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Click here to watch more creepy videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDs0tNoNYTz2e3dax_MtldWVf_7XrX6ij Featured Footage: Deep Impact Official Trailer 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cqDWRIv7Mg Armageddon - Official® Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg_jH47u480 2012 Trailer #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce0N3TEcFw0 The Matrix Revolutions - big machine guns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE4ZOYVKwfQ I, Robot - Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL6RRIOZyCM Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans - The Pulse - CNBC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0_DPi0PmF0 Bruce Duncan - Talks with the World’s Most Sentient Robot, Bina48: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwOFWABbfW8 This Might Be the Most Life-Like (And Creepiest) Robot Ever Built: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRlwvLubFxg 5 Creepy Robots That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHCMs0w0dYY Siri vs Cortana -- I Am Completely Lost Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11dCMIYhp_w Amazon Alexa Moments- Big Game Moments (Amazon Echo Commercial): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q54OfxdU8YE Google Home- Hands-free help from the Google Assistant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWiIWyCeZso NASA - What Are Gamma Rays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPlrtgilgK8 The Day After Tomorrow Super Freeze Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjMmDsycHC0 EX MACHINA Official Trailer #1 (2015): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyKqHOgMi4g Dante's Peak (10-10) Movie CLIP - The Volcano Explodes (1997): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfIUYDjo8WM New Podcast Episode: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/shane-and-friends/id658136421?mt=2 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/shaneandfriends/episode-105-gross-smith#t=0:01 NEW (VIDEO) PODCAST with CHARLES GROSS & EDDIE OLIVER SMITH! http://www.fullscreen.com or on the APP STORE: Fullscreen - You're In by Fullscreen, Inc. https://appsto.re/us/22Tt2.i Click here to watch my new short film, THE LOTTERY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msZPZ50Jq9c CLICK HERE to get my NEW BOOK "It Gets Worse"! https://www.amazon.com/Gets-Worse-Collection-Essays/dp/1501132849 My Links My Other YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/ShaneDawsonTV Twitter - https://twitter.com/shanedawson Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/shanedawsonfans Snapchat - lolshanedawson Music.ly - shanedawsonsucks Vine - @shanedawson Merch - http://shanedawson.spreadshirt.com/ Business Contact: United Talent Agency T: 310.273.6700
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Text Comments (72552)
Ella Al (1 hour ago)
The thing with the robots are the scariest and most disturbing. Making a machine act like humans and have feelings is just wrong.
Janine Maris (1 hour ago)
If something like this happen it is demonic attack and in the comment section only one comment mentioned god and the rest of the commentary where saying die die die like is the only thing they could think of
Anna G (4 hours ago)
I live in Idaho which is pretty close to the yellow stone caldera but I’m pretty sure a lot of people would be okay if Yellowstone erupted 😂 I’m not an expert tho so 🤷🏻‍♀️
HyenaBusCus (5 hours ago)
also here are some ways the world can end. 1. WWIII 2. Meteor/Astroid 3. The war against Angels and demons 4. Volcano in Yellowstone 5. And some other ways. A fact is.. People are destroying the ozone layer with these sprays, and stuff. If we continue to destroy the ozone layer, the sun beams with burn is all. Just trying to help you guys out, so please dont hate.
ollie z (6 hours ago)
i honestly think the zombie apocalypse will happen before any other world ending theories.
Adam Wrobel (8 hours ago)
It’s basicly impossible for a astrod that can distort the earth because out planet like has a force filed around it
Jessica let's play (8 hours ago)
I'm scared, like if you are too
Well I did find a hug rock while digging... it was 5 times the size of a full mansion... I got a piece of with a metal shovel and showed my mom...
Me: *watching video* Valacano: Bye bye!
ItsMeKendall (8 hours ago)
god would never put us on a death trap... right? *thinks about the dinosaurs*
Antonio Juache (9 hours ago)
what Bitch
Andrea Bolton (9 hours ago)
Ohhhhh god I’m gonna die any second I’m scarred
Rose Ahmed (9 hours ago)
no muslims here ? only me k bye...
