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ARK PRIMAL - Majestic Buildings Made Possible with a Masonry! E13

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ARK Survival Evolved - ARK PRIMAL! Some Major Improvements to our Town are happening all the time and with our newly completed Masonry we're adding some serious style to the place! Beautiful Style! Click Here to Subscribe: https://goo.gl/p16QNQ Nerd Parade Discord: https://discord.gg/MNx9cnr Donate to the Cause! https://twitch.streamlabs.com/nerdparade Follow on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/nerdparade Nerd Parade Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nerdparade Official Nerd Parade Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/nerd-parade-gaming Nerd Parade Social Media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/nerd_parade_ Instagram: https://instagram.com/nerd_parade_ Figure Collecting: http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/Reido Anime List: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Reido Music by: Argofox | Royalty Free Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puHJ4GT4qUM
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Text Comments (75)
Brandi Hall (1 month ago)
Me and my husband love watching your vids.
sketabug (1 month ago)
is there other cities going up else were???
N0bS NUBS (1 month ago)
Can you raid people
Sam Dragontear (1 month ago)
I always want to try one of these primitive total conversions, but I'm afraid I'll miss my fabricators. lol
Danny unixanalyst (1 month ago)
Gamma down dude. You always have your gamma too high.
Justin Zeedyk (1 month ago)
ummm am I the only one thinking of building a crypt and a dungeon?!
sandroPT ARK (1 month ago)
You know ark is your life 🤪✌ Greetings from Portugal 🇵🇹
Dylan Beks | LLN (1 month ago)
i can see the ground of the village true your logo of your shirt and keep up the great vids
morgan belack (1 month ago)
Bring back 2 men 1 base
Are you going to play ark with the new update there is much more building options
Johnny Tripodi (1 month ago)
Hey nick where’s your wedding video or hasn’t it happened yet or u don’t want to post it?
Christopher Robbins (1 month ago)
Keep up the videos there awesome and cant wait to see the rest and I understand your emotions about ark buildings as well.
Liam Zamora-fields (1 month ago)
I like this series don't get me wrong but PLEASE upload more satisfactory. I Have a Mac and thus can't download it
gaming legend (1 month ago)
This is one of the reason i love nerd parade because of the awesome builds
RAGEINSCOTSMAN (1 month ago)
@Nerd parade.......the spot where you plan to build the castle seemed to have a big praying being as a cloud behind it.....just saying lol .....love the vids!!
Zachary Salter (1 month ago)
Why is his shirt seethrough at 1:20
Krissy Stansbarger (1 month ago)
I'm sick as crap wish I wasnt
Sabrina Kaulfers (1 month ago)
This is awesome! All the extra details are so much fun to see. So. Much. Plaster. You and the Nerd Paraders are super impressive!
Alex Thibeault (1 month ago)
Love the vid nick
The William Legend (1 month ago)
"Wheel in motion" Me: okay unsubbing lol Kidding btw.
chipsinatube (1 month ago)
May I join the server or is it full?
STEVO4434 (1 month ago)
Bring back pvp servers
Ellis simpson (1 month ago)
There’s an ark PvP cluster up already
Ørjan Øvereng (1 month ago)
Will there be a brothel?
Nerd Parade (1 month ago)
LOL perhaps the town needs one!
Xx WOOFY (1 month ago)
You should pvp and fight more
Kyle Forrest (1 month ago)
2 men 1 base
Tim Harris (1 month ago)
Love the vids you make my day a bit brighter!
Kyle Zimmermann (1 month ago)
Need to give credit to the eco decor mod too bro!
RealVideos (1 month ago)
dude this is the first episode im loving this i love the no teck feel this mode looks lovley andyes my spelling sucks lol
RealVideos (1 month ago)
ok kool its been ages i used to watch before the tech stuff started but thats not my jam i will be watching this more no tech +tom knight
tom knight (1 month ago)
braaa how can this be your first time lol ive been watching the parade for tyme
Lake Killian (1 month ago)
Did anyone else see that you can see through his chest cause of the color of the tri-force symbol?
