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Otzi The Iceman Film documentary

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darkhorsejim (4 days ago)
Where is the femme fatale in all of this?
MegaJf16 (6 days ago)
I swear scientist are so dumb when it comes to common sense.
JoAnn Crell (9 days ago)
This is my direct relative! I am going to visit him with my sons and daughter, family reunion!
Jack Obrein (11 days ago)
0:45 Why would you take the arrow away? Bloody hell mate have you ever made an arrow? Even with modern tools it is a chore. Can you imagine using stone age technology? The last batch I made took me a whole weekend just for a dozen! That was with a 12 inch log, a froe, A sharp chisel, and lathe. Just saying! It's a real chore to get them just so! So when I use my arrows. I always retrieve them. I think many bow hunters will share my sentiment.
Mcksteezy (6 days ago)
Jack Obrein Dude that’s what I was thinking! I’m like “bruh why the fuxk wouldn’t you get it.
Billy Bou Francis (11 days ago)
We had to watch this for homework lol
rj zander (13 days ago)
Has it ever occurred to anyone that Otzi might have been a jackass murderer rapist or pedophile and the village People lynched his ass
MegaJf16 (6 days ago)
I'm pretty sure rape and pedophilia was common shit back then seeing how grown men married 12 year old girls just a few hundred years ago.
Beast hackz (13 days ago)
Why school just why do I have to see this
Booty Jams (15 days ago)
He was actually on the way to his booty call.
Wendy The potato (15 days ago)
I’m only here bc of my dumb school smh💀
mich pash (16 days ago)
me too. It was the first I saw
kinda make you wonder how many more of them are just waiting to be discovered in the alps
nick wilson (21 days ago)
Fanny pack! Fnar fnar, (fanny in the UK means pussy!)
[gacha Hailey] (22 days ago)
Why is he dabbing? xD
OhSnappy (9 days ago)
OhSnappy (9 days ago)
some people die in different ways duh
Vadim Bayramov (22 days ago)
those tattoos look like maya numbers
one nasty bastard (17 days ago)
You sound like a retard
Lucy Thomas (23 days ago)
he was looking for a bloke who killed his village people. but the bloke found him first
Lucy Thomas (23 days ago)
that old bloke who dug him up steps on his to.
Lucy Thomas (23 days ago)
they make clones of dogs using there dna what don't they make one of otzi ?
one nasty bastard (17 days ago)
you are retarded
Wendy Brooks (24 days ago)
There’s a book out now based on his food and it’s a map really. It says that 3 days before he died (with the wound on his hand already due to moss in gut that was used as antiseptic )he had return from much lower altitudes then he came back up. So he most likely came to trade to a town got in a fight got cut ran got shot ran higher and died alone there (hence his stuff being there) and died then.
THE CROOKER CRITTERS _ (25 days ago)
subscribe to me
Toasted l (27 days ago)
Ben waz here
Wolfbrothers 101 (1 month ago)
Why are they trying to figure out what happened 5000 years ago....?
rent a shill (11 hours ago)
because if they dont religious people will say whatever they like
Elle Rogers (5 days ago)
Daisuke Shimabuku (1 month ago)
Does anyone know why he has 50 tattoos on his body? Please teach me why he has if you know about it.
Daisuke Shimabuku (8 hours ago)
rent a shill Thank you for your reply. Oh I see. It was fashion tattoos out of ritual. It’s really interesting that Chinese medical uses needles and dry moxa. The serviceman inserts very thin needles on acupuncture points. Recently I’ve heard that the points are matching with the drawings on the ice man. I thought that were really interesting. Maybe they got received treatment using needles? Maybe that medical were used at the era of Otzi?
rent a shill (11 hours ago)
as far as i know ritual body modifications are common today as they were in the past
fireball 4thewin (1 month ago)
Anyone else come here for school reasons
fireball 4thewin (1 month ago)
Lol I've already learned everything they said in this documentary
Bangtan Stuffeu (1 month ago)
Lol I needed this for my HASS homework😂
Bangtan Stuffeu so many of us needed this for our HASS homework
Steve Walty (1 month ago)
Otzi is a part of the Logang
Roltzy lalay (7 days ago)
76 Remix (1 month ago)
23 and me says i’m related to this man
Francie Hagan (1 month ago)
I wake up looking worse than otzi after 3 day bender!
Kiyou Powe (1 month ago)
The arrows aren’t made cause them are his kill trophy’s , same how he died when somebody took his arrow out . It’s clear there was some fonk going on .
Bartacomus Kidd (2 months ago)
they couldnt take more care with the find site?! holy shit.. i wish i could hurl a god-damned bronze axe at that old fuck.
The Violinist (2 months ago)
My History homework lol I’m in 6th grade now
The Violinist im in seventh. Eh
Sage Chan (2 months ago)
Been watching documentaries for Forensics Studies for hours. Last one!!