Landon Bonomini (9 hours ago)
You know how Albert Einstein said WW3 will be fought with nukes and giant weapons but WW4 would be fought with sticks and stones what If that already happened and we are living in a totally new generation
MOONLIGHT SULTANA (10 hours ago)
OK I WOULD LOVE IF HE STOPS THAT MUSIC it creeps me out and chills
Amy Jo Michael (10 hours ago)
They are actually try to make ZOMBIES Happen too WTF
Amy Jo Michael (11 hours ago)
Yeo Shane that is the scariest video ever done by you FUDGE Man
Chun - Li (12 hours ago)
*Who else is binging on his conspiracies before his new vid comes out*
jordan r (13 hours ago)
Getting me paranoid and shit
King Isaiah (15 hours ago)
Robots cant kills us, who were the ones that created robots? US
Alexandra Hernandez (15 hours ago)
what about climate change 🤯
if people know that WW 3 is probably gonna end the world why are they still making bombs and nukes?
Russell Vedia (15 hours ago)
*God to himself* how many earth destruction possibilities should I addd God: yes
Aron Daily (16 hours ago)
If we're going to be hit by a gamma ray burst It would not fry Earth but make us into nothing we would all just be black space and after that nothing would be left of us.
Jessie Salustio FUN (17 hours ago)
Hey Shane can you do a video about Heaven Ross 10year old girl death pls she was my friend
Gacha Story (23 hours ago)
I don’t really do those things cus I just dont
Dab OGs (1 day ago)
Ima shoot my self before the end of the world and I’m 27 years old
Shane but war 3 is gonna happen in 3019
Shane it gonna happen in a millions of year the end of earth
Oh hell no i aint dying by a nuke a just could kill myself or go to mars
Thumos (1 day ago)
Well the Volcano won't kill everyone on earth even though America is definetly fucked, right... RIGHT...
Andrea Romero (1 day ago)
Shane and Pink song it says sticks and stones may break my bones and Albert Einstein said War World 4 might be fought with sticks and stones
Coco (1 day ago)
{\_/} (•~•) |> |>🍪 Do u want a Cookie?
david sierra (1 day ago)
Fuck you
Lps J3nnA (1 day ago)
Okay now I’m fucking freaking out over the volcano like WHAT ACTUAL FUCK IM BUILDING AN UNGROUND BUNKER NOW
April Rogers (1 day ago)
This almost made me cry.....im scared *hugs dog*
KittyLarsson (1 day ago)
Well crap, im a state away from Wyoming. Byeeeeeeeeeee-
coffeeflesh (1 day ago)
So will the volcano only destroy America or the whole planet because I’m confused, sorry I’m slow
Nargiz Natalia (1 day ago)
11:34 the teacher literally said goodbye to the pupils, wishing them good luck and then this shit hits the school.
The Gaming Retard (1 day ago)
*I am scarred for life*
Kimberly Lam (1 day ago)
Gobal warming said imma beat these bitches to it😗✌🏼
A zombie apocalypse could be possible too right?
Grace Oatway xo (1 day ago)
1 minute and ive already committed scooter ankle to get it over with
Poop Stain (1 day ago)
We wont go to wold war 3 because we would just demolish Russia and Russia would demolished us
Jasmine Holbrook (1 day ago)
Well it was nice knowing yall 👋
Eli is a god (1 day ago)
You forgot the one that will literally kill us all for sure. Climate change
I wanna die ;(
Ej Mora (2 days ago)
Who’s scared
Eric Biswell (2 days ago)
Hearing we are going to talk about the end of the world Me:and I oop
Over Reality (2 days ago)
Guys what if the the sun blew up...
•Malibou Blu• (2 days ago)
I hope I die before that 😩
Jays Trippin (2 days ago)
You: Will you scare the shit out of us even more? Shane: Yes
2 years ago me:wow nothing
Hank McCoy (2 days ago)
6:26 just get garden hoses and wipe out those fucking things
Jay Soto (2 days ago)
We are lucky they made flex tape
Flõwër Msp (2 days ago)
What if God comes back?
cristel moonlight 000 (2 days ago)
Soo now i dont what to live no longer becaues im so scared
Ky (2 days ago)
I was sitting here watching this just waiting for something to happen. Wouldn’t that be ironic
bitchescangame duh (3 days ago)
The James Charles and tati drama was bigger than the asteroids crashing we're fucked up.
Macy's vlogs and More (3 days ago)
I don’t want it blow I live in Australia and I don’t want it to kill Shane
Giobeam O (3 days ago)
Why is no one talking about polar shift
Giobeam O (3 days ago)
Polar shift
Hannah Kakegamic (3 days ago)
Shane, I know that this is in 2017 and I'm in 2019 right now but I heard once on the news that the human race will end in 2050 because of the littering, polluting, guns and all those things. But there is also a chance that China will drop a nuke on Russia and kill everyone.
