sans (6 months ago)
just monika :)
Chris Hillmon (6 months ago)
Anyone here from that DDLC meme?
Jiren Owarida (4 months ago)
Golden_hearts gecha (6 months ago)
Me at 11: I don't like this song 4 years later: *I mAkE tHeM gOoD gIrLs Go bAd*
Lillian Johnson (6 months ago)
All I'm saying is I got this song from Davids vlogs ✌
wynterwolf Rose (5 months ago)
Omg I have been here longer but that’s what brought me back
Sara Elizabeth Russell (6 months ago)
meg (6 months ago)
anyone come here from david dobrik?
Montrel Johns (6 months ago)
bruno lima (3 months ago)
Montrel Johns not ha ha. TiaraC
Carmalita Cooper (6 months ago)
Hugo Cabret (6 months ago)
brings me back to the good middle school days
Awesome Double A (6 months ago)

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