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How Many Dragons Would It Take to Melt the Wall in Game of Thrones? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Text Comments (2253)
Nerdist (1 year ago)
Game of Thrones' dragons aren't actually dragons. NEW mini-ep over on my Insta (https://www.instagram.com/sci_Phile/). Thanks for watching! -- KH
blackfalcon1324 (3 hours ago)
They are dragons because they are fictional creatures in a fictional universe and thus are called what ever the author decides. Can you do how fast the dragons would be able to fly?
Brachy LP (1 month ago)
Poor Dragon cuz he dead now
AijaBear (3 months ago)
Hanif Huzairi no. Wyverns are a subspecies of dragons. Wyverns have 2 legs and wings, where dragons have 4 legs and wings. Because the internet.
Kelvin Fontenelle (5 months ago)
Nerdist norse mythology. Jumangadr
Ross Johnson (5 months ago)
you would still need 667,760 dragons to melt the whole wall though... :/
Vypazcute (2 days ago)
7:26 "longer than any dragon in fiction" how bout the world snake? Well, it doesn't spit fire, but it's long!
jurassic world54 (9 days ago)
You said that the dragon would have to be km long and very few would be bigger and I was wondering if anchalagon the black from lots univeres would be big enough
BoostedMoto (11 days ago)
What if they just go through the center
An Egg With Issues (14 days ago)
Actually, Ancagalon the Black would have been bigger, weighing enough to crush a mountain.
snake420100 (17 days ago)
sence its a fictional being just give it increase the dragons fuel like what if the dragons continualy make whatever fuel they use
Mikko Heiskala (20 days ago)
Dragon fire is hotter than gasoline fire :P
Scrinwaipwr (23 days ago)
Sometimes Littlefinger sounds Welsh too.
Javier García (25 days ago)
i'm a new subscriber and i really enjoy your vids BUT in this one (i know its old ) i didnt like it that much because i think there is a lot out of the picture. You used a flamethrower value for dragon's fire and (at least) some dragons in this series can vanish people into ashes and melt rock or rock based structures... so i beleave it is far more temperature than a flamethworer, also, its the amount of dragons you describe what we need to obliterate the wall in 1 second? what about 1 minute? or 10? i would love to see all this stuff incorporated into the math.
Gregor Rohde (25 days ago)
Around 7:30 you ask for a Dragon that big? How about the wish-guy from Dragonball? Guess his name is Sheng Long...
Christian Bankhead (26 days ago)
Lore-wise, Dragon fire is much hotter than most other natural fires.
Matt Koeppicus (27 days ago)
Dragons are magic
tom morrissey (28 days ago)
Kyle, one small correction to an otherwise awesome video. You said that ice doesn't have the compressive strength to get that thick. However, in the last ice age, didn't we have ice sheets over 2 miles thick in the Northern Hemisphere ? Aren't there ice sheets in Antarctica hundreds of feet thick ? Keep up the good work, love your vids.
Lilchad007 YT (28 days ago)
What if they just try to melt a 5 meter by 5 meter hole in the wall
Elemental Skylos (1 month ago)
When he screams sarcastically its halarious.
Минин Иван (1 month ago)
i think gasoline is wrong fuel, in a book dragons can melt top of stone tower with a single breath (Harrenhal)
sabata2 (1 month ago)
But why not cover the dragon that actually takes down the wall at the end of Season 6?
LadyDoomsinger (1 month ago)
7:48 Did you say "Myselves"? There are more of you??? Are you a clone?!
Yevgeniy Dupuis (1 month ago)
Me likey👍
Yevgeniy Dupuis (1 month ago)
Well there's also the intensity of the fire itself. For example the perfect fire which is blue but I guess if your trying to explain it logically then...I have nothing to say.
Fran Munjin (1 month ago)
Yo what kind markers do you use?
Saurabh Pandey (1 month ago)
But in the show the dragon does not melt the entire wall but just a very small portion of it...I assume approximately only about 500metres...Moreover the dragon only hits and melts a certain point in the wall which weakens the wall at that point and the rest of the work of the wall falling is done under it's own weight by the gravity....hence I assume it might have been possible for a single DRAGON 🐉
VunderGuy (1 month ago)
7:31 Looks like someone never read The Silmarillion.
