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FREE Windows 10 Pro Product Key AND PERMANENT Activation!

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EDIT: For those who tried this and it didn't work, just try again. This way is not 100% working. But it should work for most people. This actually works FOR REAL and I randomly figured this out just messing around. Here is the whole entire text document for the steps: This does permanently activate windows 10 pro and if you have always had a windows 10 pro version that was not activated and had a watermark on the bottom of your screen, this completely fixes it. If you were wondering how to actually get Windows 10 Pro for free and activate it, just follow these super easy steps! 1. Use Windows 10 Pro Product Key: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. THIS IS 64-Bit. Make sure your computer runs 64-Bit. Sorry, I don't have 32-Bit :( 2. To change your product key, go to settings on your windows computer and search "Activation" and click on it. A) Once you have done that, look for some option in blue lettering or something that says "Change Product Key" or something like that. B) Copy and paste this windows 10 pro product key in and click on activate or something like that. If you are upgrading from any version below windows 10, please wait for the full activation and version upgrade to occur. You can always come back to this video. 3. After everything has installed and the product key has been changed, even though it might say "Windows is not activated", just ignore that for the next few 30 seconds. A) For this part, you will have to do one more thing that won't take too long. Change the product key again (look back at previous steps if you don't know). You will have to copy and paste this windows 7 pro product key: Q29BY-F8RTH-RGHR6-3RTH4-YQ2BT (don't worry, this will not change anything except activate your windows 10 pro.) 4. Now just wait for at the most 30-60 seconds (depends), and then you will not see any "Windows is not activated" or anything. You're all done! :) :) :) Please comment if you don't know or are confused about a step and need a further explanation. P.S. If you're wondering I tried this myself and it worked 100% on the first try. I didn't record it because I wasn't thinking about recording until now. Hope you enjoyed and comment if it worked or didn't and like the video or even SUBSCRIBE! :) :) :) Thanks! Education purposes!
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FireNinja743 (3 months ago)
For the activation or changing the product key code, there is another way if you can't change it or are having problems. 1. First, go to Command Prompt (CMD) Just search it in the windows start menu and be sure to right click it and select "Run as Administrator". Also, if you don't have administrator privileges, just try the old way again. 2. When you get into command prompt. type in "slmgr.vbs /ipk" the after that, put a space and type or paste in the product key code into the command/script. (You can use this for changing your Windows Version to Windows 10 Pro and changing the product key to Windows 7 Pro) 3. Just wait for a little, and then you will see "the product key... has been successfully changed" or something like that and you're done! If this still doesn't work or confuses you, just comment :) This is my first time doing these types of videos so don't judge -_- Anyways, if this really helped you out and you are happy with your results, just like the video and comment!
FireNinja743 (3 months ago)
I assume there is a dislike because I tried this on another computer and the product key didn't work, so I'm not sure what to do about that. I guess you could just find another free windows 10 pro product key online IDK.
Mahamudul Hasan (3 months ago)
FireNinja743 (3 months ago)
No problem :)
CricMania (3 months ago)
FireNinja743 (3 months ago)
CricMania No problem :)
FireNinja743 (3 months ago)
The Product Keys that you can copy and paste are in the description.

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