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Siberia: the Deadly Thaw (full documentary)

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Every year the icy mists of Lake Baikal are the starting point for a testing journey for the men of the village of Kholodnaya on the northern shore of the lake. They must leave to carry supplies to the Evenks, reindeer herdsmen who live in isolation on the high plateaux of Siberia. For six months the herders have received no supplies. The winter has been too harsh for the supply trucks. Only Dmitri and a handful of men are prepared to take the risks in supplying these herders. They only have to travel 65 kilometers… and yet it takes them 48 hours! The spring has turned the road into a swamp. A veritable race against the clock is under way. Ruts, swollen rivers and forests: the six-wheel drive trucks will have a tough job taking on the natural elements. Sometimes there’s no other choice but to use the truck as a makeshift bulldozer to smash down the trees that block the road. When night falls with its icy temperatures, the mechanical parts are blocked with ice. And when nature forces the men to get out of the trucks another danger lurks… wolves. Further down in the valley, the thaw has transformed the Baikal into a deadly trap for those who live from it. In a very short time nothing will remain of the thick sheet of ice that has covered the lake the whole winter. Many fishermen have lost their lives on it, falling into water at 20. Because to find fish, they have to travel several kilometers across the surface of the lake, which is as big as Belgium. Anatoly, a fisherman, has just lost his best friend, whose car sank to the bottom of the lake in just seconds. Despite the danger, Anatoly has no choice but to chance the fragile melting ice. His 200 € monthly pension isn’t enough to feed himself properly. And when the lake becomes completely impracticable, they have to turn to an even more dangerous form of hunting: that of the great Siberian bear, the Grizzly.
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Text Comments (480)
davisx2002 (11 hours ago)
Impressive and rugged people
John Doe (14 hours ago)
Whitey is going to be forced to live there since they wanna take in everyone and their mom who biblically believes they will conquer Europe.
Zoes Dada (1 day ago)
The huge country known as Russia is a strange place.
Sarah Burggraf (3 days ago)
Those poor dogs. Its so cold and they didn't hv ne shelter...
Emmanuel A (6 days ago)
Russians build strong trucks able to pass through very rough terrains. I wish African governments could pay more attention to these Russian vehicles.
Barbara Brantley (6 days ago)
These are super hardy people. I admire them so much. My heart reaches out to them for having to work so hard. They have to be some of the strongest people on earth.
Danny S (7 days ago)
38:08 "They cause a lot of damage. They eat birds eggs. They kill deer, small reindeer, anything really. They even chase bears. They cause huge damage." Sounds like he's describing humans to me. :/
F. Friedrich Kling (7 days ago)
The Russians are just as bad as the Africans who are destroying the wildlife through the trade in bushmeat. They don't give a fuck about the long term consequences, that is until it's all gone. Then they will get what they deserve.
watje janssen (7 days ago)
great docu
Rawshan Iajdani (8 days ago)
People are poor as there are not many people to run the economy.
pingvinac (9 days ago)
05:55 "hardly to support the weight of the ONE TON TRUCK" maybe i my bad hearing :)
Sawrabh Kumar (12 days ago)
Russian trucks are suppppper beast. really want to visit ,from India
Matthew Scarberry (14 days ago)
Great doc but they pushed global warming b.s.
Sharon Childrey (16 days ago)
Talking about false God's! This is why the Lord is going to create a new Heaven & a New Earth.
Kastro De La Cruz (17 days ago)
lol the bear skin and the bear they shot earlier is the same video frame :-)
diane9247 (18 days ago)
Dmitri is a beast! Poor guys who had to ride in the back...
Grumpy Cat (20 days ago)
basically they want the USSR to be brought back
Dmitry P (21 days ago)
I have noticed a few comments where they wonder why a truck vs. a plane or helicopter was chosen for the supplies delivery, considering that the alternative would have made much more sence. I could have missed something in the beginning, but I guess the producer had talked the truck owner into the adventure for a very attractive fee. Besides, perhaps it would be useful to khow how the truck was privatised. Maybe the owner never cared for ROI. (I liked the video).
Maynard (21 days ago)
Stray dogs kill as much if not more wildlife than the bears.In most countries who experience winter the lakes and rivers freeze much later and thaw much earlier than usual.Some lakes simply have a skim or no ice on them .Climate change is real.
