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Fairy Tail | Gonna Go Far, Kid

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Current obsession: Fairy Tail OMG I love this anime. Song by: The Offspring. No copyright infringement intended. Please excuse the crap cropping job on a couple of the clips. I couldn't find RAW episodes (I could barely find the subs and 85% of them are in other languages) and it was pretty impossible for me to find textless openings and endings. That said, this is probably the best AMV I've ever made, and I've made about fifty, though only three are on this account. So, without further babbling (which you probably aren't reading anyway), enjoy!
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Text Comments (1296)
Adrian Lorek (8 days ago)
1.25 speed
ALT (18 days ago)
Im only here bc my friend showed me this after school one day..
DANTE (24 days ago)
Lazy Ace (26 days ago)
its you're gonna go far kid not gonna go far kid lol
juvia lockser (1 month ago)
dianite’s theme song fits fairy tail so fucking well
Nastya Kay (1 month ago)
Почему то знакомая песня
Juan Arnesus (1 month ago)
2:19-2:21 That's GREAT
illuminating Wings (1 month ago)
8 years later and still legendary
yüksel Güney (2 months ago)
Samirr Bhujel (2 months ago)
M new nd I already got a badass amv!
Molly Bennett (2 months ago)
This AMV and song gives me literal chills
Толя Герций (2 months ago)
Толя Герций (2 months ago)
Що за певних играет
ღFlare- Chan•ღ (2 months ago)
Fairy fail es uno de mis animes favoritos y uno de los primeros que vi ;w; Voy a llorar :'v
Jonny's gaming (2 months ago)
I have one question for you all should I be listening to this before bed
Juan Arnesus (2 months ago)
2:20 scenes and song very fit xD
Ninjaboy (2 months ago)
2:19 when you're kicking someone's ass to the music in your mind😂
CherishedUwu (2 months ago)
***Fire Bro*** (3 months ago)
Есть кто из 2019?
irene lópez (3 months ago)
Sigan haci
roses nightcore (3 months ago)
Damn is all I can say
Only i knew is naruto shipoden only have a fire style fire ball jutsu and natasu had that too
Colleen Brown (3 months ago)
Best anime and music ever like it u agree
james wright (4 months ago)
this has ruined the song for me
paulo lima (4 months ago)
Amazonian FireKnight (4 months ago)
Well deserved anime for the song :) #fairytailforever
Bibi Kassim (4 months ago)
Ik im late but this song fits fairy tail well 👆🏽🖤👆🏽🖤👆🏽🖤👆🏽 Also I think Natsu is kinda a good fit for this song 🤣
Lainie the Piglet (4 months ago)
Multi Media (4 months ago)
Which bitch disliked this
Holly Cross (4 months ago)
Freed vs. Mira "He never had a chance..." Nope, he never did. Lol! 😂
OiBruv (4 months ago)
For some reason these make me laugh my ass off
Orvyz Phantom (4 months ago)
these clips bring back so many memories
Дима Марусов (4 months ago)
Это гимн брони , это он ,я его визде узнаю
Mystic Wolf (4 months ago)
Is it just me or did you put your hand at the end with everyone else No one else did ok. Hello darkness my old friend...
Nathaniel Newell (5 months ago)
Z a c k 武将 Official (5 months ago)
Miss this moment,anyone 2019?
Angel (5 months ago)
Great editing btw😉
Fortnite Highlights (5 months ago)
You should’ve included natsu dragon force!
Jennifer Reichl (5 months ago)
Natsu das ist nicht Lucy!! Lucy wohnnt in Oberösterreich 😡😡😡😡 ich hasse euch alle ihr habt mich allein gelassen 😡😡😡😡 PS Regenbogen 🌈 😡 Leon 😡😡😡 schaut auf die Wand 😡😡😡😡 bei mir in Zimmer ihr 😡😡😡😡
Jennifer Reichl (5 months ago)
Sie würde euch allen so eine rein hauen wo ist der Chef Dießen Gilde 😡😡😡😡 Sebastian muss mit in reden sofort ! 😡 Und sie hat mit ihren leben an natsu beschützt nur so zu Info 😤 !!! Neve wir reden und noch geh du grigst die Gilde nicht und aus !!!
Jonathan Taylor (5 months ago)
I like you tast in anime!
