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Hayyyyyyyy boo!! I got a lot of asks to do my skincare routine so here's me trying the routine for the entire week, especially since I have PCOS and often get breakouts!! Do you want me to do a giveaway of all my favorite Korean skincare products? Let me kno!! Premium Avocado Rich Toner (Skinfood) Premium Avocado Rich Essence (Skinfood) Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion (Skinfood) Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off (Skinfood) Water Berry Ampoule (Skinfood) Charcoal Natural Delight Mask (Plant Country) Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam (Innisfree) Green Tea Sleeping Pack *not shown* (Innisfree) Glazed donut (Krispy Kreme) lol My two must-haves are the Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off and the Green Tea Sleeping Pack. Make sure you only use the Black Sugar stuff twice a week! And the Sleeping cream is only twice a week also. Instagram: HurricaneLala Business Inquiries: [email protected] Thanks for da like! Thanks for da share!
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Lydia T.K (5 days ago)
I really hope she was joking bout that korean injection up your ass😶
COSMiCTORiA (15 days ago)
how often should this be done??
Šnicla Pupusa (20 days ago)
You’re so cute with or without the routine
Andie Dae_dae (21 days ago)
I'm curious if these peoducts will work for me, too. What is your skin type: oily dry combination?
Hannah Collins (29 days ago)
omg i'm stunned by how gorgous you are
Kristene Castillo (30 days ago)
Loved ur reaction towards ur clear skin😂 saame
Nikki O (1 month ago)
Wow I have PCOS and oh boy it is annoying.. thank you for sharing. I have old scars on my face and trying different things to get rid of them and nothing seems to work. So again thank you for sharing ❤️❤️❤️😘 also your skin looks amazing 👏🏼
lexuscarrington (1 month ago)
Skin looks amazing, excellent work. Much respect
JMB (1 month ago)
You have such beautiful black eyes!!
꿀 토끼 (1 month ago)
You're so beautifullll
Neetu Kaur (1 month ago)
How to remove this glass from skin...i request tell me
Mya Richardson (2 months ago)
omg your brows are snatched! did you do something to them?
Mutiara A (2 months ago)
ur video is so fun to watch especially ur dance move
dean winchester (2 months ago)
Swati Singh (2 months ago)
Her eyes 😍
Koreh Lawson (2 months ago)
U now have a new subscriber
Alisha Lee (3 months ago)
Should have used natural light..not that filtered light.
Morgan F. (3 months ago)
People in my family don't generally have alot of acne, though we still buy alot of products though. Though we also don't generally get to die from old age. And we don't generally finish high school.
joel bow (3 months ago)
Take the contacts off your trying too hard
Cookie (3 months ago)
Your skin looks so good!
Jillian Who? (3 months ago)
Love you and the bg music 😍 you have good taste 👌
r Negoro (3 months ago)
I have to say it works.....
Kazesai (3 months ago)
was just mulling though the comments, and the brightening, is really for dark pots and acne scars and making a more even skin tone, so its not about skin tone only, its not liek going to make your skin lighter, its really to clear up dark spots from acne scaring and other forms of damage while making a more even skin tone, im using some korean skin care products as well, and its really helping me even out the dark spots on my skin, and im really happy with the results, as for hormonal acne, that is something that ive been working on for close to a month so im doing what i can do figure things out haha, im still learning but this is what i know, hope that clears up anything haha.
lucy m (3 months ago)
I have pcos and endometriosis girl I FEEL your pain, but your skin looks amazing 💗💗
DK Dempcey Knight DK (3 months ago)
Oh for fuck sake. Mild soap x2 a day (morning and night, exfoliate once or twice a week with your favorite exfoliating gloves, wash cloth etc. Remove all make up at night and put on a nice thin light lotion such as Oil of Olay. We are such slaves to beauty products and ALL their BULLSHIT!
zoozy kr (4 months ago)
your skin is amazing
Dedre Whyms (4 months ago)
Shes not dark tho
Afro Atheist (4 months ago)
I have that, too! Nice to know I'm not the only one!
