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Butchercup - Good Girls Go Bad

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:) If you've watched my Powerpuff girls and Rowdyruff boys chats you will understand this. Hope everyone enjoys it. -- DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER. THESE ARE JUST MY IDEAS.
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Text Comments (34)
Maria Lagos (1 year ago)
i love vídeos like these
Fabulous Poptart (1 year ago)
0:24 OH NO HE'S BEEN CAUGHT AHHHHH RUN BUTCH RUN xD but she's probably OK with it ..........hopefully...........
FunGirl 2.0 OwU (1 year ago)
love it
Random Vids (1 year ago)
I feel like her all the time hide her fellings
Fabulous Poptart (1 year ago)
Titi .C (1 year ago)
nitendo switch lover ikr
Julie Was_here (2 years ago)
I like good girls go bad video of yours
sharon pelletier (2 years ago)
Omg so perfect I love it
Astricita Music (3 years ago)
Stephen Talbot (5 years ago)
Why people think buttercup does not like butch
kavya (4 months ago)
+Mynameisurname ;p but in power puff girls z they do kiss
Mynameisurname ;p (4 months ago)
Because buttercup x butch is fanmade. The author (whoever made the ppg and rrb) does not plan in letting them be a couple. That's why some people don't think that buttercup likes butch.
kavya (5 months ago)
+Butch Jojo found uuuuu
Titi .C (1 year ago)
Butch Jojo :) it's youuuuuuuuuuu
Savannah Dickens (1 year ago)
I love this it is awesome
ELLA MAE Mapalad (5 years ago)
FunGirl 2.0 OwU (1 year ago)
shawnaleah sawyer (6 years ago)
Sc8er Gurl (6 years ago)
This is sooooo good!!! love it!!!!!! It is PERFECT!!
Sweetrocket12 (6 years ago)
why thank you :)
Titi .C (1 year ago)
Sweetrocket12 welcome
AJ jean (6 years ago)
they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOooo awesome and so are you!!!!!
Sweetrocket12 (6 years ago)
lol i agree *pulls back*
ok we should stop before we kill each other
Sweetrocket12 (6 years ago)
Awe thank you! *hugs back super hard*
OMG I LOVE YOU FOR THIS *hugs you super hard*
Anime Chika (6 years ago)
no problem hehehe :3
Sweetrocket12 (6 years ago)
Thank you very much. ;)
Priscilla Jane (6 years ago)
love this song love the pictures chosen for this song you my friend did an excellent job
Sweetrocket12 (6 years ago)
Thank u :3
Anime Chika (6 years ago)
yaaa first comment and awesome vid sweetrocket love ya like a friend :3

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