Team Red Shirt (1 month ago)
Man I'm glad you said something, I thought it was the weed....
Kyle Zimmermann (1 month ago)
Please more episodes of this!
A_gamer 526 (1 month ago)
100th like
CrimsonVader007 (1 month ago)
Are you guys going to roleplay on stream ever
Nerd Parade (1 month ago)
entirely possible :)
Allan Garcia Riu (1 month ago)
Im gonna change to Primal right now!
Keya Chy (1 month ago)
I would love to see u finally tame something, don't get me wrong i absolutely love the building process and the progression process? But I would recommend an anky for all the metal and as a blacksmith's best friend or a small shoulder critter. :) Keep up the great vids
Floki Dargo (1 month ago)
+nico rickey aye, a few creatures
nico rickey (1 month ago)
+Floki Dargo can you tame anything??
Floki Dargo (1 month ago)
if you could tame an anky it would be great. but you can't tame those in this mod.
Stealthlikeluke (1 month ago)
Anybody else bothered by nick saying masonary instead of masonry?
Sabrina Kaulfers (1 month ago)
Not enough to call attention to it. I think it's intentional. It is spelled right in the video title though.
Stealthlikeluke (1 month ago)
Or am I just wrong
chance kelly (1 month ago)
Love what the Oasis turns into is that mod pvp or is it pve server
Not Human (1 month ago)
It's a pve server but the mod can be both
Deja Food (1 month ago)
looks awesome maybe have some farms out side of town live stock and crops. aka pig pen dodo pens, sheeps grazing lol. awesome work
smcfadden1992 (1 month ago)
15:25 put your castle where your standing and expand your town
Charlie Frey (1 month ago)
I love this series
smcfadden1992 (1 month ago)
8:05 can you place pillars there so it doesn't look like it's floating? It be cool to make that area like an undercroft and built a castle above. Tower over your town but built upon the poor
smcfadden1992 (1 month ago)
+Ript I love building I imagine seeing a towering castle over some dark cobblestone pillars or stacked foundations as its base, but through the darkness between the pillars is an ominous glow from the black market shops concealed below. 😁
Ript (1 month ago)
+smcfadden1992 I can do some experimenting and see how it looks! :D
smcfadden1992 (1 month ago)
It would make it darker in your black market, I've never built with this mod so don't know how foundations and stuff works.
Ok then
Ript (1 month ago)
Feeling the love! <3 Let's get that Castle built!
B. Dowdy (1 month ago)
Your shirt is doing crazy things
SmokyBear 420 (1 month ago)
Yup thats what happens when you have a green screen setup and it make everything green invisible
Alfa wolf Nightmare (1 month ago)
7th comment. Love you bro keep up the amazing work
Alfa wolf Nightmare (1 month ago)
+Ript I'd actually been wanting to do that but by the end his videos I would always forget to ask for a code 😹😹
Ript (1 month ago)
+Alfa wolf Nightmare Best way to get the most active updates for the NP Community is to join the Discord Channel!
Alfa wolf Nightmare (1 month ago)
+Ript dang, my console runs it better then my PC, oh well there will eventually be a console supported mod similar lol. If it does come to console please please please let me know.
Ript (1 month ago)
+Alfa wolf Nightmare Right now, there are no console servers currently running. I don't believe there is any future plans to re-introduce them, either. :(
Alfa wolf Nightmare (1 month ago)
+Ript are xbox players able to join? If so I'm DOWN
Putera Mahdini (1 month ago)
wait survival plus as in s plus ??
Putera Mahdini (1 month ago)
dude i already know that i was just screwing around
Vathir 5000 (1 month ago)
Not s+, Surival Plus is an different mod.
Bananaman879 ! (1 month ago)
47th! And fourth to comment
Bananaman879 ! (1 month ago)
4th to comment
BLITZPLAYZ XD (1 month ago)
Good video
Christopher Ruiz Solis (1 month ago)
Jack Fleming (1 month ago)
great vid

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