Nicoli Ivonov (2 months ago)
What if he killed the real owner of the axe and stole it so they went after him.killed him and he fell knocking out the arrow and keeping him out of reach of his killer
minjun park (2 months ago)
He has tattoos he’s a rapper
one nasty bastard (17 days ago)
Y just went full retard
mr mustash (2 months ago)
R.I.P Ötzi a hunter who got murdered.
Dana Sutton (2 months ago)
Otzi was a respected leader of his village. He had an affair with a married woman so the husband demanded that Otzi be banished. Otzi protested but the village agreed. Otzi made a hasty departure. After he climbed part way up the mountain Otzi was cold and changed his mind when he saw the snow covered Alps. Otzi hiked back to his home. The village fought him and his hand was cut. He was forced to leave again to travel over the alps to start a new life. The husband now enraged follows Otzi to get his revenge and shoots him in he back. He retrieved his arrow to hide his action and he left the axe so the village wouldn't know what he had done. This is the only scenario that makes sense. Dana Sutton QM1
Amit Harbola (1 month ago)
I love u 😘😘 genius
2243saru (2 months ago)
Only ((Yanks)) can illustrate a documentary about Otzi with images of Shibuya. 0 connection whatsoever.
Spring Bloom (2 months ago)
Maybe... it was an accident?
robert Wood (2 months ago)
everything about the guy surprised the "experts" because they know less than my hairdresser
John Kugelfischer (2 months ago)
There's no way someone just JERKED the arrow shaft out of his back. 1. Arrows were VERY valuable. This one obviously flew straight and true. If you're going to retrieve it, you'd take your sweet time. Otzi was NO THREAT. HE was dead. The arrowhead would have come out as SMOOTHLY as it went in. IT wasn't BARBED! 2. The arrow broke over time, with movement of the ice. Period. 3. This supposed arrow-retriever, who did so so recklessly that he broke it off inside Otzi, did NOT take the priceless copper axe??????? WOuld NEVER happen.  These scientists are as DUMB as the rocks they study.
John Kugelfischer (2 months ago)
For eggheads, these "scientists" really have no concept of reality. He had at least TWO arrows ready to go. You can see that. The rest were in the process of manufacture, which he did by fireside when he was resting. DUH! It's not like he could just stop by Walmart and get arrows ready-to-go. He had to MAKE them, and he did this at night. Dummies
Just Donis (2 months ago)
he die who created this film
Jacob Gillispie (3 months ago)
I share a halogroup with ötzi’s closest living relatives. Sardinian!
Hannah Brown (3 months ago)
Idk why I’m wasting my time to watching this even if I have school today I kinda like it tbh
akakusomara chan (3 months ago)
I hate when documentaries that have to put an accent in the English translations... why would they do that, to make it sound as if the speaker is the one speaking? I don't see how is that necessary, I sometimes have problem following because of the accent....
Andrew rohan Byrnes (3 months ago)
Ih my i read about at school there all right
Slammer 215 (3 months ago)
In the stomach, it sounds like he ate pemican.
Kaptain Snek (3 months ago)
Because arrows at that time weren’t found at a bass pro, thats why someone pulled it out dipshit.
marianne thomas (3 months ago)
dis guy got brrrrrraaaaaaiiiiinnnnssss
marianne thomas (3 months ago)
overpopulation was a problem even then
BaconBear48 (3 months ago)
anybody else did this in 6th grade and now doing it in 8th??
Washington 123 (3 months ago)
Who else saw this in there class
Darian Bryson (3 months ago)
Anyone wanna give me the answers
Haley Donohue (3 months ago)
I watched this in class but only 15 mins of it but everyone did the test already except for me so now I'm taking the test it tomorrow but I have to study with this
one nasty bastard (17 days ago)
I hope you fucking failed :)
Jc Lc (3 months ago)
I think he was betrayed. Full stomach, arrowed then hit over the head, and still keeping a seriously expensive axe with him, he was betrayed!
Kerbal Chris (3 months ago)
Maybe the murderer was traveling with him had a meal went down the mountain a bit to “pee” to only shoot an arrow at him from slightly below
Kerbal Chris (3 months ago)
Maybe they stabbed him with the arrow
Kerbal Chris (3 months ago)
Maybe he was a criminal that stole the axe, but then again they would’ve taken it back
X _Petya_ X (4 months ago)
this was my history homework :D Thank you very much :"D
Humberto Yeverino (4 months ago)
Full episode faces of death
Anders Kedegård (4 months ago)
Most recent research on the "ice man" suggests that he was actually a danish tourist in the alps during the '70's.He had attended a masquerade and was playing a cave man, hence the primitive tools and clothing found at the site.The way he died was this; he was drunk, had to pee. Unfortunately, toilets were occupied by other drunkards. He then had to go outside doing his "thing". After a while, raoming outside, he found himself lost. He tried making a fire to cook some of those rodents he caught. He could not find his lighter so he died from starvation. he next day his fellows did report him missing to the polic. But the "police" was not the police, it was the National mail Agency. The Agency did no effort to search for him as the Agency do not deal with missing people.