William Badzio-George (1 month ago)
Message for you, sir!
RyanWake bradtelle (1 month ago)
I guess you're not into Tech news, because 5K displays were already a thing. And those have more than 5 million pixels, that's so many pixels that you need two cables just to run it at 60 fps
Brachy LP (1 month ago)
I just want some Dragons please...
Sikbastar (1 month ago)
Great video, but i keep with one question, how much energy give the dragon in the scene to melt that part of the wall?
MrKillerAkuma (1 month ago)
you didn't factor in ice 7 so your wrong
David Wells (1 month ago)
...Carry the science... That's my kind of math.
Hans Olav (1 month ago)
I pity the fool who thinks dragons mess around with flamethrower-temperature breath weapons. (of those that use fire, anyhow) Dragons, with a capital D, ARE Magic. For all intents and purposes, an ancient red giving a concentrated blast, might well be considered to be a mere conduit of fire from the Fire Realm. or whatever name you'd put on the place. quite ignoring the fact that dragons would not need to bother with the Wall at all. though I could see it be a fun little experiment for them once all the realm was ash...in any case, the Wall would not be much of a barrier once they got bored and flew away. Mind you, I speak of - Actual - Dragons. not the piddly litle wurms the bearded one plays with.
Renske Dunnewold (1 month ago)
I really hate to be that person. But. Dragonfire is much hotter in GoT. Dragons are magical creatures. The wall was erected and held up by magic. It's basically magic v magic. No way to science this one out.
Mars (2 months ago)
However not all the wall was destroyed I estimate about 1km was destroyed so if you divide his estimates by 480 you would still need about 42 500 dragons
Michael Sharpe (2 months ago)
greek fire??? look it up.
jonmitruk (2 months ago)
In the books dragon fire can melt stone.. so probably hotter then gasoline files fire
WMXW (2 months ago)
The dragons were more like wyvern and dragon cross breeds...
Third Deathstar (2 months ago)
And it took only one Dragon 😂
Reeve Felisilda (2 months ago)
I think the entire wall doesn't really need to be melted completely. Just a small breach will do. A tunnel or any passageway enough for the white walkers to pass through. Cuz the dead army only needs to pass through the wall, not destroy it completely. So maybe focusing all their dragon firepower on one spot and melt that spot enough for a breach. Sure, it may come crumbling down and block the breach but it maybe enough for the white walkers to scale it cuz it wouldn't be that steep to climb. I'm picturing a mound of ice and structure debris. Hehehehe Just out of the top of my head. I'm not using any math here.
Der Franggendrache (2 months ago)
Well, dragons grow until they die
Harry H (2 months ago)
what if they only needed to melt a gap wide enough for a dragon to go through....for example
Tom F (2 months ago)
Just melt holes ?
Ryan G-P (2 months ago)
But how many dragons would it take to melt a section wide enough for the army of the dead to pass through?
Sgt Dirty (2 months ago)
Nope its gona take 1 Dragon😂
PyroNinja (2 months ago)
It only took 1 ice dragon
Slot Machine Mashups (2 months ago)
"Carry the... science"
HD0G454 (2 months ago)
what goal requires melting the entire ginormus freakin wall? they just need to open a single tiny passage... because duh
Timothy Dixon (2 months ago)
What would happen if someone (or something) went super sonic under water... Because water is incompressible what would happen, would the "shockwave" be seen, would be shown above water? We know the sea life would die or some of it would die,  near the sonic-boom(MythBusters Episode 91: Shooting Fish in a Barrel).