Yeferson Enriquez (5 months ago)
Me encanta esta canción 👍😁👍😇👍😸👍😀👍😊
Sangtzue Le (5 months ago)
Yup love it
Bartek kai (5 months ago)
Meycia to kozak <3
Sam Saravanan (5 months ago)
2019?? i love fairytail and amazing amv
นัตสึ❤ลูซี่.^ ^
Aleksander Avramov (5 months ago)
Just perfect
Kyle Hew (5 months ago)
This was my favourite aong 2 years ago😂
Fused Zamasu (6 months ago)
It gose just as good with dbz
LUDI GAMER (6 months ago)
too good
Mystic Wolf (6 months ago)
I love this song as well as Fairy Tail but the one annoying this is when I go to school it's stuck in my head and I can't focus lol
Tomoé Valante (6 months ago)
J'adore faire tail
Enoch Adeyemi (6 months ago)
this is awesome pls like for more
Sarah Meier (7 months ago)
Quinn Taylor (8 months ago)
Man just when I thought those NATSU fights couldn't get any more badass u go and add this song to the mix
Nightcore Momoi (8 months ago)
Suits FAIRY TAIL so much.
G0d 5w0rd (8 months ago)
This song goes perfect with naruto when the fight 10 tails and it go good with fairy tail no other anime
Ant Erazo (9 months ago)
It doesn't
Sanic Saness (9 months ago)
any 2018
Bernal Cal Y Mayor Pool (9 months ago)
Viva the offrings y fary tail
Gacha Kitty (9 months ago)
Omg perfect timing with Natsu and Laxus
Marco Gaudiosi (9 months ago)
🔥🐲❤️🗝🌠 💧❤️❄️
Jonathan Stewart (10 months ago)
dang this song might go for a long time maybe in 3030 or maybe more it might die out btw this gose well with hitman and fairy tail
Rokunga RKA Rokunga RKA (10 months ago)
tried to press the unlike buttom but its fairly tail so sub and like
luca godfrey (10 months ago)
This AMV is Epic and so is Fairy Tail
Jacob Hamm (1 year ago)
When you see natsu angry "OH SHIT RUN"
Only problem is that it only puts in the male characters fighting. I would have loved to see Mira and freed in combat or erza or Lucy or wendy
Identity_Crisis (1 year ago)
Who else has noticed that Lyon’s and Gray’s guild marks are in the same place, in the same color?
Kaito Aparicio (1 year ago)
derpy potater (1 year ago)
i love that laxus part at the end
Natsu Dragneel (1 year ago)
Awesome vid keep it up fairy tail is the best
Really great my fav anime and song together too bad my fav character Wendy wasn't here
dylon dearborn (1 year ago)
Socially Awkward Cat (1 year ago)
That one Kid (1 year ago)
Who els loves Mira’s she devil form I do
anime dude (1 year ago)
Aleksandrea Druid (1 year ago)
#FairyTailForever I wish that our family didn't split up :'(
Yuuki Marvell (1 year ago)
Yuuki Marvell (1 year ago)
Wut software?
john medina (1 year ago)
Dam I remember watching this 3 years ago I feel old now
Nashi Dragneel (1 year ago)
Natsu is pretty much a idiot but if is about the guide he care about everyone even when if he break every rule thear is in the guide
Prince Exodiac (1 year ago)
Nice job. I'm surprised this song goes well with these parts from fairy tail.
what ever (1 year ago)
fairys rule (1 year ago)
Uhh uhhh scared still what help
DomRkt (1 year ago)
This is fucking amazing i forgot how good of an anime Fairytail really is.
Salamander 007 (1 year ago)
this song is made for fairy tail
Carrie Price (15 days ago)
Nice username kid.
not_ Bangard (1 year ago)
The top
ZubZick Gaming (1 year ago)
Hey Elizabeth you should try this song on a Anime called Akame Ga Kill this kind of reminded me of Bro and Tatsumi.
jerome george (1 year ago)
i adore this anime so much that and seven deadly sins and parasite
Dolkiukas (1 year ago)
Junior Aguayo (1 year ago)
Best song ever had
The tea Book (1 year ago)
When fairy tail was good 😭
Noah Megill (1 year ago)
Well done. Excellent video
Marvin Wade (1 year ago)
no it dose not
Danielle Hanson (1 year ago)
Guys i think natsu is the strongest person in the guild because of his e.n.d form
I'm Senpai (1 year ago)
If I was a guy, I'd be gay for freed.
Cobra Or Erik (1 year ago)
salamander your going to get your ass beat
XxAsh DarkWolfxX (1 year ago)
yea you did it and nastu is the only one how can rock pink hair and he did the thing that I love.

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