New User (22 days ago)
what race are russian ppl? they are far too ugly to be white
Chander Bhan (22 days ago)
Indian map is incorrect, you must respect country. This is 100% unacceptable
matthew mann (23 days ago)
Eskimos definitely lived some of the harshest lives in a general sense that is
Syed Hasny (24 days ago)
I wonder what santa gonna ride on?
Kristine Danielsen (24 days ago)
I live by Russia and worked with Rusians and had many travel through Rusia.If any person was just dumped in Siberia i can swear that the people would help them with heat. food, clothing necessities and would teach them to survive.Especially Siberia they would give the shirt of their back.It is not cruel to send anyone out in nature with the idea that they wil get basic help to build upon there skills.I sure as heck would rather that then live in a prison and have to watch my back or live ion narko pergitory.
John Smith (27 days ago)
i did a 29 year prison sentence in Siberia .it was alright.
d da (9 days ago)
Enzo Jerez berlin (1 month ago)
phil Cul (1 month ago)
A one ton truck??? the tyres alone would be close to that
Viet Cong (1 month ago)
65 km 600kg .just use 3 snowbike ?.the truck is too heavy for this kind of journey
Tarashi T (1 month ago)
The driver is drunk I can tell he loves Votka
Y all the video qualities are very poor
John Cena (1 month ago)
how will they get a pregnent woman to hospital for a delivery...what if they get sick
Joe Dart (28 days ago)
I didn't see any women there in the camp. Maybe they are all men.
Indrekk Pringi (1 month ago)
You call this shit a documentary?
Sandeep Kaler (1 month ago)
Very very hard life💎
dean agoes (1 month ago)
Though people...
tariq82072 ali (1 month ago)
zenaawar bachyaan dee taasy kho nasal wa ghem khor ghod
musa mutlu (1 month ago)
Shjaman is old turkisch and mongelien and indians religie
musa mutlu (1 month ago)
This is origin dna turkisch and mongolien and america indians mexico indians mayas and inkas eskimos culture
Will Rogers (1 month ago)
The great superpower lol!!
Joe Dart (28 days ago)
That's what they call us when they show the homeless shit holes on the streets of San Francisco.
KGB КГБ (1 month ago)
Name of this truck is Ural. It can carry 6 tons. https://www.google.com.pk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ural-4320&ved=2ahUKEwjluuyUhoTdAhXKHpoKHc6ZANQQFjABegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw22qTv10CM5DMsY7kNPwy_5&cshid=1535057431054
Lost Traveller (1 month ago)
It is not easy to run a country with such dangerous terrain. Russia is doing it and we should all appreciate it. I hope the road network gets better with time.
Mahri Beneda (1 month ago)
I agree with U about Democracy! Democracy is rule of mobs , MOBS scream with one big mouth and feed with the thousand little mouth. This great country bace on REPUBLIC . Yes Communist is against human nature if U don't make profit take all the ensantive Away.
Ferdinand Mecheng (1 month ago)
Siberia's harsh climate made the region to remain natural.Good video I love it.
Ella Shy (1 month ago)
I admire tough strong men! hahaha
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ak jacob (2 months ago)
Salute u guys to live in such snow ..
Preetha Suresh (2 months ago)
1 tonne truck? Its at least 3.5 tonnes easily.
Guitar Dave (2 months ago)
Winters here are nothing to play with ,  the people are hardened and know how to deal with it , nevertheless it's a beautiful Country with Amazing People and I would love to hear their stories . You need a REAL TRUCK to make it through this place ..
Ramachandra B (2 months ago)
Life is too difficult to live in siberia
Joe A (2 months ago)
It's funny how the trailer keeps magically disappearing and then suddenly it's back. In the middle of nowhere, too. How do they do that? BTW, it's Lake Bai KAL, not bikeal.
Jenny Lee (2 months ago)
LOL, a huge bear.
One love (2 months ago)
Really interesting, Siberia is no joke, but haven't they heard of snow chains for the tyres?!
Mohammad Mani (2 months ago)
Did i just watched top gear Siberia?
Muhammet Esen (2 months ago)
1 Ton Truck or 10 Ton Truck.???
Florin Teutoc (2 months ago)
They are like in 1940....stone age.
Chad Simmons (2 months ago)
Yes lets hunt some bear..and make money..1-week later..broken truck..wasted supplies..even more poor than before
phuscee powell (2 months ago)
after seeing this the ice road truckers should keep quiet about how difficult their conditions are.
Pipito Paerata (2 months ago)
Resourceful resilient practical. Ppl. Deuce & 1/2 lend lease USA WWII or Russian version.