BlackStarWing333 (2 months ago)
I’m sad to say, but Ancalogon from Tolkien’s books would just step on it. Boom one crunch brake through. With ease... I’ll give more information about this (TitanWing)’s size in one of my more advanced videos. (It will be sciency I promise! 🧐)
Greg Veggellj (2 months ago)
of 5! .......... BILLION DRAGON ... I was like WTF THIS DUDE IS DA BEST THERE IS Xd love ya Kyle
Ryan Cornwell (2 months ago)
If you melted any of the water wouldn’t it just freeze back
pasozytspoleczny (2 months ago)
Anybody who tried to melt ice into water (like on a winter camping), knows how much energy it requires. In the same time, they didnt need to melt the whole wall,but just enough of it to get through. Additionally dragon fire seems to be way hotter than the gasoline fire. We also cannot assume,that whole the heat would be transferred into ice, a lot would heat up the air around... what I mean,tough calculation,bud. Could be revisited though :)
Pinstripe (2 months ago)
This actually made me think the entire time about the biology of dragons I always thought that their fire would be gas based but what if it was liquid based and their throats could be rough and hard so that when breathing fire they could convert the gas like bile that they could store in a stomach like sack and start grinding their throats to make sparks and make a flame thrower like effect.
BikerNumber 7 (2 months ago)
dragons lol, all the night kind needs to do is stand next to the wall and say "Oh No" 3 times.
ADerpyReality (2 months ago)
This is why circles and drawing related to math exist. To help focus on awesomeness and not see a high school textbook.
Vladi (2 months ago)
What about ancalagon the black?
Shane Corn muffin (3 months ago)
It would take one in the game of thrones novel dragon fire can melt anything
apostle333 (3 months ago)
sodium boogers? that would react with water
apostle333 (3 months ago)
apostle333 (3 months ago)
I don't want game of thrones, so I don't know what actually happened, but it could be done, with far fewer than millions...
apostle333 (3 months ago)
it doesn't show the power of chemistry...lets say some dragon spat magnsium (wich burns hotter in ice)...or some breathed various salts...
Ginja Ninja (3 months ago)
Slight problem, they only melted a small portion of the wall, yet you did the math for the whole wall. At most they might have melted 500 meters to a kilometer of the wall.
grant langkamp (3 months ago)
you didn’t even factor in the temperature of the fire
Ben B (3 months ago)
“Longer than any other dragon in fiction” Dude needs to check out Ancalagon the Black
bchay1991 (3 months ago)
Do your assumptions include a perfect energy transfer from gasoline to ice? ie not accounting for the energy lost to the atmosphere etc...
Atrium151 (3 months ago)
What if the dragons spewed thermite rather than gasoline?
Alexandre Guyon (3 months ago)
Maybe the fire that the dragon use are not powered by gasoline but a more energetic fuel, it’s a fantastic world with zombies after all
Deniz Isagiller (3 months ago)
Maybe ancalagon the black can do it alone🤔. Not sure tho
Arthurian boom (3 months ago)
Gasoline is technically made with "fossil fuels" so dragons couldn't use it, their fuel would have to be something natural like napalm
Michael Brainard (4 months ago)
What about Ancalagon the black? I think he is big enough.
Malachite 850 (4 months ago)
7:22 Would it be longer than Analagon the Black?
Timothy Frost (4 months ago)
Wait... can we redo the math. Their fire breath can melt stone. That's got to be hotter than the gasoline fires. Need a different fuel
Raymond Sangl (4 months ago)
But kyle, the dragons would not need to melt the whole wall. Only a portion of a wall is breached in any castle or wall in most history and fiction. So then my question is how big a hole could they make feasibly with 3 dragons, and how long would it take them?
Nate Underwood (4 months ago)
Tolkien had a dragon that was big enough to do it, one of them was the "Size of a mountain" and it obliterated one when destroyed
Envision Official. (4 months ago)
Technically not fire but plasma your science is wrong. Still love you though Kyle keep up the good work.
LycanicPotato (4 months ago)
The dragons on GoT can melt steel (the iron throne), stone (Harrenhal), and reduce soldiers in armor to ash (The Spoils of War). I would love to hear how hot that would need to be, and if that would melt the Wall.. or at least blow open a section that the army of the dead could get through.
