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Ice-Man, Out!

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This is a clip from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, "Spider-Man: Unmasked!," in which the group plays with the Sandman's head after he discovers Spidey's identity. In this clip, they have chased the Sandman to a construction site (just like in the movie!). I wasn't looking for subtext, but then Ice-Man glided down an interestingly shaped ice column and Spidey swung a big ball around, and I couldn't resist. After suffering through a culturally clueless Spider-Man 3 on opening night with a bunch of jackasses, I had to post this. Enjoy the gliding!
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Text Comments (71)
Batnat (2 years ago)
Did anyone else notice same sandman theme as in spiderman 3 and also location of construction site
Darker (3 years ago)
so basically this ice man is Bobby from the Xmen right?
Jared Thompson (2 years ago)
WykkedWaze (3 years ago)
When did people forget Spider-Man has Super Strength?
AesculapiusPiranha (3 years ago)
So, apparently Marvel just announced Ice Man is gay..
Toopizzle (4 years ago)
Profezor Snayp (4 years ago)
0:49 wat?
Beau Tran (2 years ago)
+Profezor Snayp lol he is gay!!
intense34 (5 years ago)
Man, thats dope! I want to find Icemans' sound effect when he creates the ice...
Memories2Dreams (6 years ago)
Whoa I thought my friend was being dirty minded when she said it looked like a dildo or a striper pole but OMG she was right. I wondered if Marvel comics caught that one oO Guess not to put it in a cartoon for kiddies lol
optimus2g (6 years ago)
@tezaintright That's Chris Latta, who also voiced Starscream and Cobra Commander.
Chris Stoute (6 years ago)
Go Go giant Ice dildo at 0:49
RIGTHEMORT (6 years ago)
That is such a fucking find! :)
MrStevehellboy (7 years ago)
Iceman is voiced by Fred from Scooby Doo
oduneyeman (7 years ago)
reminds me of spider man 3
Tallymatt (7 years ago)
spiderman snapped that braided steel cable with his bare hands, what a G
SuperKeith00 (7 years ago)
@mutantXwolverine how did you do that
Montez Rice (7 years ago)
Sandman is voiced by the same dude that did Sparkplug, Spikes father from Transformers, didnt know that!
ricochet188 (7 years ago)
so bad it's great!
tobybirdmann (7 years ago)
now i remember why i like red headed beaver and ice dildos.
hypnodance (7 years ago)
Doesn't look that phallic to me.
aeREVenge (7 years ago)
0:52 ouch
jrwith (7 years ago)
@gargoyle93 he also did Spider-man 2099 in Shattered Dimensions
eazybe1 (8 years ago)
We've got him right where he wants us...
Kevin Clepps (8 years ago)
iceman is cool!!!
Trixter217 (8 years ago)
man it's been i while can someone tell me what the name of this is?
Trixter217 (8 years ago)
yep it is freddy
TheDullahan (8 years ago)
Supperjevvy thinks Ice-Man is a pretty cool guy...E slides on dicks and doesn't afraid of anything...
TheDullahan (8 years ago)
Spiderman can suddenly lift fourteen tons? Amazing. If the sound was his weakness, he shouldn't have hit the wrecking ball with that girder and if he DID, he could have grabbed it, preventing the resonating and the sound. Also, it's good to see that Ice Man's secret identity is Freddy from Scooby Doo.
karrrido (8 years ago)
LMFAO @ sliding down the giant cock. we all know iceman has other techniques to catching his fall.
yeti0013 (8 years ago)
spiderman is super strong. just not as strong as hulk or thing or any of those big guys
Sam Miller (8 years ago)
Spidey can lift 10 tons.
Sam Miller (8 years ago)
The same voice actor did the voice for both of them.
supperjevvy (8 years ago)
Aww comon guys let all chill out do what if he has a cold spot in his heart to slide down a icecicle shapped licke a hudge DICK hes still a cool guy =D
iceywolf1 (8 years ago)
yea they say it in his songs spidey is really strong and pretty fast he can lift as much as a spider can on a human scale that a dam lot lol
kippetjeuh1 (9 years ago)
since when does spidy have superhuman strength? i didnt know wh was THAT strong o.o
TonyKanameKuran (9 years ago)
That would be Frank Welker... the voice of Iceman AND Freddy Jones.
Troy (9 years ago)
Iceman sounds like Freddy Jones XD
hypnodance (9 years ago)
Probably because they have the same voice actor.
m00nEater (9 years ago)
All these iceman jokes make my blood run cold, you guys need to chill out.
linksword916 (9 years ago)
0:50 thats like a giant dick hes sliding down.
Barney Toastmaster (9 years ago)
spiderman sounds like bumblebee
jakeholio17surr (9 years ago)
Manuel Sacha (9 years ago)
Nope. He's not that strong. He's stronger. ;)
1ofmeNlotsofU (9 years ago)
didnt know this was on disney
Raoul Duke (9 years ago)
he can lift like 10 tons??
Raoul Duke (9 years ago)
lol he slid down the shaft super slow
billie874 (9 years ago)
0:50 iceman makes a big penis
WarriorSmurf (9 years ago)
I take it you've never seen the 60's Spider-Man cartoon show. It's like comparing apples to oranges especially animation-wise.
gargoyle93 (9 years ago)
Yes, it's Dan Gilvezan. He still does voicework, and I've seen him in a commercial or two in the past year.
Tommy cannady (9 years ago)
hehehe, 1980's you mean
AculaDray (9 years ago)
Damn, was everybody high back in the 1960's? I can imagine the animaters now: We'll *cough* have him come down a..get this! A *cough* giant ice dildo! *giggle cough*
Macnavor (9 years ago)
a dildo hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It really does look like!!!
Geraldo Macias (9 years ago)
At 1:33 they should have just got Catwoman and let her use him a kitty litter. lol
eazybe1 (9 years ago)
Who's gonna pay for the damaged cement truck???
topshow20 (10 years ago)
i know lol i barely notice that when he slid down hahaha bnice one
sidewalkid (10 years ago)
haha i know right
ohworldgirl (10 years ago)
I watched this religiously on Saturday mornings - LOL! The episode I remember was when spider man fell in love with the girl from "Outer space" and he left earth to be with her but had to come back. These cartoons bring back memories!
sicilianotoronto (10 years ago)
I used to watch this on saturday mornings. nice.
Mike Conway (10 years ago)
No way! Frosta was Iceman with... well... with hotness. Ooo, baby, baby! The one woman who could make He-Man stir. Don't know what it is about Ice charcters, like Ice from JLU and JLI.
Mike Conway (10 years ago)
Plan 9? Isn't that the one they thought of when they went to space? :-D
madskillz808 (10 years ago)
Bobby! this is not the time!
nra2877 (10 years ago)
LOL!!! I thought the same thing immediately. Why'd he make a dickcicle?
raakone (10 years ago)
You forgot "Frosta" in your list...then again, she's essentially "Iceman Lite" in terms of her powers. ~Ra'akone
Eskimo50 (10 years ago)
lol they found sandman's brown sound.
gargoyle93 (10 years ago)
Exactly! And don't forget Spidey's matching wrecking ball...
Rawy mattar kmeir (10 years ago)
omg i love this cartoon!! please up more from this cartoon!
Orbot (10 years ago)
The 80's were a rather unique time period afterall.

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