Yes No (2 months ago)
Badass truck badass driver salute to truck and driver
James Grigg (2 months ago)
impeach trump for wanting to help world. get rid of them
James Grigg (2 months ago)
I've seen videos of Putin going into factories and telling them to treat people better
Painter Jalipainter (2 months ago)
Vast fucking land
Yuses Murtanto Murtanto (2 months ago)
So hard travel .. chilling!
starmanskye (2 months ago)
The 6X truck is a Zil 4320, in production since 1976 as a multi-purpose army truck. They are typically sold and impressed into civilian use, popular and ubiquitous for everything from hauling cargo, crew-bus, to mining/dump and logging. Extremely versatile and rugged, with a tare wt of 11,000 lbs and gross of 25,000, driven by a turbo v-6 or NA v-8 diesel engine and 5-sp. The 4320 is the modern diesel-equipped upgrade to the Zil 375, which was produced in 1961-95. Interesting vid that shows something of the harsh Siberian conditions and the people that forge a life there.
Israel T. (2 months ago)
rotten m f 's killed the dog! same should be done to them.
Israel T. (2 months ago)
Love the translation! Very humorous !
Robert Maki (2 months ago)
Some people have balls
Vincent Chan (2 months ago)
Tough people in a tough land. My respect to them.
Илья А.Г (2 months ago)
пошёл на хуй
DAWSLAMMER NZ (2 months ago)
what year and film company is this ,i would like to say that we in freer lands just don't know how luck we truly are
M VS (2 months ago)
I wonder how it must have been as the camera guy.
Gerald Swain (3 months ago)
Those muricans don't know what off road driving is, they only play at it !!!.
fasx56 (3 months ago)
Difficult journey is an understatement, why they do not use a helicopter is a good question as stated below. The film is rather strange, they cannot afford a helicopter to get the job done but a well equipped film crew to produce this documentary they could afford. Does not look like the Russian Government cannot build the infrastructure to get food supplies and mail to outlying areas, what a life.
Joe Dart (28 days ago)
Why are you guys so possessed with dragging the Russian government into this? These people are doing what they want to do.
Jonathan Mosher (3 months ago)
I didn't realize Siberians love Stalin so much. The guy was a fucking monster. This is probably why they love Putin who is 100x less authoritarian but still an authoritarian.
Jonathan Mosher (28 days ago)
No, she's doesn't fit the criteria what-so-ever.
Joe Dart (28 days ago)
And Dianne Feinstein is not authoritarian? she's been in power since before creation.
Joe Scott (3 months ago)
1989 Documentary - Otherwise Not Bad
Gurvinder Dhaliwal (3 months ago)
awesome film thank you so much .
paul zsoldos (3 months ago)
if Russia would print her own money, they would have roads and choppers but, since the faggot retards from the Bilderberg Asylum are printing the money for every nation we have more then we can handle from all the bull shit.
BlacksunWhitesunPleroma (3 months ago)
I love these Russians - tough as nails and well connected to mother nature. Remind me of those South African boers people
F. Friedrich Kling (7 days ago)
More like killing Mother Nature with AK-47s.
Torrarosa (3 months ago)
Tough machines and tougher people..
ecopsych101 (3 months ago)
Is this technique of delivery really better than dog sled teams? These guys have patience beyond belief.
deicide (1 month ago)
a 1 ton supply on a sled? plus, theyll probably attract more predators like wolves and bears. truck is probably cheaper too.
Mr Cabot (3 months ago)
Dumb bastards ... 3:21 ''there's a huge bear over there'' *BANG* Dead bear thrown on ground beside truck... Keep up the good work guys, soon Siberia will have NO BEARS. Fucking tragic
Don Carbon (3 months ago)
" a one tone truck" ? wtf ?
Astemhat (3 months ago)
Now I understand why the Nazi army and Napoleone's army were doomed to loose.
Jhay Rho Del Rosario (3 months ago)
Ya sure looks like Alaska
Dean Baumgartner (3 months ago)
The Dems want to Get rid of ICE, Watch this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5Y7EyD-xFo Ice goes after America Pedeofile overseas.
Ollie Bommel (3 months ago)
I admire these tough people !
Kate Follot (3 months ago)
Kind of surprised they don't have Livestock Guardian Dogs for their reindeer, guess they don't have enough losses to justify the cost of purchasing and then caring for the number of dogs they would need to fully cover the herd.