Anders Kedegård (2 months ago)
+Manmanboyboydudedudeguyguy Hi, mr H. Arrow head was put there in order to confuse investigators.
A pretty funny story but you forget about the arrow head inside him
Esminda Martinez (4 months ago)
Nyi Myat Min (4 months ago)
I'm your 100th sub.
Noob Lololol (4 months ago)
doing for hw🤦🏽‍♀️
Sophie Warwick (4 months ago)
this is my social studies homework it sucks
Cathy Diane (4 months ago)
Why wouldn’t you take the arrow back? It’s a frickin arrow. You keep leaving them behind, them soon you’re out of arrows.
Sofia pence (4 months ago)
This is my school test 10 pages long
Let's React! (11 days ago)
one nasty bastard (17 days ago)
hahahaha ...... enjoy ... hay how did you do??
Ovi E NATO The prince (4 months ago)
My homeworklololololololololololololooloolllloolololololollolololol
Hezekiah Larson (4 months ago)
my homwork to do for the school years
April Donut (4 months ago)
No, this wasn’t my school homework but it is school related. I’m researching about Otzi and I’m watching this to get a better understanding before the speech I have to present in a few weeks time.
FIREHEAD (4 months ago)
to loooooooooooonggg
Kdoge yeye (4 months ago)
The unfinished arrows he was killed by an arrow that was pulled out of his back the tip stayed in his body that could be why some arrows are unfinished
3thann (4 months ago)
Here from learning and watching a video about this in Social Studies lel....
JAMES MOONEY (4 months ago)
otzi is cute Read More
one nasty bastard (17 days ago)
S L (4 months ago)
the dude digging him up didnt even wear gloves? what if there was some ancient super bug frozen in the corpse
James Yeager (2 months ago)
It would be long dead
Ania Poluden (4 months ago)
Gosh this storytelling is bad. Just going around and around over 20 minutes: this is an amazing found, unprecedented, unique....and other 500 synonyms. What has happened to him? What happened? Who shot an arrow? What was going on that day? ....oh please. this story can be told in 15 minutes
Amilcar Ford (4 months ago)
no he died
Young Gods (5 months ago)
School work lol
Victoria Esposito (5 months ago)
We are learning about this guy in school
Halie Fouquette (5 months ago)
I have to do this for homework. This is the first time I have actually liked homework.
OhSnappy (9 days ago)
+one nasty bastard how? Iceman is pretty interesting
one nasty bastard (17 days ago)
Fucking retard
Jason Carr (5 months ago)
this is social studies classwork
Akarsh Ranjan (5 months ago)
dude this for my homework
Seth Stilwell (5 months ago)
Teacher: Oh and class HES DABING HIS WAY INTO CLASS 😂 ME: WAIT WHAT?!?!?! Me: 'watches video' Me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh 😏
Lord frezia (5 months ago)
what 9.9M views Nani :0
Scott Tschetschot (5 months ago)
Gloria Lathrop (Student) (5 months ago)
we are learning about this in school haa haa
Morgan Maniacs (5 months ago)
He was trying to grab a chicken nugget
voodoo dolly (5 months ago)
Damn horrendous to see that guy lifting Otzi with an ice axx 😠
Patty Levesque (5 months ago)
me and my friend bradley were sitting next to each other in social studies. i made a joke about what if otzi's hand was the 'okay' symbol and otzi yells "GOTTEM" and we almost got in trouble.
n i n a (5 months ago)
we love an ancient sister
Garlic Bread (5 months ago)
This was some of my history class work, fun stuff
Jaxson Brower (5 months ago)
i did this at school
Jaxson Brower (5 months ago)
me to
Bob Doodle (5 months ago)
He was killed elsewhere and dropped there like any typical murder or homicide cases.
Devin Dove (5 months ago)
he died cranking some solja boi
TheCanadianBread (5 months ago)
So this is supposed to be on National Geographic yet its on some random persons channel?
TheCanadianBread (5 months ago)
NOAH2018G _  lol
NK_Psycho _ (5 months ago)
Well it was made by NOVA. So I don't think they have a YouTube channel. Plus PBS and NOVA wouldn't share with national geographic. National Geographic did not get to it first. This also earned NOVA some big bucks.
Michael Ortega (5 months ago)
I thought Otzi was called Uttse.
dayna barnes (5 months ago)
homework :(:
one nasty bastard (17 days ago)
i hope you fail retard
78kattgreen (6 months ago)
nazi the ice man lol ima american boy I'm on my mom's account lmfao
78kattgreen (6 months ago)
this was history homework lol
SugarCube (6 months ago)

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