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American Girl Video Unboxing & Review - AG Doll Samantha's Bicycle

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http://www.ManySmallFriends.com American Girl Doll Video - Unboxing and Review of AG doll Samantha's Beforever Bicycle
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MissMidoria (4 years ago)
I love this bike! Thank you for the review. I'm thinking about getting it for Grace.
ManySmallFriends.com (4 years ago)
@MissMidoria Thank you!! I love your channel, you gave me the courage to start making vids as an adult collector. <3
JeweledAG (4 years ago)
Great review, subscribed to you. Nice to see an adult collecter on here. :) great job!
JeweledAG (4 years ago)
@Hippy Kids Great! :) Thanks a bunch! 
ManySmallFriends.com (4 years ago)
Thank you Hippy Kids!
I've subbed to both of you
JeweledAG (4 years ago)
@ManySmallFriends.com that's funny, me too. My teen has a channel also and she helps me. :)
ManySmallFriends.com (4 years ago)
@MommyDollyAG Thank you so much!! The video making learning curve is a little steep, but I'm starting to get it. Fortunately I have a couple of teens on hand to give me tips.  :D  Thank you for subbing!!!
Ag Sparkles (4 years ago)
I subbed
ManySmallFriends.com (4 years ago)
Thank you!!!

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