Shane saying why the robot wants a family I say why does it want a business
iiiomq itzAshley2k12 (3 days ago)
Honestly, if the world ends it’s gonna be something big and bad that has to happen to kill everyone and everything so we’ll all die instantly.. who cares? Lmao
Hey Low (3 days ago)
Has anyone seen a flash of light sooo bright outside before? Like maybe it’s already happned
Catherine Mascolo (3 days ago)
What if on Dec 21 2012, the Mandela Effect became super popular because on that day “the world ended “ as in multiple parallel universes collided and they became one.
Lale zp (3 days ago)
not going to talk about climate change? hm
iirach (3 days ago)
*what about* _global warming?_
Silya Ghanawi (3 days ago)
"I know not with what weapons world war lll will be fought but world war llll will be fought with sticks and stones.." Genius.. wow
where's RAB (3 days ago)
Um...happy pride month??
Alelie Greegorio (4 days ago)
Is it just me or im getting anxiety by watching this and thinking this might actually happen!!
Trevor Taylor (4 days ago)
Shane ur amazing
kat moonnight (4 days ago)
we predymuch already started ww3
a c k (4 days ago)
people said that issac newton said that the world will end in 2060 so y'all were f i n e -
Amajaja Idk (4 days ago)
I’m scared now. Lemme move to the moon 🙄
Hallie Heath (4 days ago)
Lauren Wetterholm (4 days ago)
9:21 if that’s happened before and there was humanity and killed all humans, how was there people to reproduce? This may seem like a really stupid question but im curious.
BroccoDaPlayer (4 days ago)
Im here in June 2019 and I'm not dead YET ;-;
Suga Cat (4 days ago)
If humans are extinct...who will come after us? WILL ALIENS TAKE OVER?!
hikath 123 (4 days ago)
*a super volcano can kill us all* me: oh my fuckin god were fucking dead
Thenameis Josef (5 days ago)
Actually we are smarter than robots cause we made them
•ANGEL DACHA• (5 days ago)
Why does all (almost all) the world ending evolve fire???? Like ANYTHING BUT THAT really
Haley White (5 days ago)
I’ll be happy when the world ‘s ends
Josephine Poutine (5 days ago)
Sofia is just the creepiest bitch I’ve ever seen,this is not good.
Chloe Fletcher (5 days ago)
OMG I’m going to Yellowstone
berenice (5 days ago)
Just throw water at a robot 😂
Egg scrambled (5 days ago)
*Shane is the news*
Jefferson (5 days ago)
Yellowstone keeps me up at night
Camryn Nalley (5 days ago)
What if all of those happen at once🧐🧐
prince (5 days ago)
Humans are already killing the earth with toxic wastes, environmental destruction and pollution of every type beneath and above the earth, even in the space.
DeAja Peppercorn (5 days ago)
I am watching this video and right after he talked about that valcano I heard an eruption and I live nowhere near a valcano not even 6 states over
Pixelated (5 days ago)
This was posted in 2017. *WE HAVE MADE IT 2 YEARS!!*
https://youtu.be/uD4izuDMUQA How about watch this. It’s a picture painted by Science, and let’s us better understand how the future will lay out. It can’t be 100% accurate, because I couldn’t believe that. But these are things that could happen in the future. It’s about 30 minutes long, so be prepared.
death glare (6 days ago)
People: running when they see all these things Me: nicely going about my day like nothings going on People: this is so scary Me: so nothing we can do about it People: but what about the things we always wanted to say Me: I love you Jacob Torres
Scarlett McGahey (6 days ago)
I don’t agree with these bc only God knows when the world will end.
Me Is Here ;w; (6 days ago)
I just found out that if you put ** around a word it makes it bold Example: *word*
Me Is Here ;w; (6 days ago)
Shane: The end is near Me: Well I guess I'm not gonna be a teacher anymore *In the future* Mom: hun, I thought you wanted to be a teacher? Me: Nope, watch Shane's video MOM and you won't blame me for being an astronaut, I'm not staying on THIS planet Bai sis OvO
Samantha Delgado (6 days ago)
For 3 days straight i have been stuck to your videos!! #saveme

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