GURL YOU ARE SO PRETTY WTFF . also don't worry about having clear skin, you look gorgeous
Bubble Peaches (4 months ago)
How did I find u so late? Girl your awesome!❤️🙈
Highly favored (4 months ago)
Girl you are not darkskin , this should have been captioned For Brownskin 😍
BiZzZ Y (4 months ago)
I Love you brown eyes they shine for real , you don't need contacts. And your skin looks Asian 😏
Natalie12768 (4 months ago)
Wow!! Those dark eyes are on point!! You're gorgeous!
Dyar Jasper (5 months ago)
You truly do look beautiful with your own dark skin.
Rodaily Gabriel (5 months ago)
I clicked like because of that sneeze 😹❤️
Kim Justice (5 months ago)
😍😍😍 which camera do u use?
KeebuuTrends (5 months ago)
Great video, thank u for sharing. Do the lightning products actually lighten or do they just brighten the skin? I've been curious
Red Kujo (3 months ago)
KeebuuTrends usually if their korean products theyll have lightning effects like bleach to make your skin whiter
Blackrose (5 months ago)
Is this done only at night time? Or do you do this morning and night? What I'm understanding is that steps 1-8 are done at night and 1-7 in the morning since step 8 is the night cream.
Tiny Pastel Mia (5 months ago)
Your so pretty
sealie15 (5 months ago)
Lay off the red meat for a month and your overall health will improve 😃
angie solis (5 months ago)
Hey I really want to know how I can buy the Korean skincare and all the stuff you used on it please
Nykia Rogers (5 months ago)
Ur pretty
Mallika Yuvaraj (5 months ago)
Darling u have really a nice skin .
Heal-Thy Life (5 months ago)
I feel u on that pcos. I have horrrrible cramps but have not been diagnosed with pcos. But bad cramps are common in black women. Luckily dietary changes have helped and so has vitamin D from the sunnnn that real vitamin D not that fake synthesized D3 lol. Ur skin looks great!
Rika Wong (5 months ago)
The result is so nice on you.
Leslie Williamson (5 months ago)
Where did you get your contacts from?
Suri K. (5 months ago)
Next thing 🔜 hair routine cuz gurll that hair ✔️✔️😍
Sparklecitis (5 months ago)
u kinda look like waka flocka if he had a sister. u really pretty
tina Mohamad (5 months ago)
so BEAUTIFUL!! i love it! thank you for sharing that. i feel like korean skin care treatments work best ^^' lol keep up the good work!
curiousandlooking (6 months ago)
Thanks for sharing!!! Should the paper mask be used daily?
Princess Berenice (6 months ago)
Wow her skin is flawless
Marie Joseph (6 months ago)
dark skin................?
Tafkaprincess (6 months ago)
Is the donuts part of the steps. Lol. Your beautiful, looking to see if you have an eyebrow tutorial. Thanks. I think I’m too lazy for that many steps but this was useful.
Teema Liray (6 months ago)
sanae hassani (6 months ago)
Hi there!! Korean Skin care has changed my life!!! It changed my skin so much that I created my own online Korean skin care store. You can check it out here: k-skare.com
MilesHollingsworth IsBae (6 months ago)
Youre gorgeous honestly
Anna Cecil (6 months ago)
did you get a kidney transplant?
shay.theclique (6 months ago)
Oh my gosh i can know this is old and i am extremely late on posting sum.....but i have really oily skin and it breakout so easily and nothing works. Could you maybe do a update video if you are still using these products. Thanx love you
LovelyLady Carter (6 months ago)
Yaaasss girl😔I’m getting moles with age also😒🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️but I can’t wait to try this for 30 days💯👌🏾
lazylazuli (6 months ago)
I was wondering why these kpop groups be looking perfect
anno5102 (6 months ago)
Awesome!!!!!!! And Beautiful!!!! Thank you for this!!!!! Can’t wait to try!!!!
Raymond Alexander (6 months ago)
Are you interested in learning all about the beauty tips. Go to google and search: "Blast4beauty". You can find lot of new ideas to enhance your beauty.
Diana Honeycutt (6 months ago)
You never know when you're gonna see the cutest person ever
Where did you get the skin care products? I need these!😭
Rey Bæ (6 months ago)
i love your energy. had me dancing in my seat at work
Tanya Brown (6 months ago)
Not feeling the soundtrack.