Pol Doc120 (3 months ago)
Rich Remmy (3 months ago)
have these people never heard of snowmobiles or ATVs?!
c s (3 months ago)
at 5.58....The weight of a one ton truck??!! What is that 6x6 made out of, Balsa Wood?
c s (2 months ago)
Sure, you're right. Even in that case a 1 ton truck looks more like a pickup truck.
willythewave (2 months ago)
Trucks are sometimes refered to by their load capacity, it doesn`t mean the weight of the truck. I think he still got it wrong. I believe 2 1/2 ton is more like it. It looks about the size of a "Deuce-and-a-Half".
matt foley (3 months ago)
cool vid of trucks getting stuck...wow
Danilo Pucci (3 months ago)
weeks of forrest cross travel for a 65 km trip? why??? a chopter would have done it in 1 hour. I don't get it
Joe Dart (29 days ago)
Maud Smith (3 months ago)
The American government shoud make an agreement with the Russian and Chinese government to accept candidates to Welfare assistance. They should spend one year living in those condition, working in those conditions, BEFORE receiving one penny from the government(those with history of addictions). From Las Vegas, Nv
Maud Smith (3 months ago)
American government should send every drug addict and every gambler to spend one year with those people, so that they would appreciate the help that they receive from the American government. They would come back to America free of their addictions and they would appreciate the money they receive from the American government. Many of them spend all the money on gambling and on drugs. From Las Vegas, Nv
Barbara Brantley (6 days ago)
Sounds like the people on this thread might have a lot of guilt on their own souls. Kinda like they’ve been there and done what Maud was talking about. The American people are a ungrateful lot. They really don’t appreciate what a good life they have. Even in what most consider dire situations. We still have to appreciate what we have and stop wasting the resources we have at hand.
F. Friedrich Kling (7 days ago)
Are you really so stupid as to believe the guy was being serious? Besides, Russia has terrible problems with alcoholism and drug addiction already.
They absolutely would come back as junkies. The same as they left. Just like prison doesn't help addiction, neither would this. U have to treat the addict with behavior therapy and sometimes yes, chemical therapy. We learned this in the crack epidemic. Addicts aren't bad people. Addiction isn't a moral failure. Language like this is what keeps addicts from seeking help. Names like junkie, and that they r "dirty" keeps addicts hiding. Most are addicts over a year before anyone knows.I can tell though u don't want to hear facts or statistics. U don't need to remain teachable bc u already know everything. Right?
James Wilkerson (9 days ago)
Yeah, Russia doesn't want our junkies lol. It was hard enough for me to get a visa and I'm awesome.
Ahnne Visc (15 days ago)
Russian doesn’t need people from your country those addict and gamblers. Let them rot and stay in America
Maud Smith (3 months ago)
Please, keep doing your wonderful job
Maud Smith (3 months ago)
Courageous people, lovely human beings
Bill Whitman (3 months ago)
Well now we understand why Napoleon and Hitler couldn't conquer Russia. My advice to Russia, invest in roads and airports. In Alaska we transport goods in 30 minutes in the same time it took weeks there. We just load up a plane and drop it off. No wonder the USA is tops in everything. Just transporting supplies there is difficult.
Joe Dart (29 days ago)
Ah, we have enough roads up here in Alaska... too many roads in my opinion. Russia has plenty of commercial helicopters up north. These guys are working versions of the people in our society who are destitute. Instead of flying choppers and putting roads everywhere, they tough it out and seek the adventure. Meanwhile our poor sit by the sides of our roads with cardboard signs.
AirScholar (3 months ago)
Or simply fly it in. Russian government can surely spare one, once a year.
k1j2f30 (3 months ago)
Why the hell don't those guys in that 6x6 have chains? That monster would be unstoppable with a set of chains, and they would not have to wear out the clutch or beat the hell out of that big rig! They would get there in about 1/4 of the time too! You could drive that thing over the pyramids with snow on top of them in 4th gear with a set of CHAINS! Damn shame too, because that is the best thing those Russians ever built, big, tough, heavy duty, trucks...crazy Russian truckers.
k1j2f30 (3 months ago)
Pussy Russian bear hunter, more like a bear killer! There is a big difference between hunting and just killing. They think they are big men of the wilderness, shit I could hut that dip shit with bow and arrow and he would never know what hit him. If I was there when he shot that dog, he wouldn't be leaving the forest. I'd gut him and leave his sorry ass for the bears and other stray's!
rod helms (3 months ago)

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