Night's King (4 months ago)
What if there dragon breath was restored magically, so everlasting.
kitsychan (4 months ago)
at about 3000 c, water begins to decompose breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen... as the hydrogen moves away from the heat and cools at the edge of the fire, it can recombine with oxygen again.... IF a dragons fire were hot enough, it is possible that the water itself could add to the fuel. umm, yeh i'm gonna go home before i start thinking bout the math invovled in that mess.
Noam Ahituv (4 months ago)
but they only need to make a hole about 100m wide in the wall so the armies of death can go through!
Lee Ryan (4 months ago)
The dragons in game of thrones literally evaporate people not just set them on fire, that’s more along the lines of directed nuclear energy not a flame thrower. 1 dragon
Mike Hamrick (4 months ago)
Why would you melt the whole wall all the way to the ground? Wouldn't you only need to melt sections, particularly along the bottom so the top would fall and you don't have to even melt a hole in it?
The Specific Ocean (4 months ago)
Lmao "carry the science..." Not to mention all that cold wind...
EmbersCreed (4 months ago)
How big would a dragons gass chambers(like a second set of lungs but for a flameable gass like helium) be ...do we know how big those dragons are?
Amater Sensei (4 months ago)
There is one dragon that technically is bigger then a a few kilometers - Super Shenron from DBS. BTW, love your show, i keep bench watching it while i draw XD. Its a very interesting idea of explaining fiction and fantasy via science, and i really like that kind of concept! Keep up the great work! :D
Kelvin Fontenelle (5 months ago)
Jumangadr....The Midgard Serpent
Dennis Conroy (5 months ago)
The whole wall doesn't have to come down to breach it. And if there was ddragons they could fly over the wall not needing to melt it at all.
Garritt Vasquez (5 months ago)
No arrow to the knee
Addinator ! (5 months ago)
Y do u need to melt the whole wall to begin with when you could melt only a path of like 5 meters across
Rudolf Schrenk (5 months ago)
Why melt all of the wall? For a breach of 100 metres it would only need 9375 dragons by the calculation in the video.
Kamil Kluczewski (5 months ago)
Lolikiano Mistream (5 months ago)
7:28 I know of a bigger one. From the light novel series Mondaiji-tachi, a certain dragon was described as being bigger than a mountain range.
Captain Barbosa (5 months ago)
That Punch movie has the same plot at The 6th Day Arnold movie
jamie slobodian (5 months ago)
Never watched game of thrones but historically speaking dragons use hydrogen gas as a means for both fire breathing and flight. So the calculations using the "natural equivalent" of gasoline in incorrect.
Muhammad Siddiqui (5 months ago)
But the dragon didn’t melt the whole wall, only a small part. Plus, you know, magic and shit.
Kris Gardner (5 months ago)
What if we swap gasoline for a much more energetic compound
Robert Morson (5 months ago)
I don't get why you're calculating how many dragons it would take to fully melt the Wall. They don't need to fully melt the Wall. They just need to melt a dragon-sized hole in the Wall.
mysticmajestic (6 months ago)
Balerion the Black Dread might've been able to take down more of the wall than Viserion did. Captivity kept Viserion rather small - I mean, look at Drogon who was not in captivity at all - and you have the size that Viserion and Rhaegal should be - and Balerion was the biggest dragon in history.
Emperor Palpatine (6 months ago)
Dragons keep growing throughout their lives so her dragons will continue to grow
12th Level Intellectual (6 months ago)
"bigger than any dragon in fiction" super shenron kinda eats galaxies and a full grown size were immeasurable,its nucleus were as big as normal shenron who was enormous. Make a video bout that, why can it even live
Alex Middleton (6 months ago)
Thing is, you might not need to melt the whole wall to ‘defeat’ it. The wall (disclaimer: I have never seen the show or read the books) exists to work as a defensible barrier, so to ‘defeat’ it you’d just need prevent it from fulfilling that purpose, so either you could melt a portion wide enough to allow whoever it is it’s keeping out to pass through it, or melt the defensive features at the top or just burn all of the defenders, in order to facilitate people just building ladders or some sort of ramp over it, or just do enough damage to get thedefenders to surrender and just let people through
shellene fair (6 months ago)
dragons never existed so you will never know if one dragon could melt that wall." because science"

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