Penn Penn (6 months ago)
I also have pcos too
Pigeonlvbrd (6 months ago)
I had pcos until I quit gluten and processed food for a more raw organic diet ❤️
Glory Azuro (6 months ago)
Hi Lala, I suffer the same condition than you, but my case is much worse. I am older, and my hormone is out of control therefore, I have body hair, the one I hate the most is the facial hair. I have lots of scare in my face due to tweezing the hair in my face, I also have combination skin T-zone, skin discoloration etc. I hope to win the 7 step Korean skin care. By the way, I just stumbled on your videos and I love them, and I've been watching them since. Your are absolutely gorgeous, and funny, keep the good job. Take care
bailey1950 (6 months ago)
Clean your dirty kitchen and house
Emely Marie (6 months ago)
Bless you! That sneeze was serious lmao
Violeta (6 months ago)
What brand are your lenses? Please you can make video for them as well.
georgia last (6 months ago)
Eyebrows! ❤️
lachantefleurie (6 months ago)
sis really put glazed donut krispy kream in her bio lmao a legend
Heather Kavanagh (6 months ago)
Yes girl!!
simplybri (6 months ago)
What sunscreen do you use?
R4P (6 months ago)
When she bit the donut 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
Lawanda Robins (6 months ago)
Where can you order ALL of these products???
Dalal AlRawi (6 months ago)
What contacts you use?
Elizabeth Shaw (6 months ago)
I have PCOS as well along with acanthosis nigricans which is an excess growth of skin causing Brown areas on the body actually brown coal black. All you need to do is ask your physician for Lac hydrin 12% or 15% lotion and you can watch the discolored areas go away in the same day! I had no acne with my PCOS.
IceQueen975 (7 months ago)
Random but WOW your eyes are stunning <3
uzumakii hiinata (7 months ago)
“Korean booty shot “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and also same dancing while doing something
Eliza Vallentine (7 months ago)
15mm circle contacts would look killer on you!! You could even pull off 16mm 😍
TheBlackHarleyQuinn (7 months ago)
I just been diagnosed with PCOS too.
Vive Kananda (7 months ago)
Im a lazy ass for any skin care routine 😭😭
Selene Murillo (7 months ago)
OMG she is soooo beautiful!
Melissa Nuñez (7 months ago)
You are very pretty, but prettier without the contacts.
Fred Green (7 months ago)
***Anti ageing (Look Younger Than Your Age)*** Get rid of Sagging skin for Life and cut 10years away from your age with this Product 100% natural. check it out https://goo.gl/WwgiC2
300x TO3 (7 months ago)
I love her nose and smile. It's like mine <3 I subscribed!
Wawa What’s Good (7 months ago)
You're funny 😂😂😂😂
Wawa What’s Good (7 months ago)
Your skin is beautiful already. Even before the skin care
yh Lee (7 months ago)
It will be better if u wash off ur scruber with warm water than wet towel. Using wet towel to remove ur scruber can be irritating ur skin 😃
Kasa Pasa (7 months ago)
You’re awesome!! 😂😍❤️
Marquita Williams (7 months ago)
You look beautiful girl but can you do a step by step on all the product you use fir the seven days like one by one talk throw?
madels123 (7 months ago)
I have PCOS as well
J H (7 months ago)
You dont really have dark skin. Im white and i almost have your skincolor.
cookie k (7 months ago)
Sun screen for face to stop getting moles/age spots even during winter. No sugar and refined carbs( wheat, rice other cereals and potatoe). Only wholemeal carbs once in a while. And no doughnuts😁😁😭. This diet is for PCO to control insulin resistance and spikes in testosterone which is causing acne, increase in facial and body hair but lose in scalp hair and all the other symptoms of PCO.
Queeneth Adebisi (7 months ago)
if you have pcos the best way to cure it is by using natural process, I was also told I have pcos and mine is so bad that I was told it might be difficult for me to conceive. all I do is take licorice tea, ginseng root tea and lot of vegetable. if you go on YouTube you will see lot of ways to cure pcos naturally because the pills and injections you take is really bad for the health and it makes it more difficult for a lady to conceive and it's release toxic in the body which causes ovarian cancer and lot of damage in the body
Elpryl Elpaochi (7 months ago)
I should try this I guess I'm always having problems my skin
John Thang (7 months ago)
What’s your contact lens colour? Those